Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • I thought people were done giving Heroes '1's and '2's. Why start now? This episode does not deserve those scores at all.

    It's always nice to kind of take a break from the main storyline and find out more about all our characters. That being said, this episode delivered.

    Turns out the mystery of Coyote Sands was quite a significant one, because it was the birthplace of the Company, as well as Suresh's work on people with abilities. I enjoyed finding out about Angela and her family's past. Alice turned out to be quite interesting too.

    Alice's life was centered around Angela. And when Angela decided to lie and leave, she created some emotional trauma to Alice, causing her to become what she is. This made her a very interesting character because, other than the fact that her ability is very powerful one, she was still a child mentally, because she was not exposed to much social interaction since Angela told her "I'll be back in a few". I thoroughly enjoyed the confrontation at the end and I think it ended well too. This will not be the last we hear of Alice...

    I also really enjoyed how the Petrelli's, Mohinder and Bennet came together. And its about time they did, since the season finale is two weeks away. The emotions that they all expressed also start to address the title of the next volume "Redemption".

    As for the ending? WOW! Sylar now has the power to destroy the Heroes in so many ways. I think this season finale will be the best one yet.

    And for those who still rate this show as a '1' or a '2' or anything below '8' for that matter, just watch the season finale, and if you still think this show is worth those scores, then you should do us real Heroes fans a favour and MOVE ON!
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