Season 3 Episode 5

Angels and Monsters

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • This is getting real old, real fast. Spoiler warning

    This show is really starting to annoy me. It's like an ADD 6 year old is writing the story. The second any sort of answers are given, the show throws a million more questions. Random heroes with random powers are constantly being thrown into the mix, no one knows the intentions of anyone else, good characters are being mislead and evil characters are masquerading as good. When the hell will this story ever become cohesive and solid? If we have to wait until the very last episode of the season before we get any answers, this series can just die. While I will continue to watch this show, I will do so being extremely annoyed. The writers have managed to hook me, but I hate them for what they're doing. Is this series going to be a never ending attempt to change the future? And will we be constantly harassed with every single damn character being both good and evil? Jesus, i thought until today that Hiro was the one pure-hearted person in all of this. Of course, i'm sure the writers have come up with some BS to make Ando die but then again not die. And some of the power's they're introducing are just stupid. Puppet master? Thats the same as telekinesis, just that it only works on people. This series is going downhill really fast, and I hope people are starting to realize that if this keeps going the way it is, Heroes will be one big failure.