Here's Lucy

Season 2 Episode 14

Lucy Protects Her Job

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Dec 22, 1969 on CBS

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  • I think I've seen this episode?

    I remember a few years back I was up late at night flipping through the channels and there was a Lucy show on. It wasn\'t the original black and white Lucy shows and I have never seen this show before. I believe this was one of the episodes that I saw. This was on a local channel and it was basically some late night time filler and they never actually reran the series. It was just a one shot deal so I\'m not too sure if this is the correct show but this is the only thing that I see here that rings a bell. Anyway, it seemed like it was a decent show but as I started to watch it I realized that it was a GREAT show. I remember watching this episode and another episode where she\'s in a store and she\'s buying plates and such. I cant\' remember the joke on that episode but it had to do with either the display table breaking or her knocking dow the displays of plates. My memory of the episodes are farily vague but I remebered that she was able to run one joke for the whole 22 minutes of the episode. It was just some of the most well executed writing and acting that I ever seen. I hope TV land or some channel picks up this series for at least one run. I would love to see this series which is basically brand new to me. I feel like I missed out on some good comedy.