Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • kk...it took me 7 hrs to know the purpose of this episode......and i like it :D

    first of all, lets start with the fact that this episode explained many things that were UNEXPLAINED, and i think the best of them ofc is that y the company was ever founded, the purpose of the apocalypse, and other things such as the socks ROFL!! i loved that, they actually remembered a thing that happened in the very first 10 min of the whole show, wow fuller u rly amaze me :D other things i liked in this episode was the fact that mohinder may take the same path as his father.....that rly was gr8 too. One also of the most important things that this episode actually did is to develop characters by their emotions, speech, dialogue, interactions with other characters.....we know who we are talking about here, i mean the trio, peter, nathan, and claire. the conversations that were said by these gave a very great feeling that these characters know what they did in the past, y they have been through, and admit there mistakes and cons.

    another thing i loved in this episode is that i finally get to believe that this show still has a history that was uncovered. when i saw this episode, i realized a bit that the villains storyline should've came after fugitives, i mean instead of angela goin to see her sister, y not go see her husband.. in conclusion, this episode just revealed wat needs to be known a very long time ago, cause it gave the feeling that this show still has a past, it can move forward by showing backward events, personally i think this episode was supremely necessary, i give it a 9.5, but i just want to fix the ratings for an episode that deserved much more.
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