Here Come the Brides

Season 2 Episode 14

Obie Brown and the Black Princess

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Dec 26, 1969 on ABC



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    • Johnnie Mae: You know, I stubbed my toe when I got out of bed this morning, and that looks like it's gonna be the high point of my day.

    • Jeremy: If it's all he same to you, the next place we go to I do the talking.
      Clancey: You was the one who asked me to come along, bucko.
      Jeremy: Misery loves company. You wanna try that saloon over there?
      Clancey: No, I don't want to try no saloon.
      Jeremy: No one's gonna ever believe you said that.

    • Biddie: Well, I've always said true love will always find a way.
      Candy: I agree.
      Clancey: I'd drink to that.
      Jeremy: Is there anything you won't drink to, Clancey?

    • Lottie: You look like a man whose just lost his best friend.
      Aaron: Lottie, I've got an awful lot of money bet on this competition.
      Lottie: I was right.
      Aaron: What do you mean?
      Lottie: You have lost your best friend.

    • Obie: Just a minute, Obie. You're going to accept my apology. Jason, I can't let you take the blame.
      Jason: Well, I wanna take the blame and I'm gonna take the blame!
      Obie: You're not gonna take ht blame if I want it. And I'm telling you for the last time, I want it!
      Jason: Well, I'll tell you for the first time, I want it! And when I apologize, you're going to accept it!

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