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Hey you guys! Heroes is back! With all new heroes! And some old heroes! But so far no Hiros. *sad face* Heroes Reborn is just one in a slew of shows reawakening after long slumbers. Twin Peaks, X-Files, The Muppet Show… heck, I’ve even started making shadows on my walls again, like I did as a kid when my siblings wouldn’t play with me.

Did we, the audience, necessarily ask for these shows to return? Not really. But are we pleased as kool-aid punch that we get another crack at them? Sure! In some cases!

I was one of the very few people who were a wee bit bummed that the first run was cancelled. Was this partly due to the shocking way in which Jess from Gilmore Girls turned into a stone-cold stud? Maaaaaaybe. But it was also because Heroes was just a cool concept, you know? Yes, it was recycled from the likes of X-Men and every other show/comic/movie/book about people with secret powers, but just because a concept has been used again and again (and again) doesn’t mean it’s not cool.

I thought Heroes was cool, is what I’m saying, okay? Sue me.

So I was pumped that it was returning, and with a darn-tooting pretty stellar cast, if you ask me. Does it have some problems? OF COURSE IT DOES ARE YOU STUPID WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK ME THAT? Lame powers, melodrama, Zachary Levi as a bad guy (my poor heart). BUT, are those problems forgivable in the face of some super fun, violent, often very cool entertainment? MAYBE!

As I’m sure 99.9% of you know, tv.com has a patented 4-episode test, positing that you should give any show 4 episodes to decide if it’s good or not. Let’s totally rip off that theory, and photo-recap this 4-episode-test!



Now that song is in your head. You’re welcome?

The first five minutes of this zany ride taught us that Noah and Claire are no longer speaking, because she’s a country singer now. Also that “evos” (LOL) and the normals were totally getting along until someone had to go and blow up a carnival. Or something. Bummer.


We’re going to cover one story at a time, because I’m feeling wacky. Tommy, IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME (it isn’t) is just your typical mutant teen, getting beat up at school, having crushes on girls, and going to support groups for superheros.




“I just want a normal life!” - every teen on every show about secret powers. He was getting a job at his crush’s local ice cream parlor, when he saw a familiar face.





He zapped them right out of there, and his crush saw the whole thing! That is seriously the best thing that could have happened for his love life. BUT THEN, her jerk-face boyfriend saw him disappear a flower. Oh no! Here we go, I foolishly thought to myself, now he’s going to call the cops or something else to foil our teen hero. BUT NO!


This lovable doofus asked Tommy to disappear his gross step-father. Naturally, Tommy couldn’t do it (morally), but Brad doesn’t know that, and now they’re the best of friends. That was honestly a welcome and refreshing twist on the classic jock-bully-rival stereotype.

Who DID do it, you ask?


Okay! He’s super creepy, but kind of lovable, maybe? I don’t know! I don’t know if I love him, you guys! And that MAKES ME LOVE HIM?? This guy is throwing me off in all sorts of ways and I want more of it.

Tommy joined all teenagers everywhere and became a douche to his mom, then went to a party. But look who joined him!



This guy made a vow to protect our young hero, but we still don’t know why. Intrigue! Anyway, Tommy’s mom totally cock-blocked him, then they got in a car accident. Oh dear! Tommy popped his mom to the hospital, then tested his blood to see if he was a match for a transfusion, which went to a federal database. Classic rookie mistake.





After the big bang, we saw Luke at a support group for evos. Just as I was wondering what his power could be (extreme cuteness that melts people? using the power of his mind to perfectly trim his beard? the intersect?), he pulled out a gun and SHOT EVERYONE TO DEATH. Oh man. That hurt my feelings.


Turns out that wherever Tommy is thinking of, is where the objects he zaps go. Or in this case, where a couple in serious need of open communication go. Seeing these two stuck in a tiny room together was fun and disturbing. I don’t see how they came to the conclusion that the evos are to blame for their son’s death, but I DID see some dynamics!

They escaped the observation room and decided to kill everyone they saw, because logic.



And then…


Bah! Looks like Luke is an evo, the very thing he has spent the last year destroying. Oh, poetic irony, you make little sense in this case, but you are welcome. (Since when do they gain their powers in mid-adulthood? Whatever. I don’t care. Sure, let’s light Zachary Levi UP)

Because they had Noah’s list, they tracked down a powered person and shot him in the head.



IT IS TOO LATE FOR THAT, ZACHARY LEVI! Look, anyone who has ever read a recap of mine knows how much I love a redemption story. I just can’t get enough. HOWEVER, there are certain things a character can’t come back from. I think a year’s worth of murder is one of those things. I get it, he’s having a change of heart. But if this show expects me to hop on board this redemption arc, they had better earn it!



He showed her he had powers, and it did not go well.

therapy 2.jpg

Nope. She left. Too bad, I was hoping these two crazy kids would work it out.



First (and maybe the biggest) question - do people actually blow on dice in the real world of gambling? Was this made up for movies and television? Like, what if she had a cold, you know? That’s how germs are spread.

From the moment Noah reminded the audience of Molly, the little girl Matt Parkman saved who could locate other evos, we knew she would turn up. Oh, and here she is! All grown up. I wonder what Matt Parkman would say about that dress, Molly! The show was trying to pretend this was a new character, but we knew. Ohhhhhh, we knew.

Anyway, she tried to hustle this guy, and it turns out he was hustling her!

molly 2.jpg

molly 3.jpg

She was saved by some lookie-loos, and swept away by a super hot new lady friend!

molly 5.jpg


Taylor drugged her! And then made out with Francis a bunch! Oh man, ladies, maybe don’t ever accept a drink from a shady stranger, or any stranger, ever, as a general rule. That’s what we’re learning from this scene, okay?



girl 3.jpg


Taylor got Molly to the evil layer, then checked in with her MOTHER (dun dun dun).



Indeed, Noah. Indeed.

The rest of Molly and Taylor’s story merged with...



Noah very clearly hated every part of his life, including this lady. But then the best thing in the universe happened, in the form of a bumbling stalker.





I love this team-up more than I can adequately express with the English language. I’ll have to do it through interpretive dance next time I see you guys.

The Haitian tried to kill Noah, and then admitted it was because Noah TOLD HIM TO (dun dun dun), which meant Noah’s storyline was now a cross between Momento and Dude, Where’s My Car? He decided it needed more a buddy-cop feel, so he bailed his new bestie out of jail, and it was magic.

Let’s talk about the fact that he went in search of adventure with his new #1 best-friend Quentin without even a post-it to his fiance that said, “hey hun, going on the lam, see ya when I see ya.” Dude just did NOT care about that lady.

The Dude Detective Duo broke into the Odessa site to look through old files, and secrets were revealed.

dude 1.jpg

dude 2.jpg

Turns out, Claire DIDN’T die at the carnival, but she IS dead, and also Quentin’s sister is an evo. The plot thickens!

They heard the gunshots from the psycho couple escaping, and ran to see what was up.


First the Haitian, then this guy, I think the vague dying words cliche is contagious. Something about “Epic” and Molly Walker. Wonder what it could be! (Cerebro. Molly is cerebro)

Because Quentin (possibly the greatest human in North America) was shot, they went to the hospital. Noah was recognized by a doctor, but vamoosed because Noah ain’t no fool. He knows any time someone says “wait here for a second, I’ll be right back,” it means, ‘I’m calling the cops on you.” He watched the hospital footage and the mystery was seeped in MORE MYSTERY!


hospital 2.jpg

They vamoosed to the head-evil-lair and found Molly.




Molly would rather get caught than be rescued by Noah. The plot thickens!

They decided to recruit Taylor into their rogue band of detective do-gooders.





Taylor helped Noah and his bestest of best friends Quentin into the super secret lab where they kept all the evos who were hooked up to futuristic machines that stole their powers.



Molly shot herself in the head! That was really sad, you guys.




Miko and Ren are my favourite. My absolute favourite. Miko is intense and kick-ass, while Ren is basically Hiro and Ando put together in one adorable teenage Asian. I am in love, now and forever.

What I picked up from this amazingly original meet-cute is that Miko is a video game character. Okay, sure! I’ll buy in.


You guys. This was awesome. What a creative way to incorporate multimedia! I’m not even being a smartass right now, I thought this was really well done. Bring on the cartoons! It was so horrifyingly violent and I loved EVERY SECOND.





We all knew finding her “father” wasn’t going to be that easy. Video games are assholes, ammiright? Then she reappeared in the real world right in front of Ren, and a glorious, hilarious, literally magical friendship was born.

She decided to go to the building where they took her ‘father’, and kick some ass.





This fellow is menacing. It should be in the bad-guy handbook to be totally calm and collected at all times, because that shit is unsettling. He knocked out our favourite video game character and locked her in a boardroom. Haha, corporate villains! Gotta love ‘em!

Because Ren is the absolute best, he suddenly became a super-spy, overhearing important info, and stealing a key-card.


Harris hinted that Miko is dead, or a figment of everyone’s imagination, or something. She was like, “it’s rude to call someone the walking dead,” and cut off his hand. Just your typical boardroom activity. She and Ren skedaddled while Harris’ hand GREW INTO ANOTHER HARRIS.



By the end of episode 4, Miko and Ren were in America on the hunt for her sword.



Carlos is a war hero who maybe isn’t a war hero? He sure loves the hooch. He’s got some family drama, and an idealistic nephew who’s going to teach him the meaning of Christmas, or something.

Then his superhero vigilante brother died.



Whoopsie! Do you think now Carlos will put his soldier-powers to use and don the mask of El Burrito? Yes… I mean, that wasn’t really a question. Obviously that’s going to happen. Especially after the heart-to-heart he had with Jose on the roof.




AHHHAHAHAHAHA First - THE ROOF is not the most private of places to show YOURSELF that you have powers. Powered people are being hunted, kid, maybe do it alone in your bedroom like most adolescent boys. Second - WHY did he look surprised that he was still able to do the thing that he was obviously going to tell his father about?? This scene slayed me.

Anyway, it turns out El Chirro was being framed for a bunch of rape and murder, so Carlos decided to get to the bottom of it (after he got to the bottom of a bottle, AMMIRIGHT). He followed the dirty cops to a warehouse where they were using interrogation techniques that did NOT seem like standard protocol. Naturally, he warned the evos and tried to take on the cop himself.


Or not. El Diablo got his ass handed to him by a dirty cop with super strength. In order to get away, he jumped through a window, fell TWO STORIES, then ran away like the worst of his injuries was a sprained ankle.

You guys, let’s be honest with each other and ourselves. This is the least interesting storyline. He made himself a super-suit, decided he needed a tricked-out El-Mobile, drove off, and then his friend and nephew were kidnapped.

Moving on.



The first four episodes were more of a set-up teaser-trailer for Melina. I guess winter is coming, and she’s supposed to stop it? No idea. But I know she may or may not be ready. And her mentor is invisible sometimes for no reason, which if I were Melina, I would find very annoying. Like, I get it, lady. Oh, and they’re in Canada now. AND the bad guys are looking for them, and they’re sicking ‘the shadow’ on them.


And that’s that! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m on board. The mysteries got me! I want to know how someone managed to kill Claire, and how a video game character is a real person (was the same fairy from Pinocchio involved?), and who set up Mohinder, and if the penny-for-your-thoughts-guy is creepy or loveable, and how many times Ren can light up my heart.

I’m going to go ahead and say that Heroes Reborn has passed THIS GIRL’S 4-episode test. What about you guys?


-- "Evos" - LOL for eternity.

-- “Oh, you have a guy who turns into smoke, huh? Hmmm, no, yeah, that’s nice. It’s just, we were doing it way before it was cool.” - LOST

-- Sooo… quick question. Everyone was loving on each other a year ago, yes? And then the county fair was bombed, and everyone believes it was Mohinder Suresh, no? So then why did everyone turn on the evos? Mohinder is just a normal dude. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? And now Zachary Levi and his bananas wife are hunting down evos because their son died… because… ?????? *shhhhh, Toni… no more thinking*

-- Could someone contact Zachary Levi and tell him to stop playing characters that aren’t 100% adorable, because I can’t with this.

-- When Taylor was being all mysterious at the beginning, I was hoping she and Molly were the ones in cahoots, and were possibly girlfriends. Was a little LGBTQ representation too much to hope for? WAS IT, NBC??

-- Suresh’s voice-over intros and outros need to go away.

-- “I once knew a man who could harvest people’s powers through their brain.” - nice Sylar callback.

-- “Go away, I’m watching the biggest loser.” - “Ah, schadenfreude, I understand the attraction.”

-- “I hate your face, Bennet.” Well, I LOVE YOUR FACE, Quentin. Never die.

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Nov 07, 2015
Wow I was really expecting a maya-died-in-the-100 reference
But I love it anyways
Oct 30, 2015
Do a recap for the latest episode. It's a game changer. We have no where to discuss especially since tv.com stop their reviews.
Oct 31, 2015
I'm toying with the idea of recapping this show 4 episodes at a time. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to do it every week. Because I'm SO POPULAR *checks her billions of emails and texts and e-vites, then blows up computer and eats ice-cream*
Oct 16, 2015
I was so on board for Molly/Taylor! Those two had serious chemistry, and then they had to kill the character we knew as a little girl from season 1. Boo.

Lmao at Noah hating his life, 'including this lady'. Hilarious because true.

Lmao also at creepy/loveable. Hilarious...because hilarious.
Oct 13, 2015
Hey Toni! Wondered what you were reviewing until The 100 comes back next year! I used to read all the photo re-caps.

Not sure where or when this hits the UK? I'd watch it for Zac (Noticed the Chuck reference!) and Eve. And I'll have to catch up on the previous series. I think I got to the middle of S2 before I moved and had to cancel my subscription to pay TV.

What do you think of this one so far? Worth a view?
Oct 13, 2015
I'd say it's worth at least a try. It's no The 100, but it's mindless fun.
Oct 13, 2015
Cool. I'll keep an eye out.

Cheers :)
Oct 13, 2015
The Heroes story telling system is just weird because it relies on keeping the viewer in the dark until the last minute. We are 4 episodes in and we really still do not know what the big problem is. We are basically a third of the way through the season already. Had Molly actually told us something worthwhile, such as what the heck happened in Odessa, it could have been interesting. Instead, we're treated to a mysterious new character that is shown in a way similar to a villain and they are still throwing new questions at us rather than offering any solutions. At this point, I really hope they end up in X-Men's bad future where all the mutants are tagged and hunted since this is what they seem to be aiming for.
Oct 13, 2015
It's a cool concept indeed. Probably one of the reasons why I've always had a certain fondness for Heroes, even when it turned sour.

Isn't the wacky wife of Luke called Joanne, not Judith? Still a horrible character, with dumb motivations. Her husband isn't much better sadly, despite likable Levi. Such a convenient moment for hero powers to start manifesting.

I still can't decide whether Katana Girl storyline is awfully quirky or awfully endearing, and I say that as an avid gamer.
El Vengador borders on self-parody probably more often than it could've been intended, plus Carlos doesn't seem to have any powers (yet)?

Jack Coleman as Noah still carries most of the weight, I don't think the show would have much of a chance (or be grounded in any way) without him. It's too bad that the Haitian and Molly Walker seem to have been wasted so far. Their deaths made them all too easily disposable as characters; neither had much of an emotional impact on me.
I'm also tentatively interested in this Melina character. She and her companion seem rather knowledgeable.

P.S. I think it would be impossible for anyone to get through your article without cracking a smile at least once, so kudos for an enjoyable read!

Oct 13, 2015
i now have another addition to my growing list of awesome photo recappers (is there such a word?) AND DAMN YOU! now THAT song is stuck in my head O_o
Oct 12, 2015
Matt got his powers mid adult hood.

So did Ali Larter's multiple characters and her character's husband and a bunch of others back in the first generation
Oct 12, 2015
Too much butterflies and Aurora Borea Bouri ... northern lights in the sky.

Word of the week:
noun: Schadenfreude; noun: schadenfreude
pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.
Used in Crossing Lines, Heroes Reborn and about a half dozen other shows this week it seems, are Hollywood writers gathering together and write into the shows the insults they tossed at each other over the weekend? I like to think so..

Big round window behind Katana girl is reminiscent of the adult anime Lain which was inspiring/omage-ed/stolen for the Ex-boyfriend music video for the band No Doubt, but it could just be coincidental oriental design
Oct 12, 2015
Honestly this show is a huge mess for me. The new character range from dumb to boring. Nothing is original about this show. The new powers are terrible (seriously? jumping into video games?)

And for crying out loud, as if anyone would just let a major corporation tell you that someone has identified you as Evo and kick you out? First off, that's a HUGE discrimination suit.

Second, isn't anyone even the least interested in how that technology operates? Are you freaking kidding me?
Is it safe? Approved by whatever standards?
No other company would buy it to try and reverse engineer it?
Nope, CEO just says they can do it and that's it.


Add on top of that the fact that there is no way in heck that the government would allow Evos to be hunted down instead of rounding them up and use them for their advantage.

You know, what they wanted to do originally in the show in season 3a.

Either way, it's dumb. The 4400 did it so much better. So did Alphas.

At this rate? I'll be surprised if the show gets another season.
Oct 12, 2015
(Since when do they gain their powers in mid-adulthood? Whatever. I don’t care. Sure, let’s light Zachary Levi UP)

Since episode 1 of the original show? They were born with the potential to have powers, but it takes something else to activate them. Half the first 2 seasons was about them discovering their powers for the first time.

Later on, Saresh said that a lunar eclipse or something was the trigger of awakening their power.
Oct 12, 2015
Mohinder is not just a normal dude. He injected himself with the formula, he's an evo.
Oct 11, 2015
Poor Noah.He's so happy to be a part of this new series, but even his old friends are like "GO AWAY!" At least Eve Harlow got another role as someone the good guys meet but who turns out to be with the bad guys but then secretly sides with the good guys. it would be confusing otherwise.

Yes, Heroes Reborn passed the 4-episode test for me, though hopefully this subplot roulette will end and the show can start bringing things together. We're already 1/3 the way through the whole show.
Oct 11, 2015
I'm really enjoying the story... All 5 minutes of it so far...
Oct 11, 2015
This failed the one episode test for me. I hated every new character except the teen who could disappear people. Miko and Ren are the worst. The writing is horrendous, the plot lines nothing but cliches, the characters just stock stereotypes, and the acting is wooden, with Robbie Kay as the only exception. Even Zachary Levi and Jack Coleman can't save this show.
Oct 11, 2015
Nice recap.

I think the "Shadow" is Phoebe Frady...Quinten's sister (the bearded guy).
I mean, look at that picture of her, it's gotta be her.
But it looks like the bad guys have turned her evil or something.

This big disaster that's coming?
It probably is some sort of solar event, because of the clues they're giving us...
- Aurora borealis lights seen at lower latitudes.
- Invisible woman's compass spinning around.
- Butterflies flying off course (monarch butterflies migrate using the earth's magnetic field for navigation).

Solar storms screw up the earth's magnetic field, and without it, the earth cannot survive.

Oct 10, 2015
Thank you for this. It isn't quintessential TV viewing but I too am hooked by the overarching mysteries and enjoying the hell out of this new run.
Oct 10, 2015
Nice review. You got all the stories nicely. Good way to catch up with the show if someone's too lazy to watch the already aired episodes.
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