Here Come the Brides

Season 2 Episode 9

Land Grant

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 21, 1969 on ABC



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    • Joshua: Uh, my name's Joshua Bolt, by the way.
      Telly: Your name is "land thief," by the way, and you get off our land before we bust your head!

    • Joshua: Jason, explaining something to that man is not the easiest... what's the joke?
      Jeremy: Oh--uh, nothing, there is no joke, Joshua, it's a very serious situation, obviously a difficult one to manage.
      Joshua: Now, look, I was there and you weren't, so don't go telling me...!
      Jeremy: Well, it's obvious from the tone of your voice, Josh, you got a great gift for being calm and tactful.
      Jason: Brothers!
      Joshua: Send him.
      Jason: What?
      Joshua: Send him up there to straighten it out. It's simple. Easy. Any fool could take care of that.
      Jeremy: Oh, no, Josh, not any fool.

    • Jeremy: Uh, I think maybe I'll stop by and pick up Candy. Might make a nice afternoon's ride out of it. Uh, that is, if Josh here doesn't think it'll be too dangerous.
      Joshua: The most dangerous place for you to be, brother, is right where you are.

    • Jeremy: Mr. Theodokis, did you happen to pay this someone a fee?
      Telly: A fee, no. We gave him money.

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