Here Come the Brides

Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Mar 26, 1969 on ABC



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    • Candy: Are they still arguing over that silly little plan of Joshua's?
      Jeremy: It's not a silly little plan. It's a darn good one. It's just, Jason isn't quite convinced. And the more Josh pushes at him...
      Candy: The more stubborn Jason acts.
      Jeremy: How'd you know?
      Candy: It runs in the family, Jeremy.

    • Jason: What?
      Aaron: You're not listening to me!
      Jason: Of course I'm listening to you. What'd you say?

    • Jeremy: I don't care what you're locked into. All I care about is the Bolt brothers.
      Joshua: Well, I care about the Bolt brothers, too! Ah, forget it. You're too young, you don't understand.
      Jeremy: What?
      Joshua: You heard me.
      Jeremy: Oh, I heard you. And I want to give you my deepest sympathies, Joshua. Because stubbornness can be cured, but stupidity stays with you forever!

    • Jason: Now, Josh, that plan of yours... you believed in it with all your heart. You just took a shot at it and missed--it's not a sin. But believing the way you did, if you didn't take a shot at it, that would have been a sin.

    • Jason: Jason Bolt representing Jason Bolt, your honor.
      Judge Weems: Mr. Bolt, you know what they say about a man who represents himself?
      Jason: Yes, sir, that he has a fool for a client. Although I've also heard it said, sir, that the good Lord protects fools.
      Judge Weems: And drunks.

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