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barbara hambly novel ishmael, spoilers

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    I just finished reading the Barbara Hambly novel Ishmael, the Brides-Star Trek crossover story. I have a few questions. I'm not a Trekkie and don't know many of the inside tales and pieces of trivia regarding ST, so it may have been that the ST storylines were accurate. But I know the HCTB story wasn't. Perhaps Hambly was unable to research HCTB as much as ST.

    In the novel, Jeremy and Candy are married at the end of the first year, at the end of the novel. This didn't happen in Brides.

    My main comment was that the book's plot was not at all what I expected. I know that Mark Lenard, who played Aaron Stempel, also played Sarek, Spock's father. From what I'd read about the novel, I assumed in advance that Spock was going to be stunned by Aaron's resemblance to his father. That's not what happened at all! Spock had completely lost his memory. Yes, Aaron ended up being one of Spock's ancestors, but on Spock's mother's side, not his father's.

    Did Hambly originally set out to write Aaron as a paternal ancestor, and then decided to switch him?

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