Season 4 Episode 10

Brother's Keeper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • pivotal

    Even though this episode has slowed down from last time, we still get a suspense-filled, heartbreaking episode where we learn about Mohinder's whereabouts, the true motivations of Samuel behind finding a "family", Tracey's powers glitch, and both Peter and "Nathan" learn the horrible truth behind "Nathan's" identity. Tracey orders coffee at a diner, still shaken over Jeremy, deliberating on finding Samuel. She asks the waitress her thoughts over running away and joining a carnival. The waitress shrugs and says why run off with a bunch of freaks? This unsettles Tracey and she snaps at the waitress, apologizing and ordering coffee. However, her powers start glitching and she freezes the mug, Tracey running off to the waitress' shock. "Nathan" fills Peter in on his missing days? weeks?, expressing his identity crisis. Peter promises to help "Nathan" find out what's going on. They head to Washington D.C., only for Nathan's secretary to greet him like usual. According to the secretary, Angela told everyone Nathan decided to request a vacation. Huh. Rene aka the Haitain suddenly shows, pulling Peter aside. While he won't explicitly tell Peter what's going on, he gives Peter a slip of paper and a combination, warning Peter what he finds will destroy him, telling Peter to go alone. Peter ignores him, dragging "Nathan" along to a storage closet, "Nathan" wondering why the Haitain didn't want him to go. Both find out when they open the real Nathan's casket. Claire walks to Noah's door, only to find it open, frost collecting at the handle. Claire slinks in, grabs a knife, and springs to attack the intruder, only to find Tracey. She explains she needs Noah's help with her powers and she has nowhere else to go, no one else that can help her. Since Noah's gone, Claire acts as a surrogate until he arrives. At Carnivale, Samuel coaxes Hiro to go back in time not to save Mohinder but to get a tape Mohinder had destroyed right before Samuel killed him. Anything to get back Charlie. Flashback to nine weeks ago. Mohinder is back in India and back to being a professor, tutoring a young student. Evidently, right after he fled Building 26, he got himself a little girlfriend. Nice. Mohinder and Mira seem to have lived together for awhile, since she expresses concern over finding an old box regarding information about Coyote Sands. She wishes Mohinder would drop his obsession, let go of the past, and start living his life. Mohinder promises he's through with searching his father and dumps the box in the trash can. Too easy. Sure enough, once Mira falls asleep, Mohinder decides to open it up, for giggles. What he finds is an old tape of Chandra discussing Samuel. Before he was even born, our Big Bad showcased a significant amount of power, causing earthquakes to rupture around the Coyote Sands area. Nice. Chandra explains a way for someone to make a makeshift compass, drawing on Samuel's magnetic pull, or something like that. More importantly, Chandra theorizes that if Samuel surrounded himself with enough heroes, it would increase his powers to subatomic levels. Uncanny, no? Back in the present, "Nathan" draws back, shocked to see "his" dead body. Peter refuses to believe the body belongs to his real brother, instead guesses it's a shapeshifter. Denial. "Nathan" flashes back to when Matt was brainwashing him and knows Matt has something to do with it. Peter-Nathan head back to DC. Knowing Angela and the Haitain won't be honest with them, both "Nathan" and Peter know they have to find Matt for the truth. "Nathan" laments over how confused he is over his identity. Peter flashes back to when Nathan let him win a game on purpose, when Nathan went all out for his birthday party, and assures "Nathan" he's Peter's brother and that's all he needs to know. Awwwww. "Nathan's" secretary says Matt's being held in confinement in Texas after his little shoot-out with the police. Peter assures "Nathan" he can heal Matt and they head for Texas. Tracey's powers are glitching so bad, it's freezing her body down and freezing everything she touches. Claire tries to help by fixing Tracey tea and a hot bath. The hot bath warms Tracey for a minute, but then she freezes the tub. Claire touches Tracey to comfort her, only to get frozen. Tracey breaks down, trying to play damage control, only to snap off Claire's foot. Snort. Not to worry, for Claire fully regenerates, foot included, Tracey reassured she didn't cripple Claire for life. "Nathan" and Peter slip into Matt's room, finding him catatonic. Peter heals him and Matt awakens. Peter assures him he's okay but Sylar hovers over him, seeing his "body" in the same room. Uh-oh. Matt tries to make "Nathan" and Peter leave before Sylar can possess him and take control of his body again. Both "Nathan" and Peter are reasonably confused. Matt admits the truth to the "brothers": the real Nathan is dead. Matt brainwashed Sylar's body into thinking it's Nathan and Sylar's in his mind, trying to regain control of his body. He tells Peter and "Nathan" to get out when Sylar finally takes over Matt. Soul, meet body. Sylar tells "himself" he's sorry about everything that happened but just touch Matt's hand and everything will go back to normal. Peter intervenes but that little piece of Sylar remaining in "Nathan" snaps and he hurls Peter to the wall. Body moves to reconnect with his mind, Matt's mental pleas unheard. Staff burst in, trying to calm everyone down, and Sylar uses the chaos to slip back into "Nathan". Gasp! Matt awakens, his body fully is, frightened at what happened. However, it's "Nathan" that's still in control, for now. Stricken at what he did to Peter, he slips out through the window. Claire and Tracey chill on the couch, sipping coffee, Claire's dead foot on the table. Eeck:}. Tracey's gone for an hour without her power glitching. They laugh at the day's events and share their personal troubles, Tracey explaining how bad she wanted her old life back, only to find she didn't want it anymore. She laments over how she can't really talk to anyone else about her problems, because no one normal could understand what she's going through. She tells Claire she met Samuel and that he offered her a place at Carnivale and that she's thinking about it. Claire advises she do it and says that's why her powers are glitching, she's just freaking out. Noah bursts in on their little playdate, marveling at Claire's frozen foot on the table, Claire explaining it was just a normal. Yeah, just a normal day. Nine weeks ago, Mira bust Mohinder. She finally gives him an ultimatum: get his act together or leave. Guess which one Mohinder picks? Eight weeks ago, Mohinder uses his compass to track Samuel to Carnivale, wanting to explain to Samuel what he found, instead finding Joseph. Joseph pulls Mohinder aside, warning him to leave. Joseph is well aware of Samuel's capabilities, he remembers 1961. After they escaped Coyote Sands, either before or during the shoot-out, Joseph took it himself to curb Samuel's destructive abilities. That's why he surrounded Samuel with a couple of heroes. Too many would overwhelm Samuel's powers but with a couple dozen, Samuel's powers could be diluted to a safer version. He loves his brother but he's afraid of all the damage he would wreck. He tells Mohinder to burn the tape and never come back. Too bad Samuel overheard everything outside. Mohinder goes to a hotel, phoning Mira, apologizing for everything, and proceeding to destroy the tape, when Hiro finally shows, freezing Mohinder and swapping the tapes, apologizing to Mohinder for allowing Samuel to kill him. Hiro vanishes, Mohinder burning the wrong tape, when Samuel barges in, seething over how Joseph lied to him, betrayed him, demanding the tape. Mohinder smirks. In response, Samuel uses his ability to fire dirt bullets into Mohinder, leaving when Mohinder collapses. However, Mohinder wakes up, winded. What?!? Good old Hiro didn't leave Mohinder to die and while Mohinder was frozen, strapped on a bullet-proof vest. Nice. Hiro explains about Samuel killing Mohinder and about Charlie. Mohinder wants to take on Samuel while Hiro won't let him, not until he rescues Charlie. Mohinder won't listen, so Hiro decides to make Mohinder disappear for awhile by dumping him in a psych ward. Ouch. Back in the present, "Nathan" drops Peter at the Grand Canyon?, spooked over Matt's revelations and horrified at what he did to Peter. He shouldn't be around anyone right now, especially Peter. He tells Peter to stay away from him. Peter absorbs "Nathan's" ability, saying he's not going anywhere. When "Nathan" flies off, Peter follows him. Hiro hands the tape to Samuel and demands Charlie but he won't let her go yet. Samuel meets Tracey in a diner, Tracey accepting his offer. Samuel is pleased. Matt phones Janice, ready to go home Sylar-less. "Nathan" sits in a dark apartment, Peter hovering in the shadows, close enough for support but far enough to keep his distance. "Nathan" vents over how his "self" is nothing but a construct, a lie, a canvas of memories Matt planted into him. He's not Peter's brother, he doesn't know what he is. And Peter can't assure him because "Nathan" sees how Peter's looking at him, like he's Sylar, like he's a monster. This was a great quiet, subtle, heartbreaking episode. I'm continually being impressed over Tracey and how she's growing as a person. She just wants somewhere to belong, someone to understand and accept her for her. She's like Claire, only lonier. She doesn't have even a Gretchen. She has no one, and I understand why she was so desperate to take up Samuel's offer. Too bad Samuel's offer is of course, insincere. Matt is Sylar-less and how will that affect him now? Hiro shows he has a dark side. He wants Charlie, his happy ending so bad, he's almost willing to do anything to make that happen. Good thing he refuses to kill anyone. Mohinder's return complicates things, but in a messy way. How is going to be reintergrated back with the heroes. FINALLY, we know what Samuel's plan exactly is. He started to explain it in Strange Attractors, but here it's laid out straight-forward. His powers somehow makes him connected to heroes so that when the more they're around him, his powers increase. So, all his talk about finding family, helping people discover who they are, sheltering them from a world that hates them, it's a lot of BS. Pure, extremely possible take-over-the-world, egomania. It also explains why he wants superpowered Sylar so bad because if a superpowered Sylar is near him, what will that do to up his ability quotient? Joseph is revealed to be the nicer brother and I got the implication that Samuel was the one who killed Joseph after he found out. But, nice intergration with the 1961 storyline. But what made the episode even more impactful was "Nathan" and Peter and the relevations Matt/Sylar put them. Poor "Nathan". How would you feel if you woke one day and realized the life you thoughts was yours is a lie? That what makes you you is a lie? That you're not even yourself, but instead, a construct of a demented serial killer? I think "Nathan" took a pretty well, considering. Peter's reaction spoke volumes. He wanted to deny it but his calm demeanor over the situation makes me believe that deep down, somehow he knew all along that "Nathan" wasn't really Nathan. His determination to support "Nathan", even after he found out that he was Sylar, shows that he truly does he love his brother and he knows that "Nathan" is still of his brother, a piece of his "soul" trapped inside Sylar, and he'll do everything he can to make sure that part of Nathan wins out. Too bad we all know how that will play out. It's quite clear that even though "Nathan" realizes he's Sylar, he clearly loves Peter as Nathan does/did and I got to wonder (look away if you will be spoiled), when Sylar finally wins out, will a small part of Nathan remain behind? Powerful stuff. Even though I know where "Nathan's" headed, it's still heartbreaking to watch. Next week, it's an epic heroes Thanksgiving, and we'll see just how far Samuel plans to go with his ability.
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