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  • Heroes Finds New Life

    A limited miniseries (and possible backdoor to a new series), Heroes Reborn is an action-packed sci-fi thriller. After Noah Bennet learns of a cover up for a terrorist attack that killed his daughter he goes searching for the truth, meanwhile a shadowy corporation tracks down and captures people with powers as part of a desperate plan to save humanity. Several original series characters make appearances, but for the most part the cast is all new (except for Jack Coleman). And the superpowers featured include a nice mixture of new abilities and old ones. Also, the writers do a good job with the serial storytelling (which is quite impressive given how integral time-travel is to the overall plot). Still, it doesn't quite feel as epic and compelling as the original series was. Yet despite its shortcomings, Heroes Reborn delivers a lot of intense drama and exciting action.
  • I don't think anyone imagined it could be worse

    The whole fairground thing of the final season was bad, very bad. But I never imagined Mr Kring could make something worse. Probably the season of TV I feel was the biggest waste of time. It made almost no sense, with character actions and motivations as if the writers didn't care.

    The only thing that would make sense to me, is if this was Mr Kring giving the network and viewers the middle finger........... , because that's how it felt.

    The season of original Heroes was great. What a pity it all ended like this.
  • Sigh, I was so excited

    When I heard this show was getting a reboot I was SO happy! It's like it keeps building (very slowly) to something but I have this feeling it will be nothing. I'm on episode 10. I don't even care if I see another episode. I loved Season 1 and 2 of the original then it went downhill from there. This is almost boring. I give it an 5 because I like the world, it's just progressing so slow. There is so little action in this... I wish there was a better writer because this world could be so amazing... I feel so let down...
  • Clue me in

    Is that it? was episode 10 the last episode?
  • Lame!

    Not sure why the original Heroes was cancelled. If it was because of a budget too high (although I suspect it was due to lack of teenage love) it make sense why Hereos Reborn seems to have a fraction of the budget of the original series. The FX are crap and the story and script are crap as well. Very illogical - and yes, even fiction/fantasy/sci-fi needs logic. It's so full of wholes I can't bare watching it anymore.

    I give it a rating of 2 solely for Hiro Nakamura.

  • sit through the first few episodes.... tim kring did good

    the first few episodes felt like a cheap immitation of heroes.... until they started coming together, making actually way more sense and truly giving meaning to "save the cheerleader, save the world". Noah is the perfect main character, my only bad thing to say is to hayden because she couldnt show up to at least lay there dead for ten minutes. this show totally ties it all together with where it came from and goes where i think tim wanted to go before the writers strike and the dirt guy (as an actor i love the dude but i didnt care for that storyline as much). i wish tim had a contract for another heroes series after this, we all want to see peter get his full powers back, and him and sylar work together again at the last moment. point is.... as far as reboots and rehashes and bringing shit from the past goes.... they are doing a damn good job... feels like the first season again.
  • awsome show

    ok so i started watching this from the start and wow am i glad i did its pure fun not the best show ever or anything but still pretty great i love the story the action the simi humor its all great to me i cant say anything really bad about this show its fantastic
  • so happy this show is back!

    I needed to watch all seasons of heroes to refresh my memory again on how amazing this show actually was. And know it's back! I'm especially excited for Zachary Levi on this show! and so far it's really good! I can't wait for the next five episodes! Hopefully they will mention Peter again because that's really a part that I miss.

    Hopefully they'll do a second season!
  • cancelled?

    Rumor has it the show is canceled. It's said there will be no season
  • Ridiculously good show! Don't cancel HEROES REBORN!

    Im utterly obsessed with this show! I don't wan them to cancel HEROES REBORN. I'm not into these type of shows but I couldn't stop. I really hope they go for a season 2!
  • I'm glad they're back.

    I can't say it's the best thing on TV right now, but I'm sure glad that Heroes are back. I liked the original series, even though it's quality wasn't consistent. Maybe it's just the ''people with powers'' element that never gets old. The new series is entertaining and that's the most important thing. It's the only show I really look forward to every week and I do watch a lot stuff. So relax and enjoy it. It does however need some memorable character like original series' Peter Petrelli or Saylar.
  • Even better than the original

    The first series has its issues; most notably the fact that the protagonists were far more powerful than the antagonists. Sure they fixed that issue eventually, but by then they had already hammered too many nails in the coffin.

    Heroes Reborn however has already established what seems to be an insurmountable enemy by the third episode. This gives them plenty of room to show off the capabilities of some powerful protagonists without trivializing the story.

    They have also established a mystery within the story which is actually capable of piquing the interests of the viewers. It is sad to say, but that quality is something that is rarely seen on television. I just hope that the payoff really does justify the mystery and we don't end up with another Lost.
  • Lame atempt to resusrect an awesome show/5 for the effort

    It was pretty pathetic. It is usurping the name of a good show, but it has nothing to do with it. The 3D ingame scenes are idiotic. Most important of all, the show doesn't have the heart and soul of "Heroes", meaning Peter or Syler, preferably both. It is like "Once upon a time in wonderland" which is using the name of a good show but is nothing like it.
  • A dud?

    Wow... if that was the best opener they could come up with for this show it's going to be a dud. The actors so far especially Jack Coleman are a big yawn. One glimmer of hope was the ninja girl but they over cartoon-ized her and ruined that segment of the show too. We're still debating giving the second airing a view.
  • Eh, ok so far, but a couple things...

    One of the things that makes stories like the comics, animes, and other fantasy stories good is consistency. Essentially, you get some leeway with suspension of disbelief on things like people having super powers, but other than that, you kind of want to stick to ... cause and effect. Some points in this so far are just poorly thought out, and kind of obvious to even the half thinking non-scientist/combat veteren/whatever.

    Some examples of stupidness:

    1. Opening scene in the meeting with the evos. The writers essentially failed in exactly the way the flash show fails in my opinion. How do you shoot someone who moves at super speed? Seriously? Why did he run around in circles instead of just gangster-walking over in high speed and just disable them/take their weapons/anything but run in circles? I mean, HOW CAN YOU BE A STORYWRITER FOR A SHOW LIKE THIS AND NOT UNDERSTAND THE RAMIFICATIONS OF THE SUPER SPEED POWER? It's actually not even a hard concept to deal with, and I'm not a show writer. You want to nab/kill someone with super speed, you need a large instant area-of-effect attack set off before super speedo becomes aware it's happening. That's essentially it. You cannot defeat super speedo without a clever disable first.

    2. Seriously, Bennett survives and fights off similiarly sized guy who already had a garrotte around his neck? Tough and well trained is all good, but I'm pretty sure once that garrotte gets around your neck ->It's over.

    3. Heard mention of some girl that controls darkness? Really??? I'm pretty sure human beings have known for centuries, if not MILLENIA, that there is no such thing as darkness, only the Absence of Light. Sigh, so DUUUUMBBB. Manipulating light, ok, i could reach for that with that whole suspension of disbelief thing I mentioned, but manipulating darkness? Seriously?

    Show writers, hollywood, whoever writes this stuff, PLEASE STOP TAKING DRUGS.

    I'm giving this one extra star for 'Leeroy Jenkins!' as a battlecry though, that was hilarious.

    eh i blame the heroes s1 - s4 reruns anywho the premiere was okay. i'm glad to see zachary levi on tv again. i just hope this new one will be as good as the original series. of course it wouldn't hurt to see people from the original series even if for a few episodes (aside from those who are confirmed *hiro!yay!* to return)
  • Why not?...

    It was a good show, but it went off the tracks on the last two seasons.

    In the spirit of making justice to good shows that was mistreated I want to see Touch coming back next.
  • Yatta!

    I was a fan of the original series throughout its run. Sure, it went off the rails here and there but I still eagerly awaited every new episode. This new series is, so far, exactly what I hoped it would be. It retains enough from the original to give it that warm nostalgic feel but it is a new story with mostly new characters. All of the new heroes were interesting and it was especially great to see a new Hiro/Ando-like pairing. I was also completely blown away by Zachary Levi. He was great in Chuck but after seeing him in this I must say that I'm a big fan.

    If you're a true fan of the original you will love this. If you're on the fence about some of the "so-so" reviews floating around then do yourself a favor and give the first two episodes a chance.

  • Mainly fun because of powers, good special effects

    Fluctuating between 8.5 (still watchable) and 9.0 (entertaining). Not exceptional, but after binge-watching S01-S04 the show grew on my heart. The trailer was the best with the Arctic landscape and the girl. Young actors aren't so good. Dunno. :)
  • Heroes Reborn, still needs to be pushed out.

    It has some decent character dynamic here and there, and the big mystery was presented tantalizingly enough, but the story as a whole is still weak and suffers from some jarring ridiculousness akin to amateurish fanfiction.
  • Chuck is back

    glad to see Zachary Levi again in a tv show. this better be good as chuck.
  • Waiting patiently

    Sure to love it cause I'm a die-hard fan. It's a good idea to do 13 episodes, quality over quantity. Gotta read the comics and rewatch the series
  • NBC is a joke

    Zachary Quinto won't be part?? what the fuck??? he was one of the main characters fucking NBC idiots i hope you loose a lot of money from your series
  • It's coming BACK! But with a Bang or a Boo ?

    I will blame everything on NBC if Reborn is a disaster.