Season 3 Episode 16

Building 26

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2009 on NBC

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  • Some change within structure!

    Finally they are sliming down the content of the show. The show has always been an excellent, superb and dramatically pleasing series, however the began to delve too deep into the plot with way too many characters. In essence, this resulted in confusion with the audience. They were confused about which characters had powers, which didn't, who was good and who was bad. Now they are focusing the conflict and simplifying the main character make up. Now the content is easier to comprehend and the show is even greater than before. Nothing beats sitting down and marveling over the unique qualities of such an amazing show! Congrats!
  • The episode was a fantastic one that had much feeling to it :)

    I loved the episode , and thought it was great!!! I love the mystery behind who Rebel is ? Its really sad that Noah is leaving his family kinda :( I wanna see where Hiro and Ando go next.

    Sylar had the greatest scenes for me . I don't know why he went back for the kid though ? I hope Tracey becomes free :).................... I want them to go more into the new charactr alex's power :) It would be a great thing to explore. The ending scene with HRG , was a nice thing to see because it reminded me of matts scene from season 1 :)
  • Noah gets kinapped by the very people the hunter is trying to capture.

    Heroes strike back trying to protect their own as the President does his best trying to protect the rest and Sylar to protect young Luke. Much like everything on this volume alliances born out of fear, revenge or plain need set Sylar to find his father, Matt to India and Claire to a new friend.

    Ando & Hiro's conflict trying to reinvent themselves reaches its peak once Ando reveals that Hiro's real problem is that he's now the sidekick even though is a sidekick like Luke the one who somehow brings out best out of Sylar.

    As the secret of their existance is bound to be exposed with every step they take trying to regain their rightful place in the world, Tracy proves Nathan's point: they are more powerful. A fact the rest of them might have to deal with just like Bennet himself is about to deal with the ones who captures him by the end of the episode.
  • awesome

    Heroes undergoes another turnaround from really good to iffy to pretty good again. Now, I get the sense that Heroes really wants to turn itself around. A Clear and Present Danger started it, now Building 26 is gathering the momentum. I can't comment on how it corresponds to Season One, and I don't think I should, but if Heroes continues this track, it will be in pretty good shape. The episode is less involved than Trust and Blood and in here, it's a good thing, because Heroes cranks up the intensity and suspense from last episode to an edge-of-your-seater. Nathan, Hunter, and government crew hole up in their lair Building 26, keeping tabs on their progress for the hunt of heroes. The heroes' credit cards are frozen, cities are being monitored, yet through all that, things aren't going too well for Nathan. He only has Tracey so far, Peter slipped almost literally from his grasp, Sylar is still elusive, and all heroes from around the world are picking up the hint that something is wrong and doing their best to stay hidden. Once again, Nathan can't make up his mind over if the heroes should be caged or experimented on or tortured or all of the above. All I know is Nathan just wants them locked away from society. Yeah, great plan. Pinehearst was way more organized than this. However, Nathan is much more dangerous. He is blindly hunting everyone good or bad and doesn't care over whoever will get hurt. At Costa Verde, Claire is moping around, ashamed at hiding away like a scared little girl. Sandra is still under the impression Claire and Noah have taken the two-month break scouring colleges and asks Claire about it. Claire storms to her room like a punk and Noah comes to reprimend her. Claire's sick and tired of lying to her mother, that's reasonable, but she doesn't understand what Noah's trying to do. Hunter has put Claire on a short leash. She can be home but if Hunter sees any sign of her aiding or being involved with stopping the hunt, he will round her up. Noah tries to explain this to Claire but it falls on deaf ears. I see where Claire is coming from but she has to stop being such a brat and understand how Noah feels. Noah storms out and Claire gets a text message from the mysterious Rebel telling her to find someone named Alex. She finds Alex work at a comic store and convinces him, showing her powers, that they need to leave for Noah is coming for him. Claire pulls some sneaky manipulation and Alex and her sneak off. Meanwhile Sylar and Luke are on a trip to find his father. I've warmed to Luke since last time but he is still extremely annoying. He views his journey as a roadtrip. I don't blame Sylar too much on being aggrivated. Sylar is quick to inform that this is not a trip but a mission and if Luke wasn't useful, he'd be dead. Luke just doesn't get the hint that Sylar very well means what he says. There is some witty banter over Luke reinforcing that yes, Sylar is a serial killer. He has a motive, a pattern. Serial killer. Something we've known since, ever, but still nice to hear. Hiro and Ando land in India, puzzling through Matt's painting of them, and somehow it involves stopping a wedding to a bride that is being forced to marry someone she depises. Ando convinces her to call it off to Hiro's protest. Hiro feels it is his destiny to stop it, not Ando. Claire and Alex manage to avoid Noah and Claire informs him on the hunt. Alex admits his power: he can breathe underwater like a fish. And I thought Luke's power was stupid. At least Luke can do some sort of damage with it. I like this episode but the Heroes writers have got to be more creative than gill-guy. Claire realizes Alex and her escaped on his car and they flee just before the brigade closes in. They might not have wanted to park near a survellience camera anyway. Hunter realizes Claire's involvement with their prey and corners Noah on the find. Sylar at last stops at a diner to Luke's happiness. Anything to please the unwanted sidekick. More great Sylar "lessons" showing Luke how to control his powers. At least Sylar understands the whole power-responsibility. Luke informs Sylar more abou his father: his father likes to observes birds and took Luke out often. This leads to a Sylar flashing to a time where he was on a wagon near a tree. Sylar rediscovering his humanity. It continues when Luke asks why Sylar wants to find his father. Sylar wants to know where he came from, who he is, and why he is why he is. He's been lost since Heroes day one. Luke knows Father sold Sylar for money. Sylar wonders what kind of person could do that. Luke only knows that Father liked him because maybe Luke reminded him of Sylar. Luke gives Sylar some leeway and writes down Father's address. Sylar asks why Luke trusts him not to kill him. Luke believes it. The brigade busts into the diner out for Sylar and Luke. Luke thinks on his feet and rats Sylar out while Sylar causes some damage to the diner. Luke catches up, grinning, not realizing Sylar's through with him. Sylar leaves him behind to the brigade. I know Luke is a pain-in-the-butt but he didn't deserve that. Hiro mopes that he's not the hero anymore, which Ando calls him on. He's upset that Hiro can't stand that he is Ando's sidekick. Considering the turmoil Hiro inflicted on him throughout the years, Ando isn't undeserving of that credit. The fiance threatens his bride and Ando steps in only to be kidnapped. The bride decides to marry him to save Ando but Hiro calls the wedding off at last minute, assuring her it is her choice. The fiance gets violent and Hiro fends him off, the vision. Fiance decides to call everything off and Ando is returned. Hiro realizes he came here to discover that he can be a hero without powers. Great but how about letting Ando be a hero? The true mission is revealed later when Bride tells them Rebel left them a fax, informing them to go after Matt. A voice of reason storms into Nathan's mission looking to pull funding. She doesn't believe in heroes and reads him the riot act and he shows her Tracey only to find she is an old friend of Tracey's, strengthing her resolve. Nathan tries to convince her that heroes are dangerous but he needn't have bothered. Tracey busts out and freeze-cuts a man. Tracey just lost any support the heroes had. Tracey feels Nathan intentionally let her go but that wasn't Nathan's plan. Hunter set that up so Tracey could prove that she is a monster, knowing she could kill someone. Nathan finally gets the idea that Hunter is ruthless. Noah chews out Claire to stay out of his way or she'll get hurt but Claire yanks on her leash by informing her dad that he can't control the heroes or her. She'll do what she pleases, thank you. Sandra acts sweet to Claire so Claire spills just what Noah has been doing and Sandra has had enough. She's through with Noah's lies. Noah walks in to Claire's room to tell her Sandra kicked him out. Claire feels bad and she should, she caused the mess. Noah doesn't blame her and realizes he should take time to sort out his priorities. He leaves while Claire gives a hiding Alex a blanket. Ouch. Sylar returns for Luke, spleening the brigade. Sylar informs Luke that he only came back to stop the tracking but Luke knows otherwise. Sylar is progressing. Still killing but at least he's progressing. Noah checks in to a hotel and asks for a drink and is drugged by who else?: Matt, Mohinder, and Peter looking for answers. An honestly interesting episode that proves that Heroes still has it and is showing more steps to get to perfection. The storylines are manageable and followable, even though the Ando-Hiro storyline was kind of boring, and by cutting screentime, it adds to the suspense. Claire is showing some iniative and Sylar is becoming more and more human and relateable as his father search finally gets intense. Next week, Matt will probe Noah's mind to see what's in there. Sounds promising. Heroes rocks once more.
  • I stood behind this series after all the lows in the past, but this one was plane disappointment

    Oh come on, I can write better then this, I can direct better then this. Not only nothing happened, but the story is extremely dull. So is there someone who can give me 3 good reasons why should I give this show another chance? The characters are dull, it really insults my intelligence,the storyline is stupid, parallel timelines so they always have an exit strategy and what is worse - people traveling through them, the writing reminds me of Digimon "I know why I was supposed to be here, to learn that I can be a hero without powers" my ass!!! Ok, so this show has one ex-faithful and supporting viewer less from this week on :(
  • Brilliant episode

    Very very well written episode, much better than the previous 'trust and blood'. No jumping back and forth between different past and present situations, no pointless deaths (like Daphnes last episode). I hope the series continues in this vein. This episodes focus on Gabriel Gray (Sylar) is brilliant, the development between Luke and character himself is a compelling watch and is very interesting to see. The character of Hiro is becoming a bit strained, there needs to be less focus on his destiny and powers, time travel will ruin the programme like it did last episode. Overall, i loved it.
  • a fantastic episode which proves Heroes is not beyond saving

    After 2 dismal volumes I finally think the Heroes writers had found their footing. Last weeks episode was okay but still felt a little too fast paced yet anti-climactic. Building 26 made me remember why I watch this series. For the second episode in a row Claire managed to not irritate me and I have actually found myself enjoyig her again. The scenes with her father were great and getting to see her mother get some common sence and ditch HRG felt like a long awaited turning point in their relationship. It had to happen eventually. Sylar also had me intrigued again. They offered several great moments with Luke who is one of the shows best villains we've seen. While at first I was unsure of how they would work together I am loving there dynamic but I know it can't last long. I do hope that it is Luke who does away with Sylar though. Hiro and Ando offered this episodes slower storyline. It felt slightly out of place and confusing, and I still don't quite get just what the importance of it was. I'm hoping we will learn more in the future. The greatest part of Building 26 took place in nathan's HQ Building 26. The hunter is an amazing character and the scenes with Abby Collins were awesome. I especially enjoyed the moments with Tracy and Nathan and the revelation about who released Tracy. I was thankful to see less characters throughout the episode which solved one of Villains greatest issues. All together it was a briliant episode worthy of season 1 and this review. It even promised to keep the excitment rolling by offering a tasty twist at the end featuring Matt, Suresh, Peter, and HRG.
  • 1 more episode to go before Fuller comes back, and I hope to god he can turn this series around.

    Claire and HRG, Claire and HRG, Claire and HRG! Is anyone else tired of this endless plot loophole they have going on between Claire and her father? I mean they do this three times a season it seems like. Can the writers move on from this? I mean this was resolved or should have been in Company Man, one of the best episodes of Heroes, period. The biggest hang up I had was the India trip, I was actually interested in what was happening because I thought it was leading somewhere. And then at the end, it all leads to... get this... a Fax. A damned fax! Then I realized that this is the problem with Heroes in Season 3. They have elaborate lead ups to nothing. Anyone remember the two part Eclipse Episodes? Nothing was accomplished from that either. If you're going to have entire scene changes like a trip to India, speaking of which, how the hell to Ando and Hiro even get to India, this task force is watching traffic cams, but not planes or boats? You know its not like anyone, especially two guys without passports can just book a flight or jump on a boat in this country. And all of that for a damned fax and for Hiro to realize he doesn't need his powers to be a hero. I'm sorry Hiro but Season 3 has ruined your character, any type of dramatic breakthroughs and character development you experienced in the first two seasons is gone. You are the comic relief, you are a clown. You should wear a clown suit and big floppy shoes because you are a joke. Did the whole Hiro stuck as a child plot line not teach you that?
  • I can't seem to figure out why you guys are hating this volume.

    Last volume, I was extremely picky. Villains was a giant piece of crap. I hated almost every episode. I have been liking the path this year, and I feel that you guys are judging the show off of last volume. From here, in my mind, Heroes is officially back and worth watching. They finally found a plot worth taking on, and they are taking it on pretty well. There are some things they need to fill in, like how Hiro got to India so fast, but still...I liked it. Claire came back to my interest in this episode. The main reason I used to like Heroes was because it symbolized real life people taking on an ability. Over the course of last volume, Claire barely took a step home, and was all over the place. This season she just walked around the house, having the occasional fight with her dad...like a few seasons ago. Of course, she got up to add some action to the show, but I loved it. It feels like season 1 with an extra touch again.

    Tracy, Nathan, Sylar, Claire, you all did good this week.
  • Ridiculuos.

    This show stinks more and more by every passing episode. There is no logic behind the plot, it's not going anywhere anymore.

    1. How/When did Ando learn English?! He never understood other words but in Japonese...

    2. Hiro - sad and incredibly jealous because Ando is playing the "hero" instead of him? Give me a break.....

    3. Volume 3 had Nathan building up to the conclusion that all the "right" people should have abilities - the more, the merrier. They were supposed to have him killed by the end of Volum 2 because his character was so uninteresting but they felt pitty for the actor and had him back on the show. But now?! They made him the entire plot driver and miraculosuly changed him mind to make him believe that the more people are locked up, the better. You can't just brain wash a character just because it's convenient and get away with it!

    4. They killed all the good characters! First Micah's dad, then Claire's mother, then Elle and now, recently, Daphne! Are you people insane? Three weeks from now this show will lose 50% of its viewers! To those who keep rating this show straight 10 - GET A LIFE!
  • What the hell just happened?

    Nothing, nothing happened that moved the story forward at all.

    They could have just skipped this episode and just continued the next and we wouldnt have missed a damn thing..

    Sylar is still with the boy, heading towards his dad..

    Claire is still basically the rebellious child..still having kiddy fits with HRG

    Hiro is still without his powers and they travlled allllll the way to india(most prob for us to see how an Indian wedding looked like) so that they can get a fax and go back all the way to US again

    Nathan's plan still goes on, he din catch anyone new and no one escaped...btw, wasn't it convenient that Tracey HAD to kill someone..i mean, she was cornered..no where to go..the fella just grabbed her hand for God's sake..and she decideds to ICE him till he dies? For what? And the best bit, she knew that she was let go on purpose..and she still went along killing someone..just to allow the funding. pardon me..but this sucks..

    And the last part, oh COME ON..u need to drug HRG?What does HRG stand for? Hunk with Really Great powers??! 4 guys..with awesome powers..they had to dope his drink.. mohinder could have just plucked him out from a car, Matt could have TOLD him to walk into a jail, I duno what Peter can do now, i last rember him flying, swooping down and picking him up from macdonalds would have worked..but no no no.. buying drugs..doping him..let him enjoy his whiskey..while kidnapping him with an onlooker watching..now thats the work of a hero ..

    U know something, i used to look forward to a next episode very earnestly, but now, i find my self waiting for the next episode of "How i met your mother" more anxiously than this..

    i call shotgun..
  • I don't get why people are still mad about "Fugitives", i think its great so far and it can only get better from here on out the way I see it.

    After the last episode, I was pretty psyched for this one because I wanted to see what Matt, Peter, Mohinder, Hiro and Ando were going to do next. I got a piece of that this episode plus the HRG/Claire storyline which was enough for me. Claire is back to the normal teenage issues (father issues, mother issues, colleges etc.) with the twist of the rebel texter. I believe that the mystery texter is a very good addition to the volume (well done writers!) because this person is connected Hiro and Ando as well as Claire. How does this person know that Hiro and Ando were in India? I'm guessing this is a very powerful person and I am very excited to find out who this person is.

    As for Hiro and Ando in this episode I do think that it was a bit pointless. I would have enjoyed it if one of the indian characters had a power or was relative to our Heroes' cause. But instead, all it caused was some conflict between the Hiro and Ando and Hiro discovering he doesn't really need powers to be a hero (season 1 flashback anyone?) I hope they join the rest of the crew soon.

    The Luke and Sylar duo is turning out to be very interesting. For once, Sylar is not using people to his advantage with a plan for killing them. Instead, he's actually bonding with Luke as a father figure (How's that for irony?). I would have been more satisfied if Sylar had left Luke behind though (come on, it's Sylar for god's sake!).

    I really enjoyed the stunt that the Hunter pulled off in order to keep the hunt going. A very good character so far, he's focused on the matter at hand and he's passionate about hunting them down.

    And the ending, WHOA! I definitely did not see that one coming! The next episode is HRG centric, which reminds me a lot of "Company Man" written by Bryan Fuller. Here's hoping its just as good, because Heroes really needs and deserves the popularity it once had.
  • Go watch the episode, its worth it! :)

    this episode was just fantastic!
    it was definitely the best episode of the new volume and just shows us clearly what fugitives is going to be like!
    i think what they did with hiro in india was great because he got there and right away got what he had to out of it, not like when he was in feudal japan in s2 for a slew of episodes.
    the ending was classic, the team-up of the heroes against Noah was perfect! and it was a shocker too, totally unexpected!
    while i believed the "rebel" would've been Alex clearly i was wrong, with a message now delivered to Hiro as well the audience is intrigued by this new mystery.
    And who can't get enough of sylar!? he is one of the creepiest characters on tv and yet he is hilarious! :D and when he went to save luke, aww he DOES have a heart! Lastly all of us One Tree Hill fans were extremely excited to see moira kelly join the show as the new kick-ass "abby collins" ! With all that said, this episode definitely deserves a 10, it was superb!
  • I actually got up and left before the episode ended

    Big Heroes fan here. In my last 6 years of watching American TV, this si the only show I have sat through and watched every episode. I also own seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. But starting season 3 the show has been going downhill. Heroes used to be our favorite watercooler topic at work after videogames. But right now, its just me and another guy left. This latest set of episodes that started airing after SB are just horrible. We are seeing a negative development of characters. Likeable guys like Hiro, Peter, Claire are running around clueless. nNthan is a compulsive, repulsive a*hole. Sylar could probably be a character from another tv show, he seems to be totally on his own agenda. The plot is going around in circles. Its almost soap opera in that actual linear progression is almost minimal in each episode. I am playing this videogame called Fear 2 and the government agents in Heroes are just as dumb and cardboard like as those computer controlled enemies in the game.
  • great show, look you ... you cannot aspect that some things happen right now, it would be stuped if that happend, heroes are awesome! if you don t wanna watch it just dont, I think they have milion fans so back off!!! with that low ratings!

    My opinion is that the show have a great idea, and I like to see what will happen next :)storyline is great and there is absolutely milions that support this tv show... There were some bad shows in first part of this season but everything is fine now... I realy think this show have very great story and I know that s how it will stay!!! I don t like this fans that telling bad of this show and give it low ranking couse it doesnt deserve it! it s not fair! if they are truly fans they should rate it better...
  • An awful episode where they try to portray the most annoying part of each character ... and succeed!

    Each story in this episode was either boring or irritating:

    Claire is really starting to annoy me. She's always talking a big game - but if HRG is not there to protect her, she will have nobody to help her and she will be caught and imprisoned very easily. I hope she's happy now that her parents are split up. Well done Claire!

    The story between Ando and Hiro was lame. Hiro without a power is just annoying.

    Then there's the Nathan story - will somebody please tell me how they can appoint someone from HLS that doesn't even believe that ppl have powers? That whole story was just ridiculous.

    And what about Sylar and that little kid? The kid is so irritating, it makes ME wanna kill him - and I'm not a psycho serial killer like Sylar. The fact that Luke is still alive is just not believable - especially since there's nothing else that he needs from him. They'll probably add some twist that he's Sylar's half brother or something, to give the viewer a reason to believe why he's still alive, but I won't be impressed or less annoyed.

    Possibly the worst episode of Heroes to date.
  • Who is REBEL!!!!

    things getting more and more complex !!
    and a new name start to come up "REBEL" who's this guy that keep text msgs to Clair?? also sent a fax to Ando and Hero in India to the same girl they were with .. which means hes aware of everything!!
    and Scyller started to have friends lol .. the thing that i have the feeling that this boy is his brother .. and the thing that may be even more shocking that this Rebel guy is his father!!!
    the most touching scene is when Clair's father left home and said goodbye for her ..
    and peter and the guys started to act smart .. i mean they took him .. don't know why!! cant wait to see what's happening next!!!
  • Kill the cheerleader, save Heroes.

    Seriously, somebody kill that girl. I can't afford her anymore!

    - Dad, i hate you.
    - Claire, it's for your safety.
    - Dad, don't lie to me.
    - You're going to school.
    - I don't want to go to school.

    Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    What many times have we heard that dialog? 100, 200, 1000 times? Enough! Mercy!

    Hiro and Ando... Pfff
    Worse than cartoons.

    Sylar is the best character of the series in my opinion. He should be out, killing people, taking abilities. I miss the old bloody Sylar. Now he has stuck with a pathetic 16yo boy. Yikes!
  • seems to be changing classification from an action adventure series to a soap opera

    Been a huge fan of Heroes since the very begining finding it truly rivoting in every aspect waiting eagerly for the next episode to be aired, however lately with the new series I found it to be nothing more than a teenage soapy. With the amount of potential the series has for out of this world combat fight scenes, sheer terror and dramatic rescues they seem to be focusing more on idotic teenage adolescence, family issues, and love storys. Thought it was excellent when they started changing a charactors power to develop a lame one but developing to a power that has already been used on other charactors shows the writers are struggling for ideas. Overall think it's best left at saying I have already seen this season and didn't get into it the first time I watched it, the only original thought was changing the name from 'Prison Break' to 'Heroes'
  • Best one since Season one !

    The storyline is simple unlike many season three episodes. Natahn wants funding to complete his operation. A woman shows up to judge wether he should get that funding but is appauled after seeing Tracy Strauss tied up like that and decides to shut down the uperation until Tracy Strauss tries to escape and ends up killing a man infront of her. Also Claire helps a man escape from her own father and tells her mother the truth about what has been going on which leads to HRG moving out and getting kidnapped by Peter,Mohinder and Matt. Another plot in this episode is Hiro and Ando going to India to save a bride from her own fiancee. What I thought of this episode....BRILLIANT !!! I always wait for Heroes episodes to treat them like a critic and see if they are improving or getting worse but this episode blew me away and turned me back into the die hard fan I ounce was. It simply had everything. All the aspects of pure entertainment were portrayed in this episode. Suspense ? Claire running away from her father and the Tracy incident made me catch my breath and also the Sylar/Luke scenes were impressive. Drama ? Father/Daughter drama between HRG and Claire and some shocking Hiro scenes. After all the support Hiro has been giving Ando, it was a surprise to see Hiro this upset about Ando reaching the bride first but I'm glad Hiro took a sword and fullfilled his destiny. Heroes is on track. Here's hoping next week's episode will be this awesome. 10 OUT 0F 10 !
  • I liked the episode because I'm really loving Sylar, a cliffhanger ending, and a new hero (who, for the record, I really like.)

    The series is getting better. Here are some reasons why. I like the new plot, where they're being hunted and the "Rebel" character is contacting everyone (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's Micah, and really hope it's not someone new). Claire, at least, now has a reason to be whiney. If all of my friends were being captured and my dad was a part of it, I'd whine, too. And the Claire/ HRG scenes were alright, too.

    New hero! I love when new heroes are introduced (except for Maya. Ugh). I'm really liking Alex (Fish-Boy). Despite the fact that breathing under water is a fairly useless power, I still think it's awesome. It's better than some of the powers, like Luke's (Uh...) or Molly's (LAME). Not all powers should necessarily be for fighting other people. Besides, I was in swim in high school and wouldn't have minded some gills. So, yes, I'm an Alex fan and hope he sticks around for a while. Another reason why I like him: I, for one, don't mind the fact he's a nerd. He made me laugh.

    SYLAR. Easily becoming one of my favorites. I love the storyline with Luke (who I kinda like, but he's annoying). It's revealing Sylar's humanity and how he's not completely heartless. Who knows? He might end up being a good guy again (cause it was cool when he was a good guy). I smiled when he was killing all of the agents in the van and walked out carrying Luke. Also, the Sylar/Luke plot ending = MAJOR WIN.

    The very ending. CLIFFHANGER. Next episode will be awesome.

    Downsides of this episode: A lack of Peter, Suresh, and Matt. India plot, except for Hiro realizing he can be a hero without his powers and the fax. What the hell was the point?

    All in all, a rather good episode. I'm enjoying Volume four more than Volumes two and three. Hope it keeps getting better!
  • I think they should send in Michael Schoefield from Prison Break to show the heroes how it's really done.

    Here's another idea, since mind manipulation seems to me the most powerful of the abilities, Peter should grab Parkman's mind control ability (not his painting the future ability because that would be another repetition) then Ando should magnify their power (instead of making pretty pink sparkles to impress an Indian chick into breaking up her marriage; LAME!) and use it to rip through building 26, Nathan, DHS, The Army, The Navy, the president and who ever else that stands in their way and put an end to this volume and the season which is still hopelessly dragging on.
    I am still willing to give this show one more chance next season since the idea of ordinary people having extra ordinary powers is appealing in terms of having so much more creative potential than it has so far been presented.
  • Was this episode a repeat? It might as well have been because we've seen it all before. Only last time they did it, it was better.

    We've seen this before. HRG vs Claire, Peter vs Nathan, Ando and Hiro struggling to be heroes, Claire has a new boy with powers in her life... its just the same plot over and over again, and every time they do it, its a little less interesting.

    I had a bunch of issues with this episode... for example, why did the guys with tazers wait until -after- tracy froze the analyst to shoot her? You have tazers... you could have saved the guys life. Its lazy writing in my opinion. Also, you ever noticed how utterly gullible every character on Heroes is? The lady from DHS has an instant change of heart? I find that hard to believe... And then Hiro is jealous of Ando? Can Hiro start acting a consistent age already? I thought he had his coming of age thing at the end of season 1? The overt references to Bush-era politics are out of place and don't even make sense most of the time... like the guy saying "did you expect them to welcome us as liberators?" that didn't even make sense... and then "the patriot act" made getting the traffic cams all linked up really easy?

    Ando and Hiro go on yet another quest to yet another place to help yet another person and learn the same old lesson "we don't need powers to be heroes". Yes, you don't need powers, but the whole point of the show is that you have powers... so why not let them use them??

    They've successfully killed everything interesting about Heroes. HRG is just annoying. Claire does nothing but whine. Hiro has no abilities. Peter has lost all the powers that made him interesting. Sylar keeps flip flopping between total badass and goofy man with daddy issues.

    They really need to kill Luke... also, its almost laughable every time Sylar says Luke's name... I'm waiting for him to say "Luke... come to the dark side". I guess they were trying to be all deep by establishing some irony in that Luke already wants to be evil.

    I dunno... I really loved Hiro's season 1. I thought season 2 was pretty cool too. But the writing is just awful now. It screams of high school creative writing class, has no imagination, and always goes for the cheap tricks rather than building interesting characters and situations. I'm waiting for the episodes with Fuller's influence... if that doesn't show promise I'm done with the show.
  • A good episode with humor and adventure, when i thought one thing would happen i was surprised to see something diffrent happen, with an awsome result. The best part was the totally suprising ending. I loved the fact Claire was becoming more independent.

    So i really loved the parts with Luke and Sylar, at last their is a person who isn't afraid to be around Sylar and i think he realizes that too. Was so surprised that he went back for Luke and rescued him from the government. Then while they were in the car, the song plays thet made me chuckle. Can't believe tracy would kill that guy even though the government agent girl was standing right there, guess she though as long as she's going back in prison she'll kill on of the gaurds. Bennet was awsome, always is, that was so sad him and Sandra agueing at the end, it felt so real. Then Claire thinks he would get away with it, but then he is kicked out of the house! Gotta say that cliffhanger was awsome just watching it i had no idea were it was going then bam he is out cold and then Peter, Matt, Mohinder pop out and take him away.

    really when i first started watching heroes i said:
    "wow this is so cool"
    but now same patterns are written again there is no creativity left in the story
    i really don't what they are up to i hope they change this type of story telling that suddenly looses a charachter like moly what happend to her!!!?
    or that flying guy i don't remember his name!!!!
    the story had the issue of loosing its charachters from the begining ......
    i just getting tired of 2 hour downloads i thinking will i ever watch the next season!!!?
    i still hope they improve their writting .
    still waiting to see some action
  • Not an important episode, just putting the next pieces in place.

    As Peter predicted, the team is keeping close tabs on them and is taking out the targets they can but the most powerful ones are still at large. However, the home team does manage to take a prisoner.

    Under the Patriot's Act, Nathan's team is monitoring everything, including the traffic cameras. He just got a new boss, he's being distanced from the president just in case Nathan becomes an embarrassment. Chaining Tracy to a chair doesn't exactly make Nathan look sympathetic. Tracy's escape is perfectly timed, just as Abby is about to shut Nathan down. A little too perfectly timed, Danko engineered it. Nathan is after funding for a facility for the prisoners, probably unique cells for each one, just like Tracy's. I'm relieved it wasn't Nathan, it wouldn't be like him to cold-bloodedly kill someone.

    Claire saves Alex from Bennet and he can breathe underwater. Another case of a power being related: on the swim team. Alex is now stashed at the Bennet house. Claire tells Sandra the truth, just leaves out that her own father is behind it. Sandra kicks Bennet out, I'm surprised she's tolerated so much, she's a good woman. Yet again Bennet pledges to be a better husband and father, I wouldn't hold my breath. This is who he is, it's what he's good at.

    India: Ando steals Hiro's thunder and stops the wedding. But it falls to Hiro in the end and like Peter, Hiro finds he can be a hero without his powers too. Rogue must be pretty well connected – they find Ando and Hiro in India to tell them to save Matt.

    Sylar and Luke continue their road trip and Luke's knowledge of Samson makes me wonder, could Sylar and Luke be related, maybe even brothers? Sitting in the diner, they certainly look and act the part. Sylar, whether he intends to or not, starts mentoring Luke about his powers. Very cool how they escaped the diner and Luke saved Sylar's life. Sylar left him behind to be captured but came back for him. It's obvious that Sylar craves a family and specifically a brother, look at how easily he accepted Peter in the role, and now Luke.

    Well done, boys! Peter, Matt and Mohinder drug Bennet and 'helped their friend' out. Wonder how he likes being on the other end of the stick?!

    This is the first time in the series when we don't know the end game, where this is all leading. The mystery is refreshing, it lends an uncertainty to it all. Not that important but enjoyable.
  • This is the last thing Heroes needs right now: it should be moving forward, not traipsing back.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... you just can't please Heroes fans. If they're not rubbishing their favourite show for its apparent complexity, they're berating it for being slow moving and 'boring'. Now, it's certainly worth reminding ourselves of the age-old credo, 'you can't please all of the people all of the time', but it seems that the Heroes audience is never happy; or, at least, it would appear so if you spend your time idly lurking on the show's many interweb forums like a sad b*****d, as I do. Ahem. The central issue, it seems, is that the fans want the programme to return to the heady days of season one when things were 'more original, characters were less convoluted and stories were more interesting'. The problem, of course, is that as soon as you ask a show to go backwards, it stops being original or interesting and instead it becomes a rehash of itself, trying desperately to counter the highly natural tide of story development. Things. Change. It's inevitable. You simply cannot expect any halfway decent show to remain in a self-contained bubble, especially not one with an ongoing plot. While a number of the changes inherent in Heroes haven't exactly been executed as well as they could have been, the very fact that the show is willing to progress should be something that we encourage, not lambaste. The answer is not to return to the stylistics of the first season: it's to write change in a more convincing and enjoyable fashion. Just look at the other serialised shows on TV at the moment: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural... none of these are much like their début seasons but, crucially, they are far, far better for it. Development is the cornerstone of a successful, ongoing drama, not the enemy.

    With this in mind, it is easy to see where 'Building 26' falls regrettably short. The episode tries its very best to restore some perceived 'loss' of season one characteristics by concentrating squarely on the kind of character facets that were implicit in the central players back when we were first introduced to them. So, Hiro and Ando make a completely pointless trip to Inia in an effort to regain Hiro's 'destiny' (his powers). Naturally, there's a moral lesson in this escapade: that you don't need powers to be a hero. Well, there's a revelation. This motif has been reiterated to death by the show since the get go. Hell, we even have a character who effectively acts as an encapsulation of this fact: Ando himself. Sure, it's mildly interesting to see the roles reversed in their relationship but on the whole, the narrative creaks with the rot of aged familiarity. There is no logic to the journey either: the pair travel to India simply because the painting indicates that they do, rather tha out of some need that the painting happens to reflect, and in so doing, the only ultimate outcome is the receipt of a message from REBEL about Matt... which, surely, they didn't need to travel abroad to receive. Hiro's epiphany, for me, just doesn't have the weight or relevance to justify devoting an entire B-storyline to a, quite frankly, ludicrously boring and clichéd story about a woman who doesn't wish to enter into an arranged marriage. With every beat, the plot becomes still more predictable: as Ando convinces the bride to call off the wedding in two seconds, so it becomes clear that the groom will reinitialize it. Once Ando is kidnapped, Hiro's adoption of the role of intercessor is assured. And then, once the wedding begins, Hiro's interference is achingly obvious. The entire story can be read before it unfolds on-screen and that, my friends, certainly isn't the sign of a rivetingly written narrative.

    That it were only this strand that falls victim to this problem. Sadly, it's rife elsewhere too, particularly in Claire/HRG's narrative. Fresco tries desperately to restore the conflict that made their story such a success in season one but, in so doing, makes the whole thing feel like a tired retread of things past. These two characters have grown significantly since we were first introduced to them: they've had so many reconciliatory father/daughter moments based on his desire to protect her and her assertion she she doesn't need protecting/what he is doing goes beyond the acceptable that I've lost count. And yet, here we **** go again. It's the same plot beat we've had forced down our throats for far too long; during the early season three episodes, it seemed it was buried, or at least put to rest for a while. Now, we have the whole damn thing all over again, in glorious technicolor. Claire rebels against her father's wishes and brings a cute boy along for the ride (um, West, anyone?) It's just yawnsome. And the fact that she pulls the wool over his eyes for the majority of the episode is just plain unbelievable. How many times has she rebelled now? It's practically a pre-requisite. He'd have her surveilled or locked in her room or something as soon as she raised the slightest objection. But no, in the interests of servicing the plot (getting it to the point where HRG can be kidnapped), she gets away with it AGAIN. It's almost insulting to the viewer to expect us to swallow this sort of thing. Granted, it does give us the rather unexpected development of having HRG estranged from his wife but this doesn't make up for the boredom induced by the predictability of the remainder of the storyline.

    There are additional problems elsewhere, too. While Nathan's story is at least a decent attempt at exploring the politics of his actions, it is fraught with story inconsistencies and illogical developments. First, why would Homeland send a non-believer to investigate the activities of Building 26? Particularly when this decision will have been overseen by the President? The head of state is aware of Nathan's project; hell, he activated it. He is, therefore, a believer in the existence of powers and any investigation would surely have been into the human rights aspect of the operation alone. Thus, someone privy to the reality would have been brought in, not a sceptic. The only reason for this is to serve the plot, so that conflict can be created out of an attempt to illustrate both sides of the political debate. Very lazy guys. And then there's Tracey's 'escape'. This is utterly, utterly ridiculous. Right, so she understands that someone loosened her shackles to facilitate her escape and that this was designed to win the doubting Thomas (who she knows and is her friend) over to Nathan's side. You know, the woman who actually sympathises with her situation and may be able to help her out of it... as she actually tells her when she first enters her cell. So what does Tracey Strauss, sensible, intelligent, expert at conniving and political manoeuvring, do? She murders the man who tries to recapture her, in power-centric fashion! It isn't even accidental! And she does it right in front of the woman who was going to help her and didn't believe she was a monster! Eh?! This is completely and utterly unbelievable, especially given that Strauss seems to understand that she was being manipulated: so she just went along with it? Oh yeah, very sensible. Again, this just illustrates the lazy nature of the writing: Tracey's illogical move is simply a convenient method of getting the story to the point that Fresco needs: no governmental objection to Nathan's operation. It's a shame that this decision taints what is otherwise a fairly competent strand. There are some strong interchanges between characters (particularly Nathan and the Hunter) and the race/difference allegory is well woven. But,a gain, flawed writing gets in the way of this success.

    The only aspect of the episode that escapes these problems is Sylar's story which remains somewhat refreshing thanks to the inclusion of the child. Once again, there's some good interplay between the two and the development of their somewhat warped surrogate father/son relationship is moving at a pleasing pace. Zachary Quinto is particularly good this week, returning Sylar to the manipulative, evil SOB of old while also interjecting enough compassionate difference to stress the changes he is going through. Crucially, they are nothing like the complete about turn that compromised his character in 'Villains': they are slight tweaks, not personality shifts. Sadly, however, this is not enough to save 'Building 26'. The remaining strands, while far from execrable, are fraught with problems, the most prominent of which is the failed execution of some perceived 'need' to return to the trappings of season one. This is the last thing Heroes needs right now: it should be moving forward, not traipsing back. If it doesn't regain its focus and momentum soon, I fear for the show's survival. Let's hope this was one is just a blip.
  • Great episode

    Sylar is off to find his father with the help of Luke, who stole his mother's car keys. Along the way Luke seems to be annoying and stringing Sylar along until he tells Sylar a story about a little red wagon which almost chokes him up. Sylar and Luke are in a road diner and Luke finally tells Sylar where his father is. The group trying to capture the Heroes close in on them in the diner and they almost have Sylar but Luke creates a distraction and he gets away but Luke is captured. In one of the end scenes, Sylar breaks Luke out and kills the members of the group. Has Sylar taken a liking to Luke?

    As shown in the painting of Parkman, Hiro and Ando go to India to stop the marriage of an Indian woman named Shaila to a mean and corrupt man named Deeprak. Ando shows his powers to Shaila as a sign and she initially calls off the wedding. When Deeprak confronts Shaila and her granfather, Ando steps in and his powers falter. Deeprak takes Ando hostage forcing Shaila to marry him. As the wedding is about to happen Hiro comes in to stop the wedding, saying that the Shaila does not want to marry Deeprak. Shaila confirms this to her grandfather but Deeprak grabs her and starts to run away. Hiro chases them down and punches Deeprak in the nose and stands over him with a sword forcing him to call off the wedding. Hiro rejoices in fulfilling the prophecy of Parkman's painting.

    Claire is helping another hero who can breath under water named Alex. The operative there to get him is Claire's father. Alex is almost caught by HRG, but gets away. When Claire's gets home she tells her mother what her dad is doing again. Later on he comes to Claire's room to let her know he is moving out for a while; that her mother thinks it best. HRG end up in a bar and starts hammering them down only to realize that he is being drugged. When he passes out, Parkman, Peter and crew are the culprits. The episode ends. What will be in store for HRG.
  • Claire tries to help one of her own despite her father's attempts not to, Hiro and Ando travel to India to fulfill Matt's painting, Sylar still searches for his dad and Nathan tries to convince Homeland Security about the necessity of his operation.

    Claire feels frustrated about Noah's behaviour when he keeps lying to their family. When Claire gets a new message from Rebel (the unknown person who sent her a message in the previous chapter) to save a person from Noah she runs to his rescue. That person turns out to be Alex, someone who has the ability to breath underwater. Claire helps him escape right out of Noah's hands and together they flee. Not having any other solution she hides Alex in her house. At the same time, not being able to deal with all the lies being told to her mom, Claire tells Sandra everything about Noah and his new "job". Frustrated, Sandra tells Noah to pack his bags and leave the house. Saying goodbye to Claire, Noah goes to a bar where he is ambushed by three familiar faces; Matt, Peter and Mohinder.
    On the other side of the world in India, Hiro and Ando try to make Matt's painting come true when they try to stop a Hindu wedding from happening. Ando talks to the bride and convinces her not to marry someone she doesn't want to. Hiro feels left out as he thinks he is useless now without his abilities and with Ando being the Hero now. In the end, Ando is taken by the groom in order to force the bride to marry him and Hiro saves the day when he ruins the wedding by coming upfront right in the middle of the ceremony. When Ando is saved, the bride gives both Hiro and Ando a fax message that tells them to save Matt Parkman and it is signed by Rebel.
    Sylar is still on the road with Luke when he becomes impatient with Luke's attitude not to tell him exactly where his father is. When they stop at a food joint, the two of them bond as they figure they have more in common. Sylar even teaches him a thing or two about the use of powers. At that point Nathan's men come in and try to put Sylar down but all they end up with is Luke who is left behind by Sylar despite Luke saving Sylar in the first place. However, Sylar returns and saves Luke and again go into the highway on their way to find Sylar's father.
    Finally, Nathan gets a visit by a woman from Homeland Security who has come to check all about this operation and why they need the extra funding. Meeting up with Tracy, the woman thinks the programme should be shut down as they are keeping people without a warrant under the most difficult situations. When Tracy manages to escape her locking room and kills a man in front of the Homeland Security lady's eyes, the woman is convinced the programme should not shut down and the funding be given. In the end, it is revealed that Tracy's escape was the Hunter's plan to gain Homeland Security's trust.
    Overall a good episode. I liked the idea that Claire is conspiring against her father and of course the Hunter's wonderful performance (who is getting a bigger role in the next episodes). Key facts: The rebel's involvement becomes bigger and bigger. Also notice how the stories become less but with greater depth. Of course this is not the best episode but it is a good start since the episode is better when it has less stories but with greater story telling. Enjoy!
  • BUILDING 26: Review

    Building 26 was a much slower episode compared to the prevous two episodes this Volume. There is some enjoyable stories going on in the episode like Claire's, at first her story was the same old stuff where used to with the character you know daddy issue stuff but then she saved some dude it was good to see the character do something fun. Nathan's story was slightley boring and it dragged out the part where Niki sorry I mean Tracy killed that dude was decent. The strongest parts of this episode was Sylar's with his new little apprentice. Hiro and Ando's Indian story was very predictble. The episodes ending was pretty funny I liked that and I was wondering what had happened to Matt, Peter and Mohinder. This episode was a slower episode than the last and it dragged on too much 8 out of 10.
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