Season 3 Episode 5

Angels and Monsters

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • This is getting real old, real fast. Spoiler warning

    This show is really starting to annoy me. It's like an ADD 6 year old is writing the story. The second any sort of answers are given, the show throws a million more questions. Random heroes with random powers are constantly being thrown into the mix, no one knows the intentions of anyone else, good characters are being mislead and evil characters are masquerading as good. When the hell will this story ever become cohesive and solid? If we have to wait until the very last episode of the season before we get any answers, this series can just die. While I will continue to watch this show, I will do so being extremely annoyed. The writers have managed to hook me, but I hate them for what they're doing. Is this series going to be a never ending attempt to change the future? And will we be constantly harassed with every single damn character being both good and evil? Jesus, i thought until today that Hiro was the one pure-hearted person in all of this. Of course, i'm sure the writers have come up with some BS to make Ando die but then again not die. And some of the power's they're introducing are just stupid. Puppet master? Thats the same as telekinesis, just that it only works on people. This series is going downhill really fast, and I hope people are starting to realize that if this keeps going the way it is, Heroes will be one big failure.
  • Great Episode

    I just finished watching this episode 25 minutes ago and I thought that it was a great episode. There was a lot of things in it that I really liked and that I thought were really cool. I liked almost every storyline in this episode including the one with Hiro, Ando and Adam Monroe and Hiro stabbing Ando so that he could join Knox and Daphne; the one with Claire helping the guy who could create black holes and what happened when Sylar and Noah came to save her. I especially liked finding out that Daphne was able to see Mr. Linderman and how she and Nathan could see him. I also liked the reveal of Mr. Petrelli and the reveal of Maury Parkman manipulating Daphne and Nathan. The thing that I liked the most though was the little preview of a new villian that they showed called the "puppet man". I'm very interested to see what is going to come of this new character. I don't really like the way Mohinder is going so far but hopefully it gets better for him. Overall I thought that this episode was great and I can't wait for next weeks episode.
  • Severely disappointing episode.

    Severely disappointing episode. So season 3 is about villains, right? Or are there still heroes on this show? 'Cause I'm having a hard time telling who the heroes are anymore or if they even exist.

    The scene with Ando's death was shocking and ultimately unsatisfying as they cut away and didn't address the effects of what Hiro just did. Was it a fake-out? Did Hiro manipulate time to trick the thugs? By next week, if we find out Ando is still alive - will we care? I'll be glad to find Ando is alive and well (if that happens), but what was the point besides being shocking...

    I'm this close to giving up on this show. The acting and production quality are still at a high level, but the writing is frankly disappointing.

    By the way, can we just kill Mohinder and jettison the Dr. Jekyll mad scientist storyline?

    Considering the strong opening for season 3, the subsequent episodes have fallen sharply in quality of the story.
  • Awesome episode. Peter is getting out of control with Syler's power. Mr. Parkman and Mr. Petrilli are behind everything, but daddy Petrilli is the boss behind everyone. Daphne, Knox, Maury, Arthur, and Hiro are apart of Pinehurst Co.

    Hiro killing Ando? I highly doubt it. Theory 1: Hiro goes back in time and somehow saves him. Theory 2: Mr. Parkman is behind this, and creates an illusion of Hiro killing Ando.

    I am also predicting that Maya is not dead from creepy Mohinder. Nathan and Tracy are going to meet up with Mohinder in the next episode. I don't get the point of Mohinder going out and killing that drug dealer, kind of random.

    HRG really wants Syler dead. Even though Claire hates Syler, she is starting to not trust HRG too.

    Overall, I cannot wait for the next episode, more and more heroes are coming together and it is going to be exciting!!!
  • awesome

    Seriously, people need to get back to watching Heroes. Tonight was a fine example of this action-packed, suspenseful show that brings plenty more revelations, surprises, and adventure. Peter returns from the future, enraged by Sylar's power, and starts to attack Sylar himself. Angela comes in to stop the brotherly quabble and Peter is incensed that yes, Angela unfortunately didn't tell him that Sylar was in fact his brother. With Sylar's power, he tries to kill his mother but amazingly, Sylar steps in and saves the day. It's a major role reversal to have Sylar trying to turn into a hero and Peter beginning to turn into a villain. In good time, Noah asks for Sylar's help in trying to locate a Sector Five villain. Claire closes in on her first villain and it's revealed the guy isn't really that bad, he made a terrible mistake in judgement while discovering his powers and The Company decided to step in and contain him. It's a revelation for Claire who realizes that not every "villain" is heartless and pulls back from what's starting to become her future self. The guy's power, some sort of vortex dimension black-hole ability, was amazing to watch. Noah and Sylar close in on the same villain and Claire gets to see good-old Uncle Sylar again but this time he saves her but Claire's still furious over what he did to her. She doesn't know yet he's her uncle. Claire's real mother decides to go find her but stumbles into the wrong and even more dangerous villain. It's revealed Daphne is working for Linderman/NotLinderman and he wants her to recruit heroes for their purpose. Nathan and Tracey continue their budding relationship but it takes a backseat when Angela admits that Tracey was part of an experimentation with triplets Nikki and the mysterious and for-now absent, Barbera, and Nathan's ability wasn't genetic but was injected into him too. Luckily or unluckily, Peter and Sylar's abilties seem to be the natural deal. Mohinder sinks deeper and deeper into the monster shown in the future and now, he's starting to harvest people into coccoons like a bug. Too bad Maya found out and now, she's currently on the menu. Hiro and Ando reach an uneasy truce with Adam/Kensei; it was funny seeing Hiro reach the upperhand with Adam over and over. Adam shows them to a bar to get information to who is behind the formula-stealing but Hiro gets clocked due to Adam's traditional drinking problem and Adam escapes. Daphne meets up with Hiro and Ando and invites Hiro to join what should be seen as the league of villains. An evil and teammember Knox forces Hiro to kill Ando and Ando is last seen bleeding to the ground. Luckily, I don't think Ando is dead or will be dead for very long. Hiro wouldn't be the same without Ando and it seemed out of character for Hiro to kill his friend and I'm thinking it was part of a plan. The seeming-like murder upsets Daphne because she didn't want anyone dead, she just wanted a paying gig. Angela forsees the real villain and of course, it's none other than Father Petrelli, a guy I believed on season one was dead. Daphne discovers Linderman isn't real but she'll keep going as long as she's paid. And now, Fake Linderman wants her to look for Matt, who's still in Africa trying to look for her. Finally, it's revealed who and what Fake Linderman is and it's Matt's daddy Maury up to his old illusionist tricks. However, his overseerer is of course Father Peterelli, hooked up on lifesupport. His powers seem to be telepathic and he is well enough to try and take over the world. If Angela's vision is true, he'll be up and around in no time. Finally, Vortex-powered guy is harrassed by Noah looking to kill Sylar and sadly, takes his own life before he takes someone else's. Sylar tries to turn Claire away from Noah and a side smirk makes it appear that Sylar's not all-good yet and Claire finally sees how ambigiously moral her dad is. Now, she has to worry about her real mother that went after her, only to be placed in a sick, literal, puppetmaster's game. The episodes ends with Maya stuck in a coccoon, Peter still incompacitated, Nathan and Tracey reeling from Angela's news, Sylar and Noah butting heads, Claire on her way to rescue her mother, Hiro joining the villain's league, hero and villain character sides blurred, and the return of evil dad Petrelli. The Petrellis definitely wrote the book on dysfunction. The episode was exciting, action-packed, revealing, and surprising. And there is a whole lot more to come.
  • Thrilling

    This episode was good, I stay amazed at how much actually happens in each episode of Heroes. The lines are becoming blurred between the good and the bad guys, not only for our characters, but especially for us. What is going on with the Petrelli family? If Angela isn't the bad guy, but her husband is, why the h*ll won't she just tell someone so she can get help from someone to try and stop Mr Petrelli. Weird family, who is on which side now? I can't believe Hiro stabbed Ando, no wonder he's pissed and killes Hiro in the future. Lastly, Mr Bennet should grow some empathy...
  • A lot of surprises!!

    So Nathan & Peter´s daddy is alive and is the bad, bad guy!! wao! it was an incredible twist to the show and will iniciate a different situation to the whole story.. I did not like Angela´s dream about it..it was a surprise to see that linderman never existed and it was a Parkman father´s ilution... nice.. and unexpected.. What is happening with Mohinder??? now he is also a villain!! and I do not like that.. Poor Maya! and what happen while you are inside that cobweb, they cannot use their powers???
    A nice episode, good as the last one.. I am loving heroes again... yeah baby!
  • Spoiler - Hiro STABS Ando. That is all I took from this episode. And Peter acts ridiculous. So does Claire. And Noah acts... excatly like he always does. The only person to be interesting is future Sylar. Who dies.

    Uh... I am sure they will pull some time travel "It didn't really happen" trick, because if any character on this show is too noble to stab anyone, let alone his best friend, it would be Hiro. Even if they do pull some time warp shenanigans, remember when Hiro couldn't even stab Sylar? He has not come so far to be that quick to kill, even if he does plan to "undo ando" later. Really weak.

    Also, the acting is never applaudable, but in this episode it was the worst. I never mind, but I couldn't take claire and Peter.
  • Awesome episode!

    This episode is so great!!! I loved it!
    So, a lot of things happened. Claire hunted a vortex guy who killed him self eventually by creating a black hole which sucked him. Arthur Petrelli is finally here!!! That's great. He is gathering an army of people with special abilities and seems like it's going to be dangerous. Arthur is mysterious for now, and I like that! And that guy who's torturing Meredith is a sicko! :) So, Linderman is not alive, Matt's dad controlled Nathan's brain so he would think he sees Linderman. Angela's dream is awesome and seems like she really isn't able to move. And Hiro killed Ando, what was that about??? I was really shocked! I can't wait for the next episode! :)
  • Interesting part is just round the corner. Needed more but introduced Arthur Petrelli the Patriach.

    Peter tries to get some answers from Sylar. Angela comes in to see what all the fuss is about. Peter snaps Sylar's neck with telekenesis and Angela was about to get her head cut off curtesy of Peter. Sylar rescues Angela (Who would have thought Sylar the Hero) Sylar wants to know if Peter will be Ok. Angela sas he will. Mohinder tries to get some lab rats for an experiment and Maya comes in to see the development but ends up finding more than she bargained for to her horror. Mohinder finds her snooping and catches her doing some kind of cocoon round her. Nathan and Tracy seek out Angela to see if she can help. Only to learn Angela has had Peter medically comatozed. She explains to Nathan about there being powers created by an injection and that they hid the formula the Company that is. Nathan and Tracy along with her sisters and several others were tested on. Nathan is angry and leaves with Tracy to see Mohinder.

    Sylar and Noah go to find a Level 5 escapee Stephen Canfield with powers of opening vortex who Claire tracked down and sees a humane side to the guy after he expresses his love for his family. She also learns Noah is partnered up with Sylar. Shes mad and tries to save the other guy. Noah attempts to barter with him asking him to get rid of Sylar and he is free to go. Stephen doesn't want to be part of killing anyone and makes himself disappear. Claire is mad at both her father and at Sylar.

    Daphne teams up with Linderman to recruit heroes for Pinehearst. It turns out that Linderman is really an image Maury Parker made and is working for Petrelli.

    Hiro and Ando help Adam get out but he gives them the slip and escapes while Hiro stabs Ando
  • Each week the episodes get better and better... I love the fast pace of this Season vs. the snail pace of last season.

    I keep reading reviews in which people are slamming the show this year... I dont get it. More Heroes... More Villians... More action... What more could you ask for? People say that its getting far fetched... Hello its a show about People with Super Powers??? How would you like the show to play its self out. Would you like the show to play out like Bionic Women ( A show about a Super Hero who fights Terrorist, that just so happens to be canceled because it was so lame) People there is nothing wrong with the show... There is something wrong with you guys... **(To any writers of Heroes that happen to be reading this review....) Don't listen to the other idiots on here.... These are the same dolts who don't read comic books because they are "far fetched"... Yet, shell out $8 every Summer to watch another Marvel adaption... You guys are doing just as well as anything Marvel could pump out sans the $8...
  • Horrible script, mediocre execution, enjoyable plot.

    This episode was yet another example of bad writing - the characters felt inconsistent, out of character.

    Sylar / Claire / Noah - Bad. I won't even whine about things like "Why didn't Sylar use his super hearing?", But Claire even CONSIDERING that Sylar is right about Noah, is ridicilious. Just as much as she protecting Sylar from death. God...

    Also, the villain with the ability to create vortexes... GREAT! But of course... kill him off right away. Awful. Anticlimatic. This show needs some GOOD villains. Sylar is one, yes..... and that's about it. I'm sorry, but whats with the bald, fat peadophile looking guys all the time? I mean, why can't a villain look normal like Sylar? Or even Vortex Guy.

    That puppet-master that holds Claire's mom hostage(awful storyline btw) is horrible. Another thing I hated was Mohinder. His character took a 180° in this season, and boy... it makes me feel sad to think about what his character became. What I liked was well, Adam. Not much screentime for him, but still, he was great. But Hiro and Ando? Not so much. Hiro stabbing Ando was obviously staged, so there's no point in even speculating about that.

    The ending - the writers made it up to be something big, it wasn't. Honestly, it just adds to the soap opera. The entire Petrelli family seems involved somehow and of course it all comes down to Momma vs Papa. I don't like that.

    But, there were certain points I liked, mostly scenes.... However still, this episode fell back to the mediocre season 2 level after a great episode that was last week.
  • Just when i was starting to lose faith in this show, Angels and Monsters comes along...

    Had you asked me a fortnight ago I would have said that the show is losing its plot, what with the amount of new heroes being introduced and a very very incoherent story being unfolded.

    But this episode is what we all needed. No more is Mr Linderman a plot hole, no more are we unsure as to what is happenning in the background and who really is behind all this. People are unhappy because of the constant ambiguity of the characters but I think that this is what makes Heroes a good show. It would be no fun whatsoever if everyone had chosen sides. Plus it would be very uninteresting if people knew everything about their purpose in the story. The fact that everyone has their own agenda and the fact that our characters may not really know if they are with the "good" or the "bad" side is so fascinating.

    It is shaping up to be a really really strong season, the title VILLAINS is spot on as there trully are many of them around and more are being taken down the wrong path too. Excellent stuff, well done!

    Not a perfect episode as this Suresh story is so tedious. The fact that he may come up with a cure is the only redeeming factor of this subplot.. Which would put such a spanner in the works!!!!

    If you want really straightforward plots as far as the goodies and the baddies are concerned you may as well watch Star Wars.
  • Peter nearly kills Angela. Claire goes after her first villain. Hiro and Ando unbury Adam.

    WOW! That is all I can say. I mean, how good was last nights episode. Peter almost kills his mother because of the way she has been acting. If it wasn't for Sylar to the rescue. It was wrong of her to put him in a coma to keep Peter at bay. Nathan sure will go to great lengths to look out for his little brother. It does make sense that Nathan's powers are synthetic. Sylar and Peter have similar powers in that they can take other peoples powers. Sylar just has to kill the person to get it. Peter has to simply be in the room. Hiro killing Ando, now I hope that is not really true. Ando might not have a power but he boosts Hiro's confidence. It's good to know that Arthur is alive and starting a villains-only version of the company. There needs to be more of a story development to show why he is acting that way. What has Angela and the company done to make Arthur turn to a dark side and will his children follow suit or take down their own dad. So many more questions can arise but I know in due time they will all be answered. I look forward to next week. Can't wait until the DVD set comes out so I can watch them all over again without commercial interuption.
  • Finally some answers(in the last 5 minutes)...

    I was kind of tired about some weird plots with the characters but finally we got some answers to the:
    Who wants the formula? Who is Daphne working for? Who and Why they are looking for all these villains? Why Nathan can see a ghost of Mr. Linderman? What is the reason for having superpowers (natan & tracy) questions. I guess with all those questions answers all we need to know how this is going to end. That will be my prior motive to watch this season. The Mohinder thing its kind of creepy and Hiro its kind of getting annoying... *Spoilers alert*

    I mean if they ended the episode with the ando getting stabbed by hiro (which was painfully to watch) and Suresh in his spiderthingy with poor Maya. It would had been an really bad episode.
    I hope the writer knows what he is doing...
  • Hmm, interesting..

    I liked this episode because it explained a bit about "super" people.
    So I finally understood what future Peter said about Nathan and Suresh not being who he thought they were.
    I find it kind of comic, Hiro and Ando trying to save the world and doing a bunch of funny stuff.. comic relief.. i think that's their purpose.
    Anyways, I see that there will be a war between the gifted and the genetic empowered people. Apparently, Peter's dad will be the general of the latter.
    But seing how things turned out in the future, I'm curious to see how the haitian, who is working with Angela Petrelli, ended up on Claire, Knox and Daphne's side..

    I hope this season will have something big and dramatic, since the whole Sylar x Peter thing is not the focus anymore.
    We'll see..
  • This is an excellent episode

    That was an amazing episode, full of creative and mysterious.

    But it is making me confused and upset! Is Hiro a killer? no way, it can't be true! I can't believe he killed Ando, that's just so impossible.

    I have no idea who is good or who is the villain now. Saide turned himself in a monster, Peter has the hunger now and he wanted to kill his own mother, Hiro killed Ando. Thats simply confusing..

    I mean I will be really upset if Hiro killed really Ando... Hiro is one of my favorite characters and I will be extremely upset if he becomes bad.

    I am really enjoying to see Gabriel good, it was a good view in the future, however I don't understand why in the future he had the bomb power, but he doesn't have the others he collected before.

    I am also scared Claire will become bad as in the future, I so hope not, cause I love her.
  • Whats going on with this show?

    Heroes is a serial saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives. One have a nice power like flying, but he don't wanna be able to fly... hello? Is he stupid?

    Claire are now trying to hunt down the people with special powers... hmmm what about her power? Plus, she is just a little girl. It just becomes silly. Oh oh let's give her black cloths... then she look cool and oh oh lets give all the hunters that color.. oh oh Star Wars, Vader... gaaah!

    Hiro, I don't wanna talk about. He just destroy the serie more and more. Sorry but that character is way too silly and dumb. Kill him! And bring back Elle!

    And now over to spiderman or maybe the Fly? Yes I'm talking about Mohinder. Just make him evil and move on. He was much better before he took that test...

    Peter is OK, but still feels like he is stuck at same things. Just like the serie. Same things over and over again. Nothing new or special about it.

    Is this serie for 10 years old? Make it more mature and maybe it will become better!

    Right now it's silly and boring and this last episode didn't make it better.

    2 of 10 points. BOOO!
  • HRG and Sylar are after another Villian

    HRG tries to co-opt a level 5 escapee to help him get rid of Sylar once and for all, and this is after Sylar saves Claire's life. Hiro, meanwhile, is asked to take Ando's life so that he can go undercover to find the "the formula," and he apparently complies. Hiro with the line "I am a budass". Mohinder wanted to have powers and now finds himself spiralling downwards with the side effects of a flawed formula. Peter, having taken Sylar's ability is now faced with the hunger off wanting more. Tracey continues to struggle understanding her abilities, and in the end we meet Angela's husband, Arthur, who helped found the company. What does he have in store for the rest?
  • Suspense keeps delivering

    I got hooked on "Heroes" only after a marathon weekend of watching season one nonstop. It's tougher when you only watch one episode a week and have to wait for more answers next time. For better or for worse, I find "Heroes" addicting. Just as you think you've gotten control of the story, it goes into a U-turn and sends the characters running in the opposite direction. Just into the first ten minutes of "Angels and Monsters" my heart race began to speed up. Maybe it was from hearing Nathan Petrelli's voice in the opening narration instead of Mohinder Suresh. Maybe it was from seeing Peter try to saw off his mother's head or Mohinder's lab of web-bound victims. You feel the characters are facing their biggest challenges so far. And yet they survive long enough to make it to the next episode and the next. The story creeps closer and closer to something unexpected so I pray the writers will continue to deliver the shocks and surprises all the way to the end of the saga. There are some pros and cons to this episode. It was nice to see HIro and Ando as their lovable bumbling selves until Hiro suddenly backstabs (literally and metaphorically) his best friend. If there's any reason for Ando to betray Hiro then now would be a good time. The writers are good enough to clarify for us the status of Linderman (ghost or real?) and it gives them a fair excuse to keep characters around without cheating on their deaths. May fans theorized and were dead on about Maury Parkman using his abilities to manipulate people. But with his son Matt still stuck in Africa on a soul-searching quest, there are many possibilities in the air. My disappointment is in the title theme of "Villains". It's been 5 episodes so far and I want t see more malice and destruction from the level 5 baddies who broke out. Instead we got a sympathetic vortex-sucker and confused Claire who gets sent back home by her stern father. I expected more use of Claire's abilities in action. We had a great scene in season one when Claire heroically defended her family and home against nuclear-bound Ted Spranger. That's the sort of thing I want to see more of. Though we did get a disturbing scene of Meredith in the clutches of a puppet master. More fodder for next episode so it wasn't all a loss. But never mind the new villains. We've got our hands full with current characters being badass enough. Sylar defends his "mother" from a crazed Peter and then attempts to turn Claire against her father. Aside from those gruesome brain-hacking abilities, Sylar's tongue of persuasion is a deadly weapon. No wonder he's still around. Meanwhile, Nathan takes Tracy along and is furious to learn his mother used him as a lab rat. This is crucial storytelling in modern comic books. Wolverine and Superboy are examples of other characters who were submitted to testing against their will. Then there's poor Maya, a girl cursed with deadly powers AND boyfriend issues. Tsk tsk, won't the girl ever get a break?

    While other fans protest the "harmless" doctor's metamorphosis in season 3, I was intrigued to see Mohinder frantically dragging bodies into his lab like a mad scientist. I don't think he's got the same formula everyone is looking for but it's still urgent enough that Mohinder stops before he causes more destruction. Hopefully the storyline will clarify what exactly is going on to his body in upcoming episodes and what he does to his victims in those webs. (I suspect he paralyzes them with some spider-venom but that could just be speculation) It'd be ghastly if Dr. Suresh gets locked up in Level 5....though Sylar would be thrilled to start tormenting Mohinder again.
  • I loved the idea of a rival company. How is that gonna work? I just can't wait.

    First of all, I don't like what Suresh is becoming. Although I liked he trapped Maya. She's boring. Peter is very changed. What happened to that nice guy who graduated a nurse only for helping people? Don't tell me it's Sylar's hunger. He's too much damaged. He's evil now. I mean, tryin' to rip his own mother's head open?

    Claire and her stupid quest for a meaning of life is frustrating. But the season has it's bright side too. I like the development of Sylar's character. Learning he has a nice future, he's trying to control himsel to control himself, to be a human being. About Hiro, what the hell was that? Did he REALLY kill Ando? Is that true? I just can't believe it.

    Finally it's revealed how Linderman is back. And the end of the episode is fantastic. I REALLY did not see that coming. Peter's dad is alive? What is it about him that makes Matt's father so afraid of him? What's his ability?

    I loved the idea of a rival company. How is that gonna work? I just can't wait.
  • It takes a village to raise a villain.

    It takes a village to raise a child, a lesson Molly Walker knows well her own village scattered across the globe Matt lost somewhere in Africa and Mohinder slowly losing himself. It took a village to raise Claire, even if said village is filled with people as flawed as Meredith (captured by a puppet master the first chance he gets), unprepared as Nathan & Sandra are to face what lies ahead or overwhelmed as her father Noah, unable to deal with his sneaky new partner the only uncle that may understand Claire as well herself and yet it takes a village to raise a child even if said child is meant to become a villain like Peter seems to be now that he can't control the hunger his newfound brother's power gave him.

    There's no doubt it took a village to raise Parkman, not Matt but Maury, who catches a glimpse of the future as he sends his once-and-future daughter in law to recruit the very elements Arthur Petrelli needs for his army; an army that claims for Hiro to take the life of his good friend Ando, an army that needs Mohinder despite what he had become and an army that for some reason needs Pinehearst up and running even if the head of the whole operation is still in a coma like Petrelli Sr. seems to be and so we bid farewell to the time traveller's wife for it's the speedster and not the turtoise what will eventually introduce the would-be-spouses to the next chapter of this story.
  • Very exciting, and revealing...!

    The episodes before this one were really good, and exciting... but I think that this is the best one so far as it's bringing everything together nicely; it's working very well, and I love knowing Angela's powers now as we can sometimes get a glimpse of the future and see what happens, which is very interesting - and how she, Angela, tries to stop what she knows is going to happen. I'm loving watching the breakdown of a character like Mohinder, and the writers are doing it - it will be very revealing in future episodes. He was a hero, now turning a bit villainous; which I think is amazing, as it shows that anyone with a "heroes" power can either be a villain, or a hero...
  • This is both Nerve-wracking, and why I watch this show. The truth just keeps getting deeper and deeper with lots of paradoxes. "Time Space... Continuum"

    Great episode, yet again. Peter just keeps on naively choosing sides of 'fixing' the future, vs. 'saving the world' mentality. Hiro, keeps traveling through time, and creating the future everyone lives in, but fulfilling the needs of the plot. I knew that Hiro's comment, "Space time... continuum" was going to come back and bite him in the proverbial. He's starting to learn that he cannot or must not alter the time line, while Peter has yet to learn from this. I'm liking the cameos and appearances of crew from the Star-Trek series. First with George Takei (Nakamura/Sulu), Malcolm McDowell (Linderman/El-Aurian named Dr. Soran), Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli/Klingon), Nichelle Nichols (Nana Dawson /Uhura). I'm waiting to see who else will appear; But finding out the rest of Heroes' story-line is much more important. I'm holding on to Heroes, one episode at a time.
  • While some stuff works here, a lot of it is more scattershot than usual.

    At this point, the introduction is essentially over and things are transitioning to the next phase. It's apparent through the episode as characters begin to make critical choices while wondering where they are going to end up. Unfortunately, this episode is a bit more scattered than usual, and could've benefited from a tighter focus, or at least benching certain subplots.

    As seen with characters like Ted and Peter (most of the time anyway), some people with dangerous powers aren't bad people, but just lack someone to help them hone their ability for good. Bennet's told us that those who escaped from Level 5 are all bad because of their powers, but this episode showed that isn't true, and adds to the plot as well.

    Here we meet Stephen, a man who can create vortexes whose life was ruined by The Company's abducting him. He's a good man, but is haunted by his reflexive use of his power that resulted in a man's death. Stephen is played by Andre Royo, best known for his role as "Bubbles" on the amazing The Wire (which also featured Jamie Hector as mentioned in an earlier review). Unlike Jamie Hector's ruthless Marlo, "Bubbles" was a kind, troubled man. He was the crack addict you could bring home to mom. So it's fitting he's cast as the misunderstood Stephen.

    Stephen is the first target for Claire, using a copy of her father's files to stop her feelings of helplessness by hunting down escapees. While she's ready to go after him to the fullest extent, his letting her go is proof that he's not a bad guy. He just wants to see his kids. She clearly hasn't fully transformed into the cold Claire we see in the future.

    However, her father's involvement in the situation seems like a key moment for that change. Despite her insistence, Bennet isn't ready to be completely on board and let him go, attempting to coerce Stephen to suck Sylar into one of the vortexes and ultimately causing Stephen to kill himself rather than "become a monster". Bennet's involvement in Stephen's suicide is a far more convincing treatment of dividing father and daughter than last season's ill advised West fiasco. While Bennet no doubt loves Claire and would do anything to protect her, his moral ambiguity and history come to light often enough for her to question the man, like his forced partnership with Sylar.

    It also plays along Sylar's redemptive route, saving Claire from the vortex. Sylar's been playing with the concept of redemption this season, and I've mentioned that that's likely going to be the path for him as a long term character. He is making that transformation, but is still hoping to turn Claire against her dad.

    It's unfortunate that this storyline wasn't developed more. This is the strongest plot in the episode, but unfortunately the time constrictions give us only the basic outline. Andre Royo doesn't get to shine as much as Wire fans know he can. It would've been a good chance to show how cruel the Company practices of locking people up without trials, lawyers or informing their family. However, Heroes doesn't and shouldn't do allegory the way Battlestar Galactica does, which may be why this issue has only briefly touched upon without getting too close. The emotional core should've resonated more.

    Puppet master Doyle shows a lot of potential, forcing Meredith to play a sick version of house. While he can control all of her motions, it only affects her body, not her mind as she tries to tell him off. There is some history here. Perhaps Doyle stalked Meredith. Since he is Claire's likely next target, there will probably be more about him in the next episode.

    On a slight tangent, the actor playing Doyle is credited as David H. Lawrence XVII. Now when's the last time you've ever seen someone with XVII in their name who wasn't a pope or royalty?

    Nathan continues down the path that will lead him to be the perfect puppet for his father. "Linderman" is still putting thoughts in his head, and here it's uncovered that Nathan's flight is a manufactured power like hers. Besides pushing him further away from his mother and possibly closer to his father, this also has the implication that synthetic powers can be absorbed by Peter (hopefully we won't see Peter entombing people in webbing).

    The weakest link in the show has to be Mohinder's adventures of growing increasingly bug like, entombing the abusive neighbor, some random drug dealer and now Maya in a nest in the loft. Several stories in this episode, like Stephen's story, deserved more development, but lost screen time at the expense of this. One can hope Nathan and Tracy's visit can help rejuvenate this plot.

    Then there is Angela's new dream, where Tracy, Nathan and Peter are brutally killed and the unseen Petrelli warns her she won't be able to move or stop him when he comes. Clearly there are metaphors in these dreams, but there's not much to go on besides Angela surviving a metaphorical massacre. Maybe the pipe in Peter's head is the medically induced coma.

    Hiro & Ando with Adam was a disappointment to say the least. There's some jokes early on, but it's over all too quickly and little is done with their history. It could've been anyone with them. Also, they set up the bar as the "Cantina" for specials, but failed to make it appear any different than any run down bar. Obviously it's in character for Hiro to reference it, but if they're going to put it in, they need to deliver on the promise!

    Then there's the big moment where Hiro betrays Ando. Where did this come from? Yes they set it up with the vision of the future, but they seemed to have reached an accord at the end of the episode and were getting along here. They really dropped the ball developing Hiro's fear over dying motivating him to make this huge mistake. In a few episodes this may be believable, but here it doesn't work.

    Regardless, this is setting up the key moment where Hiro and Ando find themselves on opposite sides just before Japan gets shaken to the ground. No doubt Ando will survive the stabbing (with the "No one ever dies" mantra on this show, and the unceremonious in the wrong way stabbing itself) and go after Hiro, fulfilling the vision. Knox's comment about not needing a guy without powers may be his motivation for him getting the red lightning.

    Obviously the big twist is that Petrelli is not only alive, but pulling the strings. There was clearly a reason that Petrelli has never been seen outside of a blurry picture, as well as the circumstances of his death never fully explained (it was a suicide that could've been construed as a heart attack). They were waiting to play that card, and what better way to introduce him than as the big bad?

    Petrelli's endgame is the establishment of the supers army. Having his son, a future president, under his thumb can make that happen (and he does in the alternate timeline). Also, giving anyone powers can help keep the ranks full. Why isn't clear. He was a lawyer and had no known ties to defense interests. This could be what the mysterious Pinecrest company, whose logos are omnipresent on Future Claire and secret service agents, is invested in. Perhaps Future Peter coming back to 2007 was Petrelli's idea all along, since it set off the chain of events leading to it.

    How exactly the task force of Daphne, Hiro, Knox and soon Matt come into play is a bit more vague, but may support the "Future Peter coming back was part of his plan all along" theory. There purpose seems to have been to get Sylar off the wagon so he nukes a city and warrants Nathan to assemble the super army. However, what purpose will they serve before then? Clearly picking up Adam was for his healing blood on the very sick Petrelli, but what about the rest?

    The big one will have to be Matt, who is being pulled into this by his father, who is awake, apparently one of the Level 5 escapees (according to interviews), and now working with Petrelli out of revenge. Considering their skills, of course Maury wasn't going to be trapped in the nightmare world Matt made for him. It's also no surprise that Maury's responsible for the visions of Linderman, although him being a Level 5 escapee means he got involved pretty fast considering when Nathan first saw "Linderman". Regardless, that should be an interesting down the road.

    Overall, this episode is the season's first miss. It just misses the mark. While Bennet and Claire's storyline is good and could've been better fleshed out, others just go too fast in their plotting where the actions don't make sense like Hiro stabbing Ando or take up space like Mohinder's. However, I'm optimistic, and I'm looking forward to what Robert Forester as Petrelli will bring to the show.
  • Slower than the prevous episodes.

    This episode of Heroes felt much slower than the prevous episodes of the show which I wasn't really bothered by this because things where starting to get a bit confusing the show needed a breather. I was happy we got some answers in the episode like who was the boss of Pinehearst and how was Nathan seeing Linderman. I was happy to see Adam again he was awesome as usual but we didnt see much of him in the episode hopefully next week he is in the episode a bit more. Can't be leave Ando is dead he is like one of my current favorite characters I hope he some how comes back to life and kills Hiro no one likes Hiro anymore.
  • incredible plot, defines this chapter

    This episode was amazing. I mean angels and demons is what defines this episode, who will trip over to the villain side and who will be a hero. I mean, the episode starts with Peter using Sylar's ability on his mother!! And Sylar protecting her, it's the first time you see character change like this because when Peter went to the future on the previous episode, you only get to see Sylar is good, but you don't get to see Peter as evil. Anyway, this episode is like a bag full of surprises. If you watched it, didn't you almost die when Hiro stabbed Ando? And in the end, when we finally meet Arthur Petrelli? This episode was an absolute Heroes classic and I recommend you watch it if you haven't.
  • Mr.Petrelli! Woohoo :):):)

    In Sylar's cell, Peter grabs Sylar and snaps his neck, then turns to see his mother at the window. He telekinetically grabs her and asks what other secrets she's hiding from him. As he starts to slice open her skull, Sylar recovers and telekinetically throws Peter against the cell window, rendering him unconscious. Bennet arrives and tells Sylar to come with him because they have a lead on another Level 5 escapee.
    Sandra has realized that Claire lied about going to a cheerleading retreat and that she is going after the Level 5 escapees. Meredith argues that Claire cannot die, but Sandra shows her a file on Stephen Canfield, who can create matter vortexes that sucks up everything around, and suggests that anything and anyone will permanently disappear in Canfield's vortices, regardless of power. Meredith is persuaded, but is more worried by another escapee, Eric Doyle, who she says is horrible. She leaves to go after him, persuading Sandra to stay in the house. Stephen Canfield is at his former home on the phone with his sister, who refuses to tell him where his family is. She hangs up on him. Stephen gets angry and creates a vortex that sucks in a handful of small items. Claire appears and tasers him.
    After being released from his coffin, Adam chokes Hiro until he explains that they're looking for the missing formula. Adam notes that he told the Company to destroy the formula but they didn't listen. He says that Angela is probably responsible but suggests that there could be another possibility. However, he refuses to help until Hiro blackmails him by locking him in his coffin again until he agrees.
    Linderman meets with Daphne at the Pinehearst Company and wants to have her join a new group of special individuals that he's assembling. She agrees as long as she's paid, and he hands her a file containing photos of the people she needs to recruit.
    Canfield disarms Claire and explains that he only made one mistake. He discovers that she is not working with the Company or Pinehearst. He then explains that the Company locked him away with no lawyer and no trial and all he wants is a normal life. Sympathizing, Claire offers to help him find his family. Suddenly Noah and Sylar burst in with their guns ready, so Canfield creates a vortex and escapes. Sylar rescues Claire from the vortex and tries to apologize to Claire, as by touching her hand from holding her back from the vortex he saw how much pain and terror he had caused her, but she won't have it, and Noah forbids Sylar to speak to her.
    Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a bar where persons with special abilities can be hired. The bartender attacks Adam for having an affair with his wife but knocks out Hiro by mistake, then chases Adam out of the bar. Hiro and Ando try to find Adam without success. As they go down an alleyway, behind them, Knox knocks Adam out and puts him in a van. Daphne and Knox then enter the bar where Hiro and Ando are drinking. They offer Hiro a job at Pinehearst Industries. However, Knox has a sword, which he gives to Hiro, saying that he can only join on the condition that he kills Ando. After apologizing sadly to Ando and telling him that this is necessary to save the world, Hiro appears to fatally stab him with a sword, Daphne reacts with shock and Ando seems to die.
    Nathan and Tracy go to the Company facility where Angela is keeping Peter sedated. She explains that Zimmerman helped the Company develop a synthetic ability drug and that Tracy, her sisters Niki Sanders and Barbara, and Nathan were among his test subjects. Angela explains that since his father was disappointed that Nathan didn't have the genetic code for special powers, he authorized experimentation on Nathan. The decision was based on the assumption that since everybody else in the Petrelli family had powers, Nathan's body should be able to take it. Angela apologizes for the experiments on Tracy and says they tried to make amends by splitting the formula in half so no one could recreate it. However, Nathan reproaches her apology and leaves with Tracy. Nathan suggests that he and Tracy go to Mohinder for help. At his lab, Mohinder encases Maya in a cocoon when she discovers his disturbing secret.
    Claire goes to Griffith Park where Canfield plans to meet his wife. He tells her that his wife never showed up and admits his family are afraid of him. Noah arrives, holds Canfield at gunpoint, and makes him a deal: if Canfield kills Sylar, then Noah will let him go. Instead, he states that he does not want to "be a monster" and creates a vortex to suck himself in. Noah drives Claire home, explaining that he did what he had to do to protect his family. Sylar suggests to Claire that Noah is a user who doesn't consider either one of them human beings. However, Claire calls Sylar a monster when out of earshot and seems to believe Noah. Claire goes inside and Sandra greets her, glad that Meredith found her; Claire responds with "Meredith?". In a house filled with puppets, Meredith is seated at a table eating spaghetti with Eric Doyle. He controls her, forcing her to eat her food and then to kiss him.
    Angela has a vision in which Nathan, Peter and Tracy are killed. A man wearing a ring grabs her and says that he can't have her seeing the future. She insists that she will stop him, but he tells her that she won't even be able to move. Angela wakes up from her dream, paralyzed.
    Daphne runs to Pinehearst and informs Linderman that she's recruited everyone, including Hiro. She feels uneasy about the apparent murder of Ando but Linderman shrugs it off saying that it's "all part of making the world a better place". He then tells Daphne there is one more person to recruit: Matt Parkman, describing him as the most difficult one of all. She waves her hand through Linderman, and realizes that he isn't really there. Despite this she still reluctantly agrees to seek out Matt. As she leaves, Linderman disappears, and Maury Parkman emerges from the shadows. Maury enters the Pinehearst building and enters a medical chamber. He telepathically talks to the man with the ring, hooked up to life support, confirming that he's following his orders to give Nathan visions of Linderman, and that Adam is well in hand. The episode finishes with him declaring; "Whatever you say goes, Mr Petrelli."
  • The title alone severs to give me a good idea what this episode will be about.

    The title alone severs to give me a good idea what this episode will be about. Warning, spoilers ahead.

    Looks like there are more people at play in this episode. Adam is taken away by someone who seems to be using other villains. What I found refreshing was that one of the so called villains locked up in level 5, was actually not that bad of a person. So it seems that even though some of these people with powers do bad things (Tracy for example) not all of them are really bad, just scared and misunderstood. In one of the strangest twists so far, Hiro kills his friend Ando in order to "save the world". I guess now if Ando comes back, he has a reason to want to kill Hiro. I mean, he has good reason after being betrayed by his best friend. I was a little surprised, but also kind of knew, when we find out that Linderman is just a mind trick from Maury Parkman, who seems to be in play again. So it seems we have a new Villian, and one who is playing all the other Villians, and I never even saw it coming. The one doing all the manipulation seems to be none other than Arthur Petrelli. So we see that the show loves to bring back the dead once again. I liked this episode, but I just keep hoping that they stop bringing back old dealt with characters and start killing some off. Other than that complaint, I think this episode was great, and very entertaining.
  • More about the Pinehearst connection and a major revelation about a new villain.

    People we love are transforming, only time will tell what they will become.

    Peter attacks Sylar then Angela and then Sylar astonishingly asks with a worried look, "Is he going to be alright?" He already seems more like the future Sylar, already starting to care about Peter, has Angela actually managed to change him? I love Sylar! "Rehabilitation doesn't happen overnight, I AM trying." Yeah, he's only slipped up once so far! I grant you, he killed Jesse… I really like this, Sylar as a reformed bad guy.

    Claire is making up for her lack of offensive power by using a taser. Problem is, she's going for capture, not kill. That is incredibly stupid. Why did she start with the most dangerous person on the list? A guy who creates vortexes, the one thing she couldn't recover from. Sylar rescuing her is seriously gonna mess with her head. He apologized and obviously meant it.

    Seems Daphne can see Linderman! This Pinehearst is the same building Nathan was standing outside of in 304 in the future. Linderman wants her recruiting others – the first two files are Knox and Mohinder, whom she refers to as 'pretty nasty characters'? What did I miss? She's never even met Mohinder and no-one knows of his powers yet.

    Really don't like the new Mohinder. He was always like Peter – gentle, sweet, good. He's killing people! Maya sees the blood trail and beats a fast retreat and he lets her go – did he not notice the blood or just doesn't care? She stupidly returns and finds the bodies, and at least one of them is still alive! Mohinder adds Maya to his little collection.

    Angela actually calls Nathan to Level 5 to see Peter, who is in a coma again. Angela admits Zimmerman worked for the Company and created synthetic ability, which was tested on a number of infants, including Tracy and her sisters. And worst of all: Nathan too. Bit ironic, Nathan always thought he was better than Peter and it is Peter who has the natural power, whereas Nathan was born with none. Given that the rest of his family has powers, his father thought his body could handle it. He was obviously right. Nathan gets that look again, the same look he gets every time he thinks his mother can't do anything worse, and he's always disappointed because she always tops herself. She's an onion of secrets. If Angela doesn't change, she will permanently lose her boys, I'm actually surprised they keep coming back. Naturally Nathan thinks of Mohinder, little does he know…

    Bennet actually tried to bargain with Canfield to get rid of Sylar! And I used to like you! Why can't Sylar hear the conversation? He's got super hearing! Instead Canfield does the noble thing and kills himself with his own vortex. Bennet tries to explain but Sylar interrupts, doing what Claire used to do with Peter, picking the thoughts out of her head and then relays them to Bennet. Interesting parallel, but then he is her uncle too.

    Adam takes Hiro and Ando (shockingly) to a bar (some things don't change in 400 years) and we learn an alarming fact: there are 'Specials' for hire! Adam provokes a fight and he's gone… but not far, he gets grabbed by Knox. Hiro and Ando try to get Daphne to hire them but Knox's condition is Hiro must kill Ando – and Hiro stabs Ando!!!

    Angela has a dream which shows Tracy and Nathan dead, Peter up to his elbows in blood (did he kill them?) and a mystery man – want to bet this is our nemesis? The guy who's behind Pinehearst? What's scary is that Angela saw this person in the future (someone she thinks is dead) but he was able to freeze her in the present.

    Linderman tells Daphne to go after Matt, which is how they meet. Daphne has figured out Linderman's not really there but again he refuses to explain it. Then the pieces fall into place: Maury's is making people see Linderman! So how did they heal Nathan? That's what made it believable that it was Linderman. Plus Nathan's religious conversion was planned. He really is being manipulated, just in a very creative way. Maury is getting his orders telepathically from our mystery man, who seems practically vegetative. And drumroll please… it's Nathan and Peter's father!!! He's alive!

    The Petrelli family continues to get more interesting by the minute! Lots of weird events and a huge conspiracy falling into place. Some of it I like but there are parts which worry me. The show has changed considerably since season 2 and I'm not sure I like where it's going. Only time will tell but I hope I'm wrong.
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