Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

TLC (ended 2014)


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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo followsl follows Alana Thompson, the outspoken 6-year-old beauty queen from TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras. Viewers can take an inside look at the family home in rural Georgia, where the Thompson clan indulges in their favorite pastimes, such as free-wheeling through mud pits and picking up road kill for grilling.


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    • The Worst of the Worst

      This has got to be the worse thing i have ever seen in my life. The family is hideous to look at, the eating habits are nasty. The nastiest thing I've seen is when the mom made Sketti (Spahgetti sauce and butter), that just made me want to puke. I saw gnats crawl inside the mom's big toes.

      I have surived The Last Airbender, both Animated Titanic films, I've even played Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (which is now currently my most hated game) on YouTube, and none of those compare to the filth that is this show. This is in fact, in my opinion, the ultimate pinnacle of bad entertainment. I may give 1 out of tens for poor shows, but a 1 out of 10 is too generous. Therefore, my preferred rating for this abomination is -50 out of ten.

      UPDATE: I just heard the good news. This show has finally been canceled. There was a rumor that June Shannon was dating a child molester that supposedly molested a relative of hers. June Shannon made a Facebook post claiming that it wasn't true and she only dated him 10 years ago, but honestly, I couldn't care less if the rumor was a lie or not. I'm just glad this worthless show is finally dead and gone.moreless
    • What was TLC thinking?

      I honestly tried to give this family the benefit of the doubt when this show first aired. Yes, they're disgusting and gross, but from what we saw on the show, they also donated to charity and did a lot of things to raise money for said charities. They seemed to really love and care about each other. Well, with these allegations out about June now, I just feel stupid. I guess if it looks like a duck, right?moreless

      I hate this almost as much as THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW! But not quite! It still sucks HARD though!
    • i live in alabama and this is offensive to me

      i thought this was the learning channel. a channel for learning. all this teaches me is how to be a gross hillbilly.
    • Only lasted 5 minutes on this pile of barf.

      TLC is supposed to be called The Learning Channel, and I'm not being teached a freaking thing, so I now call it The Lunatic Channel. I feel pretty bad for Alana being forced to go on stage and embarrassing herself in front of a bunch of people. I mean, just thinking about taking your kids somewhere they're not interested in all the time is just way overboard! Same crap goes with Toddlers and Tiaras, since they're basically the same show, and both are just as bad. Did I mention this is also infested with toilet humor? I just absolutely HATE toilet humor if either abused or done wrong. Just don't watch this show.moreless

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