Herman's Head

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Herman's Head

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Herman Brooks is an aspiring writer working as a fact-checker for a magazine publisher. While dealing with life in the Big Apple, his inner thoughts and feelings are played out by four characters representing: His intellect, his fear, his sensitivity, and his lust. Herman's "outer world" consists of a trivia-trove of a boss, two female co-workers, one mouse-ish and the other a snobbish social-climbing bombshell, and a best friend who's both a successful writer, a sexist pig, and an all-around fun guy. Every episode we get to see Herman get through the many crises in his life with everything going on inside his head.
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  • I used to love Hermans Head. Please bring back the old episodes!!!

    I used to love this show. To this day, I still talk about Herman's Head. Glad to see that there are other fans out there. I'd love it if the reruns aired somewhere. I'd watch them over and over again. I know that there'd be a whole new group of folks that would become fans too . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .moreless
  • Great Casting, Original Plot, good acting. Deserves more than it got.

    It was smart, funny, and sexy. Everything I look for in a sitcom. I can't remember there being anything on the air like this before hand. I *loved* this show. Hope that someone gets it on DVD or at least reruns. I don't know what the connection was between it and the Simpsons but a lot of the stars also did voice talent work for Simpsons. IQ, Animal, Love, and Fear got to show deeper images of the Character without him seeming to talk to himself, it was the perfect plot device because we were able to hear his "thoughts" while still being part of dialogue.moreless
  • Definitly a great show. Ahead, no pun intended, of its time.

    Definitly a great show. Ahead, no pun intended, of its time. I might be willing to see if it is available on dvd. They should bring it back for reruns. There are a handfull of shows that are great before its time that have been cancelled...this is one of them. Intellegent writing, great acting. The show started the acting careers. I have talked to a number of co-workers and everyone mentions a handfull of shows and this one is always on the list. I may even write a letter to comedy central or tvland to see if they will start airing the show.moreless
  • Before it's time

    92-94 defintely wasn't the right period for it. Put the show on in the late 90s when limits were being streched and it had a chance. Put in on in today's world and you'd have a hit due to the lack of good sitcoms and people begging for anything that isn't reality T.V. Sadly because it was on before it's time it lingered around for 3 season until it was dropped from the schedule. Pointless Fact: The show was so edgy a condom maker felt it was the right show where during a commercial break they would air their first commercial promoting their condom (forgive me I forget which brand did this). This was the first ever commercial promoting a condom.moreless
  • A great show on the fledgling FOX network that actually helped to launch several careers. Herman's inner-turmoils were actually represented by different characters, all residing in - you guesses it - his head.moreless

    I have been able to buy "The Littles" on DVD since the '90s but still not this?!?!? WHAT THE HEY??? Granted, the concept was not one that was going to last as many seasons as, say, Married with Children did, but while it was on the air, it was a lot of fun. The struggles that went on inside Herman's head between the beer-guzzling Neanderthal, the logical-thinking braniac, the sensitive "feminine" side, etc. are issues that we all deal with on a daily basis when trying to make decisions that will affect our lives, but it took the fresh new writers on FOX to spin in into a weekly TV series.moreless