Season 3 Episode 5

Angels and Monsters

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • Severely disappointing episode.

    Severely disappointing episode. So season 3 is about villains, right? Or are there still heroes on this show? 'Cause I'm having a hard time telling who the heroes are anymore or if they even exist.

    The scene with Ando's death was shocking and ultimately unsatisfying as they cut away and didn't address the effects of what Hiro just did. Was it a fake-out? Did Hiro manipulate time to trick the thugs? By next week, if we find out Ando is still alive - will we care? I'll be glad to find Ando is alive and well (if that happens), but what was the point besides being shocking...

    I'm this close to giving up on this show. The acting and production quality are still at a high level, but the writing is frankly disappointing.

    By the way, can we just kill Mohinder and jettison the Dr. Jekyll mad scientist storyline?

    Considering the strong opening for season 3, the subsequent episodes have fallen sharply in quality of the story.
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