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  • Hiro continues his time travelling this time to help a co-worker, Noah realizes his life is a mess and gets help from Claire, Angela trying to stop Sylar from re-emerging tries to make Nathan/Sylar remember his past.

    An episode written by Bryan Fuller and of course is a must see. Now, if the episode is good that's another story. Tracy's story seemed a little bit out of place. Especially the last scene with the Governor. It just didn't feel like Tracy (Of course I liked Ali Larter's Niki and the Tracy of volume 3). Hiro's story although seemed pointless it still was fun to watch especially when he talked with his sister (I expected a much more emotional scene but I guess Masi Oka is not good in drama). Still a good story and interesting to see where this goes in the next chapter.
    Noah and Claire's story was OK. Not very interesting I might add. I liked though how good (it's been a while) Hayden Panettiere was. Not that she had difficult scenes. I guess the lines really helped her. Finally, and the only reason I put a 9 for this episode, Nathan's story which got really good in this chapter. Swoosie Kurtz playing Millie once again (the previous time was in another one of Bryan Fuller's episodes: Cold Snap - coincidence? I think NOT) is very good here and so is Andrian Pasdar. I think what I liked is how the characters seemed down to earth for a change. What happens at the end? Well you have to watch. It will definitely make you want to watch the next chapter right after (I saw next week's episode's trailer and it was awesome: Hint: Claire's and Sylar's story ROCK!!!).
  • Hiro's health continues to deteriorate. Angela takes a gamble by helping the new Nathan regain his memory. Tracy tries to make an impact in her bid to get her job back.

    Another episode based on story line, another episode I dint mind watching I must be honest I liked Nathan part the best I think Angela is freaking great she always doing her thing fto protect her family very good I might have done the same however I did felt bad for the Swoosie Kurtz But again it looks like she no one to f*k with after all. I must say I like Bryan Fuller he is the man writing interesting episodes, now it reminds me why I used to watch pushing Daisies. Anyhow Claire and Noah part was great I did enjoyed very much, about time I don't get annoyed but Claire, I feel bad for Noah though I like it when he is happy with his wife, Peter now you are interesting in what Noah has to say huh? Well a little too late nah he just got there at the wrong time Noah has just seem the Divorce document and he was upset. But you see how he changed his mind yet thanks to Claire. Oh yeah now we know what is the Famous Compass for it "The Compass That Changes the World"? Or so I think I read. Hero part was just a little too much for me to handle at first I thought that my DVR was mess up yet again this is the third box I have had returned because it kept on freezing up. Sylar part was the best cliffhanging of this season so far and the next week clip was great, Looks like Nathan is gone and sylar is back? Over all I am going to give this Episode and 10, because this is my favorite show!!!!!!!
  • acceptance

    Hiro's health continues to deteriorate. Angela takes a gamble by helping the new Nathan regain his memory. Tracy tries to make an impact in her bid to get her job back. Heroes has came back strong this fall, although hasnt been mind blowing stuff it has been very consistant and the fifth volume has started well even though we dont really know where the story is heading, I hope its going somewhere good. I do feel that one character is getting too much screen and to no ones suprize it is Claire the character is very boring and she really slows this show down. Loved the ending of the episode hopefully this means that Sylar is back. But I did like Matt and Sylars scenes I hope they continue. Tracy has had a big improvement so far this season she seems to be more intresting this season
  • A well written and acted episode.

    I liked the interaction between Noah and his daughter. He walks around like a human punching bag totally without a purpose in his life. Many people get to the point in their lives where they reevaluate themselves and wonder if they are doing anything worth wild, or wasting away. I feel that soon he will be the same Noah we all remember especially when Clair's new friend starts spreading information about her when she was asked not to.

    Poor Hiro. He had to break the news to his sister about him dying. It was a very moving emotional scene. This is why I love the show. It reaches people on many different levels. He tried to save that guy from jumping, but he kept screwing up his life. If you think about it. That scene reached out to so many people. How many people feel trapped in a dead end job they hate. Once you find something you love, you will enjoy waking up each morning and embracing your work. You work will no longer seem long and pointless, but something you can feel excited about. Tim Kring and his staff do an excellent job at putting subtle messages in this show.

    We learned something about Nathan. He was involved in an accidental death of a young girl. For years her mom thought she was in England. Angela did a good job covering this up and knowing where the body is hidden.. Literally. I love how we see what appears to be Nathan being shot, and out of the grave comes Sylar.
  • whooooot!

    I can finally say this with a big smile on my face but, what a great episode. Just, wonderful. Makes me proud to be a fan of Heroes thorughout these years. This episode definitely had much vitality and I can only wish and hope, hope, and hope that Heroes can continue with that. This episode continues the redemption theme as the heroes look back on past mistakes and try to become better people. This time, the episode focus was mostly on Noah, Nathan, Tracey, and Hiro. Lost without a company to manage, Noah is living a pretty sad-sack life, renting an apartment inside of a sushi restaurant, existing on cereal and take-out. Bummer. Tracey finally gets to have her old life back and meets up with old "friend" Governor Malten. Also regarding Tracey is a trivial but interesting fact: apparently, Tracey evaporates when she's submerged in water. Huh. Worried about "Nathan", Angela tries to patch up his identity crisis by showing him "his" old mementos. "Nathan" pours through them and gets a dose of Sylar's object-history ability and is confused when an old cap brings back real Nathan's memories of an old girlfriend who accidently died in a swimming pool. Meanwhile, in Japan, Kimiko is happy to report to Hiro that she and Ando are getting married. Hiro is happy to see he gave Ando-Kimiko the destiny they deserve and is happy to accept Kimiko's offer to give her away at the wedding. Kimiko wants to stay connected to Hiro, be closer than they were before, since they're the only two left of their family. Awwwwww! Ando pulls Hiro to express his concerns. Hiro hasn't told Kimiko about his illness and Ando is worried that Hiro won't make it to see their wedding. Ando says it's time to face up to the reality. Hiro busies himself with his bucket-list when he gets a phone-call from Tadeshi, an ex-employee at his company, that he's going to jump. Peter visits Noah trying to show him the compass tattoo, only to find it gone. Weird. Noah asks just what Peter thought he was supposed to do, go after the knife-guy and round him up again? Peter admits he doesn't know. Before he leaves, he bumps into Claire visiting her father, and the two briefly catch up before Peter uses his speed-power to get back to work. Claire is appalled to see her father being an unemployed couch-potato and tries to shake his funk off, suggesting he try out for a couple of jobs. Noah replies most of his skills for "hire" are illegal and the legimate part of his work was a front. Claire replies people don't need to know that. Way to stay positive. Peter briefly rebonds with "Nathan" (awwwwww!), apologizing for being so busy. "Nathan" expresses his concerns over his well-being, showing Peter telekinesis, informing him he now has a swiss army knife of powers. Exactly what I was thinking. Oddly, Peter doesn't think much of it, expressing surprise that his brother has an untapped powers but not suspecting, hello, his brother is Sylar. Well, denial is not just a river in Egypt after all. "Nathan" shares his vivid flashbacks and Peter accurately informs him over the technical term for the object-history ability and "Nathan" expresses his concerns over his flashback over ex-girlfriend Kelly. Peter doesn't know anything of relevancy, only knowing Kelly was the girl who ran away and broke Nathan's heart. He informs that Kelly's mother just so happens to be Millie, the same woman who helped Angela elude the bridgade in Cold Snap. Peter offers to join "Nathan" to meet Millie but "Nathan" says it's something he has to do alone. Hiro meets up with Tadeshi, the sucidal ex-employee, and Hiro listens to his sad story over how he photocopied his butt and got fired and embarrassed his family. Hiro decides to go back in time to erase the mistake. Tracey is happy to be back and Malden is happy to have her back but only as his call-girl, trading sexual favors under the table so he can pass his agenda. Tracey shudders at the idea of going back to that lowlife woman she was. "Nathan" meets Millie, who believes that Kelly ran away because she was a terrible mother, and Millie has regretted it ever since. A quick walkthrough around the pool has "Nathan" touching the objects and flashing back to what really happened: Kelly and Nathan were outside while their parents were away, partying and getting wasted. A little mishap had Kelly's head being slammed into the back of the pool and Nathan screaming for help while she bled to death. I don't know who to feel sorry for, "Nathan" or Sylar. Poor Nathan has another black mark in his past and Sylar has to experience that history himself. Not even an identity-change can he have any peace. "Nathan" grills Angela and she finally fesses that she knew about Kelly and cleaned up the mess personally, requesting the Haitain to wipe Nathan's memory clean. Angela advises "Nathan" let the matter go but "Nathan" has too much guilt. He confesses to Millie what happened. Millie is left distraught. Claire helps Noah with a practice-interview and realizes Noah hasn't let go of his past. Claire essentially tells him to get over it and move forward. Sometimes you have to look back to who you were to realize who you want to be, says Claire. Wow. Noah realizes what he has to do. After several, several time-trips where Kadeshi continues to make the same mistake and kill himself. Hiro finally takes Ando's advice. He has a heart-to-heart with Kadeshi, telling him that if he hates his job, just find a new one. Don't kill yourself over a mistake. Kadeshi at least get to live while Hiro doesn't have much time left. Facing up to his reality, Hiro finally informs Kimiko he's dying. Brother and sister grieve together when Hiro starts freezing up and then, poofing away to some unknown location. Tracey meets up with Noah and Noah finds that Tracey is unhappy. Tracey can't go back to the way things were. She's changed too much but she's too scared of the unknown. Noah offers her Claire's advice. Tracey tries comprimising with Malden, informing him she'll only come back if she can really help people. Malden thinks she's joking. Tracey goes to collect herself and her water powers activate due to stress, almost making her disappear. Tracey, knowing what to do, storms away from Malden. At Carnivale (sorry, couldn't resist;}), Edgar expresses concerns over where Samuel is leading them and racked with guilt over what he did to Danko. Samuel calls Lydia to find him another hero but she shows him Noah instead, informing Samuel that it appears Noah changed his mind about hunting heroes. Nathan parks in the garage and gets kidnapped by a gunman paid by Millie for revenge. Millie meets up with Angela, lying that she's past Kelly, and gets the phone call that Nathan's been taken care of. And, to top this specutacular episode off, our favorite villain Sylar is finally resurrected in prime Living Dead/Carrieish fashion. Not helping with the zombie assocations. Just saying. This episode was one I wanted to see for a long time and it succeeded especially with the "small" things. It was great to see "Nathan" and Peter briefly bond before Sylar fully gained control. That's going to be awkward(er) once Peter finds this out for himself. It was nice to see Claire without Tara, sorry, Gretchen, hanging around, and Claire was actually mature this episode and giving her father actually great advice. I love it. More, please. FINALLY, Tracey's actually moving on from her past. She no longer wants to be the whoring call-girl. YESSSS! Perfect. Finally, wonderful follow-through on Cold Snap. Keep it up. It was great seeing Millie again and I'm wondering what her role in the future will be. I looooved Hiro's storyline and how they dealt with Kimiko and Hiro's relationship. If Hiro does wind up dying, it will hurt even more. Noah looks to be slipping back on old habits. (Uh-oh!) And it was wonderful to see "Nathan" trying to sort through his past mistakes before Sylar got rewakened. But, now that he is awakened, I'm not complaining. His return shall be. . .interesting. And, this episode actually had a sense of focus, as I got the feeling that Samuel's plan to create a Brotherhood? is heating up. I shall see. There are so many questions left from this episode. Sylar's return is sure to complicate things, especially regarding "Nathan", maybe Claire, but especially Peter. The situation with the "brothers" just got awkward(er). Will Hiro live? And what will happen regarding Sylar Durden:}? (Thank you, anoob.) Intense stuff. I have a few small issues with this episode that are beside the point, let's just say this is the first episode in a long time that made me as happy as this, hopefully, Heroes can keep that up, and I will gladly tune in to see what happens next.
  • Except for an intriguing last 5 minutes, this ep was drastically dull.

    If last week's Heroes focused on the GOOD 3 interesting plots, this one focuses on the 3 lemons. I don't know really where to begin, so I'll start with the part of the show I liked. Claire and Noah seemed to have struck the right note completely as father and daughter, and I must say, I enjoyed all of their work here. Hayden has been having much more fun as Claire, which is a great departure from the moody teen who hated Daddy every other episode. For some reason, sitting around just chatting with pops about being out of work was more interesting than anything else in "Acceptance."

    Hiro's plot was literally a nightmare, as we got to sit through a "Groundhog Day"-esque story of him trying to save the same person over and over again. Talk about sick torture! Why did the writers think we would care about this? It was neither funny nor interesting in the slightest. I had a problem with Hiro's persistence (47 times? really?) and the weak premise of it all. Losing a job? Fine. Family shame? Fine. Butt on the copy machine -> suicide? That's just stupid, and due to personal experiences, I took major offense to the way this bullsh*t plotline was handled. Hiro finally realizes he must tell his sister the truth, but this has no weight because we all know he has about as much chance of dying on this show as Claire. And don't get me started on the plothole of his sister and Ando being a couple now. How does what Hiro did not change the complete nature of he and Ando's exploits up to this point? Them being a couple is the ONLY difference that's taken place all these years? So all of the adventures Hiro and Ando went on, sis just kind of sat on the sidelines waiting for Ando to come home?

    And then there's Nathan...
    The entire time I sat through this CSI wannabe plot I was asking myself, what's the point of this business with some old girlfriend who might have died? This isn't even really Nathan! Why does this matter? And why would he tell the mom? (nice to see Swoozie Kurtz back, though) Such a dumb and unmotivated move. But then the entire point started to emerge; Of course with her money and power she takes a hit out on him, and there is a nice dinner scene that plays like something out of a Scorsese picture. Finally we get the big reveal- Sylar is back!

    (they really do seem incapable of doing anything without this character)

    It is quite clear that Sylar's healing ability kicked into effect, and the 'death' of Nathan sort of 'reset' his body, I guess (remember he was locked in shapeshift mode). But it's all so convoluted, and honestly, working to this moment, the writing was thrown together so sloppily, that I couldn't really appreciate the surprise. From the cliched hand-popping-out-of-the-grave, to the overall management of Sylar-in-Nathan (which had so much potential and was completely rushed), I have to say I was really let down with the material here. There was also the story of Tracy trying to get her old life, but we don't care about that because we never got to know Tracy in the first place. Most viewers were still scratching their heads over the ridiculous Nikki/Jessica triplet stuff to really get attached to Tracy. We know she turns into water, and we know she used to skank it up for government big wigs. But we still didn't get attached, so all of this was snooze-inducing as well. Is Adrian Pasdar gone from the show for good now? How will Angela react? Will she and Swoozie face off later? And how big is the carnival family anyway? They don't all seem to be related. And does that include all the people we saw walking around in the background of the tents and trailers? These are the questions I was left with after this one.
  • Still in the shadows...

    Well GE may be selling of NBC to Comcast, but it is also selling its viewers to other networks. Producing episodes with a reduced actor-force is making my interest spiral down.

    Nevertheless, this episode was decent. It was mostly about Hiro and Nathan. Adrian Pasdar may be the central character this time; along with Sylar of course. Here Nathan finds some old memories of an ex's death coming back. He also learns how Angela helped cover that murder. Nathan ridden with guilt confides the secret to his ex's mother, who later hires a hitman to kill him. I guess we all knew Nathan can't die because he has Sylar's healing powers, and he will come back after being buried. But get this, the catch is that he emerges from the ground as Sylar.

    Hiro's story line was probably the dumbest one made in an attempt to push in some comedy. The Japanese overload is making my patience level go down. I honestly can't stand a 10 minute sequence looking at subtitles. Knepper is still a mystery. We really don't know what he's planning to do this chapter. Overall, it was pretty entertaining.
  • Even Bryan Fuller couldn't save this episode

    As much as I appreciated the previous episode, this one left me wondering if there's much momentum to this season at all. Certain lessons from the past seem to have been forgotten once again, and other plot threads seem to have meandered before the initial conditions could be adequately explored.

    Looking back on how Hiro's ability has been handled, even during the continuity-challenged third season, the rules were fairly clear. Only the future was mutable; the past was the past and could not be changed. That's not what the writers are presenting this season, and they have yet to offer a compelling reason why Hiro is suddenly the latest incarnation of Sam Beckett from "Quantum Leap".

    Perhaps worse, Hiro's efforts in this episode still seem to be played more for laughs than for any serious advancement of the character. Hiro has been the victim of poor character management since the end of the second season, but this latest direction doesn't seem to fit what has come before. I'd like to see Hiro gain some maturity and gravitas again.

    I was also displeased with the direction taken with Nathan/Sylar. Four episodes into the season, the writers have already all but abandoned the entire point of "reprogramming" Sylar into thinking he was Nathan. I said previously that it was a mistake to have Sylar start showing through the seams too quickly, but now it's clear that they never had any intention of keeping "Nathan" around for any meaningful purpose.

    That said, this is one ridiculous way to explain how Sylar regains control of his own body again. It smacks of an excuse to keep the real Sylar out of sorts and de-powered for a while, so the writers can figure out how to tie things together. After doing this with Peter and Sylar over and over again since the first season, the mechanics of the cliché have become glaringly obvious.

    I'll give the writers credit for bringing back Bruce Boxleitner's corrupt Senator for an episode. That side of Tracy's life disappeared completely once the writers started making things up as they went along last season. At the same time, wouldn't the Senator be wary of associating with someone who was implicated in the events of the "Fugitives" arc? Sure, it was hush-hush, but Tracy was a major part of the story, and Washington insiders would likely have gotten rumors that she had been involved.

    Perhaps the Senator and his cronies didn't see that as a problem; he certainly had no compunction using her in other ways. She was not happy about his immediate request, and that might explain why she was so willing to consider Noah's alternatives. Her control over her ability (or lack thereof) probably didn't hurt.

    I still think they're trying too hard to sell the idea that the characters are seeking redemption. As I've said before, it's a lot more convincing when the characters either achieve or fail to achieve redemption through action, not words. I don't even think that the word "redemption" should be mentioned by the characters at all. Be true to the characters, let them evolve logically over time through crisis, and redemption will attend to itself.
  • Review

    Hiro's health continues to deteriorate as he goes on a mission to prevent a coworker from committing suicide. Ando finally convinces Hiro to tell his sister that he's fatally ill. Meanwhile, Tracy continues to struggle to find a purpose in life and to learn to control her powers. She returns to her old job as a political adviser, but leaves when she remembers how demeaning the job could be. Nathan-Sylar is also on a path of self-discovery, as his mother, Angela, helps him regain memories.

    I've watched every episode. Experienced the magic of season one. Experiences the failure that was seasons two and three. And now have seen that not even Bryan Fuller can save the show. This episode, one that he wrote, is the ultimate example of a show that has lost all sense of direction and storyline.
  • I actually like this episode. Is it really that awful?

    After this episode, there will be more time-traveling as Hiro wishes to mend his blunders before he dies. Nathan accidentally kills his girlfriend, Sylar feels sympathy and decides telling the truth, but instead got himself killed. (Very interesting!) Doubt that Nathan will ever appear after the scene where soil is smacked onto his face. On the positive side of it, Sylar is "reborn". He will have no idea who he really is. And what is the relationship between Samuel and Bennet?

    However, undeniably, there are parts that are difficult to understand. (1)Peter currently has speed ability. After touching Claire, could he still speed off? Or could he control the absorption of powers? He is able to communicate with Emma in the next episode after saving her from a car crash. Could it be that he purposely absorbs her "enhanced synesthesia"?

    (2)I totally agree that the time-traveling idea is confusing. Hiro travels back in time. He appears at the time after he speaks to her sister about her marriage twice. Won't he run into himself? (3)Tracy meets the governor, saying that she wants to work, but then she quits. What is the point? Self-discovery? (4) I thought psychometric is the ability to see the history of objects. "Nathan" touches a statue, and instead of seeing the the history of the statue (or at least who touches it before), he can see himself and his girlfriend beside the pool.

    Maybe Heroes requires careful planning. I love time traveling so much. Wish they don't repeat the same mistake. But otherwise, this is a good episode. I'm looking forward for the next.
  • The show is healing up and getting there to good 'ol heroes but...

    This episode is so slow and boring. Probably new viewers of this show will be bored out, it's like a bunch of people with powers doing absolutely nothing just talking

    Though other than that, i like this episode. The storylines are well-polished. The only thing I hate is Hiro's plot. "Dial-a-hero" is just so tiring. Why are the always talking in Japanese? What i like about this episode is the twists and the "action-ish" parts. I like how sylar goes zombie and rise from the dead, maybe now sylar is back, we might see more action scenes?

    Heroes is headed to the right direction, now when the show has a well-written script, can we get more action. ACTION, ACTION, and fights between good vs. evil is i want, or maybe what people want!
  • Syller is alive again!!!

    Oh my god Nathan is dead and Syller rised from the below !!! now Heroes will become more interseting that Syller is back .. i just want to see how he is going to deal with the new poeple .. with Anjela and everyone !! AMAZING xD
    now with Benet is in the picture too with the new poeple .. i just want to know whats with them !!
    but the sad thing is Hiro :( now he is dieng .. the show is never the same without him the Yatta guy :( can't believe Heroes without him .. im sure he will be fixed :)
  • You can certainly tell that Bryan Fuller's returned to the fold.

    You can certainly tell that Bryan Fuller's returned to the fold. 'Acceptance' feels more like an episode of Pushing Daisies than Heroes, and that's not just because the guy's made sure the wonderful Swoozie Kurtz has been granted a return appearance (in case you're wondering, she's the one putting the hit on poor old Nathan.) No, this is more of an explorative character piece, the kind that made Daisies such a cult hit both in the States and over here. Fuller takes tie to explore the motivations of the episode's key players and uses a series of specific events - narratalogical tableau, if you will - to move them in entirely new directions. So, we have Hiro's quest to save his co-worker, a seemingly mundane slice of throwaway minutiae that actually feeds into the larger issue of his need to face the reality of his coming death. The moment in which he successfully accomplishes his mission ans realises what must come with it is refreshingly understated, giving Masi Oka a chance to do some of his most impressive work in one hell of a long time.

    Fuller is a master of build, of progressing a story to crescendo, such that the epiphany is most satisfying; when something significant happens to a character towards hour's end, it feels all the more potent. Nathan is a good example of this; while his story is a little ludicrous (would Mellie really conspire to kill her best friend's son with such mindless glee? Must everyone on this show be so unrelentingly ruthless and cold-blooded?), it is distinctly engaging because it is derived from believable character beats. Pasdar successfully conveys the character's continued emotional breakdown, and the moment in which he supposedly dies is considerably shocking. Sylar's resurrection at hour's end prompts all sorts of questions and bodes well for the show; have they actually been brave enough to kill a main character off for good? The sequence is beautifully shot too, a feature that is becoming something of a staple of the season.

    Elsewhere, it's nice to see Tracey Strauss getting some logical character development and also to be treated to another dose of John Sheridan. Only HRG's return to the investigative fold feels a little hokey; he needed the sage words of his college co-ed daughter (oh, and Tracey) to knock some sense into him and stop eating cereal all day long? Pah! There are shafts of light here too, since the conversations between Coleman and Panettiere are refreshingly naturalistic. While very little actually happens in 'Acceptance', what does is made all the more powerful through the episode's refreshing concentration on character. The writers could do with picking up the pace a little, but I'd rather have a hundred hours of this than anything from Fugitives. Oh, and no Gretchen! Win!
  • Season 4 is looking good so far.

    Hiro got Ando the girl of his dreams and even better, Hiro's sister is reaching out to him for the first time. Hiro's hero complex has become suicidal – every time he uses his powers, it accelerates his decline. The guy on the roof is a lost cause – he needs a shrink not a quick fix – 47 times isn't an accident.

    Gotta give Angela credit for creativity – Matt won't help Nathan so she tries to stimulate Nathan's memories instead. Nathan shows Peter his new powers – Peter doesn't think anything really of it, why would he? Peter's empathic, Nathan could just be a 'late bloomer'. One of Sylar's more interesting powers resurfaces – the history of objects. Talking to Kelly's mother so long after the fact is suspicious and the mother even admits checking his alibi. Nathan stumbles onto Kelly's death and used the Haitian to erase the memory. The Petrellis have more secrets than truths. Just when we think we know what Angela is capable of.

    I've never been crazy about Tracy but I am intrigued by her internal conflict. Could be an interesting storyline, depending on how it's done.

    I thought Samuel was trying to get Joseph back but according to Lydia, Samuel's after revenge. It's almost as if Samuel's building an army, 'bringing new people into the family', and interestingly, Samuel knows Noah. Bringing together people with abilities, the question is why? His motive for originally doing this could explain a lot about Samuel.

    Kelly's mother obviously did believe Nathan – she had him killed! Making Angela her alibi was a nice touch – poetic. What she didn't know is that Sylar is immortal.

    This season is shaping up to be a good one – it's thankfully missing that erratic good-episode-bad episode thing season 3 had.
  • Hiro's health continues to deteriorate as he goes on a mission to prevent a coworker from committing suicide. Ando finally convinces Hiro to tell his sister that he's fatally ill.

    Ahh another bore of an episode and continuous signs that Heroes will not return to its S1 self...it may be impossible to do so after being so far removed from the magic that made it great in that season!

    I'm not moved at all by Hiro's current condition and that's one bad sign already. Not being able to be attach to the characters at all is bad and demonstrates a lack of any intensity, connection, etc. that would allow me to do so.

    Tracy's situation of course matters little to me as Ali Larter should have been gone after her rescue of Michah's cousin long ago as the other character. Bringing the same actress back under the "twin" nonsense was just one of many ways Heroes kept folks around too long while getting rid of others too quickly via silly plots or no reason at all.

    Finally the Sylar drama...now instead of going back n forth between wanting to be a Hero or Villian now we have him trapped inside another character who has been around too long (Nathan). Finally he comes to only to have another "They can't seem to kill me for good" scene. Is there any tension at all at this point toward what happens to Sylar???

    I don't believe Sylar is going anywhere until the show itself dies an unfortunate and slow death. Sylar as well should've been gone as of S1! Well here's to hoping it gets better.
  • Slowly Heroes rebuilds.

    Slowly somewhat unsteadily this volume is restoring Heroes. From volume to volume I've had my opinions about Heroes, usually different from most fans but I've always remained interested. Even in volume 4, which was my least favorite for a lot of reasons, I always remained curious. But I must admit from volume to volume things could be very inconsistent. One year I liked it (S1), the next I was a little bored (S2), then I adored it (Vol 3), then I got frustrated with the show (Vol 4). These are just geneal comments on the volumes overall but I think this may be the year where Heroes finally starts trying to really find it's consistent footing. Rather then focus on correcting mistakes they think they're making, pleasing fans, or writing the show volume by volume they should just make the show. The biggest thing it had originally was originality. They seemed to get distracted by other things as time went on whether the problem was time itself traveling that is and overly powerful characters, fan reactions or stretched out poor plots lines. It felt as though they never seemed to plan out the show in a large scoop like say a Joss Whedon and as a result the show has been way to spontaneous. I get the instinct to try and write as they go but it just doesn't work with a show of this magnitude (I call Lost as my first witness), especially in terms of complication. Back story alone requires immense thought. But I think maybe all of that has really sunk in.

    Which ties into the actual episode. Let's start with Sylar. I won't get into my adoration of both the character and Zach himself but I will say that Sylar has always been and will always be their strongest character. They recognized it early on but faced the same problem all great shows face when they turn a pure antagonist into a actual fleshed out character. Which way do they go? No matter the choice someone will be displeased. They seemed to really make the right choice in not solidly picking either road but trying both as the moved Sylar from a clear cookie cutter villain into a 'grey' (no one will every convince me that isn't why they picked that as his last name though that's a contradiction in more ways then one) complex fully formed character. I don't think that was their original intention, Zach was actually just a guest star in the beginning, and again as a result there were some problems. Season 2 saw Sylar being bad with or without his powers, to badly corrupted to ever be what he was again. Volume 3 saw the exact opposite in a certain way, Sylar making the choice to try and be Gabriel again which ultimately failed but was a great arc that both added to his complexity and really let us get to know the character in terms of who he was as opposed to what he was. It also backed up Sylar's actions in volume 2, which as I said saw him evil without powers. Volume 4 saw a complete reversion to form (which at the time seemed like a cop out & in some ways it was because they never really did enough with some of the moves they made aka Sylar wasn't Peter's brother after all but Peter did experience the hunger and the reality behind that which was never even acknowledged) and the madness within finally leaking out. I was concerned at the end of volume 4 when Sylathan was born that they were trying to wipe the board clean in terms of Sylar because they just didn't know what to do with him. Wiping the board would have been okay, consistent with the story of his character and a good surprised which they are fond of with Sylar but I was still a little unsure that returning him to evil wasn't a cop out. But luckily they seemed to realize or possibly even known all along that there is no clearn slate for Sylar. If he were to somehow try to become good again (again) and actually suceed the damage is done. He can never take back what he has done, he can never really undo Sylar even if he can be Gabriel again someday. I am convinced he can, that some part of Gabriel will always live inside him (that person didn't just get erased when he got his powers). But again it's just not that simple. They've since dropped Sylathan (thank god because that could have been such a waste of Sylar's character and all focused shoved on everyone thinking he was Nathan) but they've kept Sylar blank. He doesn't know who he is but just as when he was Sylathan the clock still ticks, the hunger still lies within and as I've always said Sylar will not be contained not even be himself. This episode showed a fightened person no more a murderer then innocent Claire, confused and alone. He had chances to kill people but didn't. He discovered his powers and did no real damage with them. He followed Samuel blindly into the carnival and experienced things in terms of beauty, something we've seen Sylar do with Elle for example. But is that Sylar or Gabriel? Where is the line? The two are intertwined that there really is no seperating them. As I said only chances for the show to utalize an amaingly character I don't think they even really meant to create, at leasy to the deree they have done (makes me wonder what the hell they are thinking with some of the other chaacters). They have yet to disappoint me when it comes to Sylar (I was angry when they let a lot of his volume 3 stuff slide but who knows if that won't change soon and I was concerned when they made him Nathan but it looks like that's done before it even began so bravo), emotional yes in every way possible but never disappointed. My fondest wish is that they stand by his last name because it's really what the show needs and what all the characters need to see. Within them all exists the dark and the light. But are they ever really seperate, is it really one or the other? Is it Peter or Sylar? Or like with Sylar is it both at the same time. I know on paper he can been seen as a villain even with the complexities they've embodied in him but again can it really be that black and white especially when human rules don't apply? You have a quarter, one side is heads. One is tails. But aren't they both a part of the same coin?

    Oh and some other characters appeared! I was pleased to see Peter interact and connect with another person and as I've mentioned Emma is the perfect person for him at this time in his life. Whether they become romantic or not is irrelevant because honestly there's a lot they can both learn from each other. Emma discovered that that her power has something more to it then just pretty colors but I would have placed money on that. Though I still don't totally get it. At first I thought she was developing some sort of sonar but I'm thinking not seeing as she cracked her wall with whatever it is she can do. Claire had a moment with Gretchen but honestly at this point I don't know what to make of it so I'm just going to leave that one alone till I see more. And (to mention Sylar again) Sylar ended up of all places at the carnival. Yea, let's smother a forrest fire with napom. That'll just have fantastic results. They always give Sylar the best stuff in every sense. But Samuel has no idea what he's in for. The carnival itself is no safe haven band of outcasts looking for their own kind and safety from the cruel world that doesn't understand or accept them...okay they are all of those things but they are also murderers and decievers. They take full advantage of the fact that society (as all the characters have learned) casts them out and fears them. But they are not a band of friendly carnival folk where the characters we know and love can find solice. You want to point a finger and find a real villain point at the people in that carnival. Some of them may be there for good reason, some of them may not even be bad in the strictest sense but I guarantee you that Samuel isn't playing with a full deck. He's a bad, bad boy and bad boys all get what's coming to them on this show. Always.
  • What's with all the Japanese?!

    Why does Hiro keep speaking so much Japanese. Oh yeah, he is Japanese. Well, hope that isn't too much of a strain for people to learn to read.

    Anyway, there was certainly less action than some in this episode but the show still continues to keep me interested enough to be back next week.

    Particularly, as many others note, Sylar continues to please. Last season I found that by the end, he was the one that I was starting to cheer for. Funny considering that the season 1 finale had me disappointed that there was the more typical wimp out death scene instead of something conclusive.
  • wow what happen to this show

    Stop speaking JAPANESE... R u Joking?
    wow... if I want to read I will pick up a book.
    I used to love this show, but they should seriously think about either ending it or canceling it. This is my first review and I had to write it because I was so upset. And it's not only this episode, it is the ones before it this season. Seriously, STOP SPEAKING JAPANESE..... I don't know what else to say. I hope that the next episode will be a little bit more suspenseful or enjoyable. I am really about to give up on this show...
  • oh dear

    This episode had the entertainment value of a soap opera. Literally nothing happened to keep me interested. I couldn't find myself caring about Tracy taking a whole episode deciding not to get her old job back (in other words the writers had no idea what else to do with her) and as for Claire and Noah... *yawn*. Yes, we know they are close god damn it! I don't want to see Noah get some job at a sales company. I want him out their doing something cool and interesting. And as for Claire... we were saved the horrific college storyline for one week but even so... she is a pretty amazing charactor but all we have to look forward to this volume is an out of knowhere lesbian plot. Hiro's story was fun, kind of, but 47 times? Come on. And I agree... the whole idea of him dying is as crazy as what the writers have done for the past two episodes... they are not going to kill of Hiro. All I have to say about Nathen's plot is wow Sylar's back! Hugly wasted oppertunity. Where does this leave the whole Matt/Sylar body thingy. I'm getting very tired of Heroes. I keep hoping it's going to get good but next episode may well be my last. Volumes 2-4 had faults but never has a episode of heroes simply bored me.
  • Not bad, not good either.

    This episode was pretty mediocre, I nearly fell asleep while watching. The best thing that happened in this episode was Sylar being reborn though it was pretty much predictable. Claire is gorgeous but her characters getting more boring as the seasons progress and another boring character is Matt Parkman but his encounters with Sylar have made him more exciting. Tracy is HOT, and I like the new power she has and I'm actually pleased that she might be getting away from her past ways and it's good giving her a well deserved storyline. With Hiro dying, that's new but somehow he won't really die, I actually want him to come in as future Hiro but I liked him in this episode. Nathan's storyline was the most interesting part in this episode. I hope he's actually gone get rid of him. With Peter, I liked future Peter better bring him back. One thing that may save Heroes this volume is definitely Robert Keppner. I'm intrigued about what he wants to do with all the heroes and his family. I'm not sure where this season is heading to but it's slowly beginning to get exciting.
  • I think when Sylar does something apparently morally good it turns out to be in his favour afterall

    It is quite nice to see that the writers thought that when Sylar does something good and selfish it turns out to be in his favour after all. Sylar telling to that poor woman about Nathan's ex girl-friend, and wanting even to call the police about it it turned out to be good for him. I don't understand though how it was possible that Sylar was half as Nathan and half in Matt's mind. Anyway, Sylar it's not my favourite character since he murdered that blonde girl, who loved him, I don't remember her name now, she was throwing lightings with her hands and even if she was a mean b*tch she was the only one who cared about him and she stopped him from killing himself when he was just a watchmaker and I would have liked to see him showing some mercy the way he did with that kid who followed him. I think that Sylar character should evolve in assuming Nathan's position for a while, than turning back to good as he did in that future episodes, and addmitting his murders, he should repent find Hiro, and put up a team with Claire and Peter and change the past to be good for everyone.
  • sickest END ever

    i really liked this episode because looks like my favorite villan is coming back(sylar).now we should wait and see what`s gonna happen with sylar/natehan who is who it should be intresting to watch.and now looks like noah is getting back on job and we saw something form the Hiro story.it is a very poromising beginnig of the show.looks like we are gooing to see really good season full with amaizing moments intense drama acton etc..
    it`s gonna be intresting story with samuel what is he planing to do why is he recruiting new heroes to the family and what is hid purpose we should wait and see
  • painfully, agonisingly, frustratingly underwhelming episode. It was like watching a footballer throw with his weaker arm. Spoilers ahead

    And so it continues... heroes incapability to string two good episodes together. I personally saw the premiere as weak, with last weeks episode being the best since season one, edging out Bryan Fuller's Cold Snap. He was on hand here with easily some of the most forced, at times trite writing I have seen on the show. But, i still hold out hope for the fact that the plots themselves are still good, hence my above analogy: Its a good play, the just need to start throwing with their stronger arm.

    The awesome:

    Nothing. sorry. not even the end, I believe this is now going to apruptly end matt and sylars fantastic dynamic. and this all moved WAY too fast. from Nathan touching a hat, to sylar coming out of the ground in all of 13 minutes of air time, they forced this one through the door, instead of just nicely delivering it over the space of two or even three episodes.

    The good:

    The amusment of Hiro's scenes, if not the plotting itself. A genuinely lolled at the third time he picks up the phone to answer Tadashi.

    This singular quote: Nathan (to Angela): Its like every time I find out theres a secret buried, your standing there holding a shovel behind your back' Very good line.

    The Okay:

    Tracy's first bit of character development, but it felt like a nothing scene with the governer at the end, this moved at a snails pace, and I hope they can develop this... somehow.

    Milo Ventimiglia once again actually acting. Keep it up.

    The Bad:

    The painful, trite scenes between Claire and Noah, again. I really wish the writings would get a clue and understand that no-one cares for this. Change the dynamic, or move on from it, instead of continuing to recycle it, as it has been done since mid season 2.

    Angela. Stop frocing her to be in the plot, this entire Nathan/Millie/Angela thing ultimately felt like a plot convienience for Sylars return. Am i right? I thought they'd moved on from this. Evidently I thought wrong.

    The Awful:

    'To know who you want to be, you have to know who you were'. Nuff said.

    The EVEN MORE Awful:

    Noah using that line AGAIN. Down there with 'Mr Bennet, what are you doing?'

    Oh and the kiss is next week. Please, let the rest of the episode be good. Please ( I dont know who I'm pleading to, but im doing it anyway :) )