Season 4 Episode 15

Close to You

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on NBC

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  • Call you later!

    Oh wow when I heard Peter say that to Emma I was just sitting there in shock... "Call you later"! Is it just me or is that lazy?! Apart from that it was all good.
  • For the drama I give the show a 9. Action, I give it a 4

    Looking at the Drama:

    Noah finds Samuel's old flame. It was very clever. She has changed and moved on. He still is clinging onto the past. I find the fact the carnival can move within a matter of minutes very intriguing . I wonder if the combined powers of the people can make it move? Anyway, Samuel memory of his flame is one I am sure we all felt. There is a person from our past the we remember fondly. We encapsulate a moment of time. Sadly, some people cannot move on. Such is the case of Samuel and because of this. Noah has found his Achilles heal.

    I wonder what is up with Clair? She has grown and become more independent since here cheerleader days. She has found bad people, and has stood up to her father on more than on occasion. I wonder what she is doing behind the close door? She has always been an interesting character. The show focuses on her. Even Sylar noticed she was different than the others. I feel that Peter keeps her grounded. Of all the people in her life. He is the only person she can rely on to be totally honest with her. However, part of me feels she can be corrupted to become evil. Remember, the Clair of the future shot Peter. After talking to his mother. Peter smashes the cello so that his friend could not destroy many lives. How many of you noticed that he absorbed his mothers powers. He had a dream and in it he saw Sylar. I feel that soon all the elements will come together, and we will be left with another cliffhanger, hoping for a season 5 to see what will happen to our Heroes.

    Matt has become domestic and is afraid to venture out. After his ordeal with Sylar one cannot blame him. Noah tries to convince him to help. Once a Hero always a Hero. He is caught between his love and devotion to his family and his destiny.

    The Action:

    Ando helping Suresh escape was great. He uses his red light to unscramble Hiro's mind. Hiro teleports them to where we see Matt and Noah talking. Once again our Heroes are reunited. I know that drama is very important to the shows development. One of the reasons why I love Heroes is due to the action. Hopefully, they will have more action in the upcoming shows.
  • I pretty much loved this episode!

    I have to say my surprise at an episode which featured hardly any Sylar was probably the best I've seen for a while, but say it I shall. I really enjoyed the Hiro and Ando rescue Mohinder thing, although if I was Mohinder I'd be extremly annoyed. I also hope they explain just how Hiro managed to get Mohinder into the assylum because it dosen't look like they plan to. Overall, its nice to see Suresh back finally and using his powers. And the tedious brain thing is over with. Sane Hiro is back, thank God. So all in all very good indeed.

    Even Bennet got something good to do this week. Trailing after Samuel with Matt. Nice to see Matt back. I enjoyed this too even though we didn't really learn much new about Samuel. And of course Peter. I always feel like an episode will be a good one when he's featured and this didn't dissapoint. Thankfully he hasn't gone on the self destruct mission we all thought he'd go on. Breaking the cello was harsh though; he could have been a tad more tactful. He gets more interesting every week. To be honest I grudgingly admit that there is more that can be done with him borrowing powers but I still want him uber Peter again. And then the ending; blonde chick and Noah about to get it on and Hiro, Ando and Suresh turn up! I like an episode if it leaves me wanting more. Noah needed help to go after Samuel now he has it. 3 super powered dudes. I'm very excited for next week now and to be honest I'm really hoping this is not the end for Heroes.
  • The wrong combinations can be killer

    I keep mentioning the pacing this season, but it really has been the difference in terms of the quality of storytelling. As much as it has brought the overall momentum down a few notches (often just short of flowing molasses), there is none of the frenetic chaos that used to be the hallmark of the series. I really get the feeling that the writers have thought the season arc through a bit more than in the past.

    That doesn't mean that this episode was a particularly good one. It just means that I understand the context of these events within the season's format, and I'm still willing to be patient, despite the continual flaws. When the writers are dedicated to focusing on a handful of plot and character threads per episode, which is a response to one of the more pointed criticisms of the past, then it bears keeping the strengths of the season in mind.

    This is a rough episode because the four characters/threads in focus are either mediocre or tedious. Bright spots are few and far between. Probably the best subplot belongs to Matt Parkman, who seemed to be written out once Sylar's consciousness was ripped out of his body. His struggle to find a purpose and a place makes perfect sense, and it was good to see Grunberg get more material this season. (Though, after seeing Janice's new haircut, I wouldn't blame him for running from his family again. That was hideous!)

    Unfortunately for Matt, much of his time was spent with Noah, who continues to be stuck in an annoying "emo" character rut, as he has been all season. I have the feeling that the writers have a purpose in mind for Noah, but the rest of the plot threads aren't sufficiently far enough along to allow Noah's development to take place. So we're still forced to listen to him flail around about doing something about Samuel.

    Trying to use Vanessa for that purpose was fine to a point, but Noah is still all about the ends justifying the means. Neither Noah nor Samuel gave a damn what Vanessa wanted; they saw her as something to use or possess. In Samuel's case, it's portrayed as evidence of his dangerous psychosis, but Noah's activities were never really examined. It's as if Noah's ongoing indecision about his path in life has infected the writers' treatment of him.

    Speaking of one's path in life, we get a little bit better sense of where Peter is going, and it seems to align with my predictions in the review for the previous episode. Peter could very well be the next leader for the metahumans, especially if they have a place they can call their own, and it would resolve his personal desire to make a difference and atone for past mistakes. I can even see his current acquired ability playing into that eventuality, should he have a dream where he assumes that leadership role.

    I would also find it ironic yet fitting if he chose to keep his mother's ability or otherwise decide to depend on it for guidance. He has been very critical of his mother and her choices, and rightfully so, yet he is willing to take unilateral action based on the information he receives from his oracular dreaming. It's no different than what he has chastised his mother for doing, and it would be interesting to see him forced to address that hypocrisy. (The upside being that the cliché of romance between Peter and Emma seems to have been avoided.)

    As always, the Hiro/Ando subplot was the weakest link. The competence of the asylum's security force seemed to be proportional to the needs of the story, along with the applications of Ando's ability. In fact, there has yet to be a solid explanation for how Ando's ability is supposed to work; it's been used for a lot more than super-charging other metahumans. Then again, the writers have been inconsistent with the level of Hiro's control and health all season, too, so why change things now?

    Ultimately, this just feels like more stalling. The writers clearly have something in mind for Hiro and Mohinder (and perhaps even Ando), but they need to keep them off to the side for a while. The subplot doesn't seem to have a reason to exist beyond that purpose. And because it is only mildly amusing in and of itself, Hiro's portion of the story is just frustrating.

    It all boils down to something I've been saying again and again this season: the problem is the set of existing characters and the writers' inability to find exciting new things for them to do within the confines of the status quo of the "Heroes" universe. The best material is connected to the fresh characters. If they get another season, they either have to kill off the dead wood, or sufficiently shift the state of play, so the existing characters have a fresh set of motivations to pursue and interesting to protect.
  • 'Close To You' benefits greatly from its decidedly solid narrative structure.

    'Close To You' benefits greatly from its decidedly solid narrative structure. While this season has seen a much-needed reduction in the amount of story that's packed into an individual episode, with writers preferring, instead, to take some time out to concentrate on those important little things like character development and thematic exploration, this hour is probably the most stripped-bare yet, only featuring three plot lines of any actual consequence. Hiro and Ando's mission to rescue Suresh is a little superfluous, descending once again into farce and raising more than a few eyebrows (especially when Mohinder magically realises what is needed to cure Hiro of his geekspeak fixation and lo! It just so happens to be exactly the thing that his best buddy can provide!), but thankfully, this is very much the B-storyline. The real meat of the episode is Bennet's quest to locate the Carnival, which allows us to be introduced to Vanessa, Samuel's former lover, played to perfection by the absolutely wonderful Kate Vernon (you know, she of Battlestar Galactica fame). Oh sure, the process through which this is facilitated is more than a little suspect - all of a sudden, just as Noah and Lauren are about to give up all hope of ever getting anywhere with their pursuit, she happens upon a connection to this Vanessa woman and is able to pull up photos connecting them instantly - but what the hey, we'll forgive it for what it ultimately leads to. We get some great two-handers between Bennet and Matt, two characters who should be thrown together more often, and the impact on both of their characters is made palpable throughout. There's a rather nice undercurrent of resignation running throughout this strand, as Bennet pointedly refuses to seek out his estranged daughter's help, while Parkman refuses to go that extra mile to involve himself in the machinations of the whole Carnival shebang. While these reach some form of resolution by hour's end, their minutiae feel real, the concerns believable.

    And then, of course, there's Samuel Sullivan himself, whose leadership of the Carnival is called into question by Lydia, who attempts to contact Peter in order to bring him in and initiate some form of change. However, this process only leads to a confrontation of sorts between he and Emma as, having acquired his mother's power, Peter begins to understand that she is to be used by T-Bag for a distinctly macabre purpose. This is a much welcome development, coming essentially out of nowhere and silencing those naysayers who bemoaned Emma's supposedly redundant nature earlier in the season. It adds a refreshing twist to the show, imbuing the arc plot with an ominous sense of foreboding, recalling the impact of the nuclear threat from the show's debut year but not resorting to amateur dramatics to achieve the desired effect. On the whole, this is another promising episode, taking its time to set things up and pay certain things off, that remains a thoroughly enjoyable watch throughout. It's just a shame that no one seems to want to do anything of worth with poor, poor Hiro...
  • Another filler episode but interesting.

    Peter's always been the natural leader of those with abilities so he would be an obvious replacement for Samuel, at least from Lydia's POV. It wouldn't work at all, Peter's a 'big picture' kind of guy, he's more about saving the world. He does want to protect his own kind but not the way Lydia wants.

    Noah has this talent of going through phases – his family life temporarily settles then he messes it up again.

    This is the first time Peter's had Angela's powers since his dad took his powers away. Peter breaking Emma's cello wasn't the best way to make friends. It may make no difference – she might not need that cello or even a cello at all!

    It's not often that Mohinder gets involved in Hiro's nonsense but that was very funny.
  • Something needs to happen soon...

    This season has been rather slow and boring and dry. I'm so sick of Samuel and the carnival thing is dragging on too much! I like Robert Knepper as an actor, but his character on Heroes just doesn't do it for me... It's funny though because so many fans complained of Season 2 and 3 as if they were the worst thing that happened to Heroes, like there was too much action? Are you serious? It's a superhero show, I want action! Not cellos and walks in the park and carnivals...

    I am really hoping that this dull period is the calm before the storm, because I'm about to TIVO the rest of the season and just watch them one after the other just to get it all over with! Please I really hope that there is going to be more fighting, more Peter, more Sylar, and more super powers that are actually being used!
  • While Hiro and Ando attempt to save Suresh, Bennet tries to expose Samuel's weakness in his attempt to defeat the carnival leader.

    I liked this episode it make me feel like the show is finally picking up I saw more Heroes together in the same scene that was good the writers should do that often. Peter and Angela scene was great about time Peter stop talking like a kid to Angela and stand up to her the way he did loved that scene it actually made me feel compassion for Angela when she said " people think that seen the future is a good thing" or something like that. Peter and Emma scene could have been done better; he could have explained himself before taking action and breaking her instrument. Again the writer made Peter this guy who takes action without thinking about consequence, same reason which is why he has his powers taken away from him back ion S3.
    Hiro non-sense pays off, I missed Hiro and Ando in action then two and Suresh make a great connection working together.
  • The heroes of old!

    I loved this episode. There was hardly any annoying Claire, Peter featured and there was a good focus on the characters. I thought it was really exciting with the Peter parts of the ep, because he's finally a cool character again. The cello thing was harsh, but he did it because it needed to be done, and that's part of being a hero. Looks like Matt is coming back into play and gonna go after Sylar. It's an interesting choice, but I'm not sure he's really a match for him, as we havve seen. The best part of the ep had to be Hiro, Ando and Suresh's antics. Loved the bit right at the end, too. This ep reminded me alot of S1 when the comedy of hero balanced out the seriouness of the rest of the episode.
  • Believe it or not, Season 4 for is winding down. Can something happen, please?

    Some plots moved forward tonight, but that's all anything's been doing all season. Moving forward, moving forward... But nothing is actually happening.

    Lydia decided to mentally "call" Peter (since when could she do this?) and it got him and his compass tattoo all hot and bothered. Emma also "calls" Peter with her cello (sporting the same symbol) and after Mama Patrelli says Emma will kill many people (gotta love the vagueness of this show), Peter destroys the instrument in order to save her. That big meanie. Noah and Lauren find Vanessa, that chick Samuel has been pining after, and HRG calls on Matt to help get in her head. I can't blame Parkman's reluctance since Bennett nearly ruined his life, but they pair up again and get most of the info he needs. (Noah refuses to just get his compass back from Claire because she's so mad at him). I grow wary of Bennett's tireless pursuit of villains, especially now that this isn't even his job anymore. The writers have played the "He's got to protect Claire" card much too often. Hiro's geek speak continued tonight, but at least this is the last we'll see of it. He put himself in the nut house, where Mohinder was currently staying, and with the help of Ando's red-lightning, they break out. Look, there's not much I can say about this week's installment. The plot is moving forward, but nothing is actually HAPPENING in the story. I love Samuel Sullivan, but if I hear him promise, "just wait and see what happens" one more time... There are only about 3 episodes left, people. They need to be picking it up.