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Here Come the Brides

Season 2 Episode 3

The Soldier

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Oct 10, 1969 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Soldier

Clancey is mauled by a bear while making his way back to his ship at night.

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    Steve Ihnat

    Steve Ihnat

    Noah Todd

    Guest Star

    James B. Sikking

    James B. Sikking

    Captain Hale (as James Sikking)

    Guest Star

    Christopher Stone

    Christopher Stone


    Guest Star

    Susan Tolsky

    Susan Tolsky

    Biddie Cloom

    Recurring Role

    Robert Biheller

    Robert Biheller


    Recurring Role

    Hoke Howell

    Hoke Howell

    Ben Perkins

    Recurring Role

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      • Clancey: Beloved friends, you see before you a man filled with... filled with...
        Lottie: We know what you're filled with.
        Clancey: Filled with gratitude that youse chose to honor me on this, me natal day.

      • Jason: All right, Clancey, let's go.
        Clancey: Go? Why should I go anywheres?
        Jason: Because you're drunk, Clancey.
        Clancey: Well, that's as good a reason as any, I expect.

      • Jason: Lottie, how's your patient?
        Lottie: It all depends on who you want to believe. I say he's doing just fine, but Clancey says he's not going to live until the sunrise.
        Jason: What's his problem?
        Lottie: He's sober.

      • Jeremy: Stay here behind this rock. And, uh, if two bodies come running out of there, shoot the second one. First one's going to be me.

      • Corky: Jason. I thought I had a clean shot at him. I swear I did.
        Jason: Corky, you do the cooking tonight. That'll make up for it.
        Corky: If I cook, uh, you'll be the ones to suffer.
        Aaron: Can't be any worse than your shooting.

      • Noah: Afraid to ask about that, aren't ya?
        Jeremy: I'm sure it's not a pleasant memory. Besides, it's none of my business.
        Noah: Why not? Memory's all I got left anymore. That, and a few pieces of stray lead.

      • Biddie: Oh, Corky, why you'd look ever so handsome in a uniform like that.
        Corky: So would you.

      • Jason: Aaron. I want that bear.
        Aaron: What do you need from me?
        Jason: Men. All you can spare. The best you have.
        Aaron: You'll get the best. I'm coming myself.

      • Jason: You all know what happened to Clancey, so I don't have to warn you what a potential killer this animal is. Take one swipe and lift the skin right off of you. You try to outrun him, and you lose. And if you do get a shot at him, be sure to make it count because you won't get another chance.

      • Lottie: You know, I don't know which is worse. A hungry bear or a thirsty Clancey.

      • Capt. Hale: The captain has a better punishment in mind.
        Noah: Transfer to another outfit, sir?
        Capt. Hale: Who'd have you? You're physically unfit for front-line duty. You can't even be trusted to look after a mascot. And I can't force you to retire, not while your waiver is still in effect. No, facts are facts, Todd. You're fit for nothing... and that's precisely what you're going to do.

      • Lottie: No booze until you're fully recovered.
        Clancey: No booze? Without booze, I'll never recover.
        Lottie: Then you'll never recover your pants.

      • Noah: I wanna thank all of you. Uh, I've had medals in my time. Deserved most of them, too. Well, but this one, the one I don't deserve, well, this one means the most. I'm grateful. Thank you.

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