Here Come the Brides

Season 2 Episode 12

His Sister's Keeper

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 12, 1969 on ABC



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    • Aaron: Julie, I send you a check every month.
      Julie: Aaron, I have curled up with that check on those cold San Francisco nights and do you know what? I don't get any warmer.

    • Julie: If such a man does exist, I shall find him. But when I do, you had best approve.
      Aaron: That sounds like a threat.
      Julie: Only because it is.

    • Candy: Oh, well, eligible men aren't that difficult to find in Seattle.
      Biddie: That's right. It's impossible.

    • Jason: Now, let me get this straight. You, Aaron Stempel, are inviting me, Jason Bolt, to a party.
      Aaron: Yeah.
      Jason: And them too?
      Aaron: Yeah.
      Jason: Why?
      Aaron: Happens to be my sister's idea.
      Jason: But she's never even met me.
      Aaron: I know. If I had my way, she never would.
      Jason: Oh. And you're inviting me not out of the goodness of your own heart.
      Aaron: That's right, it's not.
      Jason: Good, I accept.
      Aaron: I was afraid you would.

    • Jeremy: Candy, stop trying to play matchmaker. Jason's just being polite.
      Candy: Believes in being polite at very close range, doesn't he?

    • Biddie: If I had half of what she had, I'd be a bigamist.
      Joshua: Well, bigamy's a crime, Biddie.
      Biddie: So is being single.

    • Clancey: So what you got in this here punch, dear Aaron?
      Aaron: You mean what kind of alcohol, none.

    • Aaron: Where in the blazes would Jason have taken my sister?
      Lottie: Well, if you were less of a businessman and more of a romantic, you'd know exactly where he took her.
      Biddie: Yes. Lover's Lagoon. That's where everybody goes sparking. Well, almost everybody.

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