Season 2 Episode 9

Cautionary Tales

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • Hiro goes back in time to save his father, Matt tries to solve the murder of Kaito and at the same time control his newfound mental abilities and the Bennets go against the Company with the events painted in Isaac's paintings unfold in front of our eyes.

    Cautionary tales is one cool chapter of the second volume.
    Matt discovers that he can indeed do what his father could and his "pull" quickly becomes "push". Trying to discover the mystery behind Kaito's murder and the connection with his father, Matt interrogates Angela once more but this time he uses his ability to force Angela to tell him the truth. We find out that behind the murders is Adam Monroe that he was locked up thirty years ago because he was dangerous. Matt also discovers Adam can't die and that he is 400 years old. Finally Matt forces Angela to reveal the only other person still alive in the photo and her name is Victoria Pratt. The cautionary tale for Matt might be that what his father has become by using his ability, Matt slowly follows his footsteps.
    Elsewhere, in Tokyo, Hiro is at his father's funeral and refuses to eulogize him because that would be like he is accepting his father's death. So, he travels back in time in hopes of stopping his father's death. In the past, Kaito refuses to be saved by Hiro accepting his fate when Hiro time travels with him to the day his mother's funeral took place. There Hiro tries to show his father how much Kaito hurt. When however Hiro meets little Hiro he realizes that he can't change history and returns his father to his time. In that time, Hiro discovers is father's murderer who is non other than Adam Monroe, Hiro's Takezo Kensei.
    Mohinder meets his new partner Elle, Bob's daughter, who will help him convince Noah to give away his daughter.
    Finally, at the Bennets' house the family is getting ready to move again. All but Claire who wears her cheerleading uniform and heads to school, after a small fight between her and Noah. At school she is approached by Bob who reveals he knows her real identity and scarred Claire runs home. Meanwhile, West takes Noah for a flight in order to know if Claire was conspiring with her father to take him. Noah reveals that Claire wasn't a part of this and she is in love with him. At the Bennets' house, Claire sees the painting of her father's death while Bob shows up, takes Claire and ties Sandra. At a meeting between Noah - West and Mohinder-Elle, Noah hurts Mohinder and takes Elle as a leverage. Bob and Noah agree to make a trade of the girls. At the meeting point, Claire is saved by West until Elle shoots him down and West is saved by Claire instead, Noah shoots Elle and in the end while Noah holds Bob at a gunpoint Mohinder shoots him in the eye. West takes Claire home who tells the news to her mother while we see a nearly dead Noah come back to life with Claire's blood taken by Bob earlier.
    Overall a very exciting episode. I loved the comparison of Claire and Elle something which gets bigger in the next few chapters as well as in an episode of volume 3. Matt's awesome new ability comes in handy from now on in Heroes. The story of Elle as told by Noah is sad but it is the truth. What you should know is that the writers of the show at this point thought of making Elle and Claire sisters by a different father but same mother. The idea however fell through as they didn't have a story to go from there. Regardless, the idea of making only three stories per episode is really great but it didn't catch up in season 3. I've read though that this is happening in volume 5: redemption. We'll see. Key facts: Isaac's paintings have all came true with this episode and so we have no idea what is going to happen in the finale. Also, Hiro's mother is shown at the funeral. She is portraited by a different actress than in volume 3 chapter 12: our father. Enjoy!