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Hero: 108

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Long ago, animals and humans lived together in harmony. This all changed when a wicked trickster named High Roller hypnotized the animals into thinking the humans were their enemies! This show revolves around the adventures of Lin Chung, Mighty Ray, Mr. No Hands, Mystique Sonia and Jumpy Ghostface. This show is based on the novel Water Margin.

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AIRED ON 4/2/2010

Season 1 : Episode 25

Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond

High Roller/Jumpy Ghostface/Sparky White

Kelly Sheridan

Kelly Sheridan

Mystique Sonia

Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis

Lin Chung

Adrian Petriw

Adrian Petriw

Sparky Black/Woo the Wise

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

Commander ApeTrully/Mighty Ray/Mr. No Hands

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  • Mmmm?

    I know this will sound like bull#-ht but I enjoyed the show

    I know there Are flaws Everywhere is people say

    But I want to know why?
  • And the Bulls### with Boomerang continues

    Again I ask, WHY IS THIS ON BOOMERANG!? I've HAD IT with S###bag Snyder dumping this garbage on Boomerang. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Us 90's kids DO NOT want Hero 108, DEFINITELY DON'T WANT Almost Naked Animals, Pokemon, Casper's Scare School, ugh Ben 10 or Krypto. But sadly Snyder is being an idiot and dumping more of CN's toxic waste on what once was, the greatest channel ever created for the 90's generation. I'm calling DirecTV to cancel Boomerang right now.moreless
  • A boring show based off a legend that no American or Canadian would know about

    This might surprise some, but this show was actually based off an old Chinese novel called The Water Margin. Needless to say, out of all the plays, books, video games, movies and shows that have played off of the very same novel, this one has to be the worst.

    The concept is still there, though made more "kid-friendly", which makes this all very confusing. Whereas the original story told about 108 men and women who form a huge army. This one is about 108... things that form... something? I honestly am not sure where they were trying to head with this variation of the story, other than being confusing. Though, another thing that this show is lacking is one thing that makes our so-called "hero", Lin Chung, simply despicable is that he has no flaws. He is his own personal Deus Ex Machina, which basically means that he's a Superman without a Kryptonite, which basically means snoresville. The other main characters lack any sort of supporting role in the squad or the plot other than being comedic relief, and that's pushing it because the humor is borderline cringe-worthy and bland.

    The novel in which this show takes inspiration from may have been historic, though this show is far from revolutionary, and personally, I find that any medium that is done badly is done even worse when you have a basis of which to go by. It's like giving you an outline to draw in, and missing every line with a big, pink marker.moreless
  • What did I just watch?! How could anybody stand this Show?

    I watched this one day on CN, and it turned out one of the worst things i have ever seen. The Animation is horrible. The outline is too thick. Flash don't look good with thick outlines. This is worse than Johnny Test after season 1. The outline is so thick, that it disturbs with the shows detail. Without a doubt this is low-budget animation. Very little detail in this show. A good comparison for this is El Tigre, but I think it's worse than that. One of the worst cartoons CN has ever shown. Worse than Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi or even Pet Alien. Besides the horrible animation, the plot is just plain stupid. No originality. It's a slight ripoff off of Xialon Showdown. Obcourse with the expection with the reptitive storyline of them tring to convince the animals that humans are their friends. We get it. we get it. The show is obviously about the enviorment. Which is kinda subliminal since the setting is Chinese. The characters in the show are just plain wierd, There is some robot thingy as well as some bunny rabbit, another one with a wool hat on his head, as well as a wrestler and some girl with a fat waist line. Bottom Line is that the show is hard to watch and understand. I just dont get the point of this.One side-note: This is the same studio that made "Pet Alien" and that horrible spinoff series of the bratz.moreless
  • What is so bad about this ?

    I like this show and i don't get why so many people hate it.

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