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final episode

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    I have truly enjoyed watching this show as a bachelor. It has proven that there are things one can do to strengthen the relationship. Each week the couples had the chance to be safe or take the money. I believe they all chose to be safe and continue on in the game. This safety was accomplished by completing the task first or better than the other couples. The last episode was a total disappointment all because this couple was not engaging in the negativity that the other couples were doing. The McMorrises' won 2 of 3 challenges and should have been declared the winners; but the show allowed the couples that were VOTED OFF to determine who won the $480,000. That was a joke and there was no need to have a final episode if that was the way the winner would be determined. IF you are voted off earlier in the game why should you be allowed to come back and determine who WINS!!! YOU LOST!!!! I think this is a very distrubing way to have a show to promote strength in marriage and have other couples come and keep you from $480,000 in which you competed for and won 2 out of 3 matches. The show was great up until that! Never let losers decide who win; the Corliss' and Mc Morrises' battled it out and may the best couple win. Too bad for the McMorrises' that they won and still lost!!!

    May GOD Bless all the couples; and truly the McMorrises' and Corliss'

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