Here Come the Brides

Season 2 Episode 13

Lorenzo Bush

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 19, 1969 on ABC



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    • Jason: Now what was all that about?
      Jeremy: He said we were trespassing, Jason.
      Jason: Trespassing? We own this land.
      Lorenzo: Who said you own it?
      Jason: The territorial land office at Olympia, that's who.
      Lorenzo: They can't give what ain't theirs to give.
      Jeremy: Then who can give it to us?
      Lorenzo: God made the land. Belongs to Him. You ain't got no right to ruin it.

    • Lorenzo: Goin' to cage me like a wild animal, huh?
      Jason: If you don't like it, I suggest you stop acting like one.
      Keenan: Bolt, we're heading back up to camp. There's still two hours of daylight left.
      Lorenzo: Two hours more of killin'.
      Joshua: That's work, Mr. Bush. Hard, honest work.
      Lorenzo: That's what the hangman says, too.

    • Lorenzo: You know, only civilization has need for bars.
      Jason: It's the uncivilized that give us a need for them.

    • Aaron: Now wait a minute, Mr. Wesley. Miss Biddie may have made a mistake, but not as big a mistake as you're going to make if you keep on talking. Now you and I have a contract. I intend to honor that contract. But that won't prevent me from altering your profile if you say one more word against this little lady here. Do we understand each other?
      Wesley: No, we don't. And we never will.

    • Biddie: I, um, I want to apologize to all of you for what I did in regard to Mr. Bush and his escaping. And, uh... sometimes it's just no fun being a Biddie.

    • Lorenzo: If we let too many folks come along and hack down all the giants, soon there won't be no trees left at all. Can you imagine a world without no trees?
      Molly: Like in a desert?
      Lorenzo: That's the way it be. Only thing left'd be dust. Dried dead dust. Blowin' across the land. Dry. Dead.

    • Jason: You know, I think you need a lesson in geography. Stempel's land is across the sound, west.
      Keenan: Well, now, that is a funny thing about geography, Bolt. I say the west depends on how many men you got and how many heads you're willing to bust for it.

    • Jeremy: Can't fight forever, Mr. Bush.
      Lorenzo: Maybe so I won't have to. When I die, there'll be somebody to take my place. Maybe so even be a Bolt.

    • Jason: I've always found that the younger trees are always a little stronger and taller than the previous generation. I think the same thing's true of people.
      Candy: When they're given the chance to grow.

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