Season 4 Episode 10

Brother's Keeper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • As Matt continues his battle to resists Sylar's mental domination, Tracy struggles to control her ability and Samuel learns how to tap into the full power of his.

    I loved this episode, Tracy and Claire together was a good match specially what they were wearing NICE! They should show a little bit of that more often. Peter and Nathan together was also a good choice I love to see them together I feel bad that Nathan I can't believe he is gone but he had it coming, he really mess up when he try to round them up including his own brother back in S3. Anyhow I feel like "Heroes" finally has a purpose to be watched for. Now we know Samuel Plans well not all of it but we get the picture, Peter knows about Nathan that was easy I thought it was going to be more dramatic. The Haitian is back on the show I know it's only few seconds but it's something I want more Haitian! What happen to Sylar? I don't know he can be on Nathans body, still on Matt's head or may be on baby Parkman for what is worth if baby Parkman is coming back who knows, that something I am looking forward to see. Over all I enjoy this episode and I am looking forward to the next one…..I hope the shows get better with ratings I really don't want the show to get cancel. So let cross our fingers!!!
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