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Hiro's health continues to deteriorate as he goes on a mission to prevent a coworker from committing suicide. Ando finally convinces Hiro to tell his sister that he's fatally ill. Meanwhile, Tracy continues to struggle to find a purpose in life and to learn to control her powers. She returns to her old job as a political adviser, but leaves when she remembers how demeaning the job could be. Nathan-Sylar is also on a path of self-discovery, as his mother, Angela, helps him regain memories.moreless

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  • Hiro continues his time travelling this time to help a co-worker, Noah realizes his life is a mess and gets help from Claire, Angela trying to stop Sylar from re-emerging tries to make Nathan/Sylar remember his past.moreless

    An episode written by Bryan Fuller and of course is a must see. Now, if the episode is good that's another story. Tracy's story seemed a little bit out of place. Especially the last scene with the Governor. It just didn't feel like Tracy (Of course I liked Ali Larter's Niki and the Tracy of volume 3). Hiro's story although seemed pointless it still was fun to watch especially when he talked with his sister (I expected a much more emotional scene but I guess Masi Oka is not good in drama). Still a good story and interesting to see where this goes in the next chapter.

    Noah and Claire's story was OK. Not very interesting I might add. I liked though how good (it's been a while) Hayden Panettiere was. Not that she had difficult scenes. I guess the lines really helped her. Finally, and the only reason I put a 9 for this episode, Nathan's story which got really good in this chapter. Swoosie Kurtz playing Millie once again (the previous time was in another one of Bryan Fuller's episodes: Cold Snap - coincidence? I think NOT) is very good here and so is Andrian Pasdar. I think what I liked is how the characters seemed down to earth for a change. What happens at the end? Well you have to watch. It will definitely make you want to watch the next chapter right after (I saw next week's episode's trailer and it was awesome: Hint: Claire's and Sylar's story ROCK!!!).

  • Hiro's health continues to deteriorate. Angela takes a gamble by helping the new Nathan regain his memory. Tracy tries to make an impact in her bid to get her job back.moreless

    Another episode based on story line, another episode I dint mind watching I must be honest I liked Nathan part the best I think Angela is freaking great she always doing her thing fto protect her family very good I might have done the same however I did felt bad for the Swoosie Kurtz But again it looks like she no one to f*k with after all. I must say I like Bryan Fuller he is the man writing interesting episodes, now it reminds me why I used to watch pushing Daisies. Anyhow Claire and Noah part was great I did enjoyed very much, about time I don't get annoyed but Claire, I feel bad for Noah though I like it when he is happy with his wife, Peter now you are interesting in what Noah has to say huh? Well a little too late nah he just got there at the wrong time Noah has just seem the Divorce document and he was upset. But you see how he changed his mind yet thanks to Claire. Oh yeah now we know what is the Famous Compass for it "The Compass That Changes the World"? Or so I think I read. Hero part was just a little too much for me to handle at first I thought that my DVR was mess up yet again this is the third box I have had returned because it kept on freezing up. Sylar part was the best cliffhanging of this season so far and the next week clip was great, Looks like Nathan is gone and sylar is back? Over all I am going to give this Episode and 10, because this is my favorite show!!!!!!!moreless
  • acceptance

    Hiro's health continues to deteriorate. Angela takes a gamble by helping the new Nathan regain his memory. Tracy tries to make an impact in her bid to get her job back. Heroes has came back strong this fall, although hasnt been mind blowing stuff it has been very consistant and the fifth volume has started well even though we dont really know where the story is heading, I hope its going somewhere good. I do feel that one character is getting too much screen and to no ones suprize it is Claire the character is very boring and she really slows this show down. Loved the ending of the episode hopefully this means that Sylar is back. But I did like Matt and Sylars scenes I hope they continue. Tracy has had a big improvement so far this season she seems to be more intresting this seasonmoreless
  • A well written and acted episode.

    I liked the interaction between Noah and his daughter. He walks around like a human punching bag totally without a purpose in his life. Many people get to the point in their lives where they reevaluate themselves and wonder if they are doing anything worth wild, or wasting away. I feel that soon he will be the same Noah we all remember especially when Clair's new friend starts spreading information about her when she was asked not to.

    Poor Hiro. He had to break the news to his sister about him dying. It was a very moving emotional scene. This is why I love the show. It reaches people on many different levels. He tried to save that guy from jumping, but he kept screwing up his life. If you think about it. That scene reached out to so many people. How many people feel trapped in a dead end job they hate. Once you find something you love, you will enjoy waking up each morning and embracing your work. You work will no longer seem long and pointless, but something you can feel excited about. Tim Kring and his staff do an excellent job at putting subtle messages in this show.

    We learned something about Nathan. He was involved in an accidental death of a young girl. For years her mom thought she was in England. Angela did a good job covering this up and knowing where the body is hidden.. Literally. I love how we see what appears to be Nathan being shot, and out of the grave comes Sylar.moreless
  • whooooot!

    I can finally say this with a big smile on my face but, what a great episode. Just, wonderful. Makes me proud to be a fan of Heroes thorughout these years. This episode definitely had much vitality and I can only wish and hope, hope, and hope that Heroes can continue with that. This episode continues the redemption theme as the heroes look back on past mistakes and try to become better people. This time, the episode focus was mostly on Noah, Nathan, Tracey, and Hiro. Lost without a company to manage, Noah is living a pretty sad-sack life, renting an apartment inside of a sushi restaurant, existing on cereal and take-out. Bummer. Tracey finally gets to have her old life back and meets up with old "friend" Governor Malten. Also regarding Tracey is a trivial but interesting fact: apparently, Tracey evaporates when she's submerged in water. Huh. Worried about "Nathan", Angela tries to patch up his identity crisis by showing him "his" old mementos. "Nathan" pours through them and gets a dose of Sylar's object-history ability and is confused when an old cap brings back real Nathan's memories of an old girlfriend who accidently died in a swimming pool. Meanwhile, in Japan, Kimiko is happy to report to Hiro that she and Ando are getting married. Hiro is happy to see he gave Ando-Kimiko the destiny they deserve and is happy to accept Kimiko's offer to give her away at the wedding. Kimiko wants to stay connected to Hiro, be closer than they were before, since they're the only two left of their family. Awwwwww! Ando pulls Hiro to express his concerns. Hiro hasn't told Kimiko about his illness and Ando is worried that Hiro won't make it to see their wedding. Ando says it's time to face up to the reality. Hiro busies himself with his bucket-list when he gets a phone-call from Tadeshi, an ex-employee at his company, that he's going to jump. Peter visits Noah trying to show him the compass tattoo, only to find it gone. Weird. Noah asks just what Peter thought he was supposed to do, go after the knife-guy and round him up again? Peter admits he doesn't know. Before he leaves, he bumps into Claire visiting her father, and the two briefly catch up before Peter uses his speed-power to get back to work. Claire is appalled to see her father being an unemployed couch-potato and tries to shake his funk off, suggesting he try out for a couple of jobs. Noah replies most of his skills for "hire" are illegal and the legimate part of his work was a front. Claire replies people don't need to know that. Way to stay positive. Peter briefly rebonds with "Nathan" (awwwwww!), apologizing for being so busy. "Nathan" expresses his concerns over his well-being, showing Peter telekinesis, informing him he now has a swiss army knife of powers. Exactly what I was thinking. Oddly, Peter doesn't think much of it, expressing surprise that his brother has an untapped powers but not suspecting, hello, his brother is Sylar. Well, denial is not just a river in Egypt after all. "Nathan" shares his vivid flashbacks and Peter accurately informs him over the technical term for the object-history ability and "Nathan" expresses his concerns over his flashback over ex-girlfriend Kelly. Peter doesn't know anything of relevancy, only knowing Kelly was the girl who ran away and broke Nathan's heart. He informs that Kelly's mother just so happens to be Millie, the same woman who helped Angela elude the bridgade in Cold Snap. Peter offers to join "Nathan" to meet Millie but "Nathan" says it's something he has to do alone. Hiro meets up with Tadeshi, the sucidal ex-employee, and Hiro listens to his sad story over how he photocopied his butt and got fired and embarrassed his family. Hiro decides to go back in time to erase the mistake. Tracey is happy to be back and Malden is happy to have her back but only as his call-girl, trading sexual favors under the table so he can pass his agenda. Tracey shudders at the idea of going back to that lowlife woman she was. "Nathan" meets Millie, who believes that Kelly ran away because she was a terrible mother, and Millie has regretted it ever since. A quick walkthrough around the pool has "Nathan" touching the objects and flashing back to what really happened: Kelly and Nathan were outside while their parents were away, partying and getting wasted. A little mishap had Kelly's head being slammed into the back of the pool and Nathan screaming for help while she bled to death. I don't know who to feel sorry for, "Nathan" or Sylar. Poor Nathan has another black mark in his past and Sylar has to experience that history himself. Not even an identity-change can he have any peace. "Nathan" grills Angela and she finally fesses that she knew about Kelly and cleaned up the mess personally, requesting the Haitain to wipe Nathan's memory clean. Angela advises "Nathan" let the matter go but "Nathan" has too much guilt. He confesses to Millie what happened. Millie is left distraught. Claire helps Noah with a practice-interview and realizes Noah hasn't let go of his past. Claire essentially tells him to get over it and move forward. Sometimes you have to look back to who you were to realize who you want to be, says Claire. Wow. Noah realizes what he has to do. After several, several time-trips where Kadeshi continues to make the same mistake and kill himself. Hiro finally takes Ando's advice. He has a heart-to-heart with Kadeshi, telling him that if he hates his job, just find a new one. Don't kill yourself over a mistake. Kadeshi at least get to live while Hiro doesn't have much time left. Facing up to his reality, Hiro finally informs Kimiko he's dying. Brother and sister grieve together when Hiro starts freezing up and then, poofing away to some unknown location. Tracey meets up with Noah and Noah finds that Tracey is unhappy. Tracey can't go back to the way things were. She's changed too much but she's too scared of the unknown. Noah offers her Claire's advice. Tracey tries comprimising with Malden, informing him she'll only come back if she can really help people. Malden thinks she's joking. Tracey goes to collect herself and her water powers activate due to stress, almost making her disappear. Tracey, knowing what to do, storms away from Malden. At Carnivale (sorry, couldn't resist;}), Edgar expresses concerns over where Samuel is leading them and racked with guilt over what he did to Danko. Samuel calls Lydia to find him another hero but she shows him Noah instead, informing Samuel that it appears Noah changed his mind about hunting heroes. Nathan parks in the garage and gets kidnapped by a gunman paid by Millie for revenge. Millie meets up with Angela, lying that she's past Kelly, and gets the phone call that Nathan's been taken care of. And, to top this specutacular episode off, our favorite villain Sylar is finally resurrected in prime Living Dead/Carrieish fashion. Not helping with the zombie assocations. Just saying. This episode was one I wanted to see for a long time and it succeeded especially with the "small" things. It was great to see "Nathan" and Peter briefly bond before Sylar fully gained control. That's going to be awkward(er) once Peter finds this out for himself. It was nice to see Claire without Tara, sorry, Gretchen, hanging around, and Claire was actually mature this episode and giving her father actually great advice. I love it. More, please. FINALLY, Tracey's actually moving on from her past. She no longer wants to be the whoring call-girl. YESSSS! Perfect. Finally, wonderful follow-through on Cold Snap. Keep it up. It was great seeing Millie again and I'm wondering what her role in the future will be. I looooved Hiro's storyline and how they dealt with Kimiko and Hiro's relationship. If Hiro does wind up dying, it will hurt even more. Noah looks to be slipping back on old habits. (Uh-oh!) And it was wonderful to see "Nathan" trying to sort through his past mistakes before Sylar got rewakened. But, now that he is awakened, I'm not complaining. His return shall be. . .interesting. And, this episode actually had a sense of focus, as I got the feeling that Samuel's plan to create a Brotherhood? is heating up. I shall see. There are so many questions left from this episode. Sylar's return is sure to complicate things, especially regarding "Nathan", maybe Claire, but especially Peter. The situation with the "brothers" just got awkward(er). Will Hiro live? And what will happen regarding Sylar Durden:}? (Thank you, anoob.) Intense stuff. I have a few small issues with this episode that are beside the point, let's just say this is the first episode in a long time that made me as happy as this, hopefully, Heroes can keep that up, and I will gladly tune in to see what happens next.moreless
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Akihiro Kitamura


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Jayson Blair

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    • Peter: Let me show you something.
      Noah: That's... a very nice arm.

    • Peter: Whoa! When did that start happening?
      "Nathan": A couple of days ago. I'm like, uh, a Swiss Army knife of superpowers now. A new power every day.

    • Claire: You're not fine living off cereal and Japanese takeout.
      Noah: Well, that is a good point. Tonight I order Italian.

    • Claire: You were middle management of Primatech Papers for over 20 years.
      Noah: During which time my skills consisted of lying to my family, breaking down doors, bagging and tagging...
      Claire: On the plus side, you are a people person. Look! Ooh, lumber salesman. Minimum five years sales experience. Ta-dah.
      Noah: You do know that was a cover, right? I never actually sold anything.
      Claire: Yes, but you don't have to admit to that. Okay, say, you're at the interview. And I'm the interviewer and you're the interviewee.
      Noah: Oh, are we really...?
      Claire: Tell me, Mr. Bennet, what do you think your greatest strength as a salesman is?
      Noah: Well, if they won't buy from me, I can always just shoot them.

    • "Nathan": Kelly didn't disappear. She died. I was there. What I want to know is why I can't remember anything.
      Angela: How would I know?
      "Nathan": Because every time there's a secret buried someplace, I find you with a shovel behind your back.
      Angela: You should write Mother's Day cards.

    • Claire: So you never answered the question. Greatest strength.
      Noah: Greatest strength. Well, I would have to say above all else, I am a company man. You won't find anybody more dedicated to his job than me.
      Claire: See, that's perfect. What lumber company wouldn't want to hire you?
      Noah: Yep, I'm a real people person.

    • Claire: Life changes, we all change. Sometimes you have to remember who you were to figure out who you want to be.
      Noah: Why do I suddenly feel like you're the parent and I'm the kid?
      Claire: We'll take turns.

    • Hiro: I have so many stories to share with you, Kimiko. I just hope I have time to tell you them all.

    • Noah: Fancy meeting you here. Am I that predictable?
      Tracy: You live upstairs.

    • Hiro: First of all, you must really hate your job. Nobody copies their butt forty-seven different ways without wanting to get fired!

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    • International Airdates:
      Australia: November 11, 2009 on 7TWO
      UK: January 23, 2010 on BBC2
      Latin America: February 2, 2010 on Universal Channel
      Germany: September 15, 2010 on RTL II
      Czech Republic: December 17, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Finland: February 9, 2011 on Sub

    • Music: Bad Body Double (Imogen Heap - Tracy dresses), Midnight at the Oasis (Maria Muldaur - 11-year-old Nathan playing in the car)


    • Angela: This is your life, Nathan Petrelli.
      Referencing the TV series This is Your Life, where each week a celebrity guest would be brought in and surprised, handed a red book detailing his life, and original host Ralph Edwards would announce, "This is your life, XXX" and walk them through their life with the aid of family and friends.