Season 4 Episode 10

Brother's Keeper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • Just a quick short list of problems I had with this episode:

    There were too many little things that kept me from really enjoying My Brother's Keeper:

    -like the logic of how Claire "heals" from being frozen. Did she melt herself? And I would really like to see how that severed foot gets reattached. (this is no toe) or did she grow a new foot? Can the foot grow a new Claire?

    -as a storytelling device, Chandra's film was a complete LOST/Dharma rip off. even down to strategically omitting vital bits of information. But then, I've felt Heroes has been ripping off Lost for years, so..
    And I laughed at how sci-fi b-movie it all was. Not terrifying in the least.

    -I really liked the Magneto similarities people were beginning to draw for Sam Sullivan a few eps back, but I guess we can throw all that out the window. He doesn't sincerely care about his fellow 'mutants' at all. He just wants to be more powerful. I think his intrigue as a villain has actually dropped. I was better off not knowing his motivations.

    -I was excited to see how everyone would react to Sylar being Nathan and Nate being really dead. I was completely underwhelmed. Peter basically shrugged the whole thing off? What? Nathan himself (or his consciousness, anyway) isn't nearly shaken enough by this startling revelation, no one seems to fault Parkman or Angela for what they did, and worst of all, we've still got this stupid Sylar-in-someone crap that really needs to be ended. -Hiro's bait-n-switch bullet proof vest is another rip-off this time from Back to the Future, and I found that to be another insulting and laughable moment. (where's the creativity guys?) Yeah, I'm at about a C, C- for this ep, with the return of Mohinder's annoying presence (he hasn't changed at all) I'd drop this one down to maybe 7.0 flat.
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