Here Come the Brides

ABC (ended 1970)





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  • The Bolt Bros. are just as good in 2007 as they were almost 40 years ago!

    I loved this show when it was new and I love it even more now. It is decent and although the Bolt Bros. throw out some "$#@%" words now and again, it's a morally charged show. Purity and chivalry are alive and kicking! I just received the 1st season of HCTB for Chirstmas and it brings back my very happy memories of a not so happy childhood! I can't wait for season 2 to be released! My daughters enjoy it too and at the ages of 27 & 22 we all agree about at least ONE guy being very cute: BOBBY SHERMAN! :)
  • Three brothers trying to build the town of Seattle. Alot of men in the town, but not many women. So they go to the New England states and bring back 100 women with them. Bobby Sherman as Jeremy, David Soul as Joshua. It was a great show.

    I used to watch this show when I was a little girl. My cousin and I used to play \"Here Comes the Brides\" and would fight over who got to be Candy. I wish they would release it on DVD. It was a good family show to watch, and it would be fun watching it again.
  • Love the show too!

    I watched this show when my family & I moved to Seymour TN back in 1984
    I loved the show and the brides were funny
    Loved Miss Lottie as the mother figure
    Robert Brown as the big brother trying to keep his brothers straight under his watchful eye
    Loved and adored Bobby Sherman and which girl couldnt' resist him at all
    All in all, they need to bring this show back IMO
    Watched it when ABC Family was then called CBN!
  • This is a show about 3 brothers trying to make it in the new northwest. They go to Mass. to get brides for the lumberjacks and that is when the fun begins!

    I loved this show when it first aired and would love to see it on DVD. This is a great family show and the story lines were wonderful. Bobby Sherman was adorable in this show. I loved it! I wonder why we don\'t see shows like this any more? This is one show you don\'t mind your kids watching.
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