Here's Lucy

Season 2 Episode 18

Lucy and Lawrence Welk

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 19, 1970 on CBS

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  • In this funny episode, Lucy tries to convince a visiting Viv that she knows Lawrence Welk and invites her to dinner to meet him

    Though very reminicent of an I Love episode \"Lucy and the Dummy\", this clever episode is still very funny. It features a frantic Lucy trying to figure out what to do when Viv arrives and expects to meet Welk. Mary Jane (her sidekick in lieu of Vance)works in a Wax museum (who knew?)and offers to lend her Welk\'s wax likeness. Meanwhile, Craig and Kim visit Welk and convince him to come to dinner. Guess you can figure what happens next. Lucy props up wax Welk the the table and steals Viv\'s glasses (Lucy Meets Harpo)When Lucy is in the kitchen, Craig and Kim appear with the real Welk who replaces wax Welk. Lucy who had been impersonating wax Welk is appropriately shocked when the real Welk answers. Great double take! Funny episode and always great to see Lucy and Viv together.