Season 3 Episode 23


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • A good idea but not effective enough.

    This is the lowest score I ever gave to an episode of Heroes.It was a weak , kind of out of order episode. First , is Chandra Suresh like 10 years older than Angela?I mean she was 16 in 1961 so now she is 64 , that means Chandra would be like 74 now if he wasn't dead? , that doesn't make sense. Peter changes his mind about his brother every episode and that is starting to annoy me. Poor acting specially from Christine Rose and Hayden. The Petrelli family have to solve once and for all their family issues and start doing something interesting because the drama is starting to be repetitive and pointless. I hope that now that Angela has some kind of closure now that she saw her sister ( how lame is to stay in the same place for 50 years because your sister tells you so) the end of the season focuses more on stoping Sylar and Danko than about whining about family problems.