Season 4 Episode 19

Brave New World

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on NBC

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  • Could this season be any cheesier?

    This season was the worst, and it is easy to understand why the show was cancelled. I'm glad the 'carnival subplot' was over, but what the hell these writers were thinking with the 'start' of volume 6? The last episodes of this season were barely watchable, cheesy and predictable. Meanwhile, some characters, abilities and story lines were completely forgotten. What happened to the Rebel and Dr. Suresh? What about Sylar's ability to spot lies, or paint the future (Matt could do it too)? I liked this show a lot in the first seasons, but this last seasons the writers lost their touch, and I started to care less for it, as each episode progressed. In the end, it was a huge disappointment.
  • Mixed feelings about this particular season.

    My attention was grabbed immediately after the very first episode of the first season. I've been watching it since then, but somewhere in the beginning of season 4 I've started to lose track of what happened, who's who and to seek answers (well, maybe I'm way too old to be a real die-hard fan of anything). The biggest disappointment this season - the choice of Robert Knepper as the new bad guy. After just 2 roles in a major TV series he managed to turn himself in to a cliche - with all that blurred Southern accent and Keith Richards-like behaviour. Poor guy (well, he is probably enjoying his paychecks and fame very much) - he is such a single sided actor - unless he proves me wrong in some other TV series or a movie. But I've had enough T-Bag.

    Speaking of bad guys - can't say anything bad about Zach Quinto - perfect acting, without overdoing it like Knepper always does. There's a great bright future for this guy, as he is extremely talented and multifaceted actor.
  • Amazing finsih to an amazing season! Warning, spoilers contained in this review

    This season started off a bit shakey, but I have to admit, it picked up major steam. The show lost track last season I feel, but this season is the shows savoir. We get back to what this show is really about. This episode is probably my favourite end to a season of Heroes. I know people will be all like "Sylar being good, why?". Maybe not everyone agree's with it. I sure hope this time he has changed good for real. I am personally one of the people who started to hate his character, how it was always the same, but this season changed things, I think for the first time I really felt like we started to know more about him, why he is the way he is. And I believe he wants to change, this time I believe he is sincere. For me all the main characters this season have been kicked up a notch. The only character I have been disappointed in is Parkman, but I feel with the next season we will see more of him. I can't think of what I look forward to most in the next season, there are just so many things. Clair's act will change things, no doubt, but it will be interesting to see how things will change. If anything I think she is one of the bigger characters that for a while had been played down by bad scripts, I think she serves a bigger purpose, and I think this season showed that. She was the main person to save in season one, and now I think we are finally starting to see why that is. Also, Sylar has a long road ahead of him, having Peter on his side will help, but he has caused so much pain, it will be hard for people to just accept he has changed. What will happen with Samuel, I surely hope they deal with him properly, he is unstable, and I actually grew to hate him more then I had Sylar, I mean, Sylar was a pain in the ass, but he had some sort of control, a smart way about him with an evil twist. Samuel was just twisted, and he knew how to manipulate people so that he could get things the way he wanted them. There is also the fact of where Hiro went off too, and what is going to happen with all those people he took. Whenever next season comes, I definitely will be tuning in. I have to admit, I almost didn't want to watch Heroes anymore, after last season, but this season has brought it back, and it's now better than ever, and to that I say, bring on the next season!
  • Okay for a normal episode, bad for a season finale!

    I really have mixed feelings about this episode... What I liked is, that all plot lines come together and everything gets solved. Moreover I personally enjoyed seeing Sylar getting a "makeover" ;-) I think, he being allways the bad guy really wore off after 4 years...

    What I really didn´t like, was the "big finale"!!! Calire and the others just TALK to all the peolpe, which have been lured to the carnival to watch Samuel´s show and tell them to leave?!? That´s it? REALLY??? Talking? That was very disappointing!!! Just think about the season one finale: All hereos had to combine their powers to stop Sylar! And now they just talk to people?!? I think, that just says all about, where this show has come to...
  • I like where they are taking sylar's character, but why dont they give back peter's original powers back.

    Even though some of the things are very exciting, the series is becoming quite boring. I am especially irritated with claire. She is getting very annoying. She is meant to be a college girl, why doesnt she just go to school and let the others save the world. And what the hell was all that with revealing the secrets about, din't she listen to her almost dying father in the trailer.

    I also din't understand the part where samuel lost all his powers completely when he became alone. How come when he goes to the city or something alone he still has all his powers and strength then?

    Heroes need to improve on the story, making it more interesting and nail bitting.
  • Peter deserves to have his powers back. There were a lot of discrepancies in the story line. Lack of special effects at times. On the plus side, it was a great episode to cap off some loose ends of other smaller stories.

    Peter - Might as well give back his original powers because he had Matt's mind reading powers at the beginning of the episode and then he flew into Samuel towards the end?! unless he got it from Syler. Why doesn't Peter just take Sylar's abilities and presto back to full power again as Sylar's original ability is to understand how things work including leaning new powers. It really brought Heroes to a high level with Peter being able to acquire and keep new powers. The one power at a time is really stupid. i'm surprised that he didn't acquire his mom's and dad's powers from the get go because he was near them all the time.

    Sylar - I'm surprised Sylar's character isn't still acquiring new powers through his newly learned method of empathy.

    Matt - I do agree that it was strange that Eli just kind of revealed the truth about the killing even though Matt wasn't involved with the carnival thing yet. I believe Matt read his thoughts to see his past and intentions and pushed a thought into him to be good and truthful??.

    Hiro & Ando - The original side kick thing was cool and i hope with Ando's new power that they don't stomp out Hiro's bigger role. they are more on equal ground now with the new dynamic.

    Matt's baby - activating and deactivating powers is an interesting power. that should trigger peter's powers back.

    Next Season - I like where they are taking this on a similar plane as X-Men; however unlike X-Men, my hope is that they DO do the full on battle with bad guys vs good guys towards the end of the season. kind of like how they had on X-Men's opening theme at the beginning of each episode showing the final clash.
  • the last episode was ok. a bit too 'fast' compared to the episodes b4... the previous episodes for the volume were really slowwww... and it seemed like the writers just got fed up and speeded up a conclusion...

    overall heroes is a gr8 show...my favorite of all time... volume 5 was too slow and the behavior that some of the characters had to portray totally aggravated me... made the characters seemed stupid/naive... disliked when samuel came on the scene tho... either his acting sucks or his scripts did...his role seemed too long and drawn out... i couldve seen his 'fakeness' in his generousity but the characters in the show were made a bit too stupid and gullible... think probably the writers messed that part up...they couldve done a bit more to have the audience question his intentions a bit more rather than see straight thru him... and what was up with the carnival folks? they were made to be a bit too silly... it's totally ok if a few adult characters r given a silly/naive role but not a bunch of em... makes it seem too hillbilly-like...

    my advice to the writers, give most of the characters strong, assertive roles and less of em the hillbilly roles...

    btw what ever happened to the irish girl peter lost in the future? lots of the characters just dissapeared from the last volume... ones who we really liked... mohinder, claire's biological mom, whatever happened to her mom and bro?

    big fan in Guyana, South America
  • Worst Episode Ever

    What kind of episode was that? After Bannet (in the troiller) told Clair about the human nature how people are, and after she seemed to understand that the special ones should keept unknown she does that...
    Heroes Should ended now, siliar becomes good, and everything is ok! Dont puch the serie longer, because we are losing the interest! Its becoming boring, cause we already know what the future is. Just remember the previous series, here clair is dressed all in black, running way from people, bla bla bla ... we already know the final so dont bother spending more money
  • Best finale the show EVER HAD!

    Wow. It was great. Here's some bullets/highlights: -Hiro is reunited with an elderly Charlie, yet he cannot save her, for she has already started a family. I thought that was a good way for Hiro to move on.

    -Noah and Claire are rescued from underground after Lauryn contact Tracy. SURPRISE!

    -Matt is hesitant to let Sylar out in the open, Peter claims he's changed. Matt sends Eli to confront Samuel.

    -Doyle forces Emma to bring people to the carnival. Sylar stops Doyle, leaving him as a decoration, like he did when he brought Doyle to Danko.

    -With the help of his supercharger friend,Ando, Hiro teleports all the humans away from the Carnival. Very smooth scene.

    I've saved the best for last:

    -Samuel vs. Peter

    It was a battle of terrakinesis. What captivated me wasa the fact that Samuel claimed "You know what its like to live in the shadow of a brother". Peter says, no. Nathan made him stronger. Once Hiro and Ando remove the civilians, Peter pimp-slapped Samuel. Samuel was left to rot alone (still alive btw) in his destroyed carnival.

    -Volume Six: Brave New World

    We end as news reporter rush in to the carnival. Noah and Claire claims nothing happened. But Claire is freaking hard-headed. It ends as she jumps of the ferris-wheel (ala-Gensis). "My name is Claire Bennet... and that was attempt.... well I've lost count!"
  • While there are certainly laudable elements in 'Brave New World', sadly, Tim Kring falls foul of his own weaknesses for the fourth consecutive season.

    So to the end of the season (already! Would you Adam and Eve it?) and potentially the end of the show if we are to take heed of the rumour mills; Tim Kring signing up to executive produce an entirely new programme does seem to suggest it's on the cards, after all. With 'Brave New World', we've been promised an episode that will tie loose ends up in as sufficient a manner to feel like a satisfactory conclusion has been reached, while simultaneously remaining open-ended enough to allow things to continue into a fifth year if the network decides to shock everyone and their granny with a renewal. And let's give credit where credit's due: the segway into volume six is pretty strong. It's understated, there's no ludicrously contrived dramatic event and crucially, the programme hasn't really traversed this path before (well, save for Nathan's botched attempt a few years ago.) Claire's 'outing' is a logical step and fits perfectly as a resolution to the season's central conundrum. It's also a bold move to allow Panetterie's character to make a decision that isn't based on a prototypically teenage need to rebel against her father, but that is actually considered and well-informed. There is much achieved with very little here and it's the subtle touches that count: the hearkening back to Claire's 'attempts' in season one is a particularly good example of this.

    Regrettably, the essential meat of the episode, the forty odd minutes leading up to this moment, doesn't fare quite so well. The essential problem here is Kring's desire to incorporate every loose strand into the hour (an understandable decision, given the show's ratings) which, sadly, he just cannot seem to make work. For whatever reason, his writing skills do not lend themselves well to multiple, laconic narratives. Quick fixes and convenient, glossed-over plot holes are appropriated in the hopes of getting the plot from A to B; the sort of logical, tempered character development that has been the fundamental feature of this year's arc plot is summarily cast to the wayside. Basically, there's just too much going on and consequently, stories aren't sold sufficiently or paid enough mind. The interaction between Matt, Sylar and Peter is particularly guilty of this. Parkman objects to Sylar's sudden change of heart, yes, but a few quick words from Quinto and he's won over. This is inherently flawed anyhow since the concept of Sylar's transformation is all too sudden in itself. Sure, it's been five years for the character but it's kinda hard to buy into this notion when it's only been one week for the rest of us; not to mention the fact that Sylar's intrinsic villainy is so crucially woven into the fabric of the show that to remove it with such immediacy feels rather perfunctory.

    When he embarks upon his joint mission with young Petrelli to save the day as suddenly-evil Samuel Sullivan attempts to bury one eleventh (is this a good estimate, do you think?) of New York City, insufficient is made of the effort in order manufacture anything satisfying. While it is a nice twist to have Emma working under Doyle's control, and it is certainly good to see all of the key players being brought in to contribute in however small a fashion to the resolution of this element of the narrative, there simply isn't enough time allocated within the confines of the hour to give the Carnival storyline the conclusion it truly deserves. After three seasons of disappointing climaxes, we should probably know better than to expect any sort of spectacular showdown in these finales, but it would certainly be nice if the resolution didn't essentially amount to Sylar and Emma pushing Doyle about a bit and everyone running away from Samuel. Hell, even Peter's thirty second literal ground-breaking competition with the guy is underwhelming. There's no real sense of urgency to the piece, never any suggestion that maybe, just maybe, T-Bag might prevail. And after having spent so much time establishing the morally murky layers within Knepper's character, layering him with as many dimensions as possible to avoid the archetypal, the finale abandons his arc completely, limiting his screentime to the implementation of his over-the-top plan and then, when everything fails, having him give up completely within about twenty seconds and fall to his knees in defeat, despite having several extremely powerful specials within his general vicinity with which to channel his destructiveness.

    The extraneous narratives also suffer as a result of their brevity. The pay-off for Hiro's relationship with Charlie comes entirely out of left field and reads as a rather contrived development. Her presence in exactly the same hospital as her former lover is frankly ludicrous and the subsequent interaction between the two, while fairly sweet in itself, is hopelessly telegraphed. It is quite evident that a half-baked moral lesson is being bashed into our skulls; that Hiro needs to learn that his time-travelling antics have far-reaching consequences. The minutiae simply aren't complex enough to disguise the story's teleology and thus, the viewer is forgiven for thinking 'is that it?' once the resolution takes place. There are similar problems with Noah and Claire's underground captivity. While Coleman and Panettiere are excellent and Kring's dialogue has the sparkle of old, it's difficult to escape the fact that there is never any shred of doubt that a quick fix will be implemented in order to allow HRG to escape... and lo and behold, just as everyone starts welling up and it looks like Noah's about to join the choir invisible, Tracey Strauss shows up just in the nick of time to get Kring out of the corner he's painted himself into... and then buggers off without so much as goodbye seconds later! The problem is solved, tucked away and forgotten about so that the story can turn to more pressing points; who cares about the fact that it reads horribly and deflates any sense of tension or suspense from the narrative? We've got an end point to reach, for God's sake!

    While there are certainly laudable elements in 'Brave New World', sadly, Tim Kring falls foul of his own weaknesses for the fourth consecutive season, delivering a finale that relies on contrivance and superficiality to get to its destination, never giving the narrative strands the level of attention that they truly deserve. It's a bit of a perfunctory end to the season (and potentially the show) and leaves you feeling rather underwhelmed. Sure, the opening to a potential 'volume six' shows considerable promise but frankly, it's hard to care in the wake of what's come before it. Maybe Heroes' potential cancellation is something of a blessing in disguise.
  • Give Peter his powers back for goodness sakes!

    I love this show....only wish is that Peter gets all his powers back. Parkmans child could give him his powers or Sylar could look into his brian see whats wrong and fix it or Hero could travel back and fox the problem etc etc...just give him his full powers back- i read that viewers complained that he was too powerful and thats why he had his powers stripped!? what about sylar as he is basically the same as peter!!!!!
    Enough is enough, lets e mail in and get his powers back. The best ep was where Peter and Sylar are in the future battling it out!
  • Heroes' finale does not disappoint; If we only consider it as the season 4 finale.

    I had high expectations regarding this episode. I really believe that season 4 put Heroes back on the right track, so I was hopeful regarding it's finale. However, the rumours of a possible cancellation of Heroes was driving me nuts. That would mean that this finale would be the Heroes' true finale. So as the possibility of Heroes being renewed to a season 5 has yet to be confirmed, all of us fans still have reasons to be afraid. And disappointed regarding this finale.
    Don't get me wrong; I think this episode was a great one. The conclusion of Hiro and Charlie's storyline was completly unexpected, which I loved. I love being surprised in a episode, and this sure got me.
    But if we consider this episode the end of Heroes saga, I would expect a lot more. If this is indeed the finale, I think it was way rushed. And talking about the last minutes of it... It can't end this way.
    But considering the episode as the season 4 finale, I think it definitly delivers. One of the best episodes ever on Heroes.
  • Even at finale number four, the expectations are high for the much complained about show HEROES. Truth is, these stories are too big for the small screen.

    For anyone who's hoping for a big showdown between all heroes and the very powerful Samuel should settle for just a meeting, because that's all this show is going to deliver. True, the special effects are fine. They might no compare to 2012 or Avatar, but they are good enough to make you believe, yet, with a smaller budget viewers are left with a lot of talking and barely any action.
    Samuel takes his Carnaval to the only place on earth good and evil ever seem to battle for; New York City. And the visions of the Patrelli's are about to come true as Emma is being forced by Doyle to play her chello, thereby threatning the lives of the hundreds of people who came to see the spectacel. (This show is much more enjoyable if you jump on board with whatever they throw at you.)
    Up to Peter, Hiro, Claire and whoever else wants to join in to take down Samuel. An odd addition to the team; Sylar, who is now good. But before everybody can get there, there is some unfinished business to take care of.
    Claire and her father are still burried thirty feet under, seemingly so Claire can watch Noah die. It's no spoiler to say these two will make it out of there, but the way they do, and the scenes prior to it are worth watching. Hayden Panettiere takes care of all haters who claim she doesn't deserve her screentime and no matter what they say, the father/daughter relationship remains a fascinating one.
    Then there's Hiro and Charlie. Everybody's favorite Japanese hero (sorry, Ando) might be saved from his tumor, but his life-long love Charlie is still stuck in time. Jayma Mays is not reappearing, but the solution is both remarkable as respectable. And perhaps a little cliche.
    When it comes to finales, this might be the most resolving one, everything comes together nicely and it really feels like everything had it's purpose, though the volume and Samuel's story end suddenly, only to make place for the new volume 'Brave New World', as the cliffhanger draws close. Well, in this case it's not really a cliffhanger as much as it is a ferriswheel jumper. And if you're planning to watch some promo's before seeing this episode; don't, the cliffhanger is already revealed. Just when NBC was doing some good again.
  • Decent episode but a disappointing finale, mostly wasted opportunities and rushed character development.

    Season 4 of Heroes showed a lot of promise for the show, bringing in some genuinely interesting new characters including a bad guy who looked set to be the show's own version of Magneto, complete with his own vision of Genosha (I'll leave the X-Men references there, though this show makes it difficult to avoid them).

    Coming into this episode, I didn't even realize it was the finale already. None of the story arc's seemed to have amounted to anything, half of them felt like a waste of time. Did anything really progress in this season at all up until this episode?

    There is Sylar's transformation from psychotic terrorist to hero, and although this has been hinted at for years, they managed to butcher it up by squashing it into a few episodes. It might have been 3 years in his head, but no viewer will buy that cheap excuse for a rushed development.

    As always Heroes was reluctant to kill off characters, even the bad guys survive this episode to fight another day. This shows a lack of courage from the show's creators that's starting to grow old.

    The highlight of this episode was probably the Hiro/Charlie sequence. Although Hiro's character is starting to tire on me, this was an effectively touching way to tie up this storyline. Please, please let that be the end of it.

    The episode had some other highlights, Samuel was a great character throughout and his failed attempt at a massacre was satisfying to watch. I'd have liked to see him killed off, but I'm also slightly glad that he might return to the show.

    In all this episode was everything I've come to expect from Heroes - uneven, rushed, sometimes painful - but somehow still enjoyable TV. I hope they pull out something amazing for season 5, but I wont be holding my breath.
  • What the h*ll???

    To be continued...? Please don't. Don't continue it. Please stop now.

    Let me explain why, I feel like I got invited to a party at the 'cool' kid's house, only to have him break down and start talking about abuse he's been put through. It's just getting kinda awkward now.

    1. Peter: are writers aware that part of the Peter appeal was all the times we got promised that he would turn into a bad-@ss? He is probably the ONLY character I want to see again.

    2. Syler: he's just not witty if he's not a bad guy. He could be a witty good guy, but that would mean he would stop with the whole 'please someone, look at me and see someone who is important'. He really is like a loafer at this point. He has no real goal or theme. As a good guy character, I wouldn't mind seeing him again, if he grew a pair.

    3. Noah: oh, how I wanted him to stay in that trailer. In fact, I wanted him to stay in that trailer, Hiro teleport in, and get stuck in that trailer along with him. His character is USELESS. We have no reason to feel a connection to him, he's an annoying 'dad'. And he CANNOT pull of the 'I'm a nice guy deep down' routine. It's either bad guy or nothing.

    And that is a problem with Heroes. They have changed the nature of the characters so much that we no longer like them.

    4. Hiro: oh, killing him and Noah may have been the ONLY way to salvage this series. They have both worn out their welcome and are NOT that cute. In the beginning Hiro was pretty driven, but after awhile he just got bogged down with 'emotion'. He was supposed to be a carefree character. What happened?

    5. Matt: You were a big loser, who had a cheating wife, and a newly formed power. I was rooting for you. I wanted you to get the promotion. I felt like you were really trying and the world wasn't giving you a chance. Now, now you are just an @ss. Your bravado (a fleeting as it is) is misplaced. You are not an active Hiro, you are a passive one that is well suited for that role. Either they kill you off or stop trying to make you interesting, cuz you're not.

    6. Niki, Jessica, Tracy: I miss Jessica. You don't play the whiner well. You play a good bad-ass. I hope your other 'triplet' eats nails.

    We've delved TOO far into these characters. WAY too far, to the point where it's as if we saw them naked and now we can't look them in the eye.

    I won't care if they make a 5th season, but I won't be looking forward to it either. This series has lost it's balls. It now plays it safe, everybody lives, and everybody is improtant.

    wait, wait wait, 8. Clair: you cannot die, you cannot get hurt, WHY do you have to advertise that in order to 'live' a normal life? It's not as if you turn into a warewolf at nights and you want to be able to go out for a pizza after dark. I don't get why you feel that you NOT getting torn apart or throwing yourself from windows (hey, it's a faster way to get to class) is you 'hiding' who you are. Someone explain that to me.
  • Is this the best that the script writers could do?

    This show has gone from Hero to Zero.

    I loved the premise of the Sullivan Brothers Greatest Show on Earth (or maybe Samuel should have buried it) but it all just fizzled out rather too quickly.

    The fifth season just lumbered along until I think the writers thought it was hometime and hurriedly finished off the series. All the action just happened in the last episode. Rush rush rush.

    I think the voters are wrong. How can it have scored over 9? Were we watching the same programme?

    The Charlie loose end was tied up nicely though. That was a ray of light. Although Noah should have taken a leaf out of Nathans book and died in the trailer. Where can HRG go from here?

    Syler swapped sides and turned into a Hero? Really?. Zachary Quinto just hammed it up. Poor script. A wasted opportunity.

    It seems that Syler is heading for his Cape Verde meltdown after all, as predicted in the 2nd series. Settle down, turn over a new leaf, spawn a child. Live the ordinary life. As if... Son dies...Boom!

    I think that Clare jumping off the ferris wheel could be interesting in outing the supers, but do I really care any more?

    A quick thought. Hiro states " I have no more quests" Was that an euphemism for the writers not having a clue what to do next? Could be.

    Series 6 must do a whole lot better or its funding will be cut. Just look at the overall viewing figures. They don't lie.
  • Good

    Finally a season finale which wasn't pathetic. In fact the beginning of the volume a brave new world was the best part of the episode and the entire season. Season 3's ending had really disappointed me but i don't know why i always want to know whats gonna happen with the characters. Thats what makes me keep watching the show again and again even though i get irritated and really bored by some of the episodes. Samuel's character was gd this season. Sylar turning good guy is a surprise but i can only predict that he will become the villain soon enough. If that happens they need to finish him off and introduce some new baddie. The stage is well set for the next season but then the premise will be similar to that of x-men where they are opposed by some people and accepted by some people . The writers should try to avoid that and have something up their sleeves otherwise it will become way 2 predictable. I was confused by the way Noah and Claire escaped though coz that hole in the trailer was really small to pass through with their whole human bodies. But nevertheless the finale was gd and lets c what happens next season.
  • I will be back next season. Probably one of the best episodes of the season. Nice to see an ending that isn't a kill-fest.

    Yes, one of the things that bothered me about Heroes, especially last season, is how they went around killing more people than Cecil B. DeMille. I just found it to be a poor writing gimmick. Second, I've never been a fan of Sylar. I've pretty much hated him from day 1. As far as I was concerned, the way they originally wrote him, he should have been killed off as the 1st season villain. I think I'll have to change my opinion.

    All the story lines wrapped up nicely. I really felt for Hiro. Ready to go back and rescue Charlie but what about her family? Very touching.

    Watching Sylar do good was actually refreshing. It was even more refreshing to see Puppet Master tied up and not lying dead with a slice in his head and Sylar justifying it somehow. The fight between Peter and Samuel was OK.

    And finally, the cheerleader shows the world. After getting out of the bus, convincing the carnies to go with her, she breaks her dad's heart by showing her ability in front of cameras. The genies out of the bottle now!

    I gave this a 10 not because it was the best episode ever or anything like that; I gave it a 10 because first time in a while, Heroes gave a satisfying ending and a nice set-up. This episode renewed my faith in the show. For the last season finale I wrote that it could be my last time watching this. Now, I can easily say I can't wait for the next chapter. So, to me, that's worth a 10.
  • The apple has fallen too far from the tree

    I was disappointed with the anti-climactic conclusion of this season. I feel that the whole show has lost its way by bringing in bunches of new characters and distracting from the theme of season 1 and 2 where we gradually learn how these people came by their abilities in the first instance.
    I would have like to see the story progress in a linear fashion so that should the axe fall, at least we would have been coming closer to some proper answers instead of just more and more people with all their powers clashing day after day and no idea for us of how they came by their abilities.
    Rumour is abound that this may have been the last season of Heroes as viewing figures have been disappointing and if this is indeed the case then I feel cheated that I have stuck by the show for 4 years only to be taken this way and that way but coming away no closer to answers than to begin with.
    I hope there will be at least one more season of the show which will very quickly tie up the loose ends and explain how people got their powers, and maybe even a season finale with another eclipse where everyone loses their power once and for all and the world becomes ordinary again.
    However, that would ruin it because we have seen so many scenes based in the future where we have seen what happens when everybody has powers. Each of those scenes was presented in such a way to suggest that this is what WILL happen and the events of today are merely a precursor to those things coming into being.
    Either way, I hope there will be one more season in order to tidy up the loose ends and put everything into place before the network pull the plug.
  • I was very dissapointed of last season's finale that I promised myself not to watch the show again, but I did, and since the first chapter of season four I knew that they fired the crazy monkeys that wrote the third season and hired real and good writers.

    I was very dissapointed of last season's finale that I promised myself not to watch the show again, but I did, and since the first chapter of season four I knew that they fired the crazy monkeys that wrote the third season and hired real and good writers.

    I liked when they introduced a whole lot of new characters and kept the better ones, but this time with different roles. They completly trew out the bad things such as the government role, the invincible sylar, and the uselessness of claire.

    This time I enjoyed all chapters one by one, this time sylar became a complete different person, which in my point of view it will be wrong to turn it bad again. We need to get another bunch of bad characters for next season. The only thing I regret is the real death of Nathan, we was my favorite character.

    I hope next season keeps up with the same writers, and they pay them enough so they dont go on strike again and ruin a fantastic show.
  • Felt "rushed", but i personally still like it!

    How Can I start..... This episode was the best by far this season.

    Ok so Pros:
    More Intense and action scenes! Samuel vs. Pete
    Polished (almost) everything in the end.
    Less annoying storylines especially for claire
    Heroes come together in the end
    Sylar = Hero
    The Volume Six Cliffhanger
    Samuel, period.

    The 2 minutes appearance of Tracy... wish she had more interesting storyline Hiro = Zero "Ill supercharge you!"
    Mohinder absent The carnival people left without a fight
    Lauren is missing near the end.
    Edgar and Noah
    Matt continuous foolishness and stupidity This episode might be the series finale :(

    Overall this episode is a breathtaking one, I had fun watching it. There's some holes and this episode is just feel rushed some time. If this a 2 part episode, It will be so much better. I wish NBC saved the show, cause "Brave New World" is a must see.
  • The end?

    Is this the end? Not just for the season, for the show? Hayden's executive producing a CW show, Sendhil's moved on to Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, and Kring has a new show under the wings. All signs point that the end is here. If it is the end, so be it. I don't regret sticking around. To the cast and crew, thank you for four wonderful years and good luck in any endeavors. If this isn't the end, then. . .this episode doesn't really make a strong case for Heroes to stick around, I'm sorry to say. It served as a fine enough season finale but a last-minute, out-of-the-blue, almost logic-missing, Plot-induced-stupidity cliffhanger almost destroyed everything, from the foundation of the episode, to the season, even the show. Was that really the best Heroes could do to secure a Season Five? I'll comment more on that later.
    Claire-As usual, Claire hogged the spotlight from everyone else, but surprisingly, her presence wasn't groan-inducing, she was actually heroic and not too bad, right until the end, where she caused the P.I.S.-poor (pun intended) cliffhanger.
    Sylar-To me, Gabriel's story concluded on a fine note last week, so I wasn't too upset when he didn't get a lot of time to show off his new bada@@ hero skills. Mostly, I was relieved the writers didn't pull a 180 on him again and make a villain at the last minute. Gabriel will have a good future ahead of him, I truly believe that. And I believe Peter will keep helping him on that path. Zachary Quinto's got a bright future ahead of him as well, with Star Trek 2 coming down the pike. Peter-Unfortunately, the "true" hero also didn't get to show off his bada@@ skills too much. Except in the end, in a pretty sweet showdown with Samuel. Turns out Gabriel helped out Peter in more ways than one. With his heart stronger than ever and his heroic spirit restored, Peter looks like he can hold on to a few abilities. YES!!!! I couldn't be happier with that development although, that probably induced some groans from more than a few people. That's fair, because as with season finale developments, this came out of the blue and Kring didn't bother to explain why Peter "suddenly" got a lot of his strength back, which does annoy me. Also, I'm not sure why Samuel seems all buddy-buddy with Peter since he contacted him once and then forgot about him to chase his pretty-blonde niece for what reason, I still don't know and I don't care. But whatever, Peter wound up owning Samuel in great fashion.
    At least Peter has a happy ending. He has Emma. He has his power restored. He has Angela and Claire. He has a friend and ally in his former nemesis and I have a feeling they'll work together to save the world. As it should be. Matt-Poor Matt. Poor, poor, Matt. The poor, mishandled Matt. Most of his involvement this episode consisted on getting creamed by Eli-copies (He tried to mind-bend them but in a clever move, realized the copies don't have a mind to be controlled) and overall being a b!tch to Sylar and Peter and getting their way for absolutely no reason other than to prolong the plot. At least, he did one thing right and that was to mindbend Eli to take Samuel down, making Eli finally do something worthwhile other than to be a major pain-in-the-a@@ lackee. Unfortunately, Matt's quest for normalcy, to be a good father, and to use his powers wisely, has come to a bumpy end. That's all it is for poor Matt Parkman. After being Sylar's little plaything for half a season, I would wish a better end for him.
    Tracey-Tracey shows up briefly to save Noah and Claire from their earthly grave and then disappears, or evaporates? into water, just as quickly as she came, saying Noah "owed her one". Is she dead? I don't think so but who knows? I think a lot of people will be saying who cares? Poor Tracey, the cast-aside misbegotten "step"-sister of Nikki Sanders. The last we'll see of her is as a puddle of water.
    Lauren-Lauren lived and called in some neat favors to get Noah and Claire to Samuel in Central Park. At least she and Noah can live happily ever after.
    Noah-I'm so glad he didn't die, so so glad. Not HRG. Never HRG. However, don't give him the goodbye speech if he's just going to live. Do you know how many times the heroes have given goodbye speeches only to come back? If he's not going to die, don't do that. Noah's involvement consisted of giving some schmaltzy-X-Men lectures over how the world will never understand heroes, will never accept them, will always consider them freaks and outsiders, and once the lid is pulled, the witch hunts, the government round-up, the mobs of scared and prejudiced people will commence, yada, yada, yada. He'll have his hands full after what Claire pulled. At least he's still got his girlfriend. Emma-Emma wasn't in control of herself when she was playing. Courtesy of Doyle, Samuel had her bound and strung when she realized what he planned on doing. She did have get some nice ownage of Doyle when he pinned her and Gabriel, using her powers to slam him to the ground. And then, Gabriel strung Doyle up like a Christmas tree. Hey, the Sylar part of him likes the theatrics. And since he's good and Doyle's still an evil prig, why not have a little fun with him? ;}.
    Edgar-Yeah, some Darth Maul ACTION!!!! Edgar was a key component in bringing Samuel down, by testifying what Lydia told him, combined with Noah's truth and Eli's mind-controlled confession to what he did.
    Samuel-Unfortunately, if you came into this episode looking for an epic, hero free-for-all, once again, you'd be disappointed. Samuel spent a lot of time talking about seeing his plan in action and giving Keith Richardson-esque monologues over how everything would change. And then, he met his downfall, not by Peter, but by seeing his "family" desert him once they found how how messed-up psychotic he is. It is, in a way, a rather poetic end to this villain. Samuel always wanted to prove himself as all-powerful, he killed Joseph for it, but the thing is, he wasn't powerful on his own. Without his "family", he had nothing, was nothing. He's just a miserable little mortal with an inferiority complex. His unraveling sanity at the end reminded me a little bit of Azula's demise in The Last Airbender (if Samuel could fire, I think he would have), and Peter's taunt of Samuel being human reminded me of Magneto's demise in X-Men: The Last Stand.
    Samuel's fate? At least he didn't die anticlimactically. Lauren and Noah just had him shipped off to FBI containment, labeled as just another psychotic nut. That's all that needs to be said for Samuel. But, what's to happen with all the carnies? They don't have a home, they don't know anyone in the outside world, and now stupid Claire has their existence compromised.
    There are bigger questions unanswered for Samuel: What happened to Becky? And why did he want Claire so bad? As for the last part, I couldn't care less.
    Hiro-Finally, Hiro got to prove his skills in this episode and finally make peace with Charlie. With his tumor gone, I assume all his powers are in tact. Don't ask how that happened. Anyways, Hiro finally meets Charlie, but as an old woman dying in a hospital bed. Samuel's time-warping lackee sent her back in the 40s, she stayed there, and lived out her life until she came back to the present, an old woman. Hiro still believes they're destined to be together and plans on going back to save Charlie, until he meets her granddaughter. Heartbreak. While Charlie still loves him, she learned to live without him. Hiro realizes Charlie's happy, she has a family, she got her happy ending, and realizes that to love her, he has to let her go. Awwwww. Hiro ended up being a hero all over again. More ways than one, since Noah called him to stop Samuel, and once Samuel blew a hissy and tried to sink Central Park, Hiro teleported everyone out, with a little help from Ando's red lightning. Finally, some use of the red lightning. Poor Hiro, once again having to lose the love of his life. Maybe he can find someone in the future. At least he has Ando and his sister and he'll see their wedding, once Ando and Kimiko do get married.
    Everything was going fine. Samuel was defeated and rendered impotent. Peter saved the day and got the girl. Noah lived. Hiro saved lives. Noah lived to live another day with his CIA-fling. Gabriel got to be a hero. All good. And then, the P.I.S. cliffhanger ending of all P.I.S. cliffhanger endings.
    If it was possible to hate Claire even more, she just broke Maya levels of incompetence into something extraordinarily inept. Summary: Despite Noah's warnings, despite seeing a taste of it herself, despite everything X-Men has consistence warned about, despite that human nature to anyone abnormal is s--t, poor, poor "outsider" Claire decides she doesn't want to be an outsider anymore and when reporters swarm in, outs herself while everyone who knows her looks on in shock, and I share every jawdropped moment of it. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Augh. If there was ever a more desperate attempt to grab another season. So, you wanted heroes to be exposed to the outside world? Fine, but there was nothing in the whole season that gave credence to it. Nothing. In fact, what little time the show focused on the heroes' relationship to the outside world, it was pretty much proven why heroes should hide. Not even Gretchen was a pinnacle for understanding the hero condition. But yet poor little Claire decided she was tired of hiding and feeling like a freak and selfishly and inconsiderately outed the heroes to the world. We've seen X-Men, we know what humans do with "mutants". It isn't pleasant. It's not picnics on the 4th of July. It's segregation, it's witchhunting, it's suspicions, and all right war. It's Jeremy. I'd like to think of myself as an optimist but that's how it is, in tv/books/movies/real life. That's how it goes. And yet, that little logic and logic in general just hit the wall. Splattered and left to be scooped from the floor. Am I surprised? Not really. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a conclusion is forthcoming. Heroes' end will wind up being like the Angel finale, an ongoing battle between good and evil. If they really want to continue the storyline, wrap up all the loose ends, and give the heroes a complete happily ever after, they can take a page from Whedon and continue it in comics if a next season won't come. Do they deserve another season? If Claire jumping off a ferris wheel and starting another hero hunt is the best that could be done, no. Besides, most of the heroes are in good places at the end of this episode. Maybe the Angel finale did serve a point, although I still haven't completely forgiven Whedon for it: sometimes it is best to leave the future uncertain. Maybe Heroes is best to follow in that example. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't completely disappointed in this episode, and I'm happy with most of it, but unfortunately, this looks like the end. Once again, I have no regrets. Throughout the high and the lows, it's always been, interesting (in a good way), always surprising, never predictable. It's been four great years. If this is happily ever after, then I will still always be a Heroes fan.
  • Best end of series final for Heroes but with some terrible writer flaws and and a general lack of action

    Like previously mentioned, why on earth did Samuel completely lose his powers in the presence of some of the most powerful heroes to date? Peter in the same room, Syler, Claire and Puppetman near by, what the hell?

    Him falling to his knees and giving up was hilarious to watch as it was so out of charactor but oh well, at least it was convenient for the writters huh?

    Also i love the way Matt's trust was won over so quickly with just a glimpse of Sylar's mind, so much so he didn't even send copy man to keep on eye on him to make sure Sylar wasn't going to kill people as Matt was fearing (i know copy man had crappy powers compared to Sylar but still) instead copy man went and revealed the truth of what he had done to the carnies? I didn't see that one coming and why would that even be on Matt's list of things to do when he has been so obssessed with stopping Sylar these last couple of episodes?

    He wasn't even part of the carnival storyline the whole season, his storyline was Sylar, so why the sudden change?

    Oh right, because it was convenient to wrap up the story, doesn't matter if it makes sense.

    Also i was hoping for a massive show down between Samuel, Sylar and Peter, the writers always do this, they always gear us up towards a massive show down but it always turns out to be pittiful, started with the season 1, 0.7% with Sylar and Peters epic fight being behind closed doors, and then they did the exact same trick AGAIN at the end season 3 because they couldn't afford the special effects and finally they can afford to use them (they have showned them off all series) and yet we get this pitiful show down again?

    I know the heroes defeated Samuel with intelligence and purpose (Hiro & Ando finally come into play etc) and that should be priased but it doesn't make up epic viewing which is a giant shame.

    I enjoyed the episode but there was a few obvious flaws in the storyline that stop me from giving it a 10.

    My views on the next season:

    X-Men, x-men, x-men:

    World turns against heroes within 5 episodes, giant war between humans and specials, Peter and Sylar head up the good fight, new badie teams up with Samuel and tries to lead the specials to dominate the human population with their powers.

    Good guys win with ease (i hope not, i want to see the world torn to sheds and the heroes on on their knees and actually fight with every breath in their body to win for a change) but i can foresee a quick ending with Hiro using time travel to stop clare from revealing to the world, with everything going back to the way things were, like a bad dream (dallas style) with maybe a few minor changes to give us hope that the world will some day accept the specials for who they are and not fear them and have Claire lead this brand new world since she is now finally wiser.

    lol, if Claire would of just listened to daddy, she may of robbed the writers of the whole of storyline of season 5 as it is obvious to me they are desperately running out of idea's.

    I doubt the show will make it past season 6.

    I hope i'm wrong and the writers come up with something original for season 5 but only time will tell.
  • All I can say is this is the biggest anti climatic season finale I have ever seen.

    So many episodes revolved around this carnival and that guy, that I expect something more, then poof its over. And nothing happens in this episode except one tidbit about hiro and charlie, his love. After this I hope the show is cancelled. and the ending oh gosh. Noah was right all its gonna do is start the whole cycle over again and then the world will turn on people with abilities and that is something i really dont care to watch what so ever. so this will probably be the end of the show and i could put all the good episodes on to one dvd and burn the rest.
  • At last, a season finale that doesn't revolve around Nathan!

    I was happy with the finale but not totally with the series as a whole. It was the slowest season yet in terms of plot development, but there was juuuuust enough to keep me wanting to see what was next. This final episode ends the series with a fizzle rather than a great big bang; it was almost like a second first series, in which we got to know more about the characters as people rather than dwelling on their powers. In isolation, this series brings nothing that new to the world of Heroes, and it pretty much self-contained, so this particular episode only had to do one thing, wrap it up, and I think they can probably leave the show there (although I really hope they don't!!!).

    Very good points mentioned by Darkflame2006, regarding certain writing flaws... especially the part where he notes that Samuel can't even lift a pebble despite being near Peter, Sylar, and the others. I guess it must work on quantity not quality - saying that though, wasn't there a flashback with him testing his powers (without other specials around) as a youngster?

    At first I wondered how Matt Parkman knew what "Copy Man" had done when he shot Lydia, but then I guess he just read his mind. This wasn't the worst part for me. It was a good series and it brought a whole host of new characters in via the carnival. I doubt we'll see most of them again but here's hoping they at least exchange phone numbers in case the world is in peril again in about six months!

    Just wondering... WHEN is Peter going to realise he can get his original power back from his new bezzie mate, Sylar?

    Just putting it out there...

    And finally, Claire, it's not big, it's not clever. Who else has had enough of her jumping off stuff and just wants to see her be hard for once? If she took up a martial art or something she'd be of real use (and it would probably be more entertaining too).

    Noah could have asked Hiro to stop time but maybe he's had enough of holding Claire back...
  • Excellent use of powers , poor action ; still Heroes' best season finale , there is hope .

    This was pretty good. It was a good ending to a not so good volume. I think this episode was good in terms of how the powers were used towards the common purpose : stoping Samuel.I liked Tracy's involvement in Noah's rescue , Doyle's power to control Emma , Hiro teleporting everyone with the help of Ando's recharging power , Matt with his mind control. Charlie's storyline is over , and it was about time. Nevertheless , the action part is still missing. Peter's confrontation with Samuel was short and Samuel was just arrested , that was kind of dissapointing. I also don't like this new version of Sylar. I liked Claire showing the world and exposing the specials , that can lead to a promising season 5 , let's hope once and for all Heroes can live to it's expectations. I think this was Heroes best season finale , at least it leads somewhere , I hope the show lives to see this " new brave world ".
  • Emma bloody-fingers

    So this is it. The 'big finale'. The fate of Heroes is still up in the air, but should this be the very last episode, Brave New World was tasked with bringing the entire volume (and possibly the series) to a satisfying conclusion. Does it do the job?

    The Circus folk of this year draw some interesting parallels to The Morlocks from the X-Men series; they are the group of mutants that have become a community after being basically shunned from the outside world. It has been great to see a more mature level of storytelling grow from Heroes this season, and really, the more grounded in reality we can base this show- complete with real-world consequences (more on that later) the better it will be.

    But there is more to good television than just storytelling. There's the characters, the dialogue, ("What's she doing?" "Breaking my heart". Barf!) plot progression, dramatic set pieces, and most importantly of all- logic. No matter how fantastical your tale, logic roots all stories. Excuse me if I didn't find the logic in Tracy's rescue of Claire and Noah. This was ridiculous. Heroes apologists are going to have to concoct their own theories on how exactly this works, because the show doesn't explain it all- they just skim over the business to move the plot along. And even worse, Tracy is done for the episode. That's all they needed her for, real quick. The contrived use of this character was pathetic. Little nit-picky things have plagued the show for years, but the sheer abundance of them is what adds up, creating a sum much greater than the whole of its parts. The less said about the Matt/Peter/Sylar confrontation, the better. For such a great build all season, I can't understand why they continue to drop the ball on the action. It's the season 1 finale all over again, and before you start uproaring about how action-heavy the inferior previous volumes have been, consider that this year is the one time they truly EARNED going balls-to-the wall with some fights because they developed the characters and story so well. For a show that went too far in one direction, this time they've gone too far in the other direction; Heroes still can't find the perfect balance of action and story. After a sappy scene of talking with Father and Daughter near death buried alive, we get another sappy scene where Claire 'speeches' Samuel out of power. Seriously? A speech? For such an awesome villain (I truly believe the best this show has ever had, sorry Sylar), it was frustrating to see him fall to powerlessness so quickly and easily. He got to shake things up for about 6 seconds, but looking at the Replicating man non-fight, the cutaway from the buried rescue, Hiro not confronting the man who took Charlie from him, Not showing Sylar vs Puppet Man, Claire not doing anything but talk, HRG not doing anything at all, Tracy's blink-and-you'll-miss-her cameo, the under-usage of Ray Park, and missing players like Mohinder and Mama Petrelli, Bave New World just didn't feel as "big" as finales past. The budget cuts are very apparent here. Peter and Samuel facing off with the rocks was kinda neat- but this really needed to be Hiro v Samuel. Or even Claire. Peter spent the least time with Sullivan, why does he get the big showdown? All the lead up and all we got was basically a little tremor. Not good enough. It's safe to say this finale was underwhelming.

    There was ONE thing that worked. "Don't you recognize me, Hiro? It's me- Charlie!"


    I really loved the development with Old Charlie that she ended up having a pretty good life after all. The woman they cast was a dead-ringer for Jayma Mays in 50 years, and even lent the scene a sort of gravitas. It was all handled tenderly, and Hiro was kind of heart-breaking here. I thought it was a wonderful stroke from the writers and it gives us closure. Never mind my theory that interracial relationships on this show are doomed. The other part of the episode that was super effective was the final 3 minutes. The "End of Volume" card was an odd placement, since the story just kept going, and it didn't feel like it was over at all. (Normally, we're in a new location, completely starting fresh) But Claire's bold move of revealing the 'specials' to the media was pretty cool. Brave New World indeed! At least they went out on a high note. Claire's jump attempt was a great callback to what was THE initial iconic moment of this series. The show has been focused and subtle this year, but it looks like they are injecting them back into the real world, complete with real-world consequences. S1 was littered with normal peripheral characters that kept the show grounded in reality. Nice to see them going back there. Supporting players like Gretchen are a good example of where to go with this. Should the series end, I like the possibilities they left open for the audience. But that exciting development doesn't save a finale that was overall, just so-so.
  • Finally... a decent series final!!

    After a hit and miss season that, granted, has been more hit than miss, Heroes is back on fine form. There was alot to love about this episode and it's left me wanting more. Taking a look at the track record, season 1s final was dissapointing, season 2 was the best of season 2 but thats not saying much, volumes 3 and 4 sucked if I'm being honest, both all about taking down Sylar (again). Volume 5's final was superb. A final big show down with Samuel that we have been leading up to all season. He was stupid to send multipul guy after Peter, Sylar and Matt!! Sylar kicked his ass barley moving his hand. And the battle between Peter and Samuel is something I definately feel Heroes needs to do more of. It was superb!!! Hopefully Sylar will help Peter become more powerful next season. Claire and HRG was okay, not boring for once. And I liked how Edgar helped them talk all the others into leaving Samuel. Poor Hiro!! Still... adds good closure to the Charlie story. He did save her; he gave her a normal life to live. And she lived it to the full.
    I'm not too sure about this new Sylar but we'll see how it goes. At least now Hiro has his powers back, Peter has the potential to and we have an interesting new development in Claire revealing herself to the world. All in all, the best episode Heroes has done for a very long time. I really hope they get a chance to show us a volume 6.
  • Answer my question...

    Before the question, don't you think, the Fight against Samuel could have been better !.. They showed Samuel and his crappy carnival throughout the season, and look how he got defeated !..

    Anyway, please answer:

    How (why) did Samuel lose his power "completely" once almost everyone left the carnival? ...ALTHOUGH... when he buried the whole town in s04e16, he had no "heroes" nearby !

    If he could bury a whole town with no "heroes" nearby, why cant he fight Peter, in presence of Peter + Sylar + Doyle + Emma, etc.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • A Brave new world indeed. Heroes dips into a long awaited pool with more room that may breathe new life into what SOME call a dieing series

    Lets face it....Most TV shows first season is the best. Same with heroes. It has had alot of loose ends, changes in direction, and u almost felt like the were BSing you. BUT I still love the show and personally blame all issues on the writers strike (they lost focus or something). Still look forward to it every Monday. Maybe im just a DIE HARD X-Men fan and as a result like anything close to it.

    This episode raps some lose ends. Explains the future where Sylar is good and gives us what we have been waiting for....the exposure of "heroes" to the world. I believe from this point on they will have more to work with and Heroes can rise back in the minds of most. Dont know if they can get some of the lost viewers back but we will see. Next season, I look forward to alot of amazement, then hate, civil wars and anything u can think of in a world where super powered beings try to assimilate with the regular public and overcome ignorance...
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