Heroes Reborn

NBC (ended 2016)





  • Season 1 Episode 9: Sundae, Bloody Sundae

  • When Luke and Malina pull up to the ice cream parlor, one of the businesses seen in the background is a TD Canada Trust bank.  Although Toronto-based TD Bank Group offers financial services in the United States through subsidiaries and joint ventures (TD Bank, and TD Ameritrade, respectively), neither have offices in Carbondale, IL; In addition, all bank branches operating with the TD Canada Trust name are, appropriately, located in Canada.

  • After Joanne shoots Caspar, Tommy says he'll do whatever Joanne wants. He's standing just to the left side of Emily, and Joanne is pointing her gun just to the left of Emily's head. The camera cuts and Joanne is now pointing the gun away from Emily at least a 90 degree angle toward Tommy, who is now standing much further to the left.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Brave New World

  • The book Katana Girl is actually an English book despite the setting being Tokyo. Japanese books are read right to left whereas Katana Girl was opened and read left to right,

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