Season 4 Episode 10

Brother's Keeper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • pivotal

    Even though this episode has slowed down from last time, we still get a suspense-filled, heartbreaking episode where we learn about Mohinder's whereabouts, the true motivations of Samuel behind finding a "family", Tracey's powers glitch, and both Peter and "Nathan" learn the horrible truth behind "Nathan's" identity. Tracey orders coffee at a diner, still shaken over Jeremy, deliberating on finding Samuel. She asks the waitress her thoughts over running away and joining a carnival. The waitress shrugs and says why run off with a bunch of freaks? This unsettles Tracey and she snaps at the waitress, apologizing and ordering coffee. However, her powers start glitching and she freezes the mug, Tracey running off to the waitress' shock. "Nathan" fills Peter in on his missing days? weeks?, expressing his identity crisis. Peter promises to help "Nathan" find out what's going on. They head to Washington D.C., only for Nathan's secretary to greet him like usual. According to the secretary, Angela told everyone Nathan decided to request a vacation. Huh. Rene aka the Haitain suddenly shows, pulling Peter aside. While he won't explicitly tell Peter what's going on, he gives Peter a slip of paper and a combination, warning Peter what he finds will destroy him, telling Peter to go alone. Peter ignores him, dragging "Nathan" along to a storage closet, "Nathan" wondering why the Haitain didn't want him to go. Both find out when they open the real Nathan's casket. Claire walks to Noah's door, only to find it open, frost collecting at the handle. Claire slinks in, grabs a knife, and springs to attack the intruder, only to find Tracey. She explains she needs Noah's help with her powers and she has nowhere else to go, no one else that can help her. Since Noah's gone, Claire acts as a surrogate until he arrives. At Carnivale, Samuel coaxes Hiro to go back in time not to save Mohinder but to get a tape Mohinder had destroyed right before Samuel killed him. Anything to get back Charlie. Flashback to nine weeks ago. Mohinder is back in India and back to being a professor, tutoring a young student. Evidently, right after he fled Building 26, he got himself a little girlfriend. Nice. Mohinder and Mira seem to have lived together for awhile, since she expresses concern over finding an old box regarding information about Coyote Sands. She wishes Mohinder would drop his obsession, let go of the past, and start living his life. Mohinder promises he's through with searching his father and dumps the box in the trash can. Too easy. Sure enough, once Mira falls asleep, Mohinder decides to open it up, for giggles. What he finds is an old tape of Chandra discussing Samuel. Before he was even born, our Big Bad showcased a significant amount of power, causing earthquakes to rupture around the Coyote Sands area. Nice. Chandra explains a way for someone to make a makeshift compass, drawing on Samuel's magnetic pull, or something like that. More importantly, Chandra theorizes that if Samuel surrounded himself with enough heroes, it would increase his powers to subatomic levels. Uncanny, no? Back in the present, "Nathan" draws back, shocked to see "his" dead body. Peter refuses to believe the body belongs to his real brother, instead guesses it's a shapeshifter. Denial. "Nathan" flashes back to when Matt was brainwashing him and knows Matt has something to do with it. Peter-Nathan head back to DC. Knowing Angela and the Haitain won't be honest with them, both "Nathan" and Peter know they have to find Matt for the truth. "Nathan" laments over how confused he is over his identity. Peter flashes back to when Nathan let him win a game on purpose, when Nathan went all out for his birthday party, and assures "Nathan" he's Peter's brother and that's all he needs to know. Awwwww. "Nathan's" secretary says Matt's being held in confinement in Texas after his little shoot-out with the police. Peter assures "Nathan" he can heal Matt and they head for Texas. Tracey's powers are glitching so bad, it's freezing her body down and freezing everything she touches. Claire tries to help by fixing Tracey tea and a hot bath. The hot bath warms Tracey for a minute, but then she freezes the tub. Claire touches Tracey to comfort her, only to get frozen. Tracey breaks down, trying to play damage control, only to snap off Claire's foot. Snort. Not to worry, for Claire fully regenerates, foot included, Tracey reassured she didn't cripple Claire for life. "Nathan" and Peter slip into Matt's room, finding him catatonic. Peter heals him and Matt awakens. Peter assures him he's okay but Sylar hovers over him, seeing his "body" in the same room. Uh-oh. Matt tries to make "Nathan" and Peter leave before Sylar can possess him and take control of his body again. Both "Nathan" and Peter are reasonably confused. Matt admits the truth to the "brothers": the real Nathan is dead. Matt brainwashed Sylar's body into thinking it's Nathan and Sylar's in his mind, trying to regain control of his body. He tells Peter and "Nathan" to get out when Sylar finally takes over Matt. Soul, meet body. Sylar tells "himself" he's sorry about everything that happened but just touch Matt's hand and everything will go back to normal. Peter intervenes but that little piece of Sylar remaining in "Nathan" snaps and he hurls Peter to the wall. Body moves to reconnect with his mind, Matt's mental pleas unheard. Staff burst in, trying to calm everyone down, and Sylar uses the chaos to slip back into "Nathan". Gasp! Matt awakens, his body fully is, frightened at what happened. However, it's "Nathan" that's still in control, for now. Stricken at what he did to Peter, he slips out through the window. Claire and Tracey chill on the couch, sipping coffee, Claire's dead foot on the table. Eeck:}. Tracey's gone for an hour without her power glitching. They laugh at the day's events and share their personal troubles, Tracey explaining how bad she wanted her old life back, only to find she didn't want it anymore. She laments over how she can't really talk to anyone else about her problems, because no one normal could understand what she's going through. She tells Claire she met Samuel and that he offered her a place at Carnivale and that she's thinking about it. Claire advises she do it and says that's why her powers are glitching, she's just freaking out. Noah bursts in on their little playdate, marveling at Claire's frozen foot on the table, Claire explaining it was just a normal. Yeah, just a normal day. Nine weeks ago, Mira bust Mohinder. She finally gives him an ultimatum: get his act together or leave. Guess which one Mohinder picks? Eight weeks ago, Mohinder uses his compass to track Samuel to Carnivale, wanting to explain to Samuel what he found, instead finding Joseph. Joseph pulls Mohinder aside, warning him to leave. Joseph is well aware of Samuel's capabilities, he remembers 1961. After they escaped Coyote Sands, either before or during the shoot-out, Joseph took it himself to curb Samuel's destructive abilities. That's why he surrounded Samuel with a couple of heroes. Too many would overwhelm Samuel's powers but with a couple dozen, Samuel's powers could be diluted to a safer version. He loves his brother but he's afraid of all the damage he would wreck. He tells Mohinder to burn the tape and never come back. Too bad Samuel overheard everything outside. Mohinder goes to a hotel, phoning Mira, apologizing for everything, and proceeding to destroy the tape, when Hiro finally shows, freezing Mohinder and swapping the tapes, apologizing to Mohinder for allowing Samuel to kill him. Hiro vanishes, Mohinder burning the wrong tape, when Samuel barges in, seething over how Joseph lied to him, betrayed him, demanding the tape. Mohinder smirks. In response, Samuel uses his ability to fire dirt bullets into Mohinder, leaving when Mohinder collapses. However, Mohinder wakes up, winded. What?!? Good old Hiro didn't leave Mohinder to die and while Mohinder was frozen, strapped on a bullet-proof vest. Nice. Hiro explains about Samuel killing Mohinder and about Charlie. Mohinder wants to take on Samuel while Hiro won't let him, not until he rescues Charlie. Mohinder won't listen, so Hiro decides to make Mohinder disappear for awhile by dumping him in a psych ward. Ouch. Back in the present, "Nathan" drops Peter at the Grand Canyon?, spooked over Matt's revelations and horrified at what he did to Peter. He shouldn't be around anyone right now, especially Peter. He tells Peter to stay away from him. Peter absorbs "Nathan's" ability, saying he's not going anywhere. When "Nathan" flies off, Peter follows him. Hiro hands the tape to Samuel and demands Charlie but he won't let her go yet. Samuel meets Tracey in a diner, Tracey accepting his offer. Samuel is pleased. Matt phones Janice, ready to go home Sylar-less. "Nathan" sits in a dark apartment, Peter hovering in the shadows, close enough for support but far enough to keep his distance. "Nathan" vents over how his "self" is nothing but a construct, a lie, a canvas of memories Matt planted into him. He's not Peter's brother, he doesn't know what he is. And Peter can't assure him because "Nathan" sees how Peter's looking at him, like he's Sylar, like he's a monster. This was a great quiet, subtle, heartbreaking episode. I'm continually being impressed over Tracey and how she's growing as a person. She just wants somewhere to belong, someone to understand and accept her for her. She's like Claire, only lonier. She doesn't have even a Gretchen. She has no one, and I understand why she was so desperate to take up Samuel's offer. Too bad Samuel's offer is of course, insincere. Matt is Sylar-less and how will that affect him now? Hiro shows he has a dark side. He wants Charlie, his happy ending so bad, he's almost willing to do anything to make that happen. Good thing he refuses to kill anyone. Mohinder's return complicates things, but in a messy way. How is going to be reintergrated back with the heroes. FINALLY, we know what Samuel's plan exactly is. He started to explain it in Strange Attractors, but here it's laid out straight-forward. His powers somehow makes him connected to heroes so that when the more they're around him, his powers increase. So, all his talk about finding family, helping people discover who they are, sheltering them from a world that hates them, it's a lot of BS. Pure, extremely possible take-over-the-world, egomania. It also explains why he wants superpowered Sylar so bad because if a superpowered Sylar is near him, what will that do to up his ability quotient? Joseph is revealed to be the nicer brother and I got the implication that Samuel was the one who killed Joseph after he found out. But, nice intergration with the 1961 storyline. But what made the episode even more impactful was "Nathan" and Peter and the relevations Matt/Sylar put them. Poor "Nathan". How would you feel if you woke one day and realized the life you thoughts was yours is a lie? That what makes you you is a lie? That you're not even yourself, but instead, a construct of a demented serial killer? I think "Nathan" took a pretty well, considering. Peter's reaction spoke volumes. He wanted to deny it but his calm demeanor over the situation makes me believe that deep down, somehow he knew all along that "Nathan" wasn't really Nathan. His determination to support "Nathan", even after he found out that he was Sylar, shows that he truly does he love his brother and he knows that "Nathan" is still of his brother, a piece of his "soul" trapped inside Sylar, and he'll do everything he can to make sure that part of Nathan wins out. Too bad we all know how that will play out. It's quite clear that even though "Nathan" realizes he's Sylar, he clearly loves Peter as Nathan does/did and I got to wonder (look away if you will be spoiled), when Sylar finally wins out, will a small part of Nathan remain behind? Powerful stuff. Even though I know where "Nathan's" headed, it's still heartbreaking to watch. Next week, it's an epic heroes Thanksgiving, and we'll see just how far Samuel plans to go with his ability.
  • Good episode.

    So from the last two episode, we can finally conclude that Heroes is finally moving forward, and looking like the good old Heroes that captivated us in the first place.

    The Matt-Sylar rigmarole is finally put to an end, after Peter and Nathan (Sylar's Body) visit Matt, who is almost brain dead. Peter with his healing powers brings Matt Back to life, and after a few dramatic moments Matt is free and Sylar is back into his body. Now this brings me to the question. If Sylar is really back into his body, then why is he still behaving like Nathan, and why does he not shape shift back into Sylar. And didn't Peter actually know about Nathan being dead? Mohinder is finally back, and it was good to see him for the first time this season. All in all, it was good to see the other heroes Hiro, Tracy, and Claire make cool use of their powers. Nice episode
  • good episode

    I liked the peter and nathan scenes. I'm feel sorry for peter I think he's going to go through a tough time accepting that his brother is dead. I hope matt gets more proactive in stopping sylar when he comes back fully. hopefully though this whole sylar thing will lead to peter getting his full powers back. I'm waiting for that to happen hopefully it does. Now, to the Hiro scenes, who here is just tired of him and his naiveness, I know I am. How could he have not seen that Samuel was going to bring Charlie back, duh, he's a bad guy. I mean he did send her to some god awful place. Plus, how could he do that to Mohinder, poor guy. I would so hit Hiro if I could. He has been so naive since the first season. How many times has he screwed up the world only to have other people clean up his mess. There was the whole thing with Adam and now giving Samuel something that will probably lead him to becoming more powerful and killing a whole bunch of people. He should have listened to Mohinder and realize that one person's life is not as important as the whole world. Granted he loves her but she might even die later if Samuel becomes so powerful to stop, Hiro is such an idiot.
  • As Matt continues his battle to resists Sylar's mental domination, Tracy struggles to control her ability and Samuel learns how to tap into the full power of his.

    I loved this episode, Tracy and Claire together was a good match specially what they were wearing NICE! They should show a little bit of that more often. Peter and Nathan together was also a good choice I love to see them together I feel bad that Nathan I can't believe he is gone but he had it coming, he really mess up when he try to round them up including his own brother back in S3. Anyhow I feel like "Heroes" finally has a purpose to be watched for. Now we know Samuel Plans well not all of it but we get the picture, Peter knows about Nathan that was easy I thought it was going to be more dramatic. The Haitian is back on the show I know it's only few seconds but it's something I want more Haitian! What happen to Sylar? I don't know he can be on Nathans body, still on Matt's head or may be on baby Parkman for what is worth if baby Parkman is coming back who knows, that something I am looking forward to see. Over all I enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to the next one…..I hope the shows get better with ratings I really don't want the show to get cancel. So let cross our fingers!!!
  • the first episode in a while not carried by Zach Quinto... and it was still good!

    Okay... so now everything is starting to link together. Nathen and Peter was by far the most interesting of the episode. I had wondered where Angela had stashed the body of the real Nathan and now we finally know. I actually feel really sorry for him; to know that he is actually dead and is in the body of a psycopath. I take back all criticism on this storyline... its been superb. And now Matt is finally free of Sylar. I knew Peter's healing powers would have to come into it somewhere. Where has Sylar gone? Hmm...

    Mohinder is back!!! Can I first say that the whole Coyote Sands thing is such a huge plot hole I don't even know where to start. Let's look at Chandra Suresh; in Genesis it was all about how he had traveled to New York to find any trace of people with abilities. Sylar was his Patient Zero. Now they are saying he worked with loads of them in Coyote Sands... a secret millitary operation. Why would he go looking for them if he already knew they existed? (or publish a book full of classified government info for that matter?) Anyroad... more tampering with Hiro to save another life. This time Mohinder. And it's always good to find out more about the subline Samuel... it seems if anyone can kick Sylar's ass he can. And finally we meet the elusive Joseph. Interesting... I'm thinking Samuel killed him. And can I ask... why lock Mohinder in a mental institute? How did Hiro do it exactly? A little bit cruel isn't it? Plus... Mohinder has been dead for eight weeks so won't have effected anything at all in that time so why didn't Hiro just take him back with him into the future? He's been missing so it would make sense. The whole insititution thing dosen't really.

    As always of course Heroes lets itself down... and as always its because of the Bennets. The whole Tracy/Claire subplot thing wasn't really interesting. At first I was thinking it was another desperate attempt to give Tracy something to do but it appears she's finally fitting into the plot. But I was very eager to get back to the whol Sylar/Mohinder bit. Once again the weakest part of the episode. Unfortunately this year Claire and HRG have been very uninteresting. It seems even the lesbian plot has come to nowhere.

    On the whole a very enjoyable episode. Heroes has definately up its game immensly. Roll on next week!
  • Dollhouse, Heroes's style.

    Ironic how this episode was aired the same week its inspiration got cancelled, although Sylar isn't exactly Alpha his plot to awake Echo's ...er Nathan's self awareness is remarkably similar, although Matt's moral comprass is a LOT less grey than Topher's.

    In another part of time, Paul Ballard ...er Mohinder does his best to help even if the "Dollhouse" itself is not aware of him, apparentely the same quest that leads to Joseph's death is what ended Mohinder's life as he was only trying to protect his brother the same way Mohinder was trying to protect Matt and Matt himself protect Peter's brother.

    Same as the Dollhouse couldn't stop an Echo and Caroline reunionjust like this time nothing could stop Nathan & Sylar's the result of this meeting as unexpected as they are unpredictable.
  • Possibly the best episode storyline-wise, finally we get some storyline (non-list based review like I usually do.)

    We find Tracy losing control of her ability and Claire helps her out being frozen (and healed)in the process. Mohinder learns that Samuel was being studied during 1961's Coyote Sands events through an old film, and his ability manifests the more people are around him. Samuel KNOWS he can be powerful, just not HOW. Sylar accidentaly enters his body from Matt's visit by Peter and Nathan, but we are unaware of his presence. Peter is uneasy, and Matt is returning back to his family.

    In the past Samuel demands info from Mohinder, but Hiro interferes, saves Mohinder from dying and he retrieves the film that studied Samuel's birth. Hiro and Mohinder refuse to get along (Mohinder needs to play dead), but Mohinder needs to stop Samuel right away, Hiro wins, teleporting Mohinder in a mental hospital, very cool indeed.

    Hiro finally returns the film to Samuel and requests Charlie, who Samuel is still reluctant to return. The episode ends as Nathan discusses to Peter that he will never be the same to him.
  • this was the best episode this season

    just amaizing

    awesome the best heroes episode.now the show is showing in what direction is going.now we knew the purpose of the new villan sammuel and why he was collecting people with abbilityes.sylar is somewhere out unleased i i guess plannig his revenge.finaly after 10 episode i season 4 the show and this season story is coming together.i am really looking forward for the next episodes of the show it`s getting really intennse and intressting to watch, but this is heroes the last 3 season i`ve learnd is that the show is realilling slowly.but it is worth watching now again i must say one of the best heroes episodes
  • So this episode basically picks up where everything was left off. Showing us the truth about Samuels past and what his motives are, and it shows where Mo hinder has been. It also gives us some incite to whats in store for Tracy.

    This episode was good, but just good. I mean Nathan should have handled him finding out he was Syler way differently, I think they played it down a little to much. Clair getting frozen was pretty funny in my opinon. But I think that Matt should have way more consequences there is no way its THAT easy even for a guy like him to just get away with murders like that. I mean seriously. Make it a little more realistic guys. But none the less, it was a good episode. Learning about Samuels past was interesting. I dont see where they are going with his story, but hopefully it will be some where good. The only thing that REALLY bothered me in this episode was Mo hinder in India. I mean... shouldn't they be speaking INDIAN, it is India, I highly doubt Indians speak english perfectly. That littler girl was like what 7? And speaking perfect English. They could have at least had them speak it and done subs like with Hiro, would have made it more realistic.
  • Nathan and Ethan find out that the real Nathan is really dead .They both go looking for Matt Parkman(the mind reader)and somehow Sylar is unleashed.In the past Samuel (the leader of the Carnies)up finding his real ability and kills Mohinder.

    All I can say is WOW. By far the best episode of the season.The whole scene with Claire (the cheerleader with healing abilities) was funny and kinda knew that she wasn't going to die. Also I like the scene when Hiro (the teleporter) saves Mohinder's life. That was a smart idea to put a bullet proof vest over him. My one question is when Sammuel (leader of the Carnies) is around other people with abilities, does his ability increase or is it just people with abilities powers increase when they are around him? I didn't really catch that. Can't wait till next weeks episode! so many things revealed and are clear now in just one episode.
  • Just a quick short list of problems I had with this episode:

    There were too many little things that kept me from really enjoying My Brother's Keeper:

    -like the logic of how Claire "heals" from being frozen. Did she melt herself? And I would really like to see how that severed foot gets reattached. (this is no toe) or did she grow a new foot? Can the foot grow a new Claire?

    -as a storytelling device, Chandra's film was a complete LOST/Dharma rip off. even down to strategically omitting vital bits of information. But then, I've felt Heroes has been ripping off Lost for years, so..
    And I laughed at how sci-fi b-movie it all was. Not terrifying in the least.

    -I really liked the Magneto similarities people were beginning to draw for Sam Sullivan a few eps back, but I guess we can throw all that out the window. He doesn't sincerely care about his fellow 'mutants' at all. He just wants to be more powerful. I think his intrigue as a villain has actually dropped. I was better off not knowing his motivations.

    -I was excited to see how everyone would react to Sylar being Nathan and Nate being really dead. I was completely underwhelmed. Peter basically shrugged the whole thing off? What? Nathan himself (or his consciousness, anyway) isn't nearly shaken enough by this startling revelation, no one seems to fault Parkman or Angela for what they did, and worst of all, we've still got this stupid Sylar-in-someone crap that really needs to be ended. -Hiro's bait-n-switch bullet proof vest is another rip-off this time from Back to the Future, and I found that to be another insulting and laughable moment. (where's the creativity guys?) Yeah, I'm at about a C, C- for this ep, with the return of Mohinder's annoying presence (he hasn't changed at all) I'd drop this one down to maybe 7.0 flat.
  • wow , just wow

    This episode i think is the best of the season! I totally loved it all the way.I didn't expect to have some Tracy/claire interaction so i was kinda surprised on that one,and later when Noah come in he see claires foot on the table he's like WTF? And finally matt/sylar and nathan/sylar finally meets! I guess now sylar consciousness is no longer in Matt's head and is now in his own body but not yet in control but they will battle it out on the next episode "Thanksgiving".It was kinda heart-breaking with the petrellis.Poor Peter , his own brother is dead and also that his mother lied to him about sythan.I'm mean that's BIG.Don't know how Peter will recover from this one.I think he will snap this time.Now i have to wait a whole damn week! Can't wait anyway :)
  • Wonderful to have Mohinder back! And the new info on Samuel is fascinating.

    Angela's micro-managing her sons' lives again – covering for Nathan's disappearance, sending the Haitian to erase memories but he hints about the truth about Nathan. Peter never keeps secrets from Nathan, the Haitian should have realized that. The Petrelli brothers can't be stopped, you'd think people would know that.

    Samuel's considerable power manifested before he was even born! Causing earthquakes. Mohinder recreated the compass, finding the carnival. Joseph knew about Samuel's powers but worked to keep his powers from him, and keep the powers he does have under control. Samuel wanted Hiro to rescue the film from being destroyed by Mohinder. So glad Mohinder is alive but putting him in a mental hospital is really horrible of Hiro.

    This is the first time I've actually liked Tracy. She's finally getting some depth to her – a crisis of self-identity messing with her powers. Tracy will boost Samuel's powers significantly – she's an elemental like he is.

    Peter doesn't want to believe Nathan is Sylar but Sylar's murderous impulses come from his primary power… and Nathan has Sylar's powers.
  • If the writers simply had the courage of their convictions, instead of feeling the need to pander to self-imposed restrictions, they would create a far richer and more enjoyable show.

    'Brother's Keeper' is something of a transitional episode, taking a selection of the show's core narratives and nudging them forward a few paces without really giving too much away. Thanks to 'Shadowboxing', Nathan has finally begun to catch a clue about what happened to him at the end of season three and it's certainly good to see all of the pieces finally slotting into place. The dramatic irony had begun to wear a little thin over the weeks, so now that everyone has the same level of knowledge, we can begin to get on with the pesky business of actually doing something with the plot. It's a bit of a shame that Peter's reaction to the revelation about his brother isn't a little more, shall we say, perturbed, as you'd think that the notion that the guy has been wearing the meat suit of a mass murderer would scare the bejeebus out of mostly anybody, but on the other hand, it's refreshing not to have to put up with yet another contrived grievance between the two of them. The scene in the hospital is nicely executed, full of unusual camera angles and cuts to convey the appropriate level of confusion and the moments between the brothers both atop the hills and in the apartment are nicely underplayed, successfully conveying both their bond and the overall horror of the situation.

    It's a bit of a shame that Matt is up and about with the greatest of ease, mind. Last week's attempted suicide was a thoroughly brave move and one that I'd hoped they'd have the guts to see through to a more satisfying conclusion. Instead, Peter heals him (well, who didn't see that coming?), Sylar leaves his body (and goes where? Intriguing!) and he regains control of his faculties, getting up and about and using his delightful powers with delicious glee. Perhaps if Heroes hadn't played the 'oh my God! They've killed x... oh wait, no they haven't' card so many times, this may not be so much of a problem. As it is though, it just irritates and sadly, this isn't the only instance of it in the episode.

    After having ended 'Once Upon a Time in Texas' with the jaw-dropping reveal that Samuel killed Mohinder, 'Brother's Keeper' retcons the whole situation and has Hiro save him. It puts a significant dampener on what is an otherwise rather neat little story. It's great to have Sendhil Ramamurthy back again, even if portions of his dialogue with his girlfriend barely even attempt to disguise their expositionary nature, and within a story that has significant bearing on the arc plot. There are some lovely touches in the inclusion of Chandra, the references to Coyote Sands and even a few odes to Lost (come on... skipping black and white video reels? DHARMA Orientation Films, anyone?), but all of this is secondary to the revelations about the source of Samuel's power, which turns out to be a rather pleasant surprise, as well as one that makes perfect sense. Whether the notion that he is recruiting the heroes so that he can become more powerful will degrade his character remains to be seen. He has been refreshingly grey so far, never veering too far either side of the limiting 'good/evil' binary and hopefully, this will continue in spite of the revelations. It's just a pity that Mohinder has to be rescued; that the impact of the previous cliffhanger must be completely annihilated. It really wouldn't hurt to take the road less travelled guys. And putting Suresh in a psychiatric hospital? Um, Niki, season one much?

    There is certainly much good in 'Brother's Keeper' - hell, even Claire and Tracey's sequences are actually quite nifty and play well for each character - but unfortunately, the writing staff can't seem to keep themselves from tripping over their own feet every so often. If they'd just have the courage of their convictions, instead of pandering to self-imposed restrictions, they would create a far richer, more enjoyable show.
  • Nathan = Sylar, Sylar = Nathan

    Great episode talking us truth about Samuel and his all thinking. Nathan ( Sylar) and Peter already knows the real Nathan is dead and Sylar is not dead. When N&P searching for truth Peter health Parkman so they really help SYlar back to his trully life. They think about that what they should did with that situation and we see in next episode which decision they make...

    Tracy has trouble with her power and she goes to Noah where she meet Claire... She not special freeze her and break his leg ... but Claire is of course immortal so her leg grow up and CLaire back to life :) At the end Tracy decided to join to Carnival. In episode we also have story about Hiro and Mohinder. Hiro want to save CHarlie so he must stop Mohinder before he destroy the movie about Samuels power . Hiro didn`t should rescue Mohinder but he did it. I am really curious what will be next ....


    Heroes rox now

  • The truth about Samuel

    This season of "Heroes" has been uneven, but in many respects, success or failure has been dependent on the treatment of Samuel Sullivan. That character has done more for this season than almost any other element, and as such, one would expect the same would be true for this episode (and the season as a whole).

    So it is a bit unfortunate that the time has finally come for Samuel's motivations to become clear. As much as it was necessary for the good of the season arc, since it begins to answer some of the pressing questions about Samuel and his activities since the season premiere, it also feels a bit too simple. It renders Samuel a less compelling villain to have him searching for more and more power.

    Essentially, Samuel has an ability that is somehow amplified by the presence of other metahumans. This makes him tremendously dangerous. The fact that he was basically the brother with more ambition than wisdom makes it very clear that his temper would be an issue. Tying Samuel's story into the revelations about Coyote Sands was a nice touch, and it does explain where Mohinder has been all this time.

    I've liked the slow and measured pace of the plot, if only because it gives the writers more time to delve into the characters. But I now have to wonder if Sylar was trapped within "Nathan" and Matt's mind for so long because the writers needed to pace out the revelations about Samuel first. With Samuel's amplified ability now revealed, I get the feeling that his time is short.

    After all, Sylar is sure to get his body back sooner rather than later, and he will very likely retain some knowledge of the carnival. He will want to get back to it, and since Peter has a compass, that seems the most likely means. If Sylar discovers the true nature of Samuel's ability, right down to how it can be amplified, there's little doubt that he would want that power for himself. It would be like the ultimate fix.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing. If this is going to be the final season, then it would make sense to have Sylar take control of the carnival (right down to killing Samuel and taking on his appearance, for example), and forcing the familiar heroes to band together to take him down, once and for all. Maybe, if the series comes to an end, the writers will finally have the excuse to deliver a fitting bloodbath of an ending.

    For now, the trick is getting the characters in place for whatever climax the writers do have in mind. I can only assume that is the point of the subplot with Tracy and Claire. As much as I bought Claire in her pseudo-Buffy role at college, I have little interest in her latest angst. For that matter, Tracy has been all over the map this season, and I never liked her anyway. It's clear they're meant to go to the carnival before long.

    I'm glad that they gave "Nathan" a little more screen time, since I think the actor deserves a better sendoff. I was expecting his inevitable exit to come in this episode, but I suppose the writers intend to drag it out a bit longer. That said, it should be interesting to see how Peter handles the truth about "Nathan", as well as how Matt intends to get out of the mess that Sylar has made of his life. Could Matt's apparent sacrifice have been foreshadowing?

    Perhaps the most egregious element of the episode, however, had to be Hiro's decision to place Mohinder in a mental institution. Never mind how that was supposed to work exactly; the writers fudged a number of details to ensure that Mohinder would be out of play until they needed him. It's the fact that Hiro's solution to his own problem was no better than Samuel's decision to trap Charlie in some unknown time and place. Hiro's character arc has been horrid this season, and that's taking into account how much of the character's development had been erased by the third season.

    Despite some of the flaws of this episode, the story is still holding my attention. I'm not happy that Samuel seems to be shifting into a typically villainous role, concerned only with the accumulation of his own power, when something a bit more nuanced might have been more satisfying in the end. That said, the story is still moving forward at a deliberate pace, and this season is still solid. This episode just didn't quite hit the mark.
  • "To the rest of the world I'm Nathan Petrelli, Pete. But every time you look at me - the way you're looking at me right now - you're gonna see Sylar."

    "To the rest of the world I'm Nathan Petrelli, Pete. But every time you look at me - the way you're looking at me right now - you're gonna see Sylar. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong Pete."

    I was hoping for more Peter - and I got just that. Wonderful interaction with Milo (Peter) and Adrian (Nathan), and they really took huge strides into uncovering the truth. Honestly, I don't even care what they're doing, as long as they are together in a scene. It's always interesting.

    The story had some glitches, and for some reason I didn't fully understand what exactly it is about Samuel that everyone's so afraid of. Well, knowing his power, and imagining that he manages to amp it up, I can picture it, but... oh well, doesn't matter. We'll see where that particular storyline takes us. (Unless they totally forget about it at some point.)

    It was nice to see Mohinder again, and to see where he so suddenly disappeared. It seems that although Hiro sometimes manages to be quite nave and childish, he also has an effective imagination when it comes into handling problems...

    The "bonding" between Tracy and Claire wasn't all that awesome, especially when Mr. Bennet stepped into the room; it was just so clich how he smiled at them, asking how their day had been, Claire's foot melting on the table between them. Sure, it was supposed to be funny, but it has happened so often with those people...

    I'm eagerly awaiting for the next week's episode. Family issues in the Petrelli family loom on the horizon (Bennet household doesn't interest me all that much), and it seems Samuel isn't that cool and collected as we thought. It will be interesting to see where Sylar is reciding, too, and how he is planning to emerge and win his body back.