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Ordinary people discover the have special abilities.  Spinoff of the original series Heroes.


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  • HIROS!

    Heroes Reborn "Game Over" Review: The Human Reset Button Is Back

    Will anything even matter now that Heroes Reborn is bringing time travel into the conversation?

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    • I don't think anyone imagined it could be worse

      The whole fairground thing of the final season was bad, very bad. But I never imagined Mr Kring could make something worse. Probably the season of TV I feel was the biggest waste of time. It made almost no sense, with character actions and motivations as if the writers didn't care.

      The only thing that would make sense to me, is if this was Mr Kring giving the network and viewers the middle finger........... , because that's how it felt.

      The season of original Heroes was great. What a pity it all ended like this.moreless
    • Sigh, I was so excited

      When I heard this show was getting a reboot I was SO happy! It's like it keeps building (very slowly) to something but I have this feeling it will be nothing. I'm on episode 10. I don't even care if I see another episode. I loved Season 1 and 2 of the original then it went downhill from there. This is almost boring. I give it an 5 because I like the world, it's just progressing so slow. There is so little action in this... I wish there was a better writer because this world could be so amazing... I feel so let down...moreless
    • Clue me in

      Is that it? was episode 10 the last episode?
    • Lame!

      Not sure why the original Heroes was cancelled. If it was because of a budget too high (although I suspect it was due to lack of teenage love) it make sense why Hereos Reborn seems to have a fraction of the budget of the original series. The FX are crap and the story and script are crap as well. Very illogical - and yes, even fiction/fantasy/sci-fi needs logic. It's so full of wholes I can't bare watching it anymore.

      I give it a rating of 2 solely for Hiro Nakamura.

    • sit through the first few episodes.... tim kring did good

      the first few episodes felt like a cheap immitation of heroes.... until they started coming together, making actually way more sense and truly giving meaning to "save the cheerleader, save the world". Noah is the perfect main character, my only bad thing to say is to hayden because she couldnt show up to at least lay there dead for ten minutes. this show totally ties it all together with where it came from and goes where i think tim wanted to go before the writers strike and the dirt guy (as an actor i love the dude but i didnt care for that storyline as much). i wish tim had a contract for another heroes series after this, we all want to see peter get his full powers back, and him and sylar work together again at the last moment. point is.... as far as reboots and rehashes and bringing shit from the past goes.... they are doing a damn good job... feels like the first season again.moreless

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