Season 3 Episode 5

Angels and Monsters

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • Awesome episode. Peter is getting out of control with Syler's power. Mr. Parkman and Mr. Petrilli are behind everything, but daddy Petrilli is the boss behind everyone. Daphne, Knox, Maury, Arthur, and Hiro are apart of Pinehurst Co.

    Hiro killing Ando? I highly doubt it. Theory 1: Hiro goes back in time and somehow saves him. Theory 2: Mr. Parkman is behind this, and creates an illusion of Hiro killing Ando.

    I am also predicting that Maya is not dead from creepy Mohinder. Nathan and Tracy are going to meet up with Mohinder in the next episode. I don't get the point of Mohinder going out and killing that drug dealer, kind of random.

    HRG really wants Syler dead. Even though Claire hates Syler, she is starting to not trust HRG too.

    Overall, I cannot wait for the next episode, more and more heroes are coming together and it is going to be exciting!!!
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