Season 3 Episode 5

Angels and Monsters

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on NBC

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    Seriously, people need to get back to watching Heroes. Tonight was a fine example of this action-packed, suspenseful show that brings plenty more revelations, surprises, and adventure. Peter returns from the future, enraged by Sylar's power, and starts to attack Sylar himself. Angela comes in to stop the brotherly quabble and Peter is incensed that yes, Angela unfortunately didn't tell him that Sylar was in fact his brother. With Sylar's power, he tries to kill his mother but amazingly, Sylar steps in and saves the day. It's a major role reversal to have Sylar trying to turn into a hero and Peter beginning to turn into a villain. In good time, Noah asks for Sylar's help in trying to locate a Sector Five villain. Claire closes in on her first villain and it's revealed the guy isn't really that bad, he made a terrible mistake in judgement while discovering his powers and The Company decided to step in and contain him. It's a revelation for Claire who realizes that not every "villain" is heartless and pulls back from what's starting to become her future self. The guy's power, some sort of vortex dimension black-hole ability, was amazing to watch. Noah and Sylar close in on the same villain and Claire gets to see good-old Uncle Sylar again but this time he saves her but Claire's still furious over what he did to her. She doesn't know yet he's her uncle. Claire's real mother decides to go find her but stumbles into the wrong and even more dangerous villain. It's revealed Daphne is working for Linderman/NotLinderman and he wants her to recruit heroes for their purpose. Nathan and Tracey continue their budding relationship but it takes a backseat when Angela admits that Tracey was part of an experimentation with triplets Nikki and the mysterious and for-now absent, Barbera, and Nathan's ability wasn't genetic but was injected into him too. Luckily or unluckily, Peter and Sylar's abilties seem to be the natural deal. Mohinder sinks deeper and deeper into the monster shown in the future and now, he's starting to harvest people into coccoons like a bug. Too bad Maya found out and now, she's currently on the menu. Hiro and Ando reach an uneasy truce with Adam/Kensei; it was funny seeing Hiro reach the upperhand with Adam over and over. Adam shows them to a bar to get information to who is behind the formula-stealing but Hiro gets clocked due to Adam's traditional drinking problem and Adam escapes. Daphne meets up with Hiro and Ando and invites Hiro to join what should be seen as the league of villains. An evil and teammember Knox forces Hiro to kill Ando and Ando is last seen bleeding to the ground. Luckily, I don't think Ando is dead or will be dead for very long. Hiro wouldn't be the same without Ando and it seemed out of character for Hiro to kill his friend and I'm thinking it was part of a plan. The seeming-like murder upsets Daphne because she didn't want anyone dead, she just wanted a paying gig. Angela forsees the real villain and of course, it's none other than Father Petrelli, a guy I believed on season one was dead. Daphne discovers Linderman isn't real but she'll keep going as long as she's paid. And now, Fake Linderman wants her to look for Matt, who's still in Africa trying to look for her. Finally, it's revealed who and what Fake Linderman is and it's Matt's daddy Maury up to his old illusionist tricks. However, his overseerer is of course Father Peterelli, hooked up on lifesupport. His powers seem to be telepathic and he is well enough to try and take over the world. If Angela's vision is true, he'll be up and around in no time. Finally, Vortex-powered guy is harrassed by Noah looking to kill Sylar and sadly, takes his own life before he takes someone else's. Sylar tries to turn Claire away from Noah and a side smirk makes it appear that Sylar's not all-good yet and Claire finally sees how ambigiously moral her dad is. Now, she has to worry about her real mother that went after her, only to be placed in a sick, literal, puppetmaster's game. The episodes ends with Maya stuck in a coccoon, Peter still incompacitated, Nathan and Tracey reeling from Angela's news, Sylar and Noah butting heads, Claire on her way to rescue her mother, Hiro joining the villain's league, hero and villain character sides blurred, and the return of evil dad Petrelli. The Petrellis definitely wrote the book on dysfunction. The episode was exciting, action-packed, revealing, and surprising. And there is a whole lot more to come.