Season 1 Episode 6

Better Halves

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2006 on NBC
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Hiro and Ando plan to continue on their journey to New York, but they are given a tempting offer by a high-roller while still in Las Vegas. Mr. Bennet, the man in the horn-rimmed glasses, arranges a meeting for his daughter, Claire, with her biological parents. Claire hopes that this meeting can shed some light on her abilities. Hiro calls Isaac's again, but Peter answers and is able to relay the message from the future. Mohinder returns to India to bury his father, saying goodbye to Eden. Niki receives a surprise visitor at her home.moreless

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  • Really sad to see Niki die (?)

    So sad to see Niki die. She really was a victim of circumstance. The old joke about "My evil twin did it" actually applied in her case. She paid the price for someone else's crimes.

    Of course, maybe she's not really dead. Given the premise of the show, we can't be sure.

    Ali Larter shows that she's more than just drop dead gorgeous. She is also a respectable actress. She portrayed both Niki and Niki's evil twin Jessica (?) with equal aplomb.

    Also: "Save the cheerleader, save the world!"

    Is that the most unforgettable tagline ever penned or what?moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show heroes hero and anodo are on ther way to new york and they keep tring to get in contact with issac but he is not there and peter picks up and they are talking and peter gives the future isstic message to him and they understand what they must do and mr bennit trys to make a arragnement with clairs real parents but turns out that it is a set up but she does not know it at all and nikki goes home and finds a big supries waiting for her there and dr sheris goes to india to bury his father this was a good ep i thought and it was very interestingmoreless
  • Hiro and Ando continue their journey and manage to talk with Peter, who gives them the message. Niki's estrange husband returns and Claire meets her biological parents. Mohinder disappointed by his father's research returns home.moreless

    The sixth chapter of the first volume is clearly a more Niki-based episode. The title ''Better Halves'' clearly refers to Niki's split personality (or so I think). We meet with DL and see his relationship with both his wife and child. Ali Larter is amazing in this episode and she has good chemistry with Leonard Roberts. We find out that DL ended up in prison because of a woman (the woman is someone very close to DL). The scene of Niki and the other woman (who will be named in the following episode) is amazing and gives you the impression that there are in fact two people in the same room. Finally the confrontation of DL and Niki at the end of the episode is to ''die for''.

    The rest of the Heroes continue their quest to discover what is happening. Peter delivers the message to Hiro and Ando through the phone and arranges a meeting in New York. Claire meets her biological parents (or so it seems) and doesn't get the answers she was waiting for. Jack Coleman is amazing with his dual personality of both a loving father and a member of a mysterious organisation. Mohinder is disappointed with his father's research and decides to return to Madras and leave all the theories of his father behind. The true shocking event is actually the revelation of Eden's true colors who seems to be working with someone by providing him information about Mohinder as well as his encounter with our Heroes.

    In the end all the events will lead to chapter nine: Homecoming where the first part of the volume will end and the bigger part of it will start off.moreless
  • Niki gets a surprise visitor and Eden isn't quite what she appears.

    We finally meet Micah's father, the infamous DL who has escaped from prison. He swears he's innocent and surprise, surprise he actually is – Niki's alter ego did the crimes that DL was blamed for. He's special too – can phase through objects like walls… or like Niki. DL grabbed Micah and ran, leaving Niki unconscious on the floor. What a family!

    Claire finally meets her 'bio-parents' except they're not really her parents, just a plant to get Claire to stop asking. Sandra does mention something interesting – that there was something strange in her DNA when she was a baby, Claire couldn't get any more details though. It does provide the opportunity for some wonderful Zach/Claire moments, I adore Zach, I hope he's going to be in this for a while.

    At the beginning of the episode, I'm suddenly became suspicious of Mohinder's neighbor Eden. Was she a plant? Someone Mohinder can talk to and confide in? It's just too convenient that she happened to live next door and know all about Chandra's work, and honestly wasn't too broken up when he died despite her insistence they were close, and how she keeps encouraging Mohinder. Then at the end of the ep, turns out I was right. Can't believe Mohinder went back to India! We need him!

    Though it is also hilarious, we finally get to see Peter talk to the present Hiro and fill him in on the whole cheerleader saga. "He *is* the guy from the future!"

    Good episode, nothing spectacular though.moreless
  • Mrs. Hyde

    En, hasta ahora, el capítulo menos grandioso de Heroes, Nikki se presenta en todo su esplendor haciéndose cargo por entero de Better Halves. Ella y su... cómo corno calificarla?: Mrs. Hyde se disputan el control de la situación. Qué hacer con D.L.? Por qué Hyde trata de deshacerse de él? Pavada de poderes tienen los dos! Y Micah? Qué tendrá él? No es mucha casualidad que dos superpoderosos se conozcan y se casen y tengan hijos? Es la sabia naturaleza que los junta para salvar al planeta? O es Hiro que se fue al carajo con eso de turning back time?

    Heroes, Season 1, Episode 6, Better Halves: 8,8.moreless
Karri Turner

Karri Turner

Lisa (Claire's "Mom")

Guest Star

Colby French

Colby French

Hank (Claire's "Dad")

Guest Star

Dean Napolitano

Dean Napolitano

LVPD Deputy

Guest Star

Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker


Recurring Role

James Kyson

James Kyson

Ando Masahashi

Recurring Role

Ashley Crow

Ashley Crow

Sandra Bennet

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Niki Sanders goes into the roof cavity to find the briefcase full of money, the banknotes clearly state "FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY". Also, the banknotes all have the same serial number "G3 00005967 T".

  • QUOTES (17)

    • ( Niki finally confronts her alter ago in the mirror... )
      Jessica: You need to pull yourself together.
      Niki: You're not real.
      Jessica: Oh, I am as real as you are.
      Niki: No. No, I have a tumor or something. This is...
      Jessica: Poor little crazy girl.
      Niki: A hallucination.
      Jessica: Is that what you think you are? Oh, we're a lot of things, Niki, but we're not crazy.
      Jessica: What do you think that DL is gonna do when he finds out what we've done?
      Niki: What we've done?
      Jessica: We framed him, killed his crew, stole $2 million, we killed those thugs in the garage, killed those little bitches at the poker game. We've been very busy.
      Niki: Those men were ripped apart.
      Jessica: Yeah, well... What can I say?
      Niki: But they didn't do anything to me.
      Jessica: Leaving witnesses would be sloppy. I did what had to be done. Like I always do.
      Jessica: And this is what we're gonna do now. You're gonna get the money, and you're going to take Micah as
      far away from DL as you can. I'll do the rest.
      Niki: DL can take care of me. I don't need you.
      Jessica: Niki... He'll think you're crazy. And then he'll take Micah away from us. He'll put it all together, and when he does...it's really only a question of whether he kills you before he leaves.
      Jessica: So you have a choice. You can let D.L. take our son away from us forever, or... you can do exactly what I say.
      Niki: Where's the money?
      Jessica: Good choice.

    • Ando: Every hero is on a journey to find his place in the world, it is a Journey, you don't start at the end, otherwise they can't make a movie about it later.

    • Ando: You came from the future and told them to save the cheerleader. Oh, and you had a sword.
      Hiro: I had a sword?

    • HRG: What about Peter Petrelli?
      Eden: He claims he can fly but I don't have confirmation. Also, there may have been an encounter with somebody who can stop time.
      HRG: Really? That's cool.
      Eden: Evidently he had a message for Petrelli. He told him to save the cheerleader. [long pause] Are you still there?

    • (Translated from the Japanese)
      Hiro: I should have saved them.
      Ando: You'd have been killed.
      Hiro: I've been given a gift, Ando. I'm supposed to use it to help people. To save people. I failed.
      Ando: You're being too hard on yourself.
      Hiro: Maybe I'm not the hero I thought I was.
      Ando: Hiro, every hero is on a journey to find his place in the world. But it's a journey. You don't start at the end. Otherwise, they can't make a movie about it later.
      Hiro: What if I'm on the wrong path? What if I was supposed to save those people?
      Ando: You can bend time and space. Maybe when you can do it better, you can come back here and fix things.
      Hiro: Like a do-over?
      Ando: Exactly.
      Hiro: A do-over. I like that.

    • Micah: Dad, how'd you get out of jail?
      D.L.: Between you and me...I walked out.
      Micah: Out of prison? How'd you do that?
      D.L.: Ain't no jail can hold your old man.
      Micah: Why not?
      D.L.: Cause I got a secret.
      Micah: Like Superman?
      D.L.: Yeah. Just like Superman.

    • Eden: I guess the flying Petrelli didn't fly.
      Mohinder: We were on the train together, then suddenly he started carrying on about a mysterious traveler who stopped time and told him to save a cheerleader. It was all very fascinating. I should write a paper on the experience.
      Eden: Maybe you provoked him with sarcasm.

    • Hiro: I couldn't save them. I just hid in here. A hero doesn't hide...
      Ando: He does if he wants to live.

    • (when Claire's birth parents arrive)
      Zach: You sure you don't want me to shove 'em into something on the way out?
      Claire: Ha ha.

    • (Translated from the Japanese)
      Ando: What if we get to New York and it explodes?
      Hiro: If we get to New York, it won't explode. That's the idea, it's the heroic journey.
      Ando: It's your heroic journey.
      Hiro: It's our heroic journey. You don't have to have superpowers to be a hero.

    • (about birth parents)
      Claire: How am I supposed to ask someone if they're a freak when they're probably just gonna lie about it like I do?
      Zach: Why don't you just ask them what happens when they cut themselves? Or you could cut them and find out.
      Claire: Uh-huh. Probably just think I was all bitter because they gave me away.

    • Niki: The police are right outside. If I scream, they will be in here in two seconds.
      D.L.: Then I hope you don't scream.

    • Ando: We have to go to bathroom.
      Ernie: You boys go to the bathroom together?
      Ando: Yeah, that's how we roll!

    • Mohinder: (voiceover) Evolution is an imperfect and often violent process. A battle between what exists and what is yet to be born. In the midst of these birth pains, morality loses its meaning. The question of good and evil reduced to one simple choice: survive or perish.

    • Zach: What if your biological parents raised you, though? It'd be an entirely different scenario.
      Claire: What if they can do what I can do? What if they're like me?
      Zach: Well, I hope they're not. No offense, but I like - I like that you're the freak. It makes you more...special or whatever.
      Claire: Are you flirting with me?
      Zach: No. Believe me, no. Um, look, do you plan on coming out to your parents? I mean the ones who raised you?
      Claire: No. My dad would unspool. He's a really simple guy. He'd never be able to wrap his mind around something like that. It would break him.
      Zach: (sing-song voice) He's gonna find out.

    • (After Hiro's friend pushes him into the bathroom to get away from the men in the building)
      Hiro: I don't need to pee!

    • (Peter answers phone)
      Peter: Hello?
      Hiro: Mr. Isaac? Isaac Mendez?
      Peter: Who is this?
      Hiro:Uh... (Hiro and Ando both put ears to phone) My name is Hiro Nakamura.
      Peter: My name is Peter Petrelli. I have a message for you.
      Hiro: What did he say?
      Ando: He has a message for you.
      Hiro: What message?
      Ando: What message?
      Peter: Save the cheerleader, save the world.
      Ando: Save the cheerleader, save the world.
      Hiro: Cheerleader?
      Ando: What cheerleader? Where?
      Peter: (to Isaac) What cheerleader? Where?
      Isaac: I don't know where she is?
      Peter: Yeah, but you painted these.
      Isaac: So did you.
      Peter: (into phone) We don't know who she is. We don't know where she is. We just know that we have to save her.
      Isaac: Tell him about the guy from the future.
      Peter: He is the guy from the future. (into phone) A Hiro Nakamura from the future, who speaks English and carries a sword, stopped time to tell me that I have to save the cheerleader. That's-That's all I know.
      Ando: (to Hiro) You came from the future and...told them to save the cheerleader. And you had a sword.
      Hiro: I had a sword?
      Ando: Mmm.
      Peter: Get to New York. We'll find out where the cheerleader is. (hangs up)
      Hiro: (grinning) I had a sword.

  • NOTES (7)

    • The Symbol:
      There were no new appearances of the symbol in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      South Africa: June 27, 2007 on SABC3
      Germany: November 7, 2007 on RTL2
      Finland: November 21, 2007 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: February 7, 2008 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 14, 2008 on Markiza

    • Just past five and a half minutes through the episode, when we are seeing Micah and Niki in bed, look closely: on the nightstand there is a reddish wax lion with a somewhat deformed face. This wax lion was pivotal in a show called Wonderfalls, in which inanimate animals talk to the main character. Heroes Co-Executive Producer Bryan Fuller was a writer for Wonderfalls.

    • Powers Developments:
      D. L. Hawkins: D. L. possesses the power of phasing through solid objects. He used it to escape from prison. When he battles Niki, he phases his hand through Niki's chest, choking her.

      Niki Sanders: Niki holds a long conversation with her alternate personality for the first time. Confirmed that her alter-ego is fiercely protective of Micah and paranoically suspicious of everyone else.

    • New Heroes:
      D. L. Hawkins: Former construction worker and ex-con with links to Mr. Linderman. Suspected of stealing 2 million dollars and killing his own gang. Married to Niki Sanders, father of Micah. Appeared for the first time in Hiros, but only confirmed as a superpowered Hero in this episode. Age: 31. Gender: Male. Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      "Together" by Krystal Meyers

    • Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar), and Simone Deveaux (Tawny Cypress) do not appear in this episode.


    • D.L and Micah are looking at comic books at the kitchen table, one of which is a copy of "Tales From Space". This is the same comic as the one held by Sherman Peabody, the farmer's son in Back to the Future who mistakes the DeLorean for a spaceship when Marty first arrives in 1955.

    • Eden: What do you want me to do with the precog?
      The word precog is short for "precognitive" and is generally used to describe someone who has that ability. It is often used in Science Fiction, most notably that of Philip K. Dick (of Minority Report fame).

    • DL: Cause I got a secret.
      Micah: Like Superman?

      Superman is one of the most famous DC comic book superheroes. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1932 and first appeared in Action Comics #1 in June 1938. Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton who possesses super-strength and super-speed as well as the ability to fly. Superman's secret, referenced by Micah, is that he is really Clark Kent. When not saving people as Superman, he dons glasses and disguises himself as a mild-mannered reporter.

      Also the guy who plays DL appeared in "smallville" playing an evil kryptonian who has the same powers as Clark/superman.