Here Come the Double Deckers

ABC (ended 1971)


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  • Very enjoyable children's show from the U.K.

    I used to really like this when it was on since it was a bit different than the usual kiddie fare on TV then. The fact that it was an import from England also had it's appeal-everybody was mad for anything British for a long time after the British Invasion in the mid 60s. I've read where only one season's worth of shows was filmed. It was on ABC on Saturday one year and the next year it got bumped to Sundays for another season. Apparently 20th Century Fox has the rights in the US to this show. I wish they'd release it on DVD.
  • A childrens adventure show based around a gang of kids in an abandoned double decker

    Set in the UK in the early 70's, this programme was about a bunch of kids who hung out in an old abandoned double decker in a yard. The story line follows the adventures of these children who form a harmless we gang called the double deckers and they all had strange nicknames such as tigger and brains. It also had a fair amount of dancing and singing. Peter Firth acts as Scooper but I havent seen the others in anything since. It is just a harmless piece of fun that show that kids dont need a playstation to have a good time.
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