Season 4 Episode 10

Brother's Keeper

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Convinced that the only way to help Charlie is to help Samuel, Hiro time travels to Mohinder, who is holed up in a motel in Texas. Eight weeks past, Mohinder burned an old film which Samuel claims he needs. Hiro must go back and stop him from setting fire to the film.

Nine weeks past, Mohinder is in India at his teaching job and with his old girlfriend Mira. He appears content, but he won't get rid of a box of his father's belongings given to him from the US government, which doesn't sit well with Mira. After all, if he's trying to stop obsessing over his father's work, why keep the box? Mohinder finally sees eye to eye with Mira and tosses out the box. Meanwhile, Tracy is at a Burnt Toast Diner, pondering Samuel's compass and the Carnival, which is due to arrive in town soon. As Tracy talks to the waitress, her coffee cup between her hands begins to freeze. And when it finally breaks apart, this terrifies the waitress. Tracy, also terrified, flees the diner.

Nathan goes back to work for the first time after his "vacation," with Peter in tow. The elder Petrelli wants to know why he doesn't remember what happened to him. Of course, it turns out that Angela covered it all, clearing out his schedule after his unannounced break. In comes the Haitian who doesn't want anything to do with Nathan. Instead he wants to talk to Peter. Peter is given the location of a storage unit and the Haitian warns him to not take anyone else with him when he opens the unit up.

Claire comes home from college for her customary laundry day at HRG's apartment, but she discovers the door open and coated with ice. Inside, Claire finds Tracy, who says she's unable to control her powers and she wanted to seek help from HRG. But he's not in the apartment.

Nine weeks past, Mohinder retrieves the box and rummages through it, discovering a film can with the words "Samuel, 1961" written on it. The film documents the birth of Samuel at Coyote Sands, which was accompanied by a series of earth tremors. Also, it seems as if Samuel is special, and if he is surrounded by people who also have abilities, the amount of power he has strengthens. Mohinder is once again starting to become obsessed with his father's work. Something Mira had warned him about.

Claire attempts to help Tracy by putting her in a steaming bath, but Tracy's freezing the water and, panicking, she runs to get Claire. When Claire tries to grab Tracy's arm to help calm her down, she ends up getting frozen by Tracy's power. When Tracy attempts to move Claire, she ends up with cracking her foot from her ankle instead. Claire manages to heal, naturally.

Peter (who has not heeded the Haitian's advice and took Nathan with him to the storage facility) opens up the storage unit, which has Nathan's corpse inside. His body is still slashed at the throat. Peter is confused and the alive Nathan goes over to touch the dead Nathan's head. He receives brief memories of Sylar and Matt. They know that Sylar is dead, so they decide to go seek out Matt. Matt is stuck in a Texas hospital in critical condition after attempting to get the police to kill him. Peter thinks that this is a job for his healing power.

Mohinder has figured out that the people with abilities give off a kind of energy which is measurable, and he's built a compass to help find them all. He knows he has to find where Samuel is, because if he gathers enough "followers" with abilities, then he might become the most powerful of them all. Mira confronts him, telling him that if he goes off to investigate his father's research again, she'll leave him.

At the hospital where Matt is being held, Nathan and Peter slip into his hospital room, and Peter heals Matt. Unfortunately, this also heals Sylar's presence in Matt's head. Sylar attempts to get Matt to force Nathan close, because he only needs one touch to get back into that body. Matt struggles with informing the Petrellis of the truth. He knows Nathan is dead. Sylar overpowers Matt and takes over his body.

Sylar asks Nathan to take his hand, but Peter tries to intervene, earning him a psychic push away from the pair, which knocks Peter out. A police officer guarding the outside notices the commotion in Matt's room. Nathan swings around and briefly touches Sylar before telekinetically pushing the guard off. Matt has returned to his own body. Nathan nabs the prone Peter and takes off flying out the window.

Mohinder follows his compass and arrives at the Carnival, and ends up talking to Joseph. Mohinder warns Joseph about Samuel and what might happen if he gets enough "special" people gathered together near him. Joseph tricks Mohinder into meeting Samuel. Meanwhile, in the present time, Matt makes the police officer guarding him believe that he has died and takes him to the morgue. Matt also makes the cop remove his uniform. Nathan arrives at the Grand Canyon and lands, telling Peter that he thinks he should keep himself isolated. But Peter, who doesn't want to leave his brother behind, absorbs Nathan's powers instead. They both fly away together.

At the Carnival, Joseph explains that he's aware of the extent of Samuel's power, which was why he has kept their Carnival very small. Samuel doesn't even know how powerful he can get. He tells Mohinder to burn the film and to leave the Carnival. No one has noticed that Samuel was eavesdropping the entire time. Back at his motel room, Mohinder is about to set fire to the film when Hiro freezes time and takes the film.

Claire and Tracy are sitting on a sofa enjoying tea. Tracy thinks that her loss of control of her powers was a kind of panic attack, and she tells Claire about Samuel. Maybe joining the Carnival would be the best think for her, to be around people just like her. HRG arrives to the two women bonding.

The film is set on fire just as Samuel arrives into Mohinder's room. Samuel explains that he knew what Mohinder and Joseph were talking about, and how Samuel was being suppressed from releasing his true powers. Mohinder says that he plans to stop Samuel, but Samuel ends up breaking a rock up and sends the pieces towards Mohinder. Samuel seems incredibly guilty for killing Mohinder and leaves. Then Mohinder eventually wakens, surprised to see the Kevlar vest which Hiro wrapped around his chest.

Hiro says that he's from a future where Mohinder is dead. He had to get the film for Samuel. But Mohinder says that Samuel must be stopped. Hiro pleads with Mohinder to hide for eight weeks, until Hiro knows that Charlie won't be harmed. Mohinder doesn't agree to the terms, so Hiro, desperate to save Charlie's life, ends up teleporting Mohinder to a psychiatric hospital, in a padded room. Mohinder is treated like a patient, placed in a straight jacket, and sedated.

Hiro gives the film to Samuel and asks about Charlie. Samuel once again says he's sorry for having to kill Mohinder and flees. Matt is in the hospital, still in the police officer's uniform he stole. He gets in touch with Janice and tells her that Sylar is now back in his own body. He finally got what he wanted. Tracy is at the diner and Samuel shows up. She agrees to join the Carnival and Samuel is thrilled.

The Petrelli brothers arrive at Peter's place in New York, and Nathan is having a deep identity crisis. Underneath it all, deep below Nathan's memories and his face, he's still Sylar, isn't he? But Peter isn't sure since Matt was convinced he pushed Sylar out. And yet, what does Peter see when he looks at the face of his brother? Sylar? Daring his brother to say something different, Nathan worries about Peter's inability to give an answer.
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