Season 2 Episode 9

Cautionary Tales

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Really emotional stuff in this episode.

    All around again season 2 is starting to improve dramatically with the addition of this episode. Matt learns how to control his power to even greater extents, and learns how to control people with his power. Angela somehow manages to resist him, and comments on how his sadistic use of his power makes him like his father. I didn't really like Angela's character season one, but season two I sorta like it. Hiro's part of the story was really emotional, when he went back in time to his father's murder, and they both traveled to his mother's funeral... really emotional stuff, and in the process Hiro learns that Kensei/Adam was his father's murderer (sorta expected, but the look on Kensei's face made it shocking nonetheless).

    Now for my favorite part of the episode, the Noah/Bob/Claire/Elle trade off. So far in season two I haven't liked the character Elle, but in this episode I enjoyed her acting and dialogue. Also, it was such an unexpected twist for me that in the end West/Noah would work together. It was a teary moment when Claire came home thinking her father was dead, and seeing Sandra's reaction as well... pretty emotional stuff. The one thing that kept this episode from getting a ten was how they could've ended the episode with a cliffy by not revealing Noah's revival, but overall, one of my favorite episodes of this series so far.