Season 2 Episode 9

Cautionary Tales

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Great episode!

    Quite sad but a great ending! One of the better episodes...
  • Hiro goes back in time to save his father, Matt tries to solve the murder of Kaito and at the same time control his newfound mental abilities and the Bennets go against the Company with the events painted in Isaac's paintings unfold in front of our eyes.

    Cautionary tales is one cool chapter of the second volume.
    Matt discovers that he can indeed do what his father could and his "pull" quickly becomes "push". Trying to discover the mystery behind Kaito's murder and the connection with his father, Matt interrogates Angela once more but this time he uses his ability to force Angela to tell him the truth. We find out that behind the murders is Adam Monroe that he was locked up thirty years ago because he was dangerous. Matt also discovers Adam can't die and that he is 400 years old. Finally Matt forces Angela to reveal the only other person still alive in the photo and her name is Victoria Pratt. The cautionary tale for Matt might be that what his father has become by using his ability, Matt slowly follows his footsteps.
    Elsewhere, in Tokyo, Hiro is at his father's funeral and refuses to eulogize him because that would be like he is accepting his father's death. So, he travels back in time in hopes of stopping his father's death. In the past, Kaito refuses to be saved by Hiro accepting his fate when Hiro time travels with him to the day his mother's funeral took place. There Hiro tries to show his father how much Kaito hurt. When however Hiro meets little Hiro he realizes that he can't change history and returns his father to his time. In that time, Hiro discovers is father's murderer who is non other than Adam Monroe, Hiro's Takezo Kensei.
    Mohinder meets his new partner Elle, Bob's daughter, who will help him convince Noah to give away his daughter.
    Finally, at the Bennets' house the family is getting ready to move again. All but Claire who wears her cheerleading uniform and heads to school, after a small fight between her and Noah. At school she is approached by Bob who reveals he knows her real identity and scarred Claire runs home. Meanwhile, West takes Noah for a flight in order to know if Claire was conspiring with her father to take him. Noah reveals that Claire wasn't a part of this and she is in love with him. At the Bennets' house, Claire sees the painting of her father's death while Bob shows up, takes Claire and ties Sandra. At a meeting between Noah - West and Mohinder-Elle, Noah hurts Mohinder and takes Elle as a leverage. Bob and Noah agree to make a trade of the girls. At the meeting point, Claire is saved by West until Elle shoots him down and West is saved by Claire instead, Noah shoots Elle and in the end while Noah holds Bob at a gunpoint Mohinder shoots him in the eye. West takes Claire home who tells the news to her mother while we see a nearly dead Noah come back to life with Claire's blood taken by Bob earlier.
    Overall a very exciting episode. I loved the comparison of Claire and Elle something which gets bigger in the next few chapters as well as in an episode of volume 3. Matt's awesome new ability comes in handy from now on in Heroes. The story of Elle as told by Noah is sad but it is the truth. What you should know is that the writers of the show at this point thought of making Elle and Claire sisters by a different father but same mother. The idea however fell through as they didn't have a story to go from there. Regardless, the idea of making only three stories per episode is really great but it didn't catch up in season 3. I've read though that this is happening in volume 5: redemption. We'll see. Key facts: Isaac's paintings have all came true with this episode and so we have no idea what is going to happen in the finale. Also, Hiro's mother is shown at the funeral. She is portraited by a different actress than in volume 3 chapter 12: our father. Enjoy!
  • One of the best Heroes episodes.

    This is my favorite Heroes episode. I especially liked how well Hiro was featured in this one. I think his storyline stole the show as his personal conflict of saving his father took a forefront. I found it interesting that Hiro decided to not change the past and had to make one very hard choice. He let his father go after realizing that everyone has their destiny and that he was just being selfish. His last scene with his father was very sad and touching. Even as a guy, I thought this was particularly moving. In other events, Claire realized that her dad was trying to protect her, but found out too late as Noah was shot. Elle was really good in this episode as she began to realize what her dad was really all about. Overall, this was a fantastic episode and an all time Heroes great. Thank You.
  • The paintings come true.

    Another episode pieced together beautifully. All the paintings that Isaac predicted come true. Mohinder shooting Bennet. I like how West teamed up with Bennet to save Claire. We learn a whole lot more on Elle & how she was experimented when she was a little girl. Pretty sad, really. I don't like how Suresh turned on Bennet. That sucked. Meanwhile Hiro tries to save his father & it turns out Takezo Kensei killed him aka Adam Monroe. That was a shocker. The finals showdown was amazing. Matt uses his powers to control people. His power just gets more & more interesting. Agreat episode!
  • Really emotional stuff in this episode.

    All around again season 2 is starting to improve dramatically with the addition of this episode. Matt learns how to control his power to even greater extents, and learns how to control people with his power. Angela somehow manages to resist him, and comments on how his sadistic use of his power makes him like his father. I didn't really like Angela's character season one, but season two I sorta like it. Hiro's part of the story was really emotional, when he went back in time to his father's murder, and they both traveled to his mother's funeral... really emotional stuff, and in the process Hiro learns that Kensei/Adam was his father's murderer (sorta expected, but the look on Kensei's face made it shocking nonetheless).

    Now for my favorite part of the episode, the Noah/Bob/Claire/Elle trade off. So far in season two I haven't liked the character Elle, but in this episode I enjoyed her acting and dialogue. Also, it was such an unexpected twist for me that in the end West/Noah would work together. It was a teary moment when Claire came home thinking her father was dead, and seeing Sandra's reaction as well... pretty emotional stuff. The one thing that kept this episode from getting a ten was how they could've ended the episode with a cliffy by not revealing Noah's revival, but overall, one of my favorite episodes of this series so far.
  • an intense, nervewracking episode

    Heroes is back!!!!!! If the last couple of episodes in Season Two were unbelievablly slow, this one makes those almost worth it. It cranks the intensity to a super high level, almost to the point where it's unbelievable. Mohinder is torn between loyalties as he must decide to either help Noah (HRG) or Bob and his psychotic daughter, Elle. Meanwhile, Noah has to deal with his death prophecy as he must find Claire before Bob finds her, even if he must put aside his differences and shady past with West. Matt discovers a new ability that he could easily abuse if he's not careful. And Hiro races against time to save his father's life before it's too late to do anything about it. Sides are betrayed, revelations are revealed, and the line between good and evil is blurred as Noah will do all he can to protect his family and Hiro finds how his father's killer is. There is a wonderful revelation about Elle that proves how evil Bob is even to his own daughter and makes her motives more conflicted than originally thought. The ending is a shocker and leaves plenty of questions left unanswered. What will happen next? It was a wonderfully written episode that was so good, it was almost worth the long worth and it is one of the best, if not THE best of Season Two.
  • Isaac's prophecy comes true

    Fantastic episode, probably my 2nd favourite of the show(first one being Company Man)

    There was nothing wrong with it. The highlight was of course the showdown between Bob and Noah. Loved it. Just... suspensful. I also loved Elle lots in this episode, admittedly, despite Kristen Bell being one of my favourite actresses, I didn't think her character was all that great but this episode, she was awesome.

    Anyhooo... Yes, the Hiro parts were probably even cooler. Maybe apart from the silly thing that young Hiro was playing on his gameboy during the ceremony. I know it's a TV show but especially in Japan, things like funerals are very strict and respected. But yes, it was emotional, loved it. And even though I think all of us guessed who killed Kaito, it was still a great scene.

    The scene where Noah gets shot - absolutely brilliant. Perfecting directing and cinematography.. and acting. Even though it was a LITTLE out of character for Mohinder, it was still impressive.

    The reason this doesn't get a 10 is the ending, unfortuantely. Having Noah resurrected just yet was a let down, I wished the writers let us be in shock for a little longer(at least until next episode).
  • Awesome.

    The Bennet family is preparing to go on the run, but Claire refuses. Noah intends to force her, but Sandra interrupts and postpones the departure until that night. Claire lays out a message for West ("SORRY"), who comes down from his flight to school to meet her. He accuses her of working with her father to spy on him and refuses to believe her protestations of innocence. Meanwhile, Mohinder and Bob discuss the plan to kidnap Claire; Bob admires Mohinder for his moral principles, but claims Suresh needs a partner who can "execute." He introduces Mohinder to that partner – his daughter Elle.

    Noah calls Mohinder, hoping to use Molly to track down West. Unable to simply wait for results, he leaves the house, only to be immediately swept into the air by West. West demands to know if Claire had betrayed him, but Noah assures him that she never even revealed his existence. His strength failing, West crash-lands. Bennet subdues him and insists he help convince Claire to leave town.

    Mohinder informs Bob of Noah's call, and wants to use it to get him out of the way without killing him. After Suresh threatens to blow the whistle on the entire operation, Bob accedes. Elle also gives Mohinder the gun he is depicted using in one of Isaac's paintings. Mohinder and Elle head to a stakeout point, and Suresh calls Bennet, giving him the false location. Bennet, already with West, realizes the ruse. Nevertheless, he arrives at the given location, where Mohinder jumps into his car and forces him to drive off at gunpoint. At the rendezvous point, Elle reveals herself, but West catches her by surprise and knocks her unconscious. Noah disarms Mohinder, but West discourages him from killing the doctor. Instead, they take Elle as a hostage.

    Bob tries to talk to Claire at school, but by addressing her as "Miss Bennet", tips her off. She runs home, but Bob follows, kidnaps her, and ties her up. Noah heads home when he sees Sandra. She is gagged with tape and her hands and feet are tied to a chair. She explains how Bob took Claire. Noah then ties Elle's hands to a chair and he ties her bare feet together and puts them in a doggie bath.

    Noah and West call Bob to arrange a hostage exchange. Before Bob takes Claire to the trade, he takes some of her regenerative blood.

    The swap goes smoothly at first. Once the deal is made, West flies away with Claire, but the newly-freed Elle shocks the couple and they fall to the ground, with Claire cushioning the fall. Bennett then shoots Elle in the arm, and is about to kill Bob, when Mohinder ultimately shoots Bennet in the eye as predicted by the painting. West flies Claire back home, where she breaks the news to her mother.

    Hiro goes back in time to save his father, who does not wish to be saved. Hiro takes them back in time to his mother's funeral, hoping to show his father the same grief he feels. While there, he encounters himself as a child. Little Hiro is determined to protect his father from the same fate of his mother, and present-day Hiro sees how childish he has been. He accepts his father's wishes and brings him back to the day of his death. However, before returning to the present, Hiro time-freezes the murder in order to learn the identity of his father's killer – Takezo Kensei.

    Matt starts manifesting the ability to implant suggestions in others' minds. He initially tests this ability on Molly, and then uses it on his boss to get extra time to investigate Kaito Nakamura's murder. Once again he confronts Angela Petrelli, and with his stronger powers, demands the identity of Kaito Nakamura's real killer and the last woman in the Company portrait. Angela tells Matt about Adam Monroe but pleads that the unidentified woman just wants to be left alone. She warns Matt that, if he takes this secret from her, he will truly become like his father. The penultimate scene shows he has the woman's name: Victoria Pratt. During the final scene, in a Company holding cell, Bennet is given a transfusion of Claire's blood, bringing him back to life!
  • Amazing episode.

    I really liked this episode and the last four episodes have been really great, this was by far the best episodes of the second season and when you look at the characters featured you would thinkm the episode is going to be average because of there stories this season. But it turns out to be a great episode with plenty going on a nd plenty of shocks, it was good to get a break from some other storylines like Peter's because we have seen a lot from him lately and also Maya. all in alll great episode that deserves a higher rating than 9.4.
  • Great episode!

    I loved when Hiro came back and said his famous "Yatah" ! All in all it was a great episode and i love Heroes and I love all of the characters! ! ! ! ! And I couldn't believe Adam was Takizo Kensei actually! ! ! It's great that Matt's power grew better ! ! ! That's really fun to watch ! ! ! ! ! Those company men are so weird and we just can't know what they will do! It's confusing but that's why it's great! Heroes are the best! And I love the intro! Short but long enough to make your hair go up! Great!
  • Amazing

    Because his family is in danger again, Noah tells his family they must leave but Claire refuses. She later writes "Sorry" with stones for West to see. When she tells West she's staying, West doesn't seem happy to hear it, in fact he's miffed she didn't tell about her father before. That's what the "Sorry" stones were for. Ando and Hiro attend Hiro's father, Kaito's, funeral. Hiro doesn't accept his father's death and goes back to one week before when Kaito was talking to Angela Petrelli. As Kaito greets his son, they go back to the mother's funeral where Hiro meets himself as a young boy. It's there that he accepts his father's words that "you can't play God." Matt now has the power to change people's minds as he finds out with Molly and his partner. He then uses it on Angela who's fighting the best she can especially when he questions about a woman standing next to his father in the Company group photo. She tells Matt the way he's going, "You're not just like your father. You are him." When Bob introduces Mohinder to his partner in getting Claire away from Noah to get Claire's blood, it's Elle who's revealed to Bob's daughter. As Noah gets confrontations about his methods from both Claire and his wife Sondra, he goes out and gets attacked by a flying West. Somehow, he convinces West he meant no harm to him. As Claire is at cheerleading practice, she is interrupted by the coach as she leads her to Bob, who's asking about Debbie's underage drinking and then mistakenly calls her "Ms. Bennett". As Claire goes back home to warn her parents, Sondra recognizes Bob from her husband's former job at the Primatech Paper building. Noah manages to hold Elle's feet in water for a while as she temporarily gets electrocuted but Mohinder, in having to pick sides, puts Noah at gunpoint and has him lead him to Claire. Bob now has Claire tied up. Noah makes a deal to switch Elle for his daughter with West's help. All ends tragically as Noah threatens Mohinder at gunpoint, West flies Claire away as soon as possible just before her father gets shot in the eye, and Elle also gets shot. Bob manages to get Claire's blood in a vial before any of this happens. Back at the funeral, Hiro does a speech in which he says, "as long as my father word's and deeds live in me, he'll always be here". Before this, Hiro was shocked to find, when he stopped time as his father fell to his death, that his killer was Takezo Kensei a.k.a. Adam Monroe. As the last words of the eulogy are being said, we find Noah lying with his eyes suddenly regenerating. He then gets up and says, "Holy-" as "To Be Continued" appears on screen...Wow! What another great episode of "Heroes". Lots of great stuff about fathers and their children. Nice to see George Takei one more time. Also great stuff from Jack Coleman as Noah Bennett. Hiro was the coolest especially with the eulogy. Only two more episodes before the strike happened so until next time...
  • Another awesome episode that makes you think twice about believing what a picture has to say.

    So it seems that the company might be bad after all, its hard to tell now with lies on both sides and a lot of unexplained things. This episode was very good, but the show has become very confusing and in depth, a lot of things make you question who is really on the good side, and I don't think Bob is entirely. Hiro takes his fathers advice and lets him die like it was supposed to be, but he learns who killed his father in the process, and it is who I suspected early in this episode, it's Adam. We also learn that Adam wants revenge on all of the people who locked him up. This, and we learn Adam can never grow old, but what no one knows but Hiro is that he wants revenge on Hiro, and probably will stop at nothing to get that. We also see that Matt takes his ability a bit to far and almost seems to become like his dad, but the one big different is Matt wants to help people, I hope he doesn't lose that one good thing that keeps him different from the bad guys. The end really twists things so far I don't have an idea who to trust anymore. It seems that Suresh killed Claire's father because he knew that they would bring him back with her blood, but why would they bring him back and what is all of this leading to?
  • The Heroes I know and love is back!

    Just from the preview's of this episode I knew that this episode would bring Season 2 out of it's poor misery, and it did! This episode saw excellent performances from Jack Coleman, Hayden Panetierre, Masi Oka and Kristen Bell. Noah decides to move his family away fearing The Company have found them, Claire doesn't want to go, and as a result we saw major conflict between the two, which is just perfect, especially right before everyone assumes Noah is dead, with Claire's last words to him being "I hate you." Hiro goes back in time to find out who killed his father, and surprise, surprise, it's Kensei. I saw that one coming! But what a cliffhanger we were left with. Was it Claire's blood that healed Noah, or someone elses?
  • Elle, Bob, Mohinder, HRG, West and Claire face off!

    Yes. Im in love with Heroes again. I know we've had our differences but Im going to forgive it for all the mistakes it has made. After all, no relationship is perfect and I think I can make this work. I really do.

    Truly amazing character developements. The scene where West carries HRG away is breathtaking and quite touching too. Mohinder deciding who to side with, shows that he's not as lame as I thought him to be. And Elle gets rid of whatever fake personality had gotten into her, and shows that she has feelings too.

    HRG has been one of my favourite characters, alongside Peter. And I have to say, he's really brilliant. By soaking Elle in water and then making her electrocute herself, that was ingenious.

    It was so sad when he was about to shoot Bob and Mohinder shot him in the eye. I started crying (i was cutting onions at the time. im macho. i dont cry about sad storylines :D)
    when he died, but was relieved when he regenerated using Claire's blood.

    I never saw that shot coming from Mohinder. I thought like a cliched story, he would back out in the end.

    Special effects attained a new stage of excellence. West swooping Elle up into the sky has inspired many of my fanfics that are about to come. ELle electrocuting West and Claire high in the sky frightened me.

    All in all, a truly remarkable episode. Tim Kring has redeemed himself and I look forward to more episodes in the future.
  • This is amazing!

    I wasn't wholly pleased with the first half of Volume 2, but this episode is better than most of the Season 1 episodes. Some may be upset that they left out 9 members of the main cast and only kept 6 in for this episode, but, like in 'Company Man' (which head even less, only 3 main cast members), the very small selection of characters which the episode focuses on is what makes the episode so great. The Mohinder, Mr. Bennet, Claire and Elle storyline steals the show in this episode. Their storyline is so gripping, and the end of the episode will make everybody's jaw drop. This episode is very, very well done.
  • fabulous

    More Claire drama. Honestly, I find watching her part of the story painful. The ending was good though. A great twist we were left with there. Mohinder turns out to be a sneaky little betrayer, finally, just what we've been waiting for. It was a pleasure seeing Hiro once again, the scenes with him and his father were rather touching and cute. And at last we find out who the killer really is: Adam Monroe/Kenzei. Now, isn't he sneaky? Honestly, we were waiting for something as good as that. Excellent episode, I think. Very tastefully done, might I add. Cant wait to see Bob drop dead.
  • BEST EPISODE EVER (so far)

    I have to give it a 10 out of 10 for many reasons. People can argue that this wasn't a perfect episode and that's fine but FOR ME, it was perfect. HRG was the main attraction, what more could I ask for. The really amazing thing is how Heroes can still be good even though most of the story is predictible. Well, maybe because not everything is predictible, the biggest surprise was West. I was definitely a West basher but they made him into a good character just like THAT. He went from annoying Claire crush to someone who actually got involved in the mix and now he actually has some damn meaing to the show. HRG, Mohindy, Matt, Angela, Hiro....as long as veterans are involved you're going to have a great episode. That's just a fact. Matt's expanding mind powers was great, Angela fighting back to the point of having her nose bleed was good...just loads off good stuff in this eppy. In the end the show sucked me in emotional as I watched my favorite character get shot by the character I hate the most and just for an instant I thought HRG could die, that was enough to warrant a 10. This episode made me feel "something".
  • Probably one of the best Heroes episodes of all time. The way it was plotted and the way it was carried out, and the performance by Jack Coleman definitely should help lead to him getting an Emmy Nomination.

    It's kind of ironic how Heroes somehow ended up reviving itself toward the end of the it's shortened second season. Cautionary Tales most fans will agree was probably the best episode of the entire season. Mohinder begins to realize that his friendship with HRG isn't going according to plan and decides it's in his best interest to do things with the company. However when Mohinder realizes that Niki Sanders need a part of Claire Bennett's blood he goes with the company to take the cheerleader hostage. Meanwhile Claire's life suddenly becomes complicated as she is torn between her boyfriend West and her strict father HRG. Eventually West and HRG meet each other and develop an odd kind of friendship. Things start to get bleaker as Bob and the company kidnaps Claire in engage for her "blood." HRG isn't happy and immediately confronts Mohinder Suresh his one time colleague. Suresh is left with a bloody nose and with West's help they capture Elle. Now the moment of truth an engage of Claire for Elle. However during the exchange things get heated as Claire and West fly away, Elle gets shot in the arm and shocks West forcing Suresh to shoot HRG. In a moment of consequence he changes the fate of the entire series and leaves us to believe that HRG is dead. However later in the episode when the dead boy of HRG lies in a morgue, it becomes clear that he really isn't dead at all. Probably the best Heroes episode other then Company Men, the performance is strong for most of the cast but Jack Coleman just really sticks out in this episode. The way he is able to create a sense of likability for this very flawed character is just remarkable. He gives it his heart and soul, and I think he deserves an Emmy Nomination for this performance specifically.
  • Brilliant

    This episode was very exciting!
    My favourite scene was when hiro takes his father to the day of his mothers funeral, and hiro talks to his younger self.When he talks to himself he realizes what he himself has to learn. But now hiro is out for revenge on Adam. On the topic of Claire' boyfriend i dont see how he could so quicklly help Mr bennett after being so terrifeid of him. When Mr bennet gets shot and claire runs to him was so sad.
    i wonder what the company have planned for Mr bennet.
    i can't wait to see the next episode!!
  • OMG..... I love this show!!!!! Thank god Mr. Bennet isn't dead....

    OMG.... what a great episode... Matt seriously has an awesome power!!!! When he started talking to Molly I honestly thought, oh man, she can read minds too!!!! But then he talked to his boss and made him talk to Mrs. Petrelli I was like OMG that is a killer power!!!!! I can't believe Mohinder shot Mr. Bennet. Whose side is he on??? I don't like him anymore... I am glad he is alive though. I wonder what they are gonna do to him. I can't believe Hiro didn't save his father. I don't care what that old man says, I would have saved him. Just shut up and leave the building, old man! If Adam is who Mrs. Petrelli says he is, looking for revenge and all, why did he tell Peter they were going to save the world? I still don't think that's the whole story. And who is that Victoria woman? This should always be a 2 hour show because the stories are only continued 2 weeks later. Can't wait til the next one....
  • The Final Painting

    It was really clever with the whole H.R.G. trying to find out who killed him. This episode really helped develop the Claire storyline and it almost made everything worth it. This episode wasn't as good as "Company Man" with developing H.R.G. but this was perfect. I am really glad that H.R.G. didn't die at the end. It was weird how he got shot in the glasses like that though. I'm glad H.R.G. at least shot Ellie before he "died" anyways this episode was really good and it was really awesome to see West actually do something and i gained a little respect for him.
  • An example of what this season should be like!

    While the last episode was a major step back from the advances of its predecessor, this episode is a step in the right direction. Focusing on the plots that work is a major reason for that, bringing the show closer towards season one glory. Although the episode started off slowly with some out of character moments, the conclusion more than made up for it.

    With the last two paintings fulfilled, this episode effectively ends that plotline. It is somewhat disappointing that the paintings failed to have some connecting theme between them, but the build up to the final painting coming into fruition was rather compelling. Of course, since the picture's image happened, there had to be more to it than that. To show us what would happen six episodes ago and have it play out with no twist would be anticlimactic at best.

    Bennet's adamancy towards preventing picture eight creates the conditions that make the event happen. One of his defining traits his love for his daughter and his willingness to do anything to protect her from The Company. His original plan to bring down The Company from within was shot down when Mohinder became compromised. All that added to the fact that The Company wants to get Claire to cure Niki and things are bound to end badly.

    Regardless, Bennet being tough is always a lot of fun, similar to Jack Bristow on "Alias" whenever Sydney got in trouble. Dousing Elle and keeping her feet in Mr. Muggles' dog bath was a blast to watch, although one wonders why he didn't use metal handcuffs to keep her from doing anything funny (as she did) during the exchange.

    The bond between father and daughter is a major theme of the episode, as the actions of Bennet and Bob run parallel. Unlike Bennet, Bob brought Elle to The Company as soon as she manifested, subjecting her to living in a sterile environment with no friends, creating the perfect environment for her sociopathic nature to develop. During Elle's torture/interrogation, she becomes aware of that, which may make for some interesting events down the road.

    Killing off Bennet would be a major mistake, so thankfully Claire's blood was available to bring him back. Considering Bob took some of Claire's blood before the exchange, it could explain that "killing" Bennet and taking him with them was a part of their plan. What they need him for isn't clear, but may be tied to the virus or Adam. How they'll get him to cooperate will likely be tricky.

    Like many, I've been heavily critical towards West. He's continually come off as a creepy sociopath, making Claire's attraction a bit bewildering and out of character. His relationship with her was to drive a wedge between her and her father, which is hard to believe considering what he did for her last season. Residuals from this are still here in the episode, as Claire telling her father she hated him just doesn't fit. However, this episode shows West doing a 180 and despite the drastic change, it's hardly one to look down upon. For once he's not saying something foreshadowing an evil path, but thinking about saving Claire because he cares about her.

    Much like he did in "Seven Minutes to Midnight", Hiro tries to travel back to save someone he cares about. He learns again that he can't change the past (which apparently only applies to present time traveling to the past rather than future to present), but this subplot had a bigger purpose than reinforcing that lesson. It was a proper send off for Kaito and gave Hiro a chance to say goodbye. But the most important part was Kaito's last lesson to Hiro: Hiro's power doesn't give him the right to play God.

    The reveal of Adam being the hooded killer isn't a big surprise considering how many times I mentioned it in previous reviews. He had the motivation and method of leaving before Ando could find another body. One would hope what this reveal lacks in surprise is made up with the Hiro/Ando showdown. A sidenote: wouldn't Hiro meeting his 7-year-old self potentially cause a rift in the space-time continuum? They've made a point of keeping a distance from the main funeral ceremony so 1990 Kaito wouldn't see his 2007 counterpart, but somehow Hiro meeting Young Hiro doesn't collapse history.

    As seen with other super powered beings in various media, the path to villainy is as easy as using their powers to make life more convenient rather than for the greater good. Even Linderman, whose powers gave him a selfless gift, used it to coerce others to following his plans. Adam is certainly one as well. With his cells' ability to regenerate rapidly, he no longer ages. As far as he's concerned, he's immortal. Instead of using his talents for good, as Claire has rescuing the man from the burning train or subduing Ted before he went nuclear, Adam uses his healing ability for his own ego and gaining followers to his philosophy. That would explain why The Company is adamant towards neutering those with powers.

    With that, the major question comes to how he can be defeated, assuming he doesn't redeem himself. The first would be to dismember him and separate the parts. That version is particularly gruesome (fitting the graphic violence "Heroes" has shown previously), but may work assuming Tim Kring's version of the powers would prevent the parts from becoming clones of Adam. The other would be to incapacitate him somehow that, while he would still be alive, could never free himself, like being frozen or pinned under a pile of rubble (like Sloane on Anders' previous show "Alias"). There is also the virus, which may block his healing ability as some theorize it can do.

    Speaking of pushing boundaries regarding the use of their powers, Matt is starting to go down the slippery slope of turning into his father. Since he started tracking his father, he learned that there was more to his ability than mind reading. It starts by getting Molly to finish her breakfast and getting more time to question Mrs. Petrelli, but quickly accelerates when he forces her hand to tell him what she knows, possibly opening major problems he can't handle. The Group of 12 has dealt with "selling [their] souls for [Matt's] generation" in a variety of ways, from continuing their work to helping the next generation right the wrongs they're responsible for to accepting or believing their reprehensible actions as part of the greater good. Victoria Pratt took another route and decided to go into exile, implying she's very powerful or has a lot to feel guilty about.

    The sudden deaths of four of the five unidentified members of the Group of 12 seem like strike rewriting. Why hasn't this been mentioned since the premiere, as Kaito said that nine were still alive a week earlier in the show's chronology? However, this may work out as it gives the subplot a tighter focus than if they kept going all over the world finding them. Plus the actress playing Victoria, Joanna Cassidy is established whereas the other four people in the photo are unknowns.

    One thing worth noting is that Adam wasn't a member of that core group of twelve as has been assumed. He likely was one of the first people The Company "bagged and tagged". It seems like a personal relationship was there, making the betrayal and thirty years in lock up enough to warrant such ruthless revenge. Maybe that'll be explained if or when they do a 30 years ago plot or at least detail Adam's motivations.

    This is the type of episode that is reminiscent of the thrills and entertainment of the first season. No surprise this is one of the better episodes of the season. The focus on the plot lines that have worked helped as well. After the last episode's faults, this episode is a nice motivator that things can still end on a high note before the strike hiatus.
  • The final painting comes true.

    This episode was enteraining and is one of the few to have any really good tension and action scenes, but it isn't perfect.

    With Noah finally getting shot, by Mohinder no less, which didn't make much sense considering the situation but was still shocking, I thought it was a terrific ending as a character is killed off, as the painting predicted, but him getting immediately revived seemed to lose the impact it had.

    Hiro discovering that Adam was the killer was predictable but him finding out that Kensei was still alive is a good turning point.

    As for Matt searching for the killer, the plot is good, and Matt abusing his power is also quite an interesting plot, though overall the episode could have been better, as too many things happened while in other episodes nothing has happened.
  • The action heats up as the second season draws to a finish.

    "Cautionary Tales," the ninth episode of the shortened eleven episode second season, opens up with Hiro trying to come to terms with the death of his father. The scene full of sadness and frustration. Hiro never expected to see his father die the way he did, and promptly proposes to save him. While this would change history itself, Hiro's journey of sadness and loss become the central themes for the episode.

    While Hiro tries to explain to his father that he needs him, we join Mr. Bennett as he tries to get his family moved away, yet Claire has stormed out. Bennett won't leave without her, and soon comes face to face with West. Claire is captured by Bob, and Mohinder and Elle are charged with bringing down Bennett. Choices are made as Bennett tries to avoid the fact of Isaac's paintings, but he can't give up until Claire is safe.

    "Cautionary Tales," is an action packed episode where heroes go to battle and others learn to grow. Masi Oka does a brilliant job, as usual, as Hiro and the same can be said for Jack Coleman as Mr. Bennett. The atmosphere is tense and foreboding. Don't forget to watch out for the shocking ending.
  • Probably the best this season.

    The episode mostly focuses of the Bennets, Elle, Bob, West and Mohinder, though Hiro and his family made an appearance, and so did Matt and Molly.

    Kristen Bell is just doing an excellent job portraying Elle. Like most of the characters Kristen had played, Elle is also very fun, witty and comedic, which makes her a very lovable character despite her very evil intentions.

    The story behind the paintings of Issac is finally concluded and it ends with a very dramatic conclusion! Everything in their lives have shaken up, well, the few characters that appeared on this episode at least.

    Hiro on the other hand needs to get over some things, which he eventually does, but a discover he bumps into causes him to gasp and shiver in fear!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Matt): If you wanna help, help me put the nightmare man behind us, so we can get back to normal. Okay, and just be a little girl, go to school, have fun. And I'll be an underpaid cop. Deal?
  • "Company Man" did it better but we get another entertaining focus on one of Heroes' best characters.

    Heroes is maybe at its best when it decides what story it wants to tell and then tells it. This episode is an example of that technique. 90% of the episode revolves around my least favorite part of the new season - Claire and HRG's relationship and Hiro's seemingly unrelated field trips. There are hints of Parkman developing his power and becoming more like his father as he investigates The Twelve. I wish we could have witnessed more of the scene with the mysterious Mrs. Petrelli

    Hiro's journey begins and ends by trying to stop his father's murder. The story is told beautifully as Hiro comes to accept the fate of his father and his role as a hero.

    Claire is not as fully aware of her father's fate, but there would not be much she could do about it if she was. She realizes that she has been annoying and short-sighted for the last few weeks but it is already too late. The storyline resembles that of "Company Man" from last season. Much of it takes place within the household and ends with HRG making a sacrifice to show his devotion to his daughter. It was executed better last season but this year's installment was still entertaining. The whole episode may have been worthwhile for HRG's "Stings like a ****" line. That line alone really sums up his character. He is the villain that you sometimes root for. You get a sense of his motivations and he is self-serving to the extreme. His trusted allies are few and far between. It will be interesting to see how Victoria Platt factors into Adam's plan. I also look forward to seeing how Peter's story is resolved and if they will leave Caetiln hung out to dry in the future. Anyway, I hope in the next episode we finally get some sense of urgency with the "save the world" storyline. But this was an entertaining aside and resolves some of the early season's sub-plots.
  • The Company You Keep!

    Today's "Heroes" is about stop a virus that will destroy the world, or at least 93% of the population. Mr. Bennet is about to movie his family again, until Claire rebels against it and ends up being held hostage by the company. When the smoke clears, someone will be dead. I can't reveal whom in case for people who haven't saw this epsiode. Hiro use his time travel again in order to save his father, but his father won't allow him. Matt has achieve the power of Mental abilities,so who knows what's going to happen to him. I'm glad that Kristin Bell is in "Heroes." she's one of the reasons why i watch every week.
  • Apparently, all people wanted this season was lots of stuff happening at once.

    So reaction to this episode has been wildly positive, as you can see below my review. I really don't get why. Not that I thought season 2 was completely worthless, I was in fact surprised they managed to keep going after such a tight, closed season. Better series have tried and failed(you know which one I'm talking about).

    This episode, however, is less Heroes and more average TV. The pace is extremely quick on this one, no cliffhangers, no development of situations. In contrast to Hiro's overlong stay in the past, we get a whole side story closed and its followup opened in one single episode. That's fast for anybody, but it's lighting fast for Heroes.

    I'm not sure I like it. In the rush we get the worst kept secret on TV ever (Adam killed Kaito), some rushed character development (Elle now has trust issues after just one sentence from Noah) and plot holes the size of a Nathan Petrelli bomb blast. I mean, why doesn't Elle burn the duct tape earlier? Why does Hiro change his mind about saving his dad? Why does Mohinder shoot Noah point blank in the face instead of tackling him or shooting his arm? Why doesn't Parkman stop to think about the morality of his new powers despite having just lectured his dad about them (I mean, he mind controls Molly to make her eat her cereal, that's sooo wrong).

    Sure, the adrenaline rush of the powers going off all over the place and the sheer joy of getting answers and not having to endure extended suspense on every little detail are great. I want more of that... but can't we have the proper plot development too? I really, really want both.

    That said, the ending of the episode was nice, opened lots of new posibilities, and I still think the Adam/Hiro confrontation can be the highlight of this season if done right, even if it didn't make much sense so far.
  • I REALLY dislike Mohinder, he's a supercilious, idealistic fool who has to be one of the most annoying characters on TV at the moment, but not even he could ruin this episode.

    I've got a theory, whenever Maya, her brother, Sylar and Peter aren't in an episode it's probably going to be a good one. 'Cautionary Tales' had non of the above and proved thus. For the first time this series i actually began to like flying boy. For the first time this series he actually showed some maturity and guts by laying his life on the line to help Mr Bennet save Claire. And after being convinced that the writers were going to commit the cardinal sin of killing Mr Bennet, they didn't. In fact they played a blinder. Not only did they fulfill the Mendez painting prophecy by killing Mr Bennet, they actually managed to bring him back to life in a relatively believable way AND leave us with a big question, why was he saved?

    Hiro was also fantastic, he tried to save his Dad but after a mini voyage of discovery realised that, for the sake of the time line, he shouldn't. But he did see his Dad's killer and much to his surprise it was Kenso. To be honest though, if I was Hiro and i'd have see Kenso - 400 years later - still causing trouble because i kissed his girlfriend, i'd have just saved my Dad anyway, because it was me that messed the whole world up in the first place, so why not rescue Dad in the process.

    I fear for next week's episode though, as i reckon all the idiot characters will be back to boil my blood once more. See you then.
  • An overrated episode, yet still the best of the season...

    This episode just piled on the intrigue by the truckload. and marked lots of change in the Heroes-verse, particularly with relation to Mohinder's character, who is well and truly taking the phophecised dark turn. Still, he retains some light qualities, in that both he, and his opposition (Noah Bennett) are dead-set that their ideologies are correct, which makes for some great scenes.

    It was nice to see Hiro continue to shake off the comic relief and actually delve into some mildly emotional scenes, showcasing his acting talents at their best, even overrated as they are. It's a nice change, although this series needs more Ando, the decidedly more likable, less annoying character, in my opinion.

    The episode's ending inspired extreme anger at Noah Bennet's death, who I see as the life-blood of this show (as well as the best-acted and most interesting character of the ensemble), yet mere minutes later, he was revived, so all was happy. It begs us to ask quite why he was revived, and this is something very intriguing for the show to build on in the next episode, and perhaps further on than that.
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