Season 3 Episode 25

An Invisible Thread

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC
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Nathan tries to prevent Sylar from meeting the President. Sylar has his own agenda regarding his partner. Hiro finds there are consequences that come with the return of his powers.

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  • The petrellis attempt to thwart Sylar from literally becoming the president.

    A generally good episode to what many consider a disappointing volume. The exciting, but short fight with Sylar and the Pertelli's, even though off-screen being a highlight, and seeing main character Nathan murdered (where's the magic blood when you need it) was a bit of a shock. What with Sylar (as well as Hiro) being my favourite character I have to say I was neither surprised nor happy to see the remedy for that situation. I don't know if Quinto will be back, lord I hope so, or if Hiro will regain all of his powers without the side effects, but these revelations have put a major dampener on things for me.

    I am glad to see Tracy survive and out for revenge, but after the aforementioned downer, it seemed a little anticlimactic.moreless
  • After very mixed feelings about this season finale, I have finally come to a realization: this could either make or break Heroes.

    Once again, Heroes is at a crossroads. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with this season finale to begin with, as I'm sure a lot of people were. This was the lowest score I have ever given any episode of Heroes, but you may notice that it is still a high score. I think a lot of people, myself included, watched this episode expecting a lot to happen, after all, this season has not been the best by anyone's standards. After going through the initial shock of the end and being angry and confused at the writers for doing something so stupid, I let myself calm down and think, and these are my thoughts.

    The entire episode, as a whole, was very good. I let my impressions of the end erase the rest of the episode from my mind, which should not have happened. If the ending had been slightly different, I feel the overall reaction to this episode would have been very good. The battle between the Petrelli brothers and Syler (although unseen) was a pretty cool part of the episode and Angela's reaction to seeing Nathan dead was very powerful. Peter's plan, I have to say, was amazing and I think I was among a large audience who cheered when he shoved the needle into Sylar's neck. Hiro was amazing and it makes me sad to know that his power now comes with a cost; hopefully that will be overcome next season.

    Now on to the bad part: the very strange ending involving Sylar becoming Nathan. There were several parts in here which proved that the writers of Heroes were not entirely incompetant. For example, Sylar was given that entirely useless power at the beginning of the season which turned out to be very important and groundbreaking as it proved that the writers had planned ahead in a big way. They eliminated Claire's blood as a way to bring people back from the dead because we, the viewers, were upset that no one ever died for real and they listened. They also resolved the problem of Sylar without really killing him. I was getting a little tired of Sylar always being the villain, so I am looking forward to next season where there are some new faces. This also provides the ultimate suspenseful question: when will Sylar realize that he isn't Nathan? That storyline alone could make or break next season and it will keep all of us on the edge of our seats. I gasped during Nathan's scene with the clock at the end and I feel like there will be a lot of moments like that next season; moments in which Sylar begins to peek through the facade Angela, Noah, and Matt created.

    Am I going to watch Heroes next season? Yes. Did I particularly like the finale? Not really. However, this is what makes a fan of the show, someone who is willing to ride out the bad times and hold on to the hope that it will one day become the show I came to love. After all, season 2 was supposed to consist of the previous three volumes. The writers' strike disrupted what the writers of Heroes had planned out and they had to adapt in order for it to work. I think next season will show where this show is headed: will it be cancelled, or will it turn out better than before? That is the question worth answering and I will be there to find out, as a true Heroes fan.moreless
  • Favorite finale so far !

    It started off boring building up excitement to the last fifteen minutes which rocked in my oponion. I didn't really like the episode and how it was done and how everything was set out because it was aa bit dull to start with with cheesy dialogue. It's like you wait ten minutes for something awesome to happen but it's alright because it was worth the wait for the last 15 minutes. Things I liked : The whole Nathan being Sylar storyline. It's a new and fresh plot keeping both Sylar and Nathan's characters interesting. Hiro's nose bleeds. With powers comes consequences. A new company being built. I think it's awesome that the heroes that destroyed the original company are building a new one. Tracy coming back. She's my favorite character. Ali Larter is brilliant and I'm thrilled that the Tracy storyline would be the centerpiece of volume 5. Things I didn't like : Nothing really.moreless
  • Are you kidding me!? A very weak season finale!

    I felt cheated after watching this season finale!

    I actually felt cheated pretty much the whole season.

    This show is one of the top shows on TV and has a huge fan base so you would think that producers would put some money into it and provide more special effects.

    All season long we see how bad ass Syler is and we're waiting for a big show down with him and some "Heroes" but when it finally happens we can't see it! We get a glimpse of energy bolts coming from Syler's hands, then when Nathan and Peter fly into the room to fight him the doors close. What the H---!? One of the reasons I think people watch this show is for the special effects and I think this episode, along with this season has been lacking in that department. I will say it was a shock when Nathan got killed.moreless
  • A final that will force the heroes to deal with the consequences of the actions of a few!

    An ending that could be said to live up to the shows reputation. The scenes left me wanting more, and on rare occasion almost as excited as the first season left me feeling. I thought the ending with Tracy was brillant simply because it made you certain that she wasn't dead and left you with a lot of questions about the whole, I'm dead, I'm not dead thing that seems to be a reacuring theme in heroes. I was also glad that a main character actually died, I know that sounds harsh but no one seems to die despite all the near death experiences they have, and eventually that gets old. I liked the fact that the consequences of what happened in that episode will have to be dealt with in the next season, and hopefully we will get some more answers.moreless
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Michael Dorn

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Powers update:

      Tracy Strauss: Following her supposed "death" a few episodes ago, Tracy's powers have evolved to include water manipulation (as ice melts into water), even transforming herself into water, as shown in the introduction to Volume Four when she uses her powers to drown a former Building 26 agent.

    • In the scene where Angela Petrelli runs her hand over Nathan's face to close his eyes, the dead Nathan actually blinks.

    • On the newspaper page where Nathan reads the headline "Fourth Mysterious Drowning Baffles Authorities", the actual article text is repeated over and over, not just for the headline in question, but for other articles on the same page.

    • The fight scene between Peter, Nathan and Sylar in this episode is very similar to the fight between Peter and Sylar in the season 1 episode Five Years Gone. In both scenes we do not actually see the fight, just colored lights beyond a closed door.

    • The beginning of the episode where Sylar pulls the knife out of his head has been reshot. Sylar's hair has been fixed and his expressions, voice tones, and hair are completely different from the end of I Am Sylar

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Nathan: His name is Sylar. He's extremely dangerous.
      Liam: And he's a target? (looking at Peter) He's one of them?
      Nathan: He's one of them. He's... I gotta stop saying that. He's one of us. He's one of us.

    • Mohinder: (opening voiceover) There are nearly seven billion people on this planet. Each one unique. Different. What are the chances of that? And why? Is it simply biology, physiology that determines this diversity? A collections of thoughts, memories, experiences that carve out our own special place? Or is it something more than this? Perhaps there's a master plan that drives the randomness of creation. Something unknowable that dwells in the soul, and presents each one of us with a unique set of challenges that will help us discover who we really are.

    • Hiro: (in Japanese) Payback is very bitchy!

    • Claire: You can either listen to me now, or I'll tell you after you shoot me.

    • Mohinder: (closing voiceover) We are all connected. Joined together by an invisible thread, infinite in its potential and fragile in its design. Yet while connected, we are also merely individuals. Empty vessels to be filled with infinite possibilities. An assortment of thoughts, beliefs. A collection of disjointed memories and experiences. Can I be me without this? Can you be you? And if this invisible thread that holds us together were to sever, to cease, what then? What would become of billions of lone, disconnected souls? Therein lies the great quest of our lives. To find. To connect. To hold on. For when our hearts are pure, and our thoughts in line, we are all truly one. Capable of repairing our fragile world, and creating a universe of infinite possibilities.

    • Claire: I'll keep trying to kill you for the rest of my life.
      Sylar: Well, everybody needs a hobby.

    • Noah: I take it the President agreed to it?
      Nathan: Funding, resources, deniability. I told them I found just the man to head up our new... What were we going to call it?
      Noah: I always liked "The Company."

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      Belgium: May 28, 2009 on VT4
      Latin America: June 26, 2009 on Universal Channel
      Australia: July 9, 2009 on Channel 7
      Germany: February 17, 2010 on RTL II
      Finland: July 24, 2010 on Sub
      Czech Republic: November 19, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Slovakia: August 22, 2012 on Markiza