Here Come the Double Deckers

ABC (ended 1971)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • A Hit for a Miss
      A Hit for a Miss
      Episode 17
      Billie and Tiger become jealous when the boys develop a crush on their new teacher. The boys are obsessed with the school play, which the teacher just happens to be starring in. Realizing what's happing with the Deckers, the teacher fakes an ankle injury so the girls can join the cast.moreless
    • Up to Scratch
      Up to Scratch
      Episode 16
      Watching Scratch the dog earns Billie a couple of pounds a week. This gives the Deckers the idea to make major money by boarding a lot of animals. Their only customer, however, is a flea trainer who needs a place to keep his creatures since he's been kicked out of his flat. The kids are upset when Scratch runs away. Luckily, Brains' attempt to contact Mars by radio sends out a high pitched squeal that makes the dogs howl. That's how they find Scratch, and another lost dog. That other dog belongs to the grateful landlord who lets the flea circus trainer move back in.moreless
    • United We Stand
      United We Stand
      Episode 15
      The town council wants to take over the Decker's junkyard and turn it into a parking lot. The kids take matters into their own hands when the mayor and council come to inspect the property. Could the place suddenly be haunted?
    • Man's Best Friend
      Man's Best Friend
      Episode 14
      To help a needy person buy a seeing eye dog, the Decker's put on a show to collect alunimum foil. The kids in the nighborhood bring their foil and attend the show. The Deckers' show includes a take off on the TV series Laugh-In. Their fundraiser's a success and they collect enough to buy a guide dog.moreless
    • Barney
      Episode 13
      The Deckers befriend another street musician; this one is named Barney. He tells the kids that he's always dreamed of performing in a real theater. When it comes time to go, Tiger becomes upset, so he tells her a little white lie: that's he on his way to sing at a Royal Command Performance. The kids are excited for their friend so they head over to the theater. That's when they find him performing outside and being badgered by the police. During the mayhem the gang causes, they all end up inside the theatre--and onstage singing and dancing for the Queen!moreless
    • Invaders from Space
      Brains says he can turn a black and white television into a color one using just a screwdriver. While he attempts this, the kids see a commercial for a bubble gum promotion. Mistaking what they've seen, they believe the planet's being invaded by aliens from Planet 7. Running for their lives, they hide in a van--one being driven by the "aliens" who are taking them back to their base. At the "base"--actually the candy factory--the Deckers defeat the aliens and save the world! The advertiser dubs them heroes and uses them for publicity in the newspaper.moreless
    • A Helping Hound
      A Helping Hound
      Episode 11
      An elderly woman is facing eviction from her mean landlord if she doesn't get it fixed up. The Deckers decide to help her out by making some money doing yard work. Albert is able to get some free wallpaper and paint so the gang all joins in the renovation. Their efforts become a slapstick free-for-all disaster. Tiger finds a lost dog and returns it to its grateful owner who gives her a sizable reward. Now that they have some cash, the gang is able to fix up the old woman's house.moreless
    • The Go-Karters
      The Go-Karters
      Episode 10
      The Deckers come to Spring's defense when he appears in front of a Magistrate for wreckless go-karting. The kids prove that his go-kart had been tampered with by a dishonest competitor.
    • Robbie the Robot
      Robbie the Robot
      Episode 9
      Brains builds a robot that's a bit of a troublemaker. When it gets its grip on a golf club, it begins pelting the neighbor with balls. Brains enters his robot in a science fair where it becomes a true dancing machine.
    • Scooper Strikes Out
      Sticks is showing Billie how to throw a baseball when he accidentally knocks Scooper out with a pitch. While he's out, Scooper meets Alice--the one from Wonderland--at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. He ends up meeting the Queen of Diamonds who pronounces off with the heads of the Double Deckers!
    • The Pop Singer
      The Pop Singer
      Episode 7
      The Deckers help out a street musician by giving him a new wardrobe (dressing him in a 17th century outfit), a new name ('The Cool Cavalier') and a new voice (Brains builds a synthesizer). Albert rounds up the neighborhood kids and invites them to the Deckers' disco for the Cavalier's debut. He sings and everyone's having a ball until his synthesizer begins to blow up!moreless
    • Summer Camp
      Summer Camp
      Episode 6
      Albert and the Deckers decide to camp out in the country. Riding in a covered wagon pulled by a donkey, they cause distress to a rich couple that's also trying to enjoy the countryside. Unfortunately, their donkey runs amuck and destroys the rich couple's camp, forcing them to sleep in their car. As morning breaks, we see the kids sleeping in the car with them. The car has become stuck in the mud and as they try to get it free, it flies ahead and slams into a haystack. The car keeps moving down the road, covered in the big haystack.moreless
    • Happy Haunting
      Happy Haunting
      Episode 5
      When the kids explore a creepy old mansion, Tiger and Billie end up getting trapped. The boys realize they're missing and conduct a search. Albert, soaking wet after falling through a trap door, puts on a dry sheet and frightens the gang; naturally, they think he's a ghost. Eventually, the Deckers stumble upon a secret room full of valuables. The show ends with Doughnut, dressed in a suit of armor, running after the car that's leaving him behind.moreless
    • Star-Struck
      Episode 4
      The kids hang around the security gate of a movie studio, hoping to get a glimpse of some of the stars as they come in. One star stops to sign autographs and her little boxer escapes. The kids give chase to the dog, and the security guards give chase to the kids, causing havoc as they go through one movie set after another. They eventually meet up with the dog at the star's dressing room. She's appreciative and the episode ends with the kids all piled into her car as it leaves the studio.moreless
    • Get a Movie On
      Get a Movie On
      Episode 3
      Brains and Scooper make a movie set in the old west town of Yellowrock. Doughnut's stunt double Albert gets abused with pies in the face, pratfalls and the like. They enter their film in a contest and the gang attends the premiere. Brains and Scooper are horrified as the crowd howls with laughter. The don't win the contest, but they do get 50 rolls of film for their next movie.moreless
    • The Case of the Missing Doughnut
      When Doughnut eats a bowl of green glop that Brains concocted, he turns invisible. He uses this as an opportunity to get revenge on a bakery and toy store he'd been tossed out of. His invisibility eventually wears off, but the other Deckers pretend they still can't see him. Then, they send him back to the toy store to watch the fun.moreless
    • Tiger Takes Off
      Tiger Takes Off
      Episode 1
      Brains wants to build a hovercraft, so he gets the other kids to help in the construction. Tiger accidently ends up in the vehicle and it suddenly takes off. The hovercraft causes chaos as it goes through town, even slamming into Albert; he ends up on the hood. As the hovercraft heads towards the water, Tiger uses the ejector seat and ends up in a tree. The other kids chase the vehicle into the water to rescue her, not realizing she's safe.moreless
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