Season 2 Episode 9

Cautionary Tales

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sandra is packing ceramic dogs and HRG is taping up a box when Claire comes down in her cheerleader uniform. HRG asks what she's wearing. She tells him her uniform, she has a pep rally today. He says maybe he didn't make himself clear. They're leaving Costa Verde today. Claire tells him he made himself plenty clear, but she's not leaving. He orders her to go upstairs and change or he'll... Claire interrupts him and says, "Or what? Abduct me? Experiment on me? Erase my memory? That's what you do, isn't it Dad? I knew you inject them with some sort of-" HRG tells her she is talking about things she doesn't understand. Claire retorts she does understand, cause he abducted West when he was like twelve. When West saw HRG yesterday, Claire had never seen somone so terrified. Lyle asks what she's talking about and says HRG doesn't abduct people. Claire tells Lyle HRG is a bad guy, he's a liar. Sandra steps in, but Claire shouts to stop defending him. They're moving, lying changing their names. HRG says all he wants is for her to have a normal life. Claire puts her backpack on and says it isn't about her; it's about him and the things he's done. HRG begins to say if she and her boyfriend hadn't showboated, but Claire tells him to stop using that as an excuse. She asks this is never gonna end,is it? They'll always be running. she turns to leave, and HRG cals to not walk out that door. Claire scoffs, what is he gonna do? Tie her up? He says, if he has to and grabs a roll of duct tape. Sandra calls enough and tells Claire to go to school and say goodbye to her friends, they're leaving tonight. Claire looks at HRG and says, "I hate you." She then leaves. At Kaito's funeral, Hiro, Kimiko and Ando are standing together. The priest says it is tradition for the eldest son to speak. Hiro gets up to the podium and looks at the grave. He walks away. Ando comes to Hiro who is standing under some trees and asks if he's okay. Hiro says no, he came back too late, and now his father's dead, and they don't even know who killed him. It's all his fault. Ando tells him it isn't, and go back there and honor his father. Hiro says no, to eulogize him is admit he is gone. And he's not ready to let him go. Hiro says he must go back in time. Ando begs him not to, but Hiro is gone. Hiro is now on the Deveux roof, a week ago. He sees Kaito telling Angela he doesn't take death threats mildly. Hiro hides behind the pigeon coop as Kaito says he does think one of them sent them, for the pain they caused. There is no end to their suffering. Hiro looks worried. Matt has almost everyone in the company picture labeled when Molly comes in. Matt asks her how she slept, and she said on her pillow, no nightmares, no nightmare man. Matt pours her cereal when she sees the photo. Matt tells her it's a puzzle, the people fit together somehow. Some of them got hurt, and he's trying to find them before anyone else does. Molly offers to find them for him, and Matt says no, he made that mistake once, he won't do it again. He wants her to be a normal little girl. She says she's not normal, she can find people. Matt asks her if she wants to help and pulls her into his lap. He tells her to help getting their lives back to normal, be a little girl, go to school, have fun, and he'll be an underpaid cop. Molly hugs him and asks why can't they, and Matt in his mind asks her to do it for him. She then says she'll do it for him. Back to normal. She starts to walk away as Matt realizes what just happened. He orders her in his mind to come back and finish her cereal. She turns around, and walks back to the table and sits down and starts to eat. Matt's got even more power now. Bob welcomes Mohinder to Costa Verde and Mohinder asks how they're going to do this. Bob says they grab Claire, take out her father, get out. Mohinder asks if when he says take out he means kill, and Bob says it is a youthism. Mohinder says he never agreed to take out anyone, and Bob says he gets Mohinder was loyal to Bennet but he made the right choice in telling him the truth. Mohinder says he's not taking sides, it's about Claire's blood healing Niki. Bob says Mohinder's moral compass always points north. He tells him he's getting a new partner who can execute, whose compass faces north-northwest. They go over to none other than Elle and Bob asks if she's wearing sunscreen. Elle complains he's being overprotective and Bob introduces Mohinder to his daughter. Mohinder is surprised and says she's the executioner? Elle sees the bandage on Mohinder's nose and asks him is his power punching bag? Bob asks her if she's been working on her sharp shooting, he doesn't want her getting too close to Bennet. She says to Mohinder, "Hey Fight Club, check this out." She points her finger at her drink and zaps it, leaving a smoldering mess. She blows on her smoking finger while Mohinder looks a little shocked. Claire is putting a rock into place when she hears West say behind her, "What's your deal?" She turns around and tells him she thought this was his flight path to school. West tells her she doesn't have to pretend anymore, the jig is up, spygirl. Claire she's not pretending and she's not a spy, she swears. She's just a cheerleader. West says it's just a coincidence her dad's the guy who abducted him? Why didn't she just tell him? Claire admits she was selfish. He liked her, he was like her, and she thought is she told him, it would just mess everything up. And she guesses it did. He starts to walk away, and she tells him her family's leaving town. He asks when, and she says tonight. But she's not going with them, because of him. West says he wants to believe her, but he doesn't. He needs to go figure things out. He flies away, and Claire steps back and we see she spelled out 'sorry' in rocks, big enough West could see it from the sky. Matt is on hold with the FBI when his supervisor comes and hangs up the phone, wanting to know why he was on hold with the FBI. He tells him he was trying to get information on the Kaito Nakamura case, which his supervisor tells him is closed, Angela Petrelli confessed. Matt says she didn't do it, there's something bigger going on here. They were involved in some organization in the seventies, like a research facility,he was there yesterday. Kaito, Angela, his dad, Adam Monroe. When the supervisor hears him mention his dad, he tells him he has real work to do. Matt tells him it is real work and lives could be at stake. His supervisor tells so will his job be if he keeps this up. Matt orders him in his mind to give him twenty-four hours to talk to Angela Petrelli again. His supervisor then tells him he has twenty-four hours to talk to Angela Petrelli again. Matt tells him that's a great idea. HRG finds a picture of West in a Primatech box and asks Sandra if that's him. She says he looks a lot younger there, and HRG tells her apparently he can fly. She asks if he really did what Claire said, abduct him when he was a boy. HRG says he thought they were doing the right thing, saving the world. Sandra says she doesn't know why she's not getting in the car with the kids and leaving him. He says he has to show her something. She sits down at the computer and tells her he found the other seven Isaac Mendez paintings. He clicks one of a bloody girl lying on stairs. Sandra asks if that's Claire, and he clicks the next one, the one where he;s dead. She starts to ask if it's him, and he says Claire's right. It's all about him. The next one is of Mohinder pointing a gun. Sandra asks if he's gonna shoot him, and HRG tells her he's considered it, but Mohinder's one of the good guys. Sandra says he thinks West has something to do with it? HRG says he's the reason Claire won't leave town, he needs to talk to him. He quietly says it's all falling apart. He grips Sandra's hand and says he really needs her now. She pulls her hand away and says she's gonna take Lyle to school. She gets up and walks away. HRG grabs the phone. Mohinder is outside on the hotel balcony and answers his phone. HRG tells him he needs Molly to use her ability to find West. Mohinder asks if he's okay, and HRG demands can he do it or not? Mohinder says yes. HRG thanks him. Mohinder goes into the hotel room where Elle and Bob are. He says that was HRG, and Bob asks if he knows they're there, and Mohinder says no, he justs wants the location of a boy. He hastily says they can use it to their advantage, feed him a false location, get him isolated, they don't have to kill him. Elle puts her hands on Mohinder's shoulders and sweetly asks if he knows what happens when they change their plan midstream. He walks around him still touching him and he says no. She says she doesn't know either, cause they don't do it. She puts Mohinder's arm around her and he pushes it off, saying they do it his way or he tells HRG everything right now. Bob says he's dangerous, Mohinder saw what he did to his mentor, what makes him think he wouldn't do the same to him? Mohinder says he doesn't think so. Elle strokes Mohinder's face and coos, "He's adorable. Can I keep him?" Bob rolls his eyes. Bob says they'll do it Mohinder's way. Elle hands Mohinder a gun, which he puts in his bag. Hiro is still listening to Kaito and Angela. Kaito is telling her he sought redemption by helping Hiro; how did she help her son? She slaps him. She starts to walk away, and Kaito tells her he's leaving for Japan tonight; he suggests she disappear as well. As soon as she leaves, Hiro pops out and his father is happy to see him. He asks where he's been, and he tells him Japan, 1671. Kaito recognized that as Takezo Kensei's time and wants to know everything. Hiro says now they have to leave. Kaito is going to die here, tonight. Kaito asks how he knows, and Hiro tells him he's just come from his funeral. Kaito says this is his fate then, and that though they have the power of Gods, it doesn't mean they can play God. Hiro says he's being stubborn, and his father retorts he's letting his emotions cloud his judgement. Hiro reminds him he felt this way once, he was young but he remembers. He'll show him. He teleports them. HRG decides he can't wait around and he knows West goes to school with Claire, he knows where that is. As soon as he's out the door, West attacks him and flies off with him. West is flying through the air with HRG and asks if he remembers him, and says he can't hold on forever. HRG asks what he wants, and West says answers. HRG tells him they took him to study his ability. West doesn't care about that, he wants to know if Claire was working with or for him, if she ever really cared about him. HRG tells him Claire never mentioned he existed, she lied to him, so he's guessing he's pretty important to her. West and HRG crash in a park. HRG gets up first and slams West onto the grass on his belly. HRG folds his arms across his back and tells him he's taking Claire, they're leaving town, and he's going to convince her it's the right thing to do. His cell phone rings. Answering his phone with one hand and holding West down with the other, he says, "Hello?" Mohinder tells him Molly's located West, he's at the corner of Verbena and Palm, which is where Mohinder is. HRG asks if he means right now, for he and West are at Ocean and 4th. He asks Mohinder if he's sure, and Mohinder says Molly has pin-point accuracy, but he won't be there forever, so he should get there now. HRG can tell something's up but says he'll head right over. He gets up off West and they both stand up. West asks what's going on, and HRG tells him Claire's in danger, and he needs his help. At school, Claire is practicing with her cheerleading routine with the squad when her coach calls for her. She says they missed Claire that morning and asks if everything's okay. Claire says yes and the coach says Mr. Bishop is there from the State Board of Education to talk to her about the Debbie incident. It's Bob. He tells Claire he wants to asks her a few questions. They start to walk and he asks if she's seen any other incidents, drinking, hazing, Claire says no. He asks Claire if she'd lie to him, she says no. He says, "These kind of events can ruin a girl's life. And you wouldn't want to do that, would you, Miss Bennet?" Claire stops walking says, "What did you just call me?" She then runs away, from Bob, from the squad, from the school. Elle and Mohinder are sitting in the car and Elle is sucking on a Pixie Stix. Mohinder asks if she's killed many people and she asks how that's his business. He guesses it's not. He asks to talk to HRG first alone, and she asks if he's sure, he says yes, he trusts him. HRG pulls up at Verbena and Palm and Mohinder gets in and apologizes for lying to him but he has to listen to him. HRG asks if they're forcing him to do this, if they have Molly, and Mohinder says he's here to ask him to give them Claire, they need her blood. HRG turns and stares at him in shock and can't believe he's gone native. Mohinder says she'll be returned to him, unharmed, he has his word. HRG retorts his word isn't what it used to be. Mohinder tells him Claire is important to the work they're doing, she could save lives, and HRG snaps he sounds like him ten years ago, this is what they do. He couldn't have been more clear about this and Mohinder says they're not the people he thinks they are, and HRG says they are NOT getting Claire. Mohinder says he has to do what he thinks is right. He pulls out the gun and tells him to start driving, please. Claire runs into the house, looking for HRG, or Sandra, or Lyle, and sees the open laptop with the HRG dead picture. Someone places their hand on Claire's shoulder and she screams, but it's only Sandra and Mr. Muggles. Claire tells her that some guy showed up at her school who knew her real name, HRG was right, she messed everything up, they gotta go. Claire asks what the picture is, and Sandra said that's what got HRG all worked up, he's think that's going to happen. From behind him, they hear someone say Isaac Mendez. They turn around and see Bob pointing a gun at them. He tells them about Isaac's ability and says it's good to see Sandra again. Claire asks if she knows him, and Sandra says he was the regional sales manager of Primatech. Mohinder and HRG are getting out of the car, Mohinder still pointing the gun at HRG and he asks who Mohinder's partner is. HRG tells him it's company policy, someone with abilities, someone without. He sees Elle and says "Elle, huh?" Mohinder is surprised he knows her, and she calls out, "Hey, you," with a ball of electricity already forming in her hand as she walks toward them. She hears something and turns around with her hand raised, but West grabs her mid-flight in the stomach and slams her into the car, and she is knocked out. Mohinder turns and points the gun at HRG, and he sees it's the painting. But HRG still has a few moves, He twists Mohinder's arm and grabs the gun, and Mohinder punches HRG, who punches him back hard enough he's on the ground, his hands over his nose. HRG points the gun at him and snarls, "You lie to me. Betray me. Come after my daughter! How'd you think it was gonna end?" He's ready to shoot when West sees and asks what he's doing, so HRG pulls back the gun and says no one's taking his little girl and kicks Mohinder against the car. He then walks toward Elle. HRG enters his house and finds Sandra taped to a chair. She tells him her old boss Bob took Claire and asks what the hell is going on. He says it's okay, they'll get her back, he's got collateral. Sandra asks what collateral, and West comes in with unconscious Elle draped over his shoulder. HRG asks Sandra if she packed Mr. Muggles' doggy bath. HRG has tied Elle to a chair with her feet in a tub of water. He sprays her with a hose to wake her up and tells her he needs to speak to her father. Elle snaps it's not her first day and attempts to summon her powers but because she's in water electrocutes herself and she screams in pain. She looks at HRG who murmurs, "Stings like a bitch, doesn't it?" HRG tells Elle he knows all about her ability. Elle: You don't know anything about me. HRG: I was there. The day your father first brought you in. You were a normal girl. Unicorns and rainbows, and then they started the testing. No human brain is built to take that much electricity. You poor girl. Elle: My father would never let that happen. HRG: (Leans down next to her) Your father was leading the charge. Elle: I don't remember any of that. HRG: No memory at all? It's like someone took them away. Why do you think I never let the Company anywhere near Claire? I didn't want her to become you. Now I need to talk to your father to arrange a trade. Claire for you. Elle: What if he doesn't want to make a deal? HRG: You'd be surprised for a father will do for his daughter. Bob has tied Claire up in the hotel and answers his phone thinking it's Elle, and instead it's HRG, telling him if he touches his daughter, he'll kill Bob's. And then he'll kill Bob. He tells Bob they'll be at the Imperial Beach parking lot in two hours and hangs up. He tells Claire they're going to the beach, and Claire says she'll whatever he wants, just leave HRG alone. He says it's not that easy, he's got his daughter. Claire asks to talk to him, he'll listen to her. Bob says he's not big on the listening and once he sets his mind to something which his why they gave Claire to him in the first place, he's loyal till the end. Turns out they were right. He tells her it's too bad, she'd be an excellent addition to the team. Her, her blood, she could help a lot of people. Claire says to take her blood, but leave her dad alone. Bob starts to extract blood. Hiro and Kaito are in Japan. Kaito asks where they are, and Hiro tells him Aoyama Cemetery. Kaito asks when they are, and Hiro tells him it's seventeen years ago, Hiro's mother has just passed away. Kaito asks why he's done this, and Hiro says he has to understand his pain, why he needs to save him. Kaito says it was the saddest day of his life, but it doesn't change anything. He asks Hiro to take him back, who says no. A little boy runs into Hiro. Hiro says sorry and realizes it's himself.
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