Season 3 Episode 25

An Invisible Thread

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on NBC

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  • The petrellis attempt to thwart Sylar from literally becoming the president.

    A generally good episode to what many consider a disappointing volume. The exciting, but short fight with Sylar and the Pertelli's, even though off-screen being a highlight, and seeing main character Nathan murdered (where's the magic blood when you need it) was a bit of a shock. What with Sylar (as well as Hiro) being my favourite character I have to say I was neither surprised nor happy to see the remedy for that situation. I don't know if Quinto will be back, lord I hope so, or if Hiro will regain all of his powers without the side effects, but these revelations have put a major dampener on things for me.
    I am glad to see Tracy survive and out for revenge, but after the aforementioned downer, it seemed a little anticlimactic.
  • After very mixed feelings about this season finale, I have finally come to a realization: this could either make or break Heroes.

    Once again, Heroes is at a crossroads. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with this season finale to begin with, as I'm sure a lot of people were. This was the lowest score I have ever given any episode of Heroes, but you may notice that it is still a high score. I think a lot of people, myself included, watched this episode expecting a lot to happen, after all, this season has not been the best by anyone's standards. After going through the initial shock of the end and being angry and confused at the writers for doing something so stupid, I let myself calm down and think, and these are my thoughts.
    The entire episode, as a whole, was very good. I let my impressions of the end erase the rest of the episode from my mind, which should not have happened. If the ending had been slightly different, I feel the overall reaction to this episode would have been very good. The battle between the Petrelli brothers and Syler (although unseen) was a pretty cool part of the episode and Angela's reaction to seeing Nathan dead was very powerful. Peter's plan, I have to say, was amazing and I think I was among a large audience who cheered when he shoved the needle into Sylar's neck. Hiro was amazing and it makes me sad to know that his power now comes with a cost; hopefully that will be overcome next season.
    Now on to the bad part: the very strange ending involving Sylar becoming Nathan. There were several parts in here which proved that the writers of Heroes were not entirely incompetant. For example, Sylar was given that entirely useless power at the beginning of the season which turned out to be very important and groundbreaking as it proved that the writers had planned ahead in a big way. They eliminated Claire's blood as a way to bring people back from the dead because we, the viewers, were upset that no one ever died for real and they listened. They also resolved the problem of Sylar without really killing him. I was getting a little tired of Sylar always being the villain, so I am looking forward to next season where there are some new faces. This also provides the ultimate suspenseful question: when will Sylar realize that he isn't Nathan? That storyline alone could make or break next season and it will keep all of us on the edge of our seats. I gasped during Nathan's scene with the clock at the end and I feel like there will be a lot of moments like that next season; moments in which Sylar begins to peek through the facade Angela, Noah, and Matt created.
    Am I going to watch Heroes next season? Yes. Did I particularly like the finale? Not really. However, this is what makes a fan of the show, someone who is willing to ride out the bad times and hold on to the hope that it will one day become the show I came to love. After all, season 2 was supposed to consist of the previous three volumes. The writers' strike disrupted what the writers of Heroes had planned out and they had to adapt in order for it to work. I think next season will show where this show is headed: will it be cancelled, or will it turn out better than before? That is the question worth answering and I will be there to find out, as a true Heroes fan.
  • Favorite finale so far !

    It started off boring building up excitement to the last fifteen minutes which rocked in my oponion. I didn't really like the episode and how it was done and how everything was set out because it was aa bit dull to start with with cheesy dialogue. It's like you wait ten minutes for something awesome to happen but it's alright because it was worth the wait for the last 15 minutes. Things I liked : The whole Nathan being Sylar storyline. It's a new and fresh plot keeping both Sylar and Nathan's characters interesting. Hiro's nose bleeds. With powers comes consequences. A new company being built. I think it's awesome that the heroes that destroyed the original company are building a new one. Tracy coming back. She's my favorite character. Ali Larter is brilliant and I'm thrilled that the Tracy storyline would be the centerpiece of volume 5. Things I didn't like : Nothing really.
  • Are you kidding me!? A very weak season finale!

    I felt cheated after watching this season finale!
    I actually felt cheated pretty much the whole season.
    This show is one of the top shows on TV and has a huge fan base so you would think that producers would put some money into it and provide more special effects.
    All season long we see how bad ass Syler is and we're waiting for a big show down with him and some "Heroes" but when it finally happens we can't see it! We get a glimpse of energy bolts coming from Syler's hands, then when Nathan and Peter fly into the room to fight him the doors close. What the H---!? One of the reasons I think people watch this show is for the special effects and I think this episode, along with this season has been lacking in that department. I will say it was a shock when Nathan got killed.
  • A final that will force the heroes to deal with the consequences of the actions of a few!

    An ending that could be said to live up to the shows reputation. The scenes left me wanting more, and on rare occasion almost as excited as the first season left me feeling. I thought the ending with Tracy was brillant simply because it made you certain that she wasn't dead and left you with a lot of questions about the whole, I'm dead, I'm not dead thing that seems to be a reacuring theme in heroes. I was also glad that a main character actually died, I know that sounds harsh but no one seems to die despite all the near death experiences they have, and eventually that gets old. I liked the fact that the consequences of what happened in that episode will have to be dealt with in the next season, and hopefully we will get some more answers.
  • Nathan rushes against time in order to stop Sylar from getting to the President but it comes with a price. Hiro faces the consequences of overusing his powers and Matt has to make a difficult call that will save the world but ruin his life.

    The finale of the fourth volume is better than the one from Villains. Maybe the best one at of all three seasons. I loved Greg Grunberg's acting in this one even though his scenes were only a few. His acting is either great or very stiff and in this one is the former. Also a highlight is of course Cristine Rose's (Angela) acting especially at the scene where she finds Nathan...well... you know. Sylar and Claire's talk is amazing (and I believe back then there were rumours that where putting these two into a love interest for each other). The importance of this episode is how cleverly a they ended this volume.
    Now for the next volume entitled Redemption (which is premiering in a couple of hours) here are some pros and cons in my personal humble opinion:
    Pros: I think Hiro's story should be amazing. I noticed when Hiro is put along with another one of our Heroes (other than Ando)his story gets interesting. I don't how much other Heroes would be involved in this story but I think it would be good if he interacted with other Heroes (again other than Ando). Also Matt's story should come up great, although I don't know how much they are going to drag this whole guilt issue with Matt. Cons: Of course Tracy's return from the grave. Don't get me wrong I love Ali Larter but they should have left her dead and pick up her other character (Barbara). On the other hand this volume introduces perhaps the very first story of Tracy since she is usually a part of someone else's story or have no story at all. Another con is that Mohinder is once again left without a story. The character is becoming boring by the volume but hopefully he will come back this volume with a nice story.
    Lastly, the whole Sylar/Nathan thing could turn out to be a major hit or huge disaster (depending on how the writers use it). The answer: in our screens in less than 3 hours. Here's hoping! Enjoy!
  • An invisible storyline (well to me) whichs ties up what was overall a very disappointing season.

    To be honest, i am an avid fan of heroes, however the numerous plots and subplots and poor writing throughout this season made poor premise for this season finale. I was tempted to give this episode a one, but having painfully rewatched it again, there are some interesting concepts such as the brotherly tag team with Peter and Nathan. However whilst the idea was great, it was poorly executed. The closed door fight, scence Sylar flying (whether he was using telekinesis or empathy to gain Nathans power it was poor of them not to explain Sylar achieveing a new power, considering much of what made season one interesting was watching Sylar's attempts to achieve his new abilities and the brain man concept which gave heroes the dexter pyscho serial killer intensity) excuse my longest bracket ever, it is my first review in almost two years, which i stress because this episode prompted my need to complain =p

    It still bugs me that Peter did not try imitate Sylars power, whether that will give him all of sylars existing powers or just give him the ability to know how things work, you'd think that it would be more useful then flying head first into an invulnerable murderer.

    Skipping along, parkman using his powers yes thats cool until it reaches absurdity. Making Sylar think he's Nathar, honestly i find it ridiculous that a mother would want a serial killer to 'become' her son, maybe she should focus on spending more time on Peter...just a thought.

    We all know that that concept will never hold, i mean by the prelude for the next season it was already wearing off. I must say im getting really sick of Nathan dying at the end of every season, yes Heroes has completely robbed us of the emotional experience of a character dying. End of season one we could safely assume he blew up with Peter, but no he was healled by magic blood which seemed like a good idea at the time and now completely devoid from all future story likes. Season two finale, Nathan shot several times by back to the future Peter and his distinctive walk... not only did prove pointless all it gave us was another crappy volume where at the end of it Nathan, healed by a 'Linderman that wasnt even there confusedface,' who tells the president about people anyways. Yadada which brings us back to here, the finale, oh no Nathan is dead, this time they could even give us 6 months wait to find an excuse to bring him back, noppee "Sylar you are Nathan" woo now Mommy gonna get rid of her beloved son's in a proxy funeral with everyone looking at him glad he is dead and thinking what a pathetic criminal he was... especially Claire, great send out for daddy who you recently became bffs with in Mexico.

    Big paragraph, my bad. Soo yes Nathan and Sylar are still there which is good for the show cause they are good characters, buttttt the writers will have no idea what to do with them it will invariably lead to the end of Adrian Pasdar job on Heroes when they decide who stays. Plus i dont see him coming back from this one. *Finds nathans body...whether the hell is it confusedface, drops some of Claires blood and BAM your own grow a Nathan Petrelli in under one day*

    i really like this show but, underating Peter and his abilities soo much has destroyed the good vs evil balance for this season. Going back to the success of season one, we had Sylar getting stronger, but we had Peter getting stronger and the complications they faced achieving it, al to gear us some for their final bout, but that was three years ago. Heroes fans have learnt to expect little, well that is the ones that have made it this far.
  • a lame finale...

    Nathan tries to stop Sylar from speaking to the president and taking his DNA so he is able to become the president. Sylar makes Danko look as a killer and Noah is taken captive. Hiro and Ando try to stp building 26 and free Mohinder and the rest of captives. Season 3 and volume 4 end here, and I must say that that was one of the worst stories from the season. Mainly all beacuase killing Nathan and making Sylar belive he IS Nathan. I think thats bads enough to have both characters out of the series and I rather have Sylar out there and Nathan dead than Sylar being Nathan.
  • This was actually ridiculous. I had high hopes for this finale, but it was trash. The writers seem to enjoy overdosing on plot holes. And guess what? Sylar's still alive. What a surprise!!

    I'm not going to sit here and say that the whole episode was bad, because it wasn't. There were some good parts. I found myself rooting for Peter for the first time in a while, and there were some cool scenes, like Sylar turning on Danco, etc.
    But all of that was undermined by some serious discrepancies in the storyline as well as UNNECESSARY complications. Nathan dies in this episode, but WAIT... only HRG and Angela know this. Why? Because Parkman was able to get into Sylar's mind and convince Sylar that he is ACTUALLY NATHAN. Sylar's morphing power comes in handy here when he's able to morph into Nathan, thus keeping Nathan's character alive and keeping the other characters from mourning the loss.

    If they wanted to keep Nathan alive, WHY didn't they just use CLAIRE'S blood? if she was able to save HRG that way, why couldn't she save Nathan that way as well?

    And... wait for it... in the sneak peak to Redemption, we see that 'Nathan' has aptutude for fixing clocks. Gasp! Sylar's personality is seeping back out. Who would have thought? Really. How shocking. Let's be real. The second Sylar became Nathan, we all knew that it was going to go downhill at some point.
  • Now we need to get rid off the world of all the clocks:)

    Very interesting twist, but this show is going to turn into a soup opera next season, and of course eventually Sylar will be Sylar and there will be another fight with Peter at the end, then Peter dies and Sylar becomes Peter. All around great episode with nice dram, heart pounding action, unknowns. I don't understand one thing, why Nathan was not resurrected with Clair's blood? Hmmm, sounds like his mother although loved him, wanted him out of the picture. Didn't she say like in season 2 - I'm talking about Angela, that she was Sylar's mother? I feel bad for Hiro, and since Ando is his foil, bye bye Hiro, I guess bye bye Ando. Can't wait for next season, but yeah most of the story is predictable.
  • Awesome season finale

    Nathan tries to prevent Sylar from meeting the President. Sylar has his own agenda regarding his partner. Hiro finds there are consequences that come with the return of his powers.

    Ok, the chapter was strange, but very good. There was tension throughout the episode. Nathan finally died, but more strange was the finale with Sylar convinced that he is Nathan. The first minutes of Redemption show us that Sylar would be Sylar coming soon. Now we know why is Redemption.
    And Tracy is a Killer!!!
    Peter have the powers of Sylar. Finally we have a powerful Peter.
    Wow, great finale.

    Sorry for my bad english.
  • Ok...that was a waaaay more complicated solution than necessary.

    I won't post any spoilers for those who haven't seen the episode yet, but I distinctly recall an episode in which Noah (or HRG, however you'd like to refer to him) was shot in the eye and killed. He was then brought back to life with a few drops of Claire's blood. Do the people who have watched the episode see where I'm going with this? Was that whole production with Parkman and the massive coverup and the unbelievably dangerous stand-in really called for? Given that HRG was one of the conspirators in this severely convoluted plot makes it all the more silly. He KNOWS what his own daughter could have done, but instead, he conspired to keep her in the dark, leave someone else dead and you-know-who alive and in a position of power. Is it just me, or was that just a really stupid way to go?
  • a climatic and tearjerking season finale P.S.: Even more massive spoilers are in this review. If you want to be surprised by this episode, read no further.

    Say what you want about Villains, Fugitives was a pretty good volume. It had its share of bad episodes and questionable characters and some of the loose ends wrapped are rushed in here but it is a fitting conclusion until next volume, which, thankfully, is a given. In this episode, Sylar comes to another demise and a major character is lost. This time, it's heartbreaking, at least to me. This episode is deliberately less of a hassle than Duel and I'm not complaining because most of the time it is really good. Angela dreams that the entry to DC is shut down and Noah already knew something was going on because the construction workers were fake. He decides to ride on to the brigade, letting Angela and Claire escape. Sylar awakens from being stabbed behind the head and pulls out the plyers. Why is he alive? Thanks to his shapeshifting powers, he was able to move the kill-spot. All right. I don't exactly understand but I'll go with it. Danko demands Sylar resume the Taub-identity but Sylar's through playing Danko's game. He's through with Danko, period. He pins Danko to the wall, sliding an unconscious Nathan in the other room. Danko goads Sylar to just kill him now. Nope. Sylar loves his prey to squirm. He impersonates Danko, as Danko kills a couple of brigade members coming to investigate, and as Taub, "fesses" Danko out. As for Nathan, Sylar wants to play with him a little while longer. Claire and Angela walk into the White House, Claire looking to find Nathan. Angela runs to find Matt. Part two of her vision showed Nathan in trouble and Matt is the one to save him. While Angela can't change her visions, she can tilt them in her direction. Outside of Building 26, Hiro recovers from a nosebleed, still wanting to infiltrate. Ando tries to reason with him, let Ando zap a couple of people, but Hiro refuses. He'll go on. He promises Ando this will be the last time he will use his powers. Danko struggles against capture and is put in a dungeon with Noah. Both are surprised to be in each other's company. Danko realizes the error of his plan and asks Noah what's the secret to keep the world in balance. Noah replies: comprimise, teaming up with and understanding the enemy, be willing to do anything and everything possible. Noah replies that what separates Danko from himself is that he's fighting out of family love and it was Claire that taught him how to put family into perspective. Danko replies that Noah and him are not that different, and they really aren't, and they're in the same comprimising situation. Noah suggests they team up together, defeat Sylar, Danko already has a plan to inject Sylar with poison, and overthrow Building 26. Danko agrees. They're about to shake hands when Hiro walks in, freezing everyone. All looks good for Hiro and he proceeds despite Ando's misgivings, especially when Ando finds a bloodied ear. Hiro-Ando find the catatonic heroes including Mohinder, frees them, Ando believing Mohinder can help Hiro, and Hiro places all the Building 26 personalle in vegetative states. It's not like they didn't deserve it but Hiro, harsh. Hiro unfreezes time and as a result gets his eyes swimming in blood. Hiro-Ando lead the heroes to safety and then tend to Mohinder so he can help them. Mohinder inspects Hiro and explains that Hiro can't use his powers anymore or it will kill him. Why? When Arthur stole his powers, he made Hiro fully human. When Hiro regained his powers, his human body rejected them. That's my explanation anyway but you take what you want from what Mohinder's explanation was. Hiro is crushed. Noah and Danko observe the new passage out, Noah realizing it was Hiro's doing. Danko looks at the screen and to his horror, all the heroes are gone with the humans comatose. Noah explains that Danko underestimated the heroes' potential and that was his greatest weakness. Danko goes to knock Noah out but Hiro approaches Danko from behind and Danko sees Hiro's bloodied eyes before Hiro stabs him in the neck. I guess that means he's dead? Harsh, he was a very worthy villain. Noah doesn't mind, I guess he viewed Danko as too much of a problem, and helps Hiro rest. Sylar kicks an unconscious Nathan, tormenting him over how he'll be better than Nathan since Mommy gave Sylar the useful ability to read a personal object's history so he can fool everyone, how he'll be the greatest person in the world once he impersonates the President, and how Nathan is so pathetic. Sylar assumes Nathan's form when Claire walks in. Sylar does his best Nathan and tells Claire they have to find Sylar while Claire has misgivings about "Nathan"'s identity. Sylar finally convinces her when he "reads" her necklace and pulls out Nathan's recent adventure with Claire and how he felt about her. Claire, won over, convinces Sylar she should go in case big trouble comes. Okay, Sylar has a willing sacrificial lamb if his plan backfires. Nathan awakens and Peter storms in, coaxing his brother to join the fight against Sylar. Sylar-Nathan and Claire meet Nathan's old boarding school/political buddy that sends them upstairs until the President can meet with him. Sylar has to sign a paper and Claire notices that Sylar's a leftie. Sylar decides Claire knows too much. Noah storms out of Building 26, recieving a phone call from "Claire" saying she's with Nathan. Sylar can't resist to tell his nemesis he's with his daughter. Sylar uses a variation of Doyle's powers, how did he learn that and why has he never used that trick before?, forcing Claire to become his dancing puppet, relishing every minute. He taunts Claire that they're not so much different, main reason being they can never die. He reveals his visit to his loser father and simpers that after awhile, life gets too boring. Sylar simpers that he will kill Claire's whole family and because she'll live longer than them anyway, she should accept it. He offers Claire a position as First Lady. Ugh. Don't know what that means so I'll ignore it. Claire vows that she will never stop hunting Sylar. Nathan and Peter storm into Sylar-Claire's hotel room when they're stopped by an official, saying Nathan already checked in. Nathan explains Sylar and says yes, Sylar's one of "them". A look at Peter and Nathan has a change of heart. No more hiding from who he is. He is finally willing to accept that he is a hero. He levitates in front of the guards. The guy is awestruck while Nathan explains only he and Peter can defeat Sylar and Peter is the best chance since Peter can absorb Sylar's ability and the plan will go from there. The man agrees and clears the way. Nathan and Peter storm to the room, Nathan telling Peter he loves him and Peter responds the same. Awwwwww. Sylar hurls Claire out the room and Claire tells father and uncle to get Sylar. Sylar pumps lightning while Peter and Nathan fly towards him. Door closes and Claire watches the battle, trying to get in. She bust in to find the room in shambles, Peter wounded but still alive. Peter explains that Sylar took off with Nathan, he was able to absorb Sylar's powers since he can't fly, and the two rush to find them. Once they leave, Sylar hurls Nathan to the ground, Sylar utilizing flight. Remember, learned-empathy. Sylar's through toying with Nathan and slits his throat. Nathan gags, sinking into the chair, eyes rolled high. Yes, Nathan is the one to die. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yes, the writers actually had the stones to kill off Nathan. Angela locates Matt and explains that he has to help Nathan. Matt's only out for Danko but Angela explains her vision, roping in Little-Matt's safety. Matt agrees. As Nathan, Sylar finds out through Nathan-friend where the President's heading, maims the friend, and assumes his form to get to the President. The President and Nathan-Sylar meet face-to-face, Sylar explaining he only wants to shake hands. The President submits and Sylar recoils, reverting to his real form. The President smiles, changes into Peter, giving major ownage to Sylar, and injecting him with poison. Matt and Angela walk into Nathan's deathroom, finding his body. Angela screams in agony, cradling her oldest son. She refuses to believe her son is dead and believes Matt can still save him. Matt, Noah, and Angela observe an unconscious Sylar, pondering what to do with him. Angela asks Matt a favor that he refuses because it's immoral, it's destroying a life. She explains that the only way heroes can be safe, to avoid chaos and another Danko, is for Nathan to still be alive, championing for their cause. Matt submits. He brainwashes Sylar into believing he is Nathan, Sylar shedding all memories of his life and identity and assuming Nathan's. The heroes will be safe with "Nathan" championing for them in the government, Angela keeps her selfish desire to preserve the memory of her lost son, and Sylar in a way got what he wanted: to be someone else. Now, he will do everything Nathan aspired to be. Noah uses the shapeshifter Sylar-body to burn any remains of "Sylar". Hiro, Mohinder, Ando, Angela, Peter, Claire, Noah and "Nathan" watch the flames, Peter clueless he lost his brother and Claire not knowing she lost her father. Both of her biological parents are gone. Poor Claire. Hiro tells Ando it's time to go home. "Nathan" uses his connections so Angela and Noah can set up a brand new company to protect heroes. A fresh start. Six weeks later, an alive Building 26 member meets his demise by local water nymph Tracey Strauss. Yes, she is alive and she is a water-bender. Hey, I don't make the rules for formula powers. "Nathan" doesn't feel like himself and Sylar starts regaining his self when he notices a clock is one minute ahead. What can I say? An honest cliffhanger of a finale that was suspenseful, surprising, and heartwrenching. I figured Nathan would be the one to die but for him to actually die. . .horrible. I may be one of the few that still like(d) Nathan and to see him go out just when he was finding redemption, after all the years watching him struggle between being his own man, accepting being a hero, and saving his brother, brutal. I was in serious tears. I wish he would had a more fitting ending but he died protecting his family and you can't ask for any better. Nathan, you will be missed. And in a way, a worthy villain died too as a part of Sylar died, as he now believes himself to be Nathan. He will regain his identity in good time but Sylar's identity has been permanently changed. A few gripes with this episode/season, a bunch of aspects were too rushed and if Volume 4 were a whole season, this episode would have packed more of a punch. Too little Peter-time. It was never revealed why Danko hated heroes so much and I don't think it ever will be explained. There was a major bright part. Just when I think I'm done with Heroes, in comes a brilliant twist that makes me want more. There are so many questions and revelations left from Volume 4 that needs to be explored. Claire has shown remarkable growth and strength this volume and I hope she continues to mature in the next. Is Matt still a prophet and why is he a prophet? How will Peter continue to change? The Sylar-Peter dynamic will/should be explored in more detail because this time, Peter and Sylar are actual brothers and I will look for a heartbreaking/brutal revelation once Peter discovers his brother is Sylar. What will happen with the new Company? What will happen with Hiro's powers and will Ando-Hiro work together to save the world? What did Mohinder's father do in the past? What is Tracey up to and she is the next villain? Who/what will be the next villain/threat that will threaten the heroes now that Sylar has been curbed and Danko is gone? Will Sylar ever gain redemption? Will he and Peter face off again? Since Peter currently has Sylar's power, will he be fueled by Sylar's bloodlust? Where's the Haitian? And will we ever find out what happened to Caitlin? I will have to wait to find out.
  • Amazing, shocking, and just plain creepy. Warning, major spoilers contained below, don't read unless you want to ruin the episode!

    This episode starts out with a bang, a much needed one at that. Last episode was good, but this episode has already surpassed it. Early on, my biggest question from last episode was answered, as we find out why Sylar was able to get back up. Then we see just how evil Sylar can be, as he takes out Danko (without killing him) with a genius plan. I really liked what Hiro did for HRG, because I never trusted Danko anyways, but now Hiro's life could be in danger. Things really escalate when Peter and Nathan go after Sylar, as we learn that Peter can indeed now take on more than one power again. What really shocked me though, was when Sylar killed Nathan. I can't believe it, he just can't be dead?!?! Despite that, I am sure psyched that Peter has his powers back, and now Sylars powers. This makes things very, very interesting. The end of volume 4 was the most twisted thing to come to this show, as Sylar was made to believe he is Nathan, in order to rid of Sylar, and make up for Nathans death. I couldn't believe it, how the heck did they come up with that? It was interesting, but I really doubt Sylar will be held as Nathan forever, we already saw in the sneak peak of volume 5 that Sylar's traits are still there, behind the fake front he has been forced into by Matt. The only thing I can say I really didn't like was the writers bring back Tacy's character, again! Talk about overkill. Overall a really good season finale, but I am worried about the next season.
  • A few things annoyed me.

    The previous reviewer mentioned Claire's blood as a possible cure for Nathan. I don't think that was a possibility because when Nathan was injured and healed this way before, he was not completely dead, just scarred and on life support. However it did not make sense for Sylar to be knocked out by a tranquilizer. Sylar has Claire's ability, and therefore can resist drugs like she can. When Claire was in Mexico, she won a drinking contest because her healing ability removed the alcohol from her system. Sylar should have been able to remove the tranquilizer drug in a similar fashion. I'm getting annoyed with a focus on the same heroes we have been seeing all along. What about the other heroes that were released in hiro's rescue effort. They got no screen time. I want another company to come out from left field with completely different heroes. Or for the current hiro's to have some sort of realization of like an underground community of heroes, maybe even based in a different country. Way too tired of the current characters.
  • one of the best shows on televison

    and invisible thread is the best cap of heroes in this season , but de sylar die , aflected much of funs , but i live in the future no in the past

    After a season of frustration and disappointment, Heroes closed out Volume 4 on a positive note. "An Invisible Thread" had tension and suspense, an actual death of a main character, and quite possibly the coolest twist the series has ever given us. The episode was a bit uneven in places, but the good outweighed the bad. The arc of this finale only began a few episodes ago, when it was revealed that Sylar was impersonating Nathan with his sights set on meeting the President to gain his DNA. This was a vastly different approach than previous seasons, but one the series had clearly been moving towards. The first year of Heroes had an arc that lasted the entirety of the season, leading to one big showdown in the finale. Subsequent seasons had broken things up a bit, making shorter volumes with their own set of finales. Volume 4 didn't really have a finale-type showdown in sight until "1961" aired revealing Sylar's most recent plan to wreak havoc on the world. The last several episodes have been like a mini volume within a volume, and it was the best part of this season. This makes a lot of sense if you're familiar with the behind-the-scenes staff changes that took place mid-season, with Bryan Fuller returning to the series. "An Invisible Thread" brought this mini-volume to an end with intensity. As Sylar was putting his plan into action, the real Nathan and his brood were all taking various paths back to D.C. in an effort to stop him. Senator Petrelli arrived first (in last week's episode) and was quickly knocked out of the fight.
  • Nathan gone...

    Wow, a previous reviewer actually mentioned Caitlin. I didn't think anyone remembered. I'd just figured out that there were so many different writer changes and whatever else that the storyline had been forgotten about.

    It was a really good episode. A typical heroes finale. Everyone keeps saying that Tracey is back... but I don't think it is. There are 3 of them, two of them gone. This is the last one now they're showing no?

    The actor that plays Sylar is just awesome. Genius. I'm not sure what I think about this whole Sylar being Nathan. It's really weird. Really weird.
  • Do I really need to give a summary? Sorry guys, I am too lazy to write one.

    I liked this episode but I am not entirely sure that I was satisfied with the ending. I mean, come on, Nathan gone? And Sylar becoming Nathan? That's a bit too much, even for Heroes. Also, why couldn't they use Claire's blood to bring Nathan back, like they did with Noah when he was shot in the eye? That just doesn't make sense but I guess the writers needed something to use for next season. Other than that, I did enjoy the action and the whole confusion caused by Sylar's constant shape shifting. I also liked the twist where Peter pretended to be the president to trick Sylar. Finally, I also enjoyed Ando and Hiro's roles as well as Suresh's appearance, even though his part was very small.
  • Fast paced, tightly integrated, true to character, oh and a few stupidities

    Before i get into the thick of this episode, let me say that i enjoyed it and loved what they have setup for season 4. Having said this, lets start with a review. Sylar, Claire, Noah, Angela were amazing. They were true to their characters and did exactly what we have come to expect of them. Noah and Angela are the only ones who would dare to think and then follow through of what they think as the only way to fix things. Sylar was his marvelous self, brilliant and fixated on getting what he wants. And we all know that what he wants, he usually gets. Coming to Hiro, Ando and Suresh; we have sad news for Hiro since it seems that his body is no longer accepting his ability or cannot keep up with it. What i like with this twist is that Hiro is the first of many possible casualties. We can have any no. of characters come down with such symptoms. Then we have the tale of two brothers. Inspite of being on opposite ends so many times and their own faults they are there for each other in times of need. Nathan and Peter get together against Sylar only to have Peter take on his shape shifting (seemingly) ability only. Meanwhile Nathan is killed by Sylar who then goes off to see the President. Luckily for us, Peter, Clair and Noah actually think of how they are going to pool their resources together and get to Sylar. They succeed. I will not go into how this ends and how the next volume is setup. However, here are a few thoughts from a fan.
    1- There needs to be an explanation why Claire's blood cannot be used to revive a person after their death since the audience has been led to believe on 2 occasions.
    2- Why did Peter not take on all the abilities of Sylar? It seems prudent that he should since someone would need to face off against him in future. Even though at the time he didnt know that he only needed the shapeshifting ability to stop him. (i liked how he forced Sylar to turn back gauging by the surprise on Sylar's face)
    3- Everyone needs a plan and needs to work together to overcome any obstacle, particularly Sylar. Why do these Hereos think they are invincible when they have been vanquished/ lost (Except for Peter) to Sylar most of the time? About time they stopped being a Hero in silo and worked together on 1 plan with everyone involved. 4- Hiro needs to really grow up and accept help. He seemed subdued at the end of the episode and i truly hope that he does come to terms with it. 5- Angela and Noah rock! Except that I need a darn good explanation why the problem could not be resolved with Claire's blood.
  • Oh Dear

    After last week's cliffhanger I really had hoped that the finale of this season would have been excellent. Unfortunately I was mistaken. To be honest this did not feel like a finale at all and I found it really disappointing. The episode was slow and very boring. The only highlight was Sylar finally managing to kill Nathan but even that was over shadowed by a ridiculous idea of Matt Parkman using his ability to make Sylar think he is Nathan. I am seriously concerned about the future of the series. They can't keep on bringing the same characters back. A change is definately needed in order to capture the creativity that heroes had during season 1. It appears that Tracy has returned and it was not much of a suprise. Peter has Sylar's abilities now and I think it would be a good story plot to see how he comes to terms with the hunger but that probably will not happen. I really enjoyed watching season 1 but in these more recent seasons I have found myself yawning and not taking in the story because there has not been much of one. Come on Heroes get your act together I used to watch this just as much as Lost but now I would rather watch the same episode of Lost three times in a row than have to bare another minute of Heroes.
  • Sylar frames Danko and murders Nathan on his quest to meet the president. Matt helps Angela erase Sylar's memory and replace it with Nathan's. Tracy returns from her "death" and is seeking revenge on those that harmed her.

    This was the best season finale they show has offered. It had the drama of season 1 and the action of season 2. It also had a Manchurian Candidate-feel to it. Season 3 proved to be just as good as Season 1. I look forward to Season 4, too bad we have to wait 4 months. I hope the DVD comes out soon.

    The way Nathan died proves just how quickly Sylar can off someone. He didn't hesitate and got satisfaction from simply seeing Nathan die. Seeing how Peter was the president and counter Sylars plans was flawless. This battle was very satisfying. It proves that Peter is the stronger one between the two.

    Sometime next season Sylar will piece together that he has been brain washed. When that happens Peter should have restored his powers because the two will have the ultimate duel. With this being the third go around for them, it only makes sense that both are equally powered. This duel should have the feel of the brief taste we got in "5 Years Gone".

    Heroes is the -ish!!!!
  • Best Finale the show has had and a great taster of season 4.

    When it comes to season finales Heroes isn't the best but I do be leave that it is underrated. What makes the Finales unique is the final scenes, it gives you a taste of what the next Volume will be like and I have to say this was the best Volume opener yet. Ali Larter is back but there is a twist is Ali's character Tracy or the unseen sister, I be leave and hope it's the unseen sister, Tracy was a boring character that didn't have much of a story. Hopefully if this is the new character there is more to her Character, I got the impression of a bit of Jessica in the character that would be good because thats when Ali's characters where at the best. We also got a look at Sylar I mean Nathan. Now I be leave that Sylar is pretending to be Nathan and that he is actually in control of who he is and what he is doing, my friend thinks different he thinks everything is how it seems that Sylar be leaves he is Nathan. No way, He knew the clock was broke. There was six months gone anything could have happened to make him find out. I was disappointed in the lack of Danko in this episode after the character has had a great debut Volume he totally gets forgotten about here. Also I realized Mohinder has more lines off screen than he has on screen. Sylar was great in this episode the scene with Claire was so evil just when I thought the character couldn't get anymore evil. Also although it was sudden Nathan's death was cool. I speculated his death before the episode so I was prepared for that. A lot of characters didn't do much here Matt, Peter, Bennett, Danko and Mohinder is was annoyed that Peter didn't get much screen time and that we missed the fight but I think next time the two characters fight it would be even better because it's been a long time. Overall this episode was a good way to end the volume 9 out of 10. Looking forward to season 4.
  • I KNEW IT!!! No, not that a certain someone would die, but that Heroes would once again fail to produce the goods on a finale. This episode wasn't bad, I enjoyed it, but it could have been SO much better. Given it 9 cause an average of 7.9 is too harsh.

    I read an interview saying this was the best finale they had ever done. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. At the beginning, i wasnt really interested in the two recap scenes of sylar/danko and claire/noah/angela. What I want from a finale is tension throughout, which funilly enough I am Sylar had, but this didnt.

    Then, by some miracle, Hiro and Ando are somehow on the B26 premises without being spotted.

    And the Sylar being reborn as Nathan just... ah i cant describe and granted it fitted with the Five years gone thread, but I just didnt like it. Perhaps they forgot Claire blood has healing abilities? I wouldnt have minded if parkman had pointed this out, then noah telling him that Sylar would still be alive and theres no way of containing him.

    And what happened to the President that 50 guards didnt see him get scooped away and have the time for Peter to swap in? and why didnt we see the battle??!? I was happy with everything else, and I sure liked the vol 5 teaser. Hello naked ali larter! BTW for everyone thinking that was Tracy it was babara!

    I'd give it 8.5, which is about equal to my fugitives rating, with two crap epi's, Into Asylum and 1961, two season 1 standard epi's, Cold Snap and I Am Sylar(Not any more u aint) and everything else just about good enough for me to keep watching. I will say it was better than Generations.
  • Best season finale I have seen.

    The finale was totally brilliant. It was Sylar all the way. Once again (just like season 1) Nathan and Peter take on Sylar. Sadly, Sylar kills Nathan. Zach Quinto is awesome in the roll of Sylar. He plays it to perfection. He is not just some wicked sneering homicidal villain. He has adds an element of suspense to his kills. Everything is perfectly orchestrated in his mind. Then, like a skilled surgeon, he proceeds to kill the person with their special abilities.

    Sylar and Hiro have become my two favorite characters in the show. Each one on the opposite side of the fence. Hiro is good, virtuous, loyal and yearns to be a hero. Sylar the opposite. Feeding his insatiable appetite for power. Like any drug, the need for power has consumed him.

    Now that Nathan is dead and Sylar has taken his place. How long do you feel it will take before we see Sylar come back? Angela did show concern when she noticed Nathan/Sylar noticing the clock is a minute and a half fast. No, we have not seen the last of Sylar. I truly feel sorry for those who feel the show is lacking and hope it goes off the air. Everyone has their opinion, but I feel Kring and his staff have proven themselves and given us the goods once again. I am hoping for a season 4. People like me who have stayed loyal to the show. We get it. We understand what Kring is trying to do. He wants the characters to be more three dimensional. Very little shows get me involved with the characters where I feel for them. Not so for Heroes. I am wondering why Hiro is bleeding and what will become of him. Will Ando be good or become evil? All the characters have evolved. That is what makes this show so entertaining to watch. There is something for everyone. To me, it is a return of good family entertainment. The type of show the whole family can sit down and enjoy and discuss their personal view point on the plots and characters. I hope we see a few more season. It would be a shame if it does not come back.

    On a personal note. For all of you people who hate the show. Stop watching it. I am not saying these words in a mean way. Watch something else. Something you will enjoy. Let the fans enjoy Heroes.
  • A surprisingly easy and logical resolution to the problems at work, but so dull and irrelevant that I don't really care.

    I have always been a very loyal television viewer. I often get into shows well into their run, but I watch all the way back, and stick with them til' the bitter end. Its very rare that I'll shed a show I like. That said, I think I'm done with Heroes. It just does nothing for me anymore.

    Season 1 was amazing, up until the kinda lame finale. Volume 2 was decent at the start, with particularly nice story lines for Hiro and Claire. Volume 3 started off as the same type of cloying clusterf**k it's predecessor ended on, only with weekly time travel, but got some solid Vol 1-esque traction towards the end.

    But this volume? It was just all blah. They didn't manage to completely screw an intense, thriller plotline that builds on itself each week, because they didn't even try for one. Instead they gave us a very basic premise that they did nothing exciting with, and threw a whole bunch of Sylar's "Who am I" world tour on top. We see Matt's ex-wife, a fifty-year-old project, Hiro and Ando go to India, Daphne not-so-fated fate with Matt, people getting caught and drugged only to escape time and time again. None of it suspenseful, none of it compelling for the characters' development, and none of it lifting a finger to make the main plot the slightest bit interesting. Ask yourself: what happened with Mohinder, Matt, Hiro, HRG, and Claire this volume? They moved around alot, popped in and out of building 26, but really...nothing!

    The episode was well-crafted in that it dealt with the key issues, albeit as summarily as "How to Stop an Exploding Man" (Vol. 1 finale), and without much awe or intrigue. Beyond that, it was of no amusement to me. The episode, like the whole series now, wreaks of "who cares?" And because I can't bring myself to any longer, I don't think I'll be tuning in next season.

    Plus Sylar as Nathan, come on!
  • The season is over, and Volume 5, aptly named Redemption begins. This is Heroes, in my opinion, where is stands at the moment.

    Season 2 and Season 3 have been crap. Lets not sugar coat that, and lets be honest with ourselves. The writing has taken a turn for the worse after a fantastic first season, and many think the show can never be as good as it once was. Its easier to tear down things then it is to have hope in them, and saying that no television series can improve over time is simply not true. Seinfeld was a great comedy series but the first three seasons weren't very good compared to the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons. The problem with Heroes is that the show's writers during Season 2 and 3 had no plan, they simply threw ideas against the wall and hoped they'd stick, and they threw out powers and different abilities to people with out thinking about the plot holes that would develop. Many people site the Claire using her blood to heal Nathan as a way of saving him. This is a perfect example, and it may be revealed later on that she does, in fact, do this, though for the life of me I can't imagine why. I think the writers of Heroes realize that Volume 2 and 3 were so bad that they seem to be flat out denying they ever happened. This is referred to as retconning for comic books. In other words they're picking what they liked and didn't like about those seasons and using them, and dumping the rest. This can only be acceptable if the show improves because of it, and I'm willing to go on faith, but for only one reason. When Bryan Fuller came back to the show, the quality improved greatly, and I actually became interested in Heroes again. He was tasked with saving this show and trying to resolved the plotline. He told us in an interview that the writing staff was at a total loss of where to take this series because of this current story arc and frankly I'm amazed they managed to put it together as well as they did at the end. I think we were generally treated to some good episodes at the end of Volume four, and the finale had a lot of strengths. The lack of action shots is understandable, this is a TV show, not a movie, and action sequences require a lot of stunt doubles, effects, and coreography, and that's all EXPENSIVE. How they caught Sylar was clever and I think I actually cheered Peter for the first time in SEASONS. Everyone was generally on their game acting wise, and its interesting to see Sylar trapped as Nathan, slowly returning to type. All in all I still have high hopes for the series now, and I think now that Bryan Fuller is actively back to the planning stages of writing for these Seasonal arcs I think the show can get back on track.
  • This was great episode great finale.

    This episode had everything that it needed. It was a great ending with a fantastic cliffhanger. Great story, suspense and mysterious ending. Only three people know about Nathan/Sylar. And they are ready to keep it a secret. Possibilities for next season are endless now. And maybe for more seasons. New villain Tracy will give them a bath of a life time :D. Sylar will have maybe flashbacks. Great!!! I can not wait for next season. It left me wanting more more more. The ways that they can go. This is why I love this show so much, it can go way beyond expected, and still surprise me in a good way. I absolutely will watch volume 5. Love it!!!
  • An average season and a average end

    i had high hopes for this finale but all it did was let me down first of all what happen to the fight scene it should have been the most interesting fight scene in a very long time but we didnt even get to see any of it besides a few flashs of lights why couldnt they save nathan the way they did with Noah just give him some of Clair's blood i am sure she wouldnt mind losing some to same his father also is sylar develooping a crush on clair now its gona be pretty weird now sylar thinks he is nathan considering everything not a great episode especially for a finale but it did leave a world of possiblities for season 4 hopfully the writers can make use of it and with luck maybe even repeat the genius writings of season 1
  • Phenomenally the greatest "Love It, or Hate It" season finale I've see so far. Provocative and heartfelt An Invisible Thread is a turning point that noone saw coming with the death of Nathan Petrelli and Sylar taking his place.

    In past seasons Heroes has struggled to balance superhero status with drama usually leaving the superhero fans disappointed when the fight scenes are mediocre or people are saved by standard human methods. Heroes is not Marvel or DC Universe, these aren't trained warriors or battle guard elites; they're just people coming into their powers while trying to survive a world that doesn't understand them.

    In typical Heroes dramatic fashion the last scenes of I Am Sylar were dramatically altered in the first few moments of An Invisible Thread. Sylar returns the betrayal and disguises himself as Danko, kills some of Danko's agents and has the now former leader of Building 26 arrested and takes course to meeting with the president. Hiro and Ando free all of the Others captured in Building 26 including Danko and Noah Bennett who allowed himself to be captured so Angela and Claire could escape. Angela is frantic for the safety of her son, Nathan whom she dreamed of being in trouble and Matt Parkman is the only one who can save him.

    Meanwhile Sylar slips up and Claire tries to alert HRG to the ruse but is captured and forced to wait for her real fathers and uncle to arrive. The door slams behind Peter and Nathan and an intense battle-possibly THE battle of the series rips the room apart and Peter is the only one left in the rubble now seemingly powerless. Together they flee to find Noah but too late.

    Nathan and Sylars battle returns to the ruined hotel room. Sylar waves his hand and Nathan's throat is slit wide open. Nobody is there to save him. Angela's dream seems to have been wrong. Her son is dead and Sylar is taken down by Peter Petrelli disguised as the president.

    With no other choice, the alternative of one of them having killed a U.S. Senator, Angela compelled Parkman to bring the memories of Nathan's life in Sylars mind to the surface and eliminate Sylar and Gabriel Gray from it forever. Replacing Nathan with Sylar had to have been the hardest thing Angela Petrelli has ever had to do. The shapeshifter was burned viking style and life finally went on. A new Company would be founded by Noah Bennett funded by the U.S. Government. And things go back to normal?!

    All in all this was a fantastic episode that could very well be hated endlessly by people who hate Heroes anyway, people who are just looking to raise their Level in TV.com by writing up reviews even though they want the show canceled for personal reasons. I pity these people. They'll never understand just what they're missing out on.

    Brilliance escapes the ignorant. Heroes is bliss to the brilliant.
  • Un final de temporada inesperado, con cambios en la trama que no se si disminuyen la calidad del programa

    En este final de temporada, a pesar de que se presentan situaciones de tension, me parece que fue algo inesperado para nosotros los seguidores de la serie, lo que me hace pensar que fue como una idea de ultima hora de los productores y escritores de la serie....es increible que Sylar tenga ahora ademas de cambiar de forma, la facilidad de mover su "talon de aquiles" a cualquier parte del cuerpo, lo que lo hace entonces, indestructible e inmortal....despues, que Hiro este sufriendo ahora una enfermedad respecto de su poder, que lo podria hasta matar, luego, que una de las trillizas aparezca ahora en la serie, lo que no queda claro es que si es la misma que congelaba el agua (Tracy), o la mama de Micah (Nikki), o se trata de la 3ra de ellas que aparece en el show.....no obstante estas crticias, el episodio fue bueno, la pelea entre Sylar, Peter y Nathan hubiera sido mejor presenciarla, tambien, el inesperado desenlace de Nathan pudo haber sido manejado de otra manera por los productores y escritores del show, es decir, no tiene porque haber culminado de esa manera la temporada respecto a Nathan. Espero que la proxima temporada comience corrigiendo los errores que cometieron en la trama de la serie en este final, ya que, la serie ira perdiendo su atractivo; ya que, cuando Sylar recupere su memoria, la serie seguira sin un Nathan? Espero que no ya que es uno de los personajes anclas de la serie....
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