Here's Lucy

Season 3 Episode 1

Lucy Meets the Burtons

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Sep 14, 1970 on CBS
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Richard Burton, the movie star, escapes riotous fans by wearing a plumber's disguise. Lucy Carter mistakes him for a much needed plumber. Sam (Burton), the plumber, escapes to the Carter household. Lucy later finds a remarkable diamond ring in his discarded over-alls. By the time Lucy discovers it is THE famous Elizabeth Taylor diamond ring, it is already stuck on her finger. The end result is a creshendo of comedy as Liz feverishly tries to get the ring off Lucy's finger. Ultimately, Lucy's arms are used as Liz Taylor's while Richard & Liz do a scheduled press party.moreless

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    Gale Gordon

    Gale Gordon

    Harrison Otis (Uncle Harry) Carter

    Lucille Ball

    Lucille Ball

    Lucille Carter

    Vanda Barra

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      • Richard Burton: May I... May I present Lucille Carter, this is my wife Elizabeth
        Elizabeth Taylor: Hello, How are you?
        Lucy: You-Your eyes really are lavender?
        Richard Burton: Wait, till she hears the news and mine will be black-and-blue
        Elizabeth: What do you mean, love?
        Richard Burton: Well, what would you think if I told you I turned plumber, mended her leaky pipes, met a man who was Cleopatra and she's got your ring on her finger and she can't get it off?
        Elizabeth Taylor:(laughing) I'd say your cocktail hour had started a little early today
        Lucy: But, really he's telling the truth and incidentally, he's a wonderful plumber
        Elizabeth Taylor: Oh, well, that's good to know if my pipes ever get leaky

      • Harry: Lucille! Lucille!
        Lucy: What?! What?!
        Harry: You will never believe who's in this building?
        Lucy: Who?
        Harry: Richard Burton
        Lucy: No!
        Harry: Yes! Yes! Somebody saw him come in and the word spread like wildfire!
        Lucy: I'll bet
        Harry:(turns to Richard Burton)All the lobby is filled with screaming women determined to get your autograph(turns to Lucy) It is the most(turns quickly to Richard's you!
        Richard Burton: True

      • (Richard Burton is eager to get out of the hotel)
        Mr. Williams: The last time I looked there where 4 newsmen, 6 photographers, an assortment of fans and a bus tour of the movie stars' homes
        Richard Burton: A bus tour of the movie stars' homes?
        Mr. Williams: Yes, I'm afraid, Sir, temporarily, you and Mrs. Burton have replaced Lawrence Welk and Liberace
        Richard Burton: I'm profoundly moved, that almost makes up for not winning the Oscar

      • Richard Burton: I'm Richard Burton!
        Lucy Carter: Yeah, and I'm Elizabeth Taylor

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