Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 4 Episode 21

Top God

Aired Monday 5:00 PM May 04, 1998 on USA

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  • With his mother Alcmene passed away, Hercules is asked by estranged father Zeus to join him ruling the Gods of Olympus, causing him to recall a teenage brush with Godliness and the brash God Apollo. A fairly good episode...

    Yet another Young Hercules episode. Not that that's a bad thing – I have really come to like Ian Bohen as young Herc. But surely even the most casual of viewer must by now have come to notice that there is a distinct lack of action from the 'modern day' Hercules in this half of the season.

    Apollo is a beach-blonde, hover skateboarding (someone must have been watching 'Back to the Future part II'!) and rather obnoxious God. Oh great, another 'God with modern parallels'. But in terms of forming the story, he's actually not too bad.

    As Apollo introduces Hercules to his temple and taking Ambrosia, there are distinct parallels with modern day clubs and drug taking.
    Considering how level-headed the teenage Hercules is, as we've witness in previous episodes, I wasn't quite convinced by how quickly he was in following Apollo's lead and taking Ambrosia.

    I'm not sure where the five TV movie version of Zeus, as played by Anthony Quinn, fits in to the current storyline, as a lot of the time it is suggested that Hercules had had nothing to do with him other than a brief meeting as a teenager. It seems quite at odds to Herc and irascible and generally quite kindly old father that we saw in the TV movies.

    This is the last time Ian Bohen plays Young Hercules – apparently, he didn't want to commit to the spin-off series due to the time he would have to spend away in New Zealand filming. Ryan Gosling took over the role for the series.

    All-in-all, quite a good episode, and a good build up to the season finale.