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  • Total Waste Of Television

    I have removed this show from my DVR - it's not worth watching anymore.

    The writers have jumped the track and cannot come up with a decent story line to save their souls.

    The characters (outside of Syler) are dull, boring, whiney, people who should be rounded up and locked away for bad acting.

    And I'm just over-all, tired of the show having no sense of direction....now we have to suffer through Angela P's past just to understand the future? I think not, she could have just said what happened and not have to make use re-live it with her....YAWN

    This show could be cancelled tomorrow and I wouldn't think twice about trying to save it....it's become so bad that it should move to the sci-fi channel on Saturday nights and be the lead-in show to the next crappy movie that they churn out.

    If you're going kill the show off, go for it now, because, quite frankly, the writers need to go back to school and learn to be writers again....
  • Well I did it, I removed heroes from my DVR schedule :(

    I might be the only person to feel this way on TV.com who watched Heroes, but i'll say it anyway.

    The first season for me was such a great ride, it introduced us to characters who were finding out about their abilities and by the end of that season learned how to use them for good or evil. Personally, I've been hoping that the show would start becoming less a soap opera or smallville-ish without all the little personal family struggles. But more importantly for a show to be called HEROES I've been really praying to see atleast one of the so called "heroes" to do anything remotely close to heroic. The show is so dull! The way I see it there's Peter whom in season 1 was really starting to become a bada**, then his "epic" battle against sylar whom matched up evenly on powers, Peter couldn't even fight his own battle with him. Then the seasons progressed and the only things he's managed to capture is the ability to whine and whimper off, or complain cause Mommy & Daddy did terrible things he just can't agree with!!!

    Don't even get me started with the rest of the character build up, it's sad whenever you cheer on the Villans cause their the only ones actually doing anything or developing in any sort of fashion... This episode was just so dull with the Petrelli family sitting around a table discussing we're going to start a company again. Who the heck would be afraid of them??? I mean Angela and HRG are the only ones that can actually commit and finish ANYTHING. Nathan, Peter, & good gawd Claire, amount to nothing - one complains all the time, one throws little tantrums, and the other switches back and forth so darn much that it's annoying!!!

    And come on did we really need 1 full episode with some big dramatic "meet Angela's sister" for this kind of explaination??? This was such a boring reason for all the hardships she put so many through. Her sister seemed like a cool concept, but really? They couldn't come up with a better storyline as to whats happened with her, showed that she is in fact a threat or liability? I mean there was no da** point as to why they had to dig up graves, just so she could explain, I left my sister here... UGHHH!!!!

    In short, i'm just done with the show... I had such high hopes but holding out this long has left me really jaded with even the concept, it's sad to say but i'd much rather watch dancing with the stars nowadays.. So i say to thee, farewell heroes you had great potential just no substance after your first season
  • A fantastic episode.

    Heroes is going through great changes over the past few episodes. While they have not been without flaws, they have managed to harken back to the old form of storytelling that fans enjoyed so much. 1961 reminds longtime fans of what the show can be, while entertaining them and newcomers with a comepelling story of the past.

    1961 returns us to Coyote Sands where our heroes are well underway excavating a burial ground. From the first scene this episode grabs viewers with the disturbing images of the sea of skeletons wand simultaneously gives as a look into the past to give us our first hint of what is in store for us in the episode.

    The flashback story was fantastic. It displayed the raw emotion that Cold Wars (also a flashback episode) lacked. The connection between Angela and Alice was gripping and at last told the long awaited Angela orgin tale.

    Seeing other old faces, such as Charles Devaux and Daniel Linderman was exciting for longtime viewers, although I found Linderman's accent to be quite annoying. However, while the flashback sequences were exciting, some things felt a little forced. Doctor Zimmerman was unneeded and reminded me of the tragic mess that we now call "Villains." The writers redeme themselves though when Angela lies to Alice, resulting in the massacre of Coyote Sands, durring which we see a sign reading "Bldng 26 Lab" a connection to the present that will hopefully be explored in the final 2 episdoes of "Fugitives."

    In the present, we are shown another incredible story. The longterm affects of Angela's past are shown clearly, and her scene with Claire was a bit of a tearjerker. This storyline feels a little slow in the first twenty minutes of 1961 or so, but quickly becomes even better than the flashbacks.

    When we were finally introduced to Alice, it is implied that she is slightly crazy, having never left Coyote Sands. Also, we were FINALLY given a sweet but simple answer to Angela's shoplifting of socks.

    The episode really gets interesting when Alice learns of Angela's lie to her 50 years earlier that caused the destruction of her life. Angela tries to convince Alice that she is sorry, and once again it seems like Heroes is on its predictable family-forgiveness route. So the surprise I felt when Angela says, "Say goodbye, Alice," and Alice answers with an angry, "No," can hardly be imagined.

    Heroes did a fanatastic job this week. Even the cliffhanger, a clear set up for next week's first half of the finale, was wonderful. Sylar has taken on Nathan's appearance and is holding a press confrence. Something I expected, but not this soon.

    Ultimately, 1961 is a hard episode to judge. There is a lot of good done, along with some bad, but Heroes still is several steps ahead of where we were when "Villains" ended. While 1961 was a good stand-alone story, its true value won't be clear until we see if there are longterm affects of what is shown here.

    SCORE 9.4

    NOTE: My score for this episode is 9.4 but is listed as a 10 to counter the haters who negatively review Heroes episdoes for the sake of negatively reviewing Heroes episodes.
  • all in all a very average ep and it was definately a fill in.

    what a waste of an episode. i think its 50/50 for the next season.... cant beleive how the show has become sooo painful to watch.

    perfect example of how a fantastic idea can be destroyed by lazy writing.

    i hope they can bring the show back to some sort of glory... pete vs sylar... destruction, action, mayhem.. but first peter needs to grow a pair and they need to get his his full powers back..
    we needs more villans too.......
    does danko have a power?

    so over boring fill in episodes with everyone whining and complaining. peter was carrying on like a spoilt child, (peter really needs to grow a pair and starting acting like "future peter"), nathan posed the whole time, HRG stood around too. claire and angela were good.. but what was the point of seeing the sister? hope the last 2 eps are better.....
    fingers crossed.
  • Boring and not what I expected, but at least it had some good to it. Warning, spoilers ahead.

    An interesting start as we see Angela's life as a young girl through flashbacks. It started out okay, but I was pretty disappointed with the episode overall. It did give us a nice look at what happened before, but they kept stalling scenes and then it would go to commercial, only to air again and stall some more. And what was with Angela's sister, she shows up for like a few minutes, like a crazy nut, and just disappears again. The very end of the episode was promising though; it seems we will be in for a good episode next week. Too bad this episode felt a little like a filler. I would say this was one of the worst episodes to date, hopefully they learn from this hiccup.
  • A sad end to a great idea

    This is the worst dialog I've ever seen on a primetime show. I understand that it is possible to accidently hire a bad writer every now and then, but isn't there supposed to a vetting process… I mean for god sake they have table readings… aren't the actors at least complaining about the garbage their expected to spout on national television!? It used to be such a great show… seems like ever since they came back from SB it's been done half bootyed. I've seen every single episode up to this one, but I just couldn't suffer through this whole episode… Sorry heroes, I'm done.
  • They gather in some desert, dig up some kind of graveyard. Some flashbacks revealing Angela's sister Alice.

    Teenager Angela (Alexa Nikolas) is a hottie.. and very similar face to older Angela.. nice casting.
    Young Chuck Deveaux revealed his very persuading power.
    Young Robert Bishop was a sissy as well as the late dad of Elle.
    Young Linderman looks like a sexual predator (the look on his face when he healed Angela's leg.)
    Alice's power is similar to Storm of the X-men although her emotions affect her power.
    Angela's dad got some kind of electro magnetic shockwave power but unfortunately, he got shot.. poor bastard!
    Peter and Nathan did some flying but doesn't seen unlike on previous episodes and what's up with Nathan's hair? Dude, you look like a pineapple.
  • Classic episode

    Warning: This review contains spoilers

    "1961" is one of the best episodes of Heroes this season. Unlike most of the episodes, this is a one story episode about children with special abilities are taken to a Nazi like camp where they are experimented upon. This is the only episode where a viewer can watch and understand the story without watching previous episodes. I also liked the black and white cinema photography and soundtrack when Angela talks about the past when she was a kid trapped in that camp with others. I also like the storyline of Angelia's sister Alice who lived all of her life in that camp.
  • hahaha Syler took Naithan look!!!

    nice episode really .. i like how the story goes .. and how everything started now everything make sense .. i dont think that there is still some stuff that we need to know about the past .. but im not sure about the black guy who is him!! maby i just dont remmeber ..
    and i guess Alis will involve more in the future i dont know .. i didnt watch the following episodes . . but Syler haha what a thing he did to appear in the national TV as Nathan .. he is really into something !!
  • Another great episode!

    Angela uncovers the dark secrets of her past, while Mohinder learns of his father's involvement in a forgotten government operation.

    We start to understand why the Company was founded. The episode reveals a lot of things, and explain little things like the socks´s theft by Angela on season one (and that shows that we back to basics). Alice is a great character.
    The Petrelli´s and the Bennet´s are together and the final scene was awesome. On TV, another Nathan Petrelli (Sylar and the shapeshifting) appears. Now it´s time to the battle. Who will die on season finale?
    Answer to the question of haris1189: The guy with the glasses was Bob Bishop.

    Sorry for my bad english!!
  • kk...it took me 7 hrs to know the purpose of this episode......and i like it :D

    first of all, lets start with the fact that this episode explained many things that were UNEXPLAINED, and i think the best of them ofc is that y the company was ever founded, the purpose of the apocalypse, and other things such as the socks ROFL!! i loved that, they actually remembered a thing that happened in the very first 10 min of the whole show, wow fuller u rly amaze me :D other things i liked in this episode was the fact that mohinder may take the same path as his father.....that rly was gr8 too. One also of the most important things that this episode actually did is to develop characters by their emotions, speech, dialogue, interactions with other characters.....we know who we are talking about here, i mean the trio, peter, nathan, and claire. the conversations that were said by these gave a very great feeling that these characters know what they did in the past, y they have been through, and admit there mistakes and cons.

    another thing i loved in this episode is that i finally get to believe that this show still has a history that was uncovered. when i saw this episode, i realized a bit that the villains storyline should've came after fugitives, i mean instead of angela goin to see her sister, y not go see her husband.. in conclusion, this episode just revealed wat needs to be known a very long time ago, cause it gave the feeling that this show still has a past, it can move forward by showing backward events, personally i think this episode was supremely necessary, i give it a 9.5, but i just want to fix the ratings for an episode that deserved much more.
  • "Banana", the Weather Witch, and the most boring episode of Season 3.

    1961 had it's intentions in the right place, but it's too bad I couldn't get engaged in this story. (I never can when it comes to revealing someone who's never existed and trying to make me care about her.)

    I didn't care that Angela had a sister, and since we may never see her again, this all didn't seem to matter. The acting during the sandstorm was awful, and what was the point? The idea that she's out there, waiting to strike again, only annoys me further. What should have been a clever way of showing history repeating itself, I see as Heroes, the show, repeating itself. The parallels of people entrapping others with powers was interesting to explore in the 60s, but with continuity issues like Mohinder's father (who should be a teen just like the others) and the overall idea of saying "oh look, here's a mysterious family member that mom clearly loves dearly except there was no mention of her ever until now." Just doesn't fly with me. Angela's line about just wanting to keep secrets or talking about it "hurts too much" is bull. I liked seeing Devaux, Bishop, and Linderman as teens, and evoking some of those Vol 2 Generations/Company themes was nice. But the heavy-handed relationship between Angela and Alice ("Say Goodnight, Alice- Goodnight Alice," a going nowhere metaphor with the book Alice in Wonderland) weakened that plot for me. Even the present day plot, with Peter buzzing off to a cafe, and Nathan trying to pull the family together was dry and uninteresting. But I forgive it because at least the writers are taking time to settle the issues left by many characters. Also, this episode only further highlighted why it was a bad idea to give Mohinder powers (let alone keep him alive). To try and parallel him to his father doesn't quite work, because we know Mohinder isn't even normal anymore. They needed him to be a grounded human being- the one voice of scientific reason on this show. Obviously the writers are trying to get him back to that, but he can't be what his father was if he's hulking out in signs of danger. And finally there's the issue of the blatant "power plagiarism." In the X-Men universe, there are many characters that share or have similar abilities to others. But there is only one known popular mutant with the power the control the weather. Heroes as a premise promised to have its own identity from the usual comic book fare many of us are used to. Unique spins on abilities are tricky when almost everything has already been done, but Heroes needs to be as original as they can when it comes to some of this stuff. Sometimes they succeed. Yet they continue to rip ideas right out from the pages of our favorite comics, quite literally in some cases, and here, we're given not a character that's sort of like Storm- no it's Storm completely. Except old and ugly. How disappointing.
  • not the best episodes but enjoyed angela's flashbacks.

    the petrelli family goes to coyote sands in search of angela's long lost sister and the truth. there they discover that she is still alive and has the ability to manipulate the weather. angela has flashbacks of the year 1961 where we meet a younger bob bishop, linderman and Charles Devereaux (from season 1). the flashbacks were useful as the viewer learned more about angela but it had nothing to do with the current storyline. there was no mention of a plan to take down the government agents and sylar. hopefully the writers will do something better with the 2 remaining episodes and get their heads in the game for season 4. still love heroes though!!!!!!!
  • Coyote Sands: What FEMA concentration camps will be like

    Coyote Sands: A chilling indication of what FEMA concentration camps currently being built will be like.

    Not so good episode from a story-telling perspective. But valuable cautionary tale about what is happening in America today.

  • Why did they even bother with this one? giving this one more then 3 is a crime against humanity!

    Where to begin: 1. Who gives a flying F#$% what happened to Angela as a girl and why do we need to see another flashback...why, why... it's so boring...she could have just told them about it...

    2. Why did they have to dig all the graves? what purpose did it serve? 3. This episode looked like one big group therapy...they talked us all to sleep. I think the writers wanted to put all the character development that we missed before into one episode.

    4. Claire and Peter couldn't be more Annoying...

    5. Are we really supposed to believe that her sister stayed in the last 50 years in the desert just because Angela told her to?...I mean she couldn't have gotten a ride to Vegas or something...become a striper ? 50 years she stayed there...OMG what BS...

    6. This show should be called Syler...he is the only interesting character and we all hope he will kill the other characters and have a show of his own...

    7. I've noticed that two good shows that went really bad, Heroes and Prison Break are both using the name "the Company" to represent the bad guys. In the good shows we had actual names for the bad guys but the bad shows....

    let it be a warning that if the bad guys don't have a real name like let's say "Starkwood" on "24" or Cylons etc. then the writers of that show are probably too lazy to find a good name and therefore they are probably too lazy to make a good show...

    8. When Peter said we are not a company but a family I really thought he was going to form a Mafia group...who knows maybe they should do a spin off for the Sopranos...the Heroes version... Tony Soprano kills people with light bolts from his mouth or something...

    In short...this is real pure crap and I don't know what to do with this show...It's so bad....
    They had a good episode before but it's not enough to make up for this crap. The ending of the episode with Syler as Nathan was promising...again because I knew syler is back. P.S all you kids giving this show 10's and 9's is why we get this crap of TV. If all you want is some flying people and that's all then there are enough crappy SCI-FI crap out there....this is really, really bad!!!
  • A blast from the past

    I've gotten used to the notion that "Heroes" will disappoint whenever they try to mine the past again. Too often, the existing continuity is changed or tweaked to allow for whatever story they want to tell. By now, it should be easy enough to move forward with the history that already exists.

    So I was surprised to find that I actually liked this episode quite a bit, and I was willing to forgive whatever minor retcons were involved along the way. We got to see the beginning of Chandra Suresh's study into the emergence of metahumans, which eventually led to his method for identifying those with abilities. That tied into a nice bit of Mohinder's character arc, as revelations about his father drove him to seek redemption for his own mistakes. It doesn't repair the damage done during the third volume, but it certainly helps.

    It also answered a question that I had back in the second season: what drove the Twelve to form the Company in the first place? We don't see the Twelve here, only a handful of them that had been at Coyote Sands. But it does explain where the genesis of the Company and its philosophy emerged. In fact, one can imagine that Adam Munroe came along, not long after their escape, and twisted their ideals even more.

    I'm still torn on the overall importance of Angela's mission to find Alice. She seemed to be sure that they all had to be there for a reason, but it seemed a lot more personal. I suppose it was more a matter of proving to everyone why it was important for the family to stick together, which it accomplished, and showing them how they had to make up for their many manifest mistakes.

    Considering that I've been waiting for the heroes to come together under some banner or another since the first season, this is a promising development. The forgiveness between Nathan and Peter might have been a bit too quick and easy, but with the story rapidly coming to a head, I wasn't surprised by that fact. (Maybe I'm just getting used to how the writers on "Heroes" tend to fast-forward through these matters.)

    But for all those possible issues, I thought the overall presentation of the episode was top-notch, and the ending was the logical progression of the story. Sylar's decision to mimic Nathan has been a recurring theme, stretching back to the first season, and harkening back to that was a great idea. It's unlikely to play out as it did then, but it still works as an effective way to draw Nathan and rest of his clan out of the woodwork.

    The resolution of this volume still feels like it could be a retread of the familiar: the same heroes banding against Sylar and whatever other villains happen to be working with or around him at the time. That only provides the writers with another opportunity for a proper throwdown against Sylar, something that still has yet to happen after the writers blew it in the first season finale.

    This volume has had its shaky moments, and the addition of Bryan Fuller to the writing staff has not been the magical panacea that many had hoped it would be. But I do think that his arrival has been a good thing, and that the return to character-based storytelling is a great sign for the fourth season. For now, I just want this season to end on a strong run, and this episode feels like a part of that.
  • Revisiting The Past.....finds answers.

    Our heroes find themselves revisitng the past to find the answers to save the future. We learn how Coyote Sands was established and why but we also learn of it's connection to the present. Angela's guilt for leaving Alice behind brings her full circle in the discovery that her sister survived. Returning to Coyote Sands brings some unsettling news to Mohinder but taken in the correct context it could give him a renewed purpose. Peter's anger and arrogance could be felt but learns through the underlying forgiveness theme that in order to save the future the hereos need to take what worked in 1961 but do it differently. Sylar's presence is only a few moments, but it's an important few moments that are going to have serious consequences.
  • I thought people were done giving Heroes '1's and '2's. Why start now? This episode does not deserve those scores at all.

    It's always nice to kind of take a break from the main storyline and find out more about all our characters. That being said, this episode delivered.

    Turns out the mystery of Coyote Sands was quite a significant one, because it was the birthplace of the Company, as well as Suresh's work on people with abilities. I enjoyed finding out about Angela and her family's past. Alice turned out to be quite interesting too.

    Alice's life was centered around Angela. And when Angela decided to lie and leave, she created some emotional trauma to Alice, causing her to become what she is. This made her a very interesting character because, other than the fact that her ability is very powerful one, she was still a child mentally, because she was not exposed to much social interaction since Angela told her "I'll be back in a few". I thoroughly enjoyed the confrontation at the end and I think it ended well too. This will not be the last we hear of Alice...

    I also really enjoyed how the Petrelli's, Mohinder and Bennet came together. And its about time they did, since the season finale is two weeks away. The emotions that they all expressed also start to address the title of the next volume "Redemption".

    As for the ending? WOW! Sylar now has the power to destroy the Heroes in so many ways. I think this season finale will be the best one yet.

    And for those who still rate this show as a '1' or a '2' or anything below '8' for that matter, just watch the season finale, and if you still think this show is worth those scores, then you should do us real Heroes fans a favour and MOVE ON!
  • the most boring episode i've ever seen.

    No offense to the actress, but the character of Angela is the most annoyingly boring character to watch.

    the character itself is nothing more than a filler, and an excuse to drive the storyline in some other direction.

    I imagine the writers sitting around a table going...
    "we need to make people do [this] in the next episode, but how do we transition into that?"
    "...Angela had a dream about it!! Then manages to convince a bunch of people to go with her for no reason"
    "but then how'd she convince them, she had to tell them something..?"
    "no... her dreams are confusing"

    how do you remove characters like Arthur petrelli, or daphne, and keep such a crap character like angela on.
    seriously... kill this character off.
    it'll be a good excuse strengthen nathan and peter's resolve, and really bring the team together.
  • A story entail flashbacks with cute young versions of older characters, but everything else...er...

    One of the worst episodes yet. Oh wait, no, that would be the season 2 finale.
    The repetitive references and likening to the Holocaust was weak, cheap, and offensive. How do you liken an alleged "accidental massacre" to the Holocaust? In fact, the moment the flashback began, I wondered, "Why does this look like the Holocaust?"
    Likening Suresh and his father with the "calm down" thing was extremely corny. "OmiGawd, Evil Indian MaN GannA SLap Me!"
    And what was with the slap, by the way? Why on earth did Sr. Suresh slap Alice then abruptly mumble "Sorry"???
    Alice reads Alice in Wonderland. Alice calls her sister banana? How sweet and corny and vomit-inducing?
    Grown-up Alice looked absolutely bizarre, btw. And she looks older than Angela. I originally thought they were trying to rip of Storm from X-men with the gray hair, but when they turned her stupid/psychotic, and I was like, "Oh LOVELY. Another of those." I must admit, Sylar is getting really boring, but I haven't an interest in this creepy loserly hoser. "Waah, I was waiting for you, Banarnar!"
    So many plotholes...goodness gracious. And why are they constantly negating Sylar's abilities? Or has he forgotten that he acquired transformation from that random fat girl in season 2?
    I did enjoy the actress playing young Angela, but as for everything else...er...Zachary Qunito, get out while you still can!!
  • nothing happened during this whole episode, sure Angelia's crazy sister that was "not coming back" and that mohinder's father somehow knew about the people with powers even though he began researching it when his daughter was born because she had powers

    Wouldn't mohinder's father have been younger... Why do they keep on making endless plot holes, where is the Katlin the Irish woman peter took to the future, where is Monica, where is Micah where is that guy that can fly claires boyfriend. What has happened to this show, I watch it even though it is and because I am waiting for one of those good episodes the one's that were common in season 1 but have gone completely now. I used to look forward to watching Heroes now Lost has over taken it they were going bad for a while but picked up why can't the writers FIX stuff they have mucked up constantly and they need to add new characters in and KEEP them in. The characters with powers at the moment are the same as the season one characters all the New characters have either died or disappeared for no apparent reason COME ON heroes fix your episodes!!!
  • Filler episode that still leaves questions

    My grandmother grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1950's and 1960's. She doesn't watch shows like this but while I was watching "Heroes", she looked up from what she was doing and gasped to hear the waiter bark at Angela and Charles that they don't "dance with colored people". I'm sure she remembers more events before my time that turned up in this episode: the Cold War, the black-and-white flashbacks, the comments about "Communists" and "this happened before with the Nazis and the Jews". Why did Angela Petrelli start a Company? My theory is that she didn't want to compromise with government order or be exposed to the world as a freak. Alternatively, mention of concentration camps makes us all say "never again". At least with her own secret society, Angela and her friends could call the shots. They'd have to lie, murder, and blackmail people but they could keep their secrets safe. At least for a while.

    The good: This episode is about forgiveness. The Petrellis, always at each other's throats, are now surviving by sticking together after everyone has been kicked out of Nathan's project (including Nathan). Being stripped down forces them to look at one another and admit their mistakes. Noah Bennett confesses he also failed to get inside and thwart the government project. While Peter still holds a grudge against Nathan for all of the suffering he's caused, Claire is more forgiving with both of her fathers and judging by her facial expression, she's coming to a satisfying maturity.

    The not-so-good: Mohinder discovers his father was working in Coyote Sands and deduces that Chandra Suresh was another Dr. Mengele (the "Angel of Death" who experiment on people at the Auswitz concentration camp). I come from a family of Jewish survivors so that comment pricked. Sometimes science fiction bleeds into reality a little too close for my taste. I love Mohinder's character but feel he's been neglected this entire season--starting with the ridiculous bug mutation. After "Fugitives" began, other fans were asking what was Dr. Suresh still doing on the show as he didn't seem to have a purpose anymore. Perhaps the writers are trying to draw parallel lines between Mohinder and Chandra Suresh but it only makes things more confusing. We thought the death of Shanti Suresh was the portal to Chandra's research in season one. Now suddenly it seems that he knew about people with abilities and was working on it years before he even had children! If it becomes a "mind wipe" scenario then I'll be very disappointed. By now I wish the writers would start taking out comments to heart. Stop putting characters into such helplessly impossible situations that they cannot dig themselves out and need an unlikely twist or plothole to save themselves. It's something I would have expected back in "Villains" and by now I'm disappointed to see a step backwards for "Fugitives". Mohinder comments that he must have hope for redemption for everyone else, even Nathan. Why can't the writers give Mohinder a way to redeem himself?

    The surprise new guest: "Fugitives" has been shaping up better than "Villains" but the introduction of Angela's sister Alice, a survivor and weather-master, was a bit of a disappointment. Too much like the sudden surprise return of Arthur Petrelli. Too many characters are coming in and coming out without a sense of purpose. In season one everyone had their role to play and it fit together beautifully. Everyone has their time and place, a sense of destiny. But now we get the sudden appearance and disappearance of a sister who begrudges Angela for abandoning her….what is the purpose? Why bring in people like Luke, Alex, and Alice and then just chuck them out?

    It's two episodes to the finale and I've noticed "Fugitives" like to flip between low-key episodes of character development and tense episodes full of action. So the ending to this Petrelli-centered episode was very fitting for any fan of the "Five Years Gone" scenario. I'm sure jaws dropped when we realized it was Sylar impersonating Nathan on television. The show got into a big mess with "Villains" so I hope the last 2 episodes of "Fugitives" can pull them out….or at least have us feeling more satisfied before "Redemption" begins. And I want someone at NBC to know that there are still many "Heroes" fans out there who still believe that this show can-and will be-redeemed in the near future. It just needs better writing and storytelling.
  • It's Better

    This week's installment of Heroes brought a whole new perspective to the show. We were finally given the chance to witness what happened during Angela's child hood.

    This episode had a very Lost style feel to it with flashbacks of Angela's dark past. They mainly revolve around the starting of the company and Angela's relationship with her sister which I thought was very well done throughout. It brought a new spin on things and we also were given the chance to see a younger Charles Deveaux. His character had remained a mystery throughout the seasons but we were finally given a small glimpse of who he was. The main reason why the episode was not superb is mainly because of the rest of the cast, unfortunately they were not given a very imaginitive script. It appears they gave all the best lines to Angela, which isn't really a bad thing but it just felt like time was being wasted with Peter getting upset and flying off. I think our main protagonist needs to grow a bit more of a back bone instead of crying and running away. Anyway to end on a good note this is not a bad episode. It isn't perfect but it is not abysmal at all. Each episode is getting better and better and it's just unfortunate we are near the end of the season. High hopes for season 4!!!
  • Angela gathers Noah, Claire, Peter and Nathan at Coyote Sands to tell them what has happened there 46 years ago. In the process our Heroes come closer together to face their common enemy; Danko and his operation.

    This is a flashback episode one that was very entertaining indeed but lacked significance. There was no need for this episode at this point of the season. Maybe if it had been earlier. Nevertheless, Angela's past is revealed. We learn that Angela's has this attachment to socks because it makes her feel warm and safe. Milo Ventimiglia's performance is a little stiff but still makes you feel like he and Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) could really be brothers.
    I was surprisingly shocked with Hayden's performance (Claire), as a teenager who misses living like a teenager for once (something which hoperfully is the main arc for Claire next season).
    I felt for Mohinder (and I thought this might be one really good opportunity to kill off the character since it has lost any importance to this volume and to the Heroes universe in general). In general, the flashbacks are really well written but the present story is quite boring. If the whole episode was a flashback it might have been better.
    As far as I can remember the season becomes better in the last two episodes although the last episode could find you a little bit disappointed. Then again you may not have the chance to be disappointed as the new season begins in 2 days. Enjoy!
  • I would actually give this an 8.5, but I see there are some lows scores here that it did not deserve. I think people have too large of expectations for the show.

    I'm writing about what I hated first, so feel free to skip to the next paragraph.

    First the negative: This episode was boring at first imo, but I feel it got interesting once Angela's sister was trying to be injected with that needle, then all craziness broke loose. It seemed as though adult Alice was sort of a psychopath to me, after those events years ago. I personally thought the storyline was too random to be taken seriously. I would've enjoyed it better if Alice didn't survive, and Angela was just remembering the past, but they had to give a purpose for it, this being that Alice was still alive. Positive: I really enjoyed the scene when Alice caused the storm and Mohinder tried to calm her down, and she thought of him as Chandra. That was a nice touch. The conclusion of this episode was also epic, Nathan seeing himself on TV, even though it was Sylar. That was epic. Plus Angela got more depth to her character from this episode. PS Deveaux using his powers to dance with a white girl during segregation was genious.

    Conclusion: This was a necessary episode. It had character development, and it introduced a potential villian to the series. I'm glad for it, but I can't wait for next weeks episode.
  • melodramatic, trite, boring

    Heroes has suffered through highs and lows, especially in this Volume. There have been really, really good episodes and then there have been just-okay mediocre episodes. And then there's this episode, which is neither. This episode, I'm shrugging my shoulders in befuddlement. It was. . .really bad. It oozed cheese from every angle, the acting was atrocious at all corners. It was like I flipped channels and it was the Days of Our 4400. (Apologies to any 4400 fans.) Seriously, it was like a whiny, preachy, primetime, convoluted science-fiction soap opera. I don't know how this happened and it's best it will never happen again. The Petrellis, Noah, and Claire dig up remains from Coyote Sands. Peter asks about the significance of the site. Angela flashes to the past (in black and white no less. Sigh, when will Heroes learn that it bugs the heck out of me when they do that and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone) to 1961, where Kennedy was still President. In case you didn't remember, Heroes patches the obvious history lesson for us. Thanks. Angela and her sister Alice are dropped off to Coyote Sands, a government hold-up for people with powers. Think of it as the Primatech for the normal humans. Think of it as interment camps for heroes. Somehow, the government found out about the heroes in the 60s (well, it is in a time where the US and Soviets supposedly were investigating the paranormal but that's a subject to uncover at a later time.) The government experimented, documented, and sometimes murdered the heroes to uncover the source of their powers to manipulate and control them for the "good" of the country. Head scientist of the operation? Chandra Suresh, Mohinder's daddy. Was he a tool? Was he a man with good intentions? I have no idea because Heroes never supplied a coherent answer for just what his involvement with the program was. See, Heroes came up with the "bright" idea to tell us what was going on but never showing us any of the exact atrocities Coyote Sands personal committed. Angela and Alice stick together but Angela becomes fast friends with younger versions of Charles Devaiox (Simone's father), Bob Bishop, and Daniel Linderman. I did enjoy the younger versions of Angela and company, especially with Bob being a gawky, awkward, slightly nerdy teen. I especially enjoyed Linderman and the younger version of him was spot-on. Charles knows something is wrong with Coyote Sands and tries to convince Angela to take action. Angela just wants to be a good girl and stay out of trouble. In the present, Angela believes her sister is still alive since the desert winds kick off, her sister is revealed to being able to manipulate the weather, and Angela is whisked away by a storm. Noah meets up with Mohinder and I think through a case of bad editing (Noah is in the desert and in a shelter a split second later and Mohinder's dialogue sounds clipped) that Mohinder is there to uncover his father's involvement in the project. Get in line, I still have no idea. Meanwhile, Peter gets pissy about having his brother around him and like a drama-queen, flies off to a nearby cafe. Nathan follows and tries to convince Peter that they need to stick together, for family. Yeah, yeah, yeah. At Coyote Sands, Claire finds Alice's battered copy of Alice in Wonderland (ha ;{). Claire ponders how much she's changed, how much of a normal life she had to give up and how much of that life she's lost. Her innocence is gone and she's no longer able to fully get it back. Price of wanting to have that life in the first place. Angela wakes in a bunker and sees a withered Alice: old, dusty, and a bit crazy. Angela tries to reconnect with her but Alice is mostly gone. More flashbacks ensue. Angela tries to warn Suresh about impending doom but he doesn't believe her. Charles convinces her to sneak up with Bob, Linderman, and him to town to warn people. Angela tries to bring her sister but for some reason, Charles believes Alice would slow them down. Uh, does he not know her ability? Angela promises Alice that she'll be back soon and to stay in Coyote Sands, where it's safe. Angela, Charles, and crew go to the cafe. Angela tries to warn someone while the rest chill out, enjoying freedom. Charles convinces her to dance and after some 60s racism, Charles reveals that his power is mind-bending. Doesn't explain anything about Peter's vision back in How to Stop an Exploding Man. Maybe that vision will never be explained. A weather report has Angela urging that something's wrong with Alice. Alice is about to be experimented on by Suresh but she freaks, creates a storm, and tries to escape. A man tries to shoot her while a hero saves her and from then on, chaos is created as gunshots are panickedly fired at heroes and Alice hides. She stayed at Coyote Sands since then because sweet sister Angela said Coyote Sands was safe and for further explanation, Alice believed she caused the slaughter. It wasn't entirely her fault but due to bad editing and refusing to show the corruption of the camp, viewers are going to think otherwise. Angela admits her lie and Alice whips up a storm. Angela is saved by Peter and Alice disappears. Everyone except Mohinder goes to the cafe (Mohinder stays at Coyote Sands to sort through just what his father did to the heroes. Good luck.), enjoying the old music and some fries. Angela is saddened but wiser (hey, this episode was one giant cliche, so bear with me) and feels her sister is gone. But at least she can let go of the past. It was the shooting that inspired Angela to convince young Bob, Charles, and Linderman to form a company to protect heroes from incidents like these, to preserve the heroes, no matter what the cost. Don't forget that Primatech caused a lot of hero turmoil over the years as well but whatever. They became the same thing they were fighting. Leave it at that because Heroes didn't even bother to point that out. Peter accepts the company of his family and informs them from now on, they work together as a family, not a company. Oh yeah, and Nathan's forgiven. Nathan's pleased. He plans to go back to Washington but a tv channel informs him that Sylar beat him to it and is now impersonating him. I would have loved to see why Sylar suddenly decided to impersonate Nathan when last episode he was merrily toying with Noah and that would have been preferable to the majority of this episode. Even the Eclipse episodes were not as bad as this one because at least in the Eclipse-episodes, something happens. In here, nothing really happens. The Petrellis are reunited and Angela moves on from her past. That's it. The acting was terrible. Mohinder spoke out-of-accent during the storm. Peter was a major diva. Surprisingly, even Noah was not that good in here and spoke in clipped, vague sentences. Since I thought he was Sylar throughout the episode, I thought that was done on purpose but no. A bigger shocker was that the best part came from Claire. Her speech about losing her normal life was incredible and was the best part about the whole episode. It shows how much Claire has matured, especially throughout this one volume, and is a good indicator of the sacrifices the heroes have made, being forced to step out of the normal world and never completely being a part of that world again because they will always feel and people will treat them like freaks. Bottom line: if you haven't seen this episode, skip it. Hopefully, the rest of the episodes this volume will be good.
  • And so Heroes lets loose with the flashbacks again, lending credence to the notion that it's becoming the new Lost.

    And so Heroes lets loose with the flashbacks again, lending credence to the notion that it's becoming the new Lost. The black and white retrospective was an original and rewarding concept when it was first utilised in season one's 'Company Man' but by this point, it's so old hat, so passe, that you wonder why the production staff seem so obsessed with it. Oh sure, it looks nice and gives the director of photography an opportunity to revel in all the chiaroscuro possibilities, but as a viewing experience, it's tiresome, particularly when one considers the rather blase and ultimately pointless nature of the episode itself. Great, so it rebuilds the seemingly annihilated Petrelli bridge, bringing Angela, Peter, Nathan, Claire and HRG back together in at least a fairly understandable fashion, but the method by which this is achieved is pretty lacking. We aren't given enough of an opportunity to engage with Alice in order to empathise with her plight and it's a bit difficult to believe that she's been living in that government bunker for fifty years. Furthermore, there's some woeful over-acting from a large number of the cast, not the least of which is Christine Rose who is uncharacteristically hammy. Perhaps it's the less-than-stellar dialogue that hampers things. Still, it's not all bad: there's a promising cliffhanger, young Alice and Angela are arguably better than their adult counterparts and there's a lovely nod to continuity with Angela's sock-stealing, which is actually referenced in 'Genesis' (the pilot episode) and given a thoroughly logical explanation here. It's just a shame that, for a show so desperately in need of some forward momentum, it continues to produce episodes like '1961' which, while passable in their own right, when taken altogether, frustrate rather than satisfy.
  • entertaining but kind of pointless.

    i really like the concept of angela and her sister and the whole storyline behind it, but what i don't get was why they had to visit that place in the first place. they didn't leave with her sister or find out anything tha vital.
    overall i think the whole seeing the sister to bring them togeter was a bit weird
    still love the show though.
    and another mention about claies hair, it makes her look really young, lyk 14 or somethin around that age any way.
    i dont know what else to say so i am writin this o take up 100 words :-)
  • The Petrellies are out at Coyote Sands with Claire and HRG digging up bodies looking for clues for Angela. She tells them she lived at Coyote Sands with her parents and a sister who she never told anyone she had.

    Although not one of the best episodes of the show it doesn't deserve the terrible ratings I see alot of people have given it. One reviewer said it was a pure filler episode and I'd have to strongly disagree although i may be biast since i find the Petrelli's more interesting then any if the other characters although HRG and his family are a close second. I enjoyed the flashbacks and you learn several things from them some people said they dont matter but i think they do. And i like how at the end the families came together and I think if they manage to start a new company it will more than a match for anything that the goverment can create especially if Peter can ever start holding more than one power at a time. In the future id like to see a battle between Syler and Peter if he got his powers back.
  • A great episode but it left me wanting more...

    Well let me go ahead and get the big negative out of the way. After watching this episode I thought it was great but it didn't do anything to move the overall plot along. With three episodes to go till the end of the season, that's not necessarily a good thing. I think this episode should have come either sooner in the volume or should have waited to the next volume. Now on to the good parts:
    The plot of the episode was good as it revealed the true origins of the company and why it was formed. We got to see the younger versions of Angela, Bob Bishop, Daniel Linderman, and Charles Deveaux as well as Angela's sister Alice. All the young actors (and actresses) were good, but I felt Alexa Nikolas, who played young Angela, was a little off. The references to life in 1961 was nicely done and it really felt like you went back to the 60s. By the way, Charles Deveaux's power was FINALLY revealed! It pretty much appeared to be the same as Matt Parkman and his father. It made perfect sense but I do kinda wish it was little more original. With that being said the young company was great and I hope it's not the last we've seen of them. (I also hope we see the younger version of the other company founders.)

    The characterisation in this episode was great and was the strongest point in this episode. Peter and Nathan confront each other about their problems and Peter tries to find a way to forgive Nathan. Claire showed great character growth as she forgave her fathers for their transgressions. Mohinder learns about some of his father's past secrets which causes him to look at his own life. At the end you see the Petrellis and the Bennets come together and they talk about possibly forming a new company. I would really like to that in the next volume. Angela's sister Alice was introduced and I thought she was a very interesting character. As a young girl who always looked to her sister for guidance, she was abandoned and left for dead. Growing up knowing you unwillingly killed alot of people and trying to survive on your own must be very tough. I thought that Diana Scarwid, who played older Alice, did an AMAZING job. Laura Marano, who played younger Alice, did an good job as well. I have to say though, I hope this isn't the last we've seen of Alice since she left in the end without proper closure. They should provide some closure to that story later. Maybe she'll return as a villain??

    Well that was pretty much the main parts of the episode. The preview for the next episode looks pretty good and it will be nice to get back to the "Fugitives" story. Like I said, great episode wrong timing.
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