Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • Good episode exploring how it all began. Unfortunately it doesn't actually accomplish much.

    Great to have the family united and this episode explores what separates Heroes from everything else – family. It's been a strength of the series since day 1 and nothing's changed. There's nothing I love more about Heroes than the Petrelli family, and this episode delivers in volume, even letting Peter and Nathan strike a truce.

    Peter sees first hand how Nathan has won Claire over. Why has Angela still got them digging up bodies? I can understand doing it originally to make a point but continuing to dig is morbid and disturbing. This is later explained, Angela wants to give her sister a proper burial and that requires finding her remains.

    1961: Chandra Suresh welcomes Angela and sister Alice to the relocation centre. This is how the original Primatech founders met as teenagers! This is the first appearance of the abilities. No surprise Zimmerman's here. 1/ The government knew! 2/ How did they find all of them? Suresh found the current generation through the Human Genome Project, and Nathan's team through DNA databases, but this is almost 50 years ago! The government's project sounds exactly like Nathan's! The Company's mission started here, to ensure this never again. So why did Angela not say a word when Nathan started doing the exact same thing that was done to her?!

    Naturally Peter rebels and Nathan walks out, already zipping up his jacket. "I'll get him." Frankly I thought they'd slug it out but they're still talking. If they would just punch the hell out of each other, they'd both feel better and it would clear a lot of the anger between them. To illustrate Nathan's basic nature, Peter brings up the Mets game from 1986. He was 7. That was 23 years ago. Talk about holding a grudge! If he's still this bitter about it, he must have been homicidal at the time!

    Noah and Nathan know how they messed up and Noah warns Nathan about Sylar's new shapeshifting ability. A first – Nathan used an endearment with Claire – 'Honey' – they really have bonded! Claire's conversation with her fathers about growing up was way random when they were talking about Sylar?! But it was really cool to see her treat them both equally as her fathers and how they handled that without jealousy or rivalry. Watch them standing shoulder to shoulder, united. Noah's been accepted into the Petrelli fold. This little triangle just found equilibrium.

    Alice can control the weather – 'Snow Falls in Miami'? If Alice was 'dead', who stopped the tsunami in Miami? Who else in the Company had that power?! We know all of the founders and there's none we know of that do. It's like the writers had the idea in season 2 then resurrected the idea now and what, hoped no-one would remember the article Bob showed Nathan?

    We knew that Charles had to be a telepath and it's confirmed, mind control too. Surprise, surprise – Claire is the fourth generation with abilities! Her grandfather (I'm assuming it was Angela's dad?) on Angela's side had a power too – sonic wave maybe.

    Without a doubt the most astonishing revelation of the episode – Alice is the reason Angela shoplifts the socks!! I doubt Angela will ever see Alice again, she's too damaged, been alone and traumatized too long. There was something missing in this storyline, the idea that Alice would just stay here for 50 years is ridiculous, no matter how traumatized she was, surely after maybe 20 years she would get over it?! I was also a bit vague on what exactly killed everyone – sure she created a big storm, but there were gunshots too. And are you telling me that afterwards the government just threw the bodies in shallow graves and walked away? Not even bothering to remove the 'relocation centre' sign which is kind of a giveaway that this is a government facility, not to mention the old military Jeep. For a big secret, this place isn't very well hidden. Oh yes, and wasn't Alice a brunette with dark eyes? Why did her older self have blonde hair and blue eyes?? Sorry, but the whole Alice storyline was pretty weak and didn't actually do anything, since realistically what did the trip to Coyote Sands accomplish? Like Peter said, Angela could have told them all this in a restaurant.

    Sure, some people died (granted some were family) but that's hardly a reason to form a 'company' to protect themselves, it's a complete overreaction and dream or not, hardly justifies 20 years of killing, kidnapping and lying. This happened 50 years ago and despite Angela's declaration that she dreamed this, they only formed the company 20 years ago. What exactly were they doing in the mean time? And how did they meet everyone else? I'd rather have found that out than the Alice story.

    Mohinder, still crucifying himself with guilt, refuses to leave. Get over it! Self pity helps no-one, get back in the fight and help people if you want to make amends! That's what Nathan's doing, owning up to his mistakes and wanting to fix them. The family regroups with Nathan ready to go back to Washington only to find… he's already there! Sylar has already taken over Nathan's life again, just hasn't bothered to kill Nathan yet. Scary thing – he makes a better Nathan than Nathan! Yet again, the future is written in stone – Nathan will be president no matter what, just in some histories it's Sylar pretending to be Nathan ('Five Years Gone'). Every time they try to change the future, only the details change, the main events happen over and over. Seems Sylar got bored playing house with Danko and moved onto bigger things.

    Last thoughts:
    - What did Claire do to her hair? It is really awful.
    - Young Daniel's accent is truly terrible, was the voice coach having a bad day? Bob, however, was well cast, reminded me enough of the older Bob to be believable. I also liked the casting of Charles, got the same vibe from him as from the older one.

    Tons of angst sparking between family members, dark secrets and while some questions have been answered, whole new problems arise. There are major problems with the Alice storyline, but I still found the rest interesting. Some parts of the story are a lot shaky, but there's still a lot of good stuff in it.