Season 4 Episode 10

Brother's Keeper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • the first episode in a while not carried by Zach Quinto... and it was still good!

    Okay... so now everything is starting to link together. Nathen and Peter was by far the most interesting of the episode. I had wondered where Angela had stashed the body of the real Nathan and now we finally know. I actually feel really sorry for him; to know that he is actually dead and is in the body of a psycopath. I take back all criticism on this storyline... its been superb. And now Matt is finally free of Sylar. I knew Peter's healing powers would have to come into it somewhere. Where has Sylar gone? Hmm...

    Mohinder is back!!! Can I first say that the whole Coyote Sands thing is such a huge plot hole I don't even know where to start. Let's look at Chandra Suresh; in Genesis it was all about how he had traveled to New York to find any trace of people with abilities. Sylar was his Patient Zero. Now they are saying he worked with loads of them in Coyote Sands... a secret millitary operation. Why would he go looking for them if he already knew they existed? (or publish a book full of classified government info for that matter?) Anyroad... more tampering with Hiro to save another life. This time Mohinder. And it's always good to find out more about the subline Samuel... it seems if anyone can kick Sylar's ass he can. And finally we meet the elusive Joseph. Interesting... I'm thinking Samuel killed him. And can I ask... why lock Mohinder in a mental institute? How did Hiro do it exactly? A little bit cruel isn't it? Plus... Mohinder has been dead for eight weeks so won't have effected anything at all in that time so why didn't Hiro just take him back with him into the future? He's been missing so it would make sense. The whole insititution thing dosen't really.

    As always of course Heroes lets itself down... and as always its because of the Bennets. The whole Tracy/Claire subplot thing wasn't really interesting. At first I was thinking it was another desperate attempt to give Tracy something to do but it appears she's finally fitting into the plot. But I was very eager to get back to the whol Sylar/Mohinder bit. Once again the weakest part of the episode. Unfortunately this year Claire and HRG have been very uninteresting. It seems even the lesbian plot has come to nowhere.

    On the whole a very enjoyable episode. Heroes has definately up its game immensly. Roll on next week!
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